Video: Is Hillary Agreeing that Gunowners are ‘Terrorists’?

Hillary Clinton

Did Clinton just sit, nodding in approval, as one of her supporters claims that gun and ammunition manufacturers “are making terrorists out of our citizens.” Or are we just making too much of the video? Click the video link below to watch the Democrat Presidential candidate’s reaction to an unbelievable smear of gun builders and gun consumers.

Now, it is fair to admit that Hillary does not vocally agree, however, she doesn’t make any effort to disagree or in any way call the supporter out for the outrageous and unfounded accusation. As a candidate for President, does she have a moral obligation to defend gun owners and the Second Amendment? Would a candidate’s silence in a forum such as this change you vote? Which candidate do you believe will best support the Second Amendment? Is this an indictment of the gun industry?

Share your thoughts on the video clip and Hillary’s complacent response or lack of a response in the comment section, or answer any of the questions above.

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Comments (22)

  1. I have no doubt that the thought of common peasants owning guns fills her Highness with terror. That doesn’t make gun owners terrorists.

  2. Yes but that was a different set of circumstances during a crisis situation.
    When you speak of nation wide gun confiscation you are talking about an entirely different animal. I will stick with what I said including if someone comes for my guns under any circumstances they will be shot. Period.

  3. This is getting like “the manchurian candidate” with us knowing what she and her ilk are, while the rest of the movie has know idea……..
    I mean this is really disturbing. I usually don’t give a rat’s arse, but this bitch should be the last thing considered for any office.
    land scam
    personal assistant/taliban spy
    violated every security rule for her office
    exposed who knows how many intel assetts
    claims to be a “progressive” for God’s sake!

    1. benghazi, really??? after umpteen investigations and nothing found give it a rest…..did u say anything when reagan got 241 marines and sailors killed in beirut or when reagan/bush sold weapons to the iranians illegally???

    2. Look at all the investigations the Wicked Witch has walked away from without a scratch. She has connections. That does not make her innocent of the deaths in Benghazi. The evidence shows that the Ambassador expressed concerns well in advance of the incident which claimed his life. That he repeatedly requested additional security. The troops were available. We can get troops to any point on the planet within hours. Increased security could have been provided, or the people could have been pulled out of harms way. But Hillary did nothing. Whether by act or by omission to act, anyone with common sense realizes that she is guilty.

      As for Reagan and the 241, were those troops asking for more security or being pulled out well in advance of the bombing? They all knew it was a hotspot.

      With regard to selling weapons to the Iranians, it’s nothing practically every administration has not done before but not been caught doing, in the same way that Nixon simply got caught doing what his predecessors had done.

      Hillary was part of the Obama regime. Are you going to stick up for all the evil that regime has committed against the American people with their violations of the Constitution?

    3. right, now i understand….republicans screw americans thats ok, democrats especially president blackenstein does it, not ok….hrc has friends in government…right…do me a favor buddy…just keep posting from your bunker, i need the laughs.

  4. Well today, April 21, 2016 she met with the parents of “Sandy Hook Victims” as MSN showed on their site, supporting their lawsuit. As Secretary of State Clinton supplied a lot more than a few real assault weapons to “Moderate Islamic Extremists” to overthrow their Government. So when she is elected and takes all the guns will we look to a foreign nation to supply arms to some “Moderate Extremists” that wish to throw her out? Slippery slope she is on with that Libya thing still hanging around her neck.

  5. Though it was a short soundbite, it is still enough for a sensible person to logically conclude how dangerously deep this woman’s warped ideologies run. So deep – that this woman has not even the slightest reservations before publicly spoon feeding such accusations as if they were appropriate for consumption by the masses.

    Add to this the dangers of such a supportive audience who is egged on by an agreeable Hillary, whose mere presence fuels the overall climate. Thus leaving this extremist and others like her to feel even more empowered towards pursuing their extreme ideologies. Essentially Hillary’s head-nodding is affirming their extremism and therefor makes her complicit when things get stepped up to the next level – whatever that may be.

    In examining the actual statement made, this woman’s philosophies are indicative of the standard liberal nanny-state which believes that citizens are too stupid to think for themselves and therefore require constant government handholding to get us safely through life. So rather than hold the poor unfortunate individual responsible for their gun crimes, instead they believe they must go after the source and root of the real evil – which of course is the gun manufacturers.

