New Updates to Sanctions Limits Sale of Popular Sporting Rifle

right profile of an AK-47 on a red t-sirt

It has been awhile since gun enthusiasts have seen panic buying, but that is where we could be headed. Don’t worry, this won’t affect very many of us, but for those who have been eyeing a VEPR, your time may be limited. International political relations, Russian interference in elections… the reason is not as important to The Shooter’s Log as the result. And the result is sanctions against Russia.

right profile of a FM-AK47 rifle
The profile of the FM-AK47 is a marriage between the AKM and RPK styles. All Kalashnikov, all the time.

The U.S. Department of Treasury recently released an update to the sanctions. The bad news for firearm enthusiasts is that the new updates prohibit U.S. companies from doing business with Molot-Oruzhie—the manufacturer of VEPR rifle and shotguns. Again, not the biggest piece of news, but for those in the market, or possibly collectors, you’ll want to get yours before supply dries up.

The Molot-Oruzhie Connection

Molot-Oruzhie is not exactly a household name to most and a curious target of the ban to all. In truth, Molot-Oruzhie’s downfall was its relationship Kalashnikov Concern. Rumor has it that Molot-Oruzhie is in financial trouble and Kalashnikov Concern is the most likely candidate to purchase the troubled manufacturer. Either way, it is a moot point with the updated sanctions.

Currently, the FIME Group—maker of the Arex Rex pistol—is the primary importer of Molot’s offerings. Although it has not come out with an official statement on the new sanctions, the company is preparing a statement that should be released soon.

The Shooter’s Log recently published a review of the Molot VEPR FM-AK47.

Do you own a VEPR rifle or shotgun? Are you planning to buy one based on the new sanctions? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. I got a tip in mid-2011 that I should look at, and strongly consider buying Kalashnikov SAIGA shotguns and rifles. After some research, I began buying them – one in each caliber. I carry one or two to the range regularly, and have never had a problem with them. They are accurate, eat anything I feed them, which, if/when SHTF, may make a difference….

  2. I bought my last gun 15 months ago. At 76 I bought any & everything I wanted except for a 44 AutoMag. I ordered one & put up 1/2 the money but they went bankrupt before it was delivered. I ain’t paying the price those sell for now. The original price was $240 back in the early 70’s. I’d ordered mine before they began delivering orders.

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