UTG Weapon-Mount & Handheld Tactical LED Flashlight

The UTG Weapon-Mount & Handheld Tactical LED Flashlight has been around for a while and they have received good reviews on our site and my co-workers all have nice things to say. I am usually a bit of a flashlight snob but thought I should take look and do a little review as I am always looking for a value bargain. The light is well packaged and includes the light with 3 CR123A batteries, a weapon mount body and a remote pressure switch. This light has a ton of o-rings and rubber seals throughout the body and in the tailcap and switches. I did not do any sort of “toss it in the toilet” waterproof test, but I imagine it will do fine for any sort of rain or moisture situation that it would come across.

The light itself is heavy duty and feels it. It weighs in at .6 lbs (9.6 oz) in flashlight mode and .8 lbs (12.8 oz) in weapons mount mode with the remote switch .75 lbs (12 oz) with the tailcap. The reflector is solid aluminum with an orange peel finish and functions as a heat sink. The beam is an appealing mix of spot and flood, with a very bright spot center with a ton of very wide spill. This light feels overbuilt and the quality seems well beyond its price point.

The tailcap is of the Surefire-type twist on or momentary push. The tailcap is an interesting two piece affair with the center section that contains the button as the actual switch and the treaded outer portion simply holding it in place. The center section is removed from the outer tailcap and replaced with the pressure switch for remote activation. This means that the pressure switch and cord must be threaded through the threaded outer portion of the tailcap for installation.

The weapon mount is well made and thoughtfully only one of the two cross-bolts is full round, allowing you more options on where to mount this light. Mounted on a weapon the light is no smaller but the light it throws and the pressure switch try to make up for the size. This light is big, heavy-duty and well made, and at its price point it is hard to beat these features.

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