    It is her belief that it is not our individual fault that we are weak and therefore easily fall prey to the evil gun manufacturers who force us against our will into buying guns and then to do bad things with them. No, no, instead it requires the all-knowing government to step in and shut down the evil gun empire to prevent them from corrupting us and making as all into terrorists. After all, we are all natural born terrorist. The only thing missing that makes us dangerous is eventually having a gun forced into our hands.

  6. How in the world does someone who is ANTI SECOND AMENDMENT which is the same as being ANTI CONSTITUTION are able to run for the highest office in the nation, The Oval Office, and yet people allow her to continue on as if she can do no wrong?

  7. Unless she wasn’t listening, the nodding very much implies approval of what the other woman was saying. However, in such a forum, I’m surprised the blatantly stupid comments made that woman received what sounded like only a few applauded her baseless accusations. A gun or a round of ammo won’t make anyone more of a killer than a kitchen knife would. Where do people who say such things bring that thought process from? It just is weird.

    1. Those who promote these outlandish ideas don’t believe them. They just use them to get the herd to support their agenda. There just can not be that many people who are truly that stupid at the top of the anti-gun movement. So stupid that they believe any of their ideas will actually stop criminals from having and using firearms.

      In England today the primary weapons used in crimes are handguns. Of course, handguns are banned except for the very wealthy who can afford the permits, the police, and the military. But, how can that be? Because a) criminals have sources all over the world and in Europe, handguns are plentiful, and b) they use REPLICA guns which are so realistic that the average public can not tell the difference. (This information is from England.)

      Even Canada had abandoned the rifle/shotgun registration system because they spent far more having it than it stopped people from doing bad things… and that was very rare to start with.

  8. There are those in the military who will follow such orders. There are also a great many who will live up to their oaths and refuse, as is their right regarding unlawful orders. The same is true of law enforcement. Nationwide, the rank and file reject gun controls. It is the political stooges who support them.

  9. Just like not telling the FBI facts when you are being questioned by them is considered LYING to the FBI, not denouncing such false statements is endorsing them.

    Except if your last name is Clinton.

  10. I cannot believe there are those who disbelieve that Zombies exist. Look around you, watch your local news channel, read your local and national news papers. This infectious disease that causes humans to morph into Zombies better known as D.Z.S.continues to thrive through out America today and may well reach incurable heights if we the people keep ignoring the root of the this problem.

    D.Z.S. is all around us yet many of us fail to recognize it’s true Identity. Your friends and even your family members may have D.Z.S. and not realize it but it’s never to late for a cure. A cure only brought upon by educating one self with the truth of who we are as Americans and how as a free nation of people did we over come our enemies to become the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Certainly all this was achieved not by Zombies but the intelligence of rational thinking and honorable leadership. Don’t let D.Z.S. effect your decision and mute you into a Zombie. Make your decisions with clarity and conviction to over come D.Z.S.
    Become the solution to this problem and not the problem itself. Help fight D.Z.S. (Democratic Zombie Syndrome)
    God Bless America

    1. Better believe it, gun owners will be under direct attack when the squatting sow gets in office….

  11. I always have to laugh about the anti gun crowd. Have you ever noticed that they never say they are going to go and take your guns but always assume some poor cop or solider is going to do it and get their ass shot off. I bet they would think twice if someone told them to go collect 150 million firearms.

    1. When the sow appoints 3 new members to supreme court, it won’t be police or soldiers, it’ll be U.N. troops….

    2. And you believe our military and police will allow them on American soil to subjugate the American Public. I think not as that would constitute an unlawful order as they are sworn to protect both the Constitution and the people of this Nation. Additionally, having foreigners come to this Country to collect firearms would coalesce even disagreeing factions who would join together to fight a common enemy. I think you are dead wrong.

  12. What a bald faced lie. Not surprised Clinton is involved with liars. It’s the far left and the government efforts to take away the 2nd Amendment RIGHTS of citizens, while giving people who have come here illegally to rape o0ur economy, but revolutionaries, after the fashion of George Washington and the rest of the colonials.

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