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Video: How to Mount a Rifle Scope

There is a difference between mounting a rifle scope to your long gun and properly mounting a scope for the shooter. While one ensures the optic is secure, the other adds the additional factor of ensuring the shooter may obtain a comfortable, repeatable mount for increased accuracy. Few of us shoot to miss, so let’s look at how to do it right the first time with this video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

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Do you have a tip for mounting a rifle scope? Share it in the comment section.

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  1. I use levels and torque wrench on both rifle and scope. MAKE SURE TARGET BULL IS AT SAME DISTANCE FROM GROUND AS BORE CENTER at no matter distance when bore sighting, at 25 yards and under I sometimes use laser boresight.
    Always check after second tightening that scope is perfectly aligned to bore.
    The closed eye to find proper head height is a bit awkward for those who keep both eyes open when firing, but it does work.
    Darn good article!!!!

  2. He was correct in what he said, but a lot more wordy than necessary. Simply put….. shooting at 50 yards instead of 100 yards, you need to move twice as many clicks as you would at 100 yards. At 25 yards it’d be 4 times as many clicks. That true with either 1/4 minute clicks or 1/8 minute clicks.
    The converse is also true.

  3. I have only installed one scope personally. My father has always had that Privilege. I mounted a red field scope that I happened to find in my basement .I don’t know if I should have, but I mounted it on my muzzleloader. I used rings that are short, which centers it close to the barrel. I only shoot out to 150 yards, and zeroed it in at 75 yards. 90- 100 grain of powder pushing 250 grain hollow points. It is pretty accurate at100 yards which makes me happy. But I only use it for a week or two per year until Rifle season starts. Might have better results at a greater distance if it was properly done I suppose.

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