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How USA Shooting Helped Develop My Dreams—Amanda Furrer

Shining examples such as Amanda Furrer need our support. Athletes are dedicating their time and money to promoting the shooting sports in a positive light and keeping the American Flag at the top of the podium. Please do what you can to support their efforts.

Amanda Furrer

“Shooting was always a family sport in my household. When I was 11, the coaches at the Spokane Rifle Club in Washington let me join the team a little bit younger than they usually allow. I saw the other girls there having fun and wanted to start shooting as soon as I could. All of the competitions I shot were local, and my dreams didn’t extend much further than wanting to win small town matches. I never knew shooting was an Olympic sport or that you could compete in the NCAA in rifle and get a college scholarship. However, as I began traveling to compete, I started to learn about all the opportunities that could come from rifle shooting. I made my first Junior Olympic Rifle Championship when I was 13, and I ended up winning my age group.

That’s where the generous supporters of USA Shooting really influenced my life and career. Gifts to the USA Shooting Team Foundation help fund programs for the National Junior Development Team, which I qualified to join at age 16. As part of that team, I was taken to shoot in my first World Cup in Australia, and I can’t even name all of the places I’ve been since. From a bronze at the Pan American Games to the 2008 Olympic Team Trials, where I qualified as an alternate, I have been provided international match experience and training that helped my shooting soar.

Since leaving the junior ranks, I have had many more opportunities to develop my skills thanks to support from USA Shooting donors. The chance to focus 100% on developing myself as an athlete was something I never dreamed of when I joined the rifle team as a kid.

My dreams are bigger now. I went from being an enthusiastic kid at the local shooting club to competing as a member of Team USA at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Just like me at age 11, there are kids out there who don’t yet see how the shooting sports will help them grow as athletes…but more importantly, as people.”

Would you please consider making a gift to the USA Shooting Team Foundation today? With your aid, we can help the next generation of Olympians develop their dreams. ~ Amanda Furrer, 2012 Olympian and National Rifle Champion.

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  1. Amanda is spot on!! As an alternate to the Olympic Small Bore Team back in the dark ages at age sixteen I can attest to everything she says. Support is needed for our young shooters especially, but for our shooting sports teams regardless of age.

    Bless you Amanda. May you continue to be ON TARGET and continue competing!!!!!

  2. Biathlon shooting is one of my fave pastimes and I’ve always been a supporter. It was with great pleasure I had the opportunnity to attend a match between several national teams vying for position on the Olympic team. Wonderful shooting and people.

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