Upchurch Tears up Competition with Solid Record of Top-10 Finishes

Cheaper Than Dirt Sponsored Shooter Clint Upchurch

Quality begets quality, and Cheaper Than Dirt! sponsors some of the top shooters in the business. Cheaper Than Dirt! sponsored-shooter Clint Upchurch has been tearing up the competition with a solid record of 10 Top-10 finishes in 2013 including the 2013 3-Gun Pro Series Tour, Colt 3-Man 3-Gun Championship and the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun.

Cheaper Than Dirt Sponsored Shooter Clint Upchurch
Cheaper Than Dirt! sponsored shooter Clint Upchurch. Image courtesy of Patrick E. Kelley.

“Thanks to organizations such as 3-Gun Nation and top competitors like Clint Upchurch, the sport has enjoyed incredible growth—Cheaper Than Dirt! is proud to be sponsors of both,” said Roberta Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of Cheaper Than Dirt! “The level of talent exhibited by competitors has certainly risen over the past few years, and Cheaper Than Dirt! is committed to giving our shooters its full support. Clint has proven himself to be a wonderful ambassador for the shooting sports and a fierce competitor as well.” In April, once more Upchurch teamed with Jansen Jones and Rob Romero for the Colt 3-Man 3-Gun Championship. After Stage One, Team Colt-Noveske moved into second place. The team is defending their 2012 title at the conclusion of the series held in July at the West Virginia Peacemaker National Training Center.

Upchurch could do no wrong at the Bushmaster’s Tarheel 3-Gