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Video: Bullseye Camera Systems AmmoCan Sight-In Edition

Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition

Old eyes often lead to new creative solutions. The Bullseye AmmoCan seems to be just such an innovation. Would you shoot more if you didn’t have to do as much walking to the target? How much time would you save by being able to shoot a target, virtually mark each shot, color code each group or string, and save the data for later review—all from the shooting bench? How much would you save by not needing a spotting scope? Do you hate the long wait times between line breaks at your local range? Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition With the AmmoCan, you can review each shot—after each shot or after firing an entire string. Best of all, you’ll never have to leave your seat. The instant feedback can also improve your shooting. For more consistent shooting, you need to develop muscle memory through repetition. With the AmmoCan, when you make a good shot, you’ll have the instant subliminal feedback necessary to develop the proper muscle memory and advance your shooting over time.

Sighting in a new gun or riflescope can be quicker and easier as well. After each shot or series, you can see your impact points and make instant adjustments. Shooting or judging a tournament? With the AmmoCan Sight-In Edition, you can not only score, you can accurately call shots with the assistance of the zoom feature.

With the Bullseye AmmoCan, you essentially set up the system by placing the ammo can with camera at the target and setting up the second module near the shooter. You can then view your target, monitor, number, and tag each shot, color code groups and much more from an app on your cellphone or tablet.

I know what your first thought is likely to be, because the same thing ran through my head. “I am going to set up this camera up at a public range, and some jackal is going to put a bullet through it!” It is a valid concern. First, shooting something like a ammo can would probably be pretty noticeable and intentional. LiIn my experience, shooters are a pretty respectable group—especially when people are around and everyone is armed. However, fear not. Bullseye Camera Systems offers a 2-year warranty—that includes bullet holes—for less than $30.

Here is a full video review and demonstration by professional 3 gun shooter Corinne Mosher.

The AmmoCan Sight-In Edition is for shooters shooting up to 300 yards. For those with the will and ability to reach out to targets past 300 yards, there is the Bullseye AmmoCam Long Range Target Camera Night Vision for shots up to one mile.

Have you tried the AmmoCan? How would the AmmoCan Sight-In Edition change your shooting sessions? Share your answers or impressions of the AmmoCan in the comment section.

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Comments (12)

  1. Many public ranges today allow both pistol and rifle on the same range. Even considerate shooters will have pistol shots at 25 yards aimed downward, which can hit the ground and ricochet, with impacts on targets set at 100 yards. Nearly every time I go out to my local outdoor range, I suffer damage to my targets, target frames, target stands, and/or the sandbags used to hold the whole unit upright in the wind. Even with a warranty that covers bullet holes, there will be time without the camera while a replacement is sent. I will continue to use my spotting scope with the angled eyepiece rotated down so I can see it without leaving the bench or the firing position. With today’s competitive market, an adequate spotting scope can be had for nearly the same price as this camera unit.

  2. I noticed that this works From an application on your cell phone. In my area all of the ranges around there is no cell phone coverage. Will this product still function.

    1. Yes, it will work when out of cell service. The WiFi doesn’t depend on a cellular signal.

    2. @ Kevin Londrigan

      If the CCTV Camera Box has a Class I Bluetooth rating? The Range would be ~100 meters!

    3. @ Kevin Londrigan.

      Wi-Fi range is ~1-mile “Clear-Line of Sight”!/? Less with Obstacles! How much Less is Unknown, You’d have to Play-It By Ear to Find Out…

  3. The camera looks to be pretty bad ass. My only worry would be shooting it. When commissioning a new rifle sometimes you never know where the shot will be. I have shot a lot of dirt trying to hit paper.
    As far as CA is concerned after the end of the war between states, the federal government passed laws making secession illegal. Not sure how they can even get a petition started.

    1. As noted in the article, for a few dollars more, the warranty covers bullet holes… ~Dave Dolbee

  4. I’m probably no more likely to “Confess My Sin” before a CCTV Ammo Box, than someone Sticking a Camcorder in My Face.

  5. I was kidding (sort of) about the price. lol I was not kidding about being able to get ammo. The “state” figures they can turn off the tap and stop the flow of ammo, making guns useless.

    I wish the DOJ would investigate the infringements of all rights.

    As for CA v TX… I don’t know the history of TX secession movement, but here, where the liberal progressives control all branches of state government thanks to a majority of liberal legislators supported by liberal voters, it is scary. The nuts just might vote for it.

  6. Someone else shooting my ammo can was not MY first thought. My first thought was “How much?”. I can see why I didn’t see that in the article. Not that $600 is a bad price, just that, getting ammo where I live is in question. After all, the Atty Gen Becerra (Mr. Gunopolis) has just approved the gathering of signatures for a ballot measure for California to secede from the union. If certified, the vote would be held in November 2018. I seriously doubt the union would permit it considering the size of the economy, but the last time this happened, a lot of people died. The Executive branch and the legislative branch have conspired with the judicial branch to deny the citizens of the state the ability to resist if ever secession should come to pass.

    1. The Sight-In Edition is only $300. We typically do not print prices, but instead link to the product. Prices change on occasion and readers may view a price in an article that is several years old and then feel duped because the price has changed since the article was written. Once explained and they note the date all is good, but that is only for the ones who contact us.

      As for California, good Luck! Texas has had petitions to secede for years…. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. @ Dave Dolbee

      Still to much! You can buy a Panasonic Divers Bullet CCTV rated at 100 feet with Low-Light Resolution for less than 100 bucks.

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