Video: How to Trick Out Your Gun (Without Going to Jail)

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Half the fun of firearms is the time spent at the range making brass, the rest is finding new ways to make your gun look cool, or more importantly, more functional. However, with the patchwork of laws across various states, adding so much as a single accessory could land you on the wrong side of the law and jeopardize your Second Amendment rights. Here are a handful of videos, specific to individuals states, to keep you within legal bounds. However, even if your state is not covered in the videos, the videos are a great starting point to determine the right questions you’ll need answered before buying the latest gadget or piece of furniture for you firearm.

state specific videos:








Do you know the state? Do you have a tip? Share it in the comment section.

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  1. One thing to note in Colorado, the 15 round cap limit applies only to magazines manufactured/purchased after the ban began. Pre-ban magazines are still entirely legal to own and use by the Pre-ban purchaser.

  2. Guns are not toys, so stop using terms like “trick out”. Same with “Zombie Rounds” etc. These are terms dreamed up by marketing departments to sell guns to the beta males that our society is being overrun with. Same goes for “bump stocks”. I live in SoFla, it’s very flat here. If some little sh!t decides to spray off a magazine of 5.56 (and that’s all it amounts to since you can’t aim it) in the next section of land and my grandkids are out playing in the yard, it is nothing but stupid and dangerous. and for what?
    These gun accessories company remind me of what Marxist say about Capitalists “If there were an order to hang all Capitalists there would be a bidding war for the rope contract”. We in this country are in a fight to keep our second amendment rights and we have to deal with guns being marketed to weak minded punks (nickolus cruz) like they are the newest toy that will make them cool and invincible, and if they are really lucky, die a legend. Grow up people, before we all have to defend our guns with our guns.

  3. CA- Simple alteration of the bolt carrier group to “bolt action”. It is easy and it can be reversed just as easily and quickly (hint hint)

  4. Well, really I’m not sure if I care about little nit picky laws. Like the SBR/pistol bull crap. I dont go to “public” ranges anyway.
    And furthermore, Molon labe.

    As always
    Carry on

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