Video Range Review: Fulton Armory FAR-308 Phantom

In association with CheaperThanDirt!, the Gun Tests/ video team recently did a range review of the Fulton Armory FAR-308 Phantom, a $1,910 retail unit before optional equipment is added. The gun’s basic weight is 9.65 pounds before the upgrades. The stock gun comes with a fixed, A1 with A2 Butt Plate and Aluminum Door Assembly, but the testers added a Magpul PRS for another $225.

It’s attached to a Fulton Armory Upper with a Side-Cocking feature. There’s a Flat-Top rail on top, carrying a LaRue Tactical SPR/M4 SPR 1.5 Mount, $215. Chambered with a Hybrid Match Chamber for 308 Win. and 7.62mm NATO, the Fulton shoots both cartridges accurately.

The Lower Receiver is by Fulton Armory, and it comes with a Modified Accu-wedge for better receiver fit.

The Ergo SureGrip is an ambi model so that lefties and right-handed shooters can both be comfortable.

The two-stage National Match trigger is $150. It’s nonadjustable, but we liked it a lot.

The optic is an $899 Bushnell ET4305 Elite Tactical 4.5-30×50 Riflescope. It comes with tactical turrets for rapid adjustment, blacked-out finish for optimum concealment and a mil-spec reticle for long-range shooting.

The Handguard Float Tube is a 12-inch Phantom model that’s smooth for easier gripping without gloves, and it comes pre-Drilled for Modular Rails. We’ve installed 3- and 9-o’clock handguard rails, which are $40 each.

The Gas Block is Compression Fit for a .936-inch barrel.

Out front, the barrel is a 22-inch heavyweight Criterion unit with 1×12 twist. The match quality tube comes at no extra charge and is finished with a JP Bennie Cooley Compensator for $110.

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