Varmint Hunter’s Dream — CMMG Unleashes the Mk4 V Series

CMMG Mk 4 V 2

The shooting sports are popular than ever these. AR manufacturers have solidly responded with a host of new guns aimed solidly toward the hands of 3-gun shooters. This is good news for shooting enthusiasts of all faiths; the more popularity enjoyed by the shooting sports, the less pressure we’ll feel from the gun grabbers. However, there is more to shooting than just knocking down steel plates and punching holes in paper. Long before 3-gun took the stage, shooters were letting the air out of coyotes and launching prairie dogs.

CMMG Mk 4 V2
CMMG Mk 4 V2
Varmint hunting can often present a variety of challenges that must be met. Whether it’s knocking down a long-range shot or tracking a moving target, speed and accuracy reign supreme. To meet these challenges, CMMG has introduced the Mk4 V and Mk4 V2, both chambered in 5.56x45mm.

Both the Mk4 V and Mk4 V2 are equipped with a 24-inch fluted 416 stainless steel barrel designed to extract the utmost performance out of each round. The fluting on the barrel not only reduces the weight but also allows the barrel to dissipate heat more rapidly and therefore cool down faster.

Another feature of Mk4 V and Mk4 V2 rifles is the inclusion of CMMG’s RKM14 KeyMod hand guard, which offers three primary advantages:

  • Reduced Weight – Material is removed from the hand guard where the KeyMod slots are located making it lighter than traditional quad-rail hand guards.
  • Slimmer Profile – The absence of rails from the sides of the hand guard create a thinner profile that is easier for the average shooter to wrap his or her hand around and grip.
  • Easy Accessory Attachment – The KeyMod slots are found at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions on the hand guard. Accessories that are KeyMod compatible can be attached directly to the slots, whereas accessories that are not KeyMod compatible can easily be attached by using one of CMMG’s 5-slot accessory rails.

CMMG Mk 4 V 2 A standard 1913 Picatinny rail runs atop the rifle from the charging handle to the front of the RKM14 hand guard for mounting optics.

Excellent trigger control can mean the difference between making and missing a difficult shot.  That’s why the Mk4 V2 comes standard with a Geissele Automatics SSA two-stage trigger pre-installed. The Mk4 V2 comes with standard with a Magpul MOE pistol grip and butt stock and one 30-round Magpul PMAG. The Mk4 V2 is available now and the MSRP is $1,499.95.

The Mk4 V is a more cost effective option and comes with CMMG’s renowned single stage mil-spec trigger, an A2 pistol grip and an A1 buttstock.

CMMG Mk4 V2 Specifications:

Caliber: 5.56x45mm Barrel: 24″ fluted medium contour, 1:8” twist Hand Guard: CMMG RKM14 KeyMod hand guard Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 AL Trigger: Geissele Automatics SSA two-stage Furniture: Magpul MOE Pistol Grip and Butt Stock Weight: 7.5 lbs unloaded Length: 41.5” Magazine: 30-round PMAG

CMMG Mk4 V Specifications:

Caliber: 5.56x45mm Barrel: 24″ fluted medium contour, 1:8” twist Hand Guard: CMMG RKM14 KeyMod hand guard Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 AL Trigger: Single Stage Mil Spec Trigger Furniture: A2 Pistol Grip and A1 Butt Stock Weight: 7.5 lbs unloaded Length: 41.5” Magazine: 30-round PMAG

What’s you favorite varmint gun or caliber and why? The author is partial to the .204.  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Comments (4)

  1. Old School indeed…Ruger #1, 25.06 Redfield 6X18 scope. Nothing lives within 450 yards. Why do you need more than one shot?

  2. Stag Arms has been building a very similar platform for years…for less money. It’s called the model 6, and it’s MSRP is only $1055. Oh, and it’s guaranteed by Stag to shoot .5 MOA right out of the box. I’ve had one for 4 years and it is an extremely fine platform, IMHO. I routinely shoot it to 700 yards with Federal Match ammo, with the supplied, 2-stage trigger and a Millett scope. And the company’s product support is top-notch.

  3. I forgot to add . . .
    My two choices for varmint hunting are the Tika Whitetail in .223 topped with a Burris 3x9x40 multi-plex and the Savage 93 (SS bull barrel, thumb hole stock) in .17HMR topped with a BSA Sweet 17. Both are excellent for varmint control. Both are tack drivers providing sub-MOA consistency at distance.

  4. Morning Dave,
    Theses do indeed seem to be fine offerings for those looking for a varmit dsapater designed on the AR platform. The price reflects the thought, design and speciality parts used. I had expected, given the title of the article, the MSRP to be higher as to seems every new AR that comes out is 2K or more. The 24″ barrel allowing for maximum cartridge potential is essential to the go-to varmitet. I suspect that there are those in LE who might even eye this for use as a tactical tool.
    What optics are on the one pictured? I have found the Burris 3-9×40 Multi-Plex for this caliber and many others to be an excellent choice. With its multi crosshairs it need only to be zeroed at 100 meters (for .223) to be effective out to 500 meters if one is shootng those distances.
    I’m old school, preferring a bolt gun, when it comes to varmit hunting but do like the 5.56/.223 and the .17HMR for this application. I admit that over the years there have been a time or three that a semi-auto would have been nice to have in the field. If I was in the market for such a platform the CMMG’s whould be on the short list for consideration. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

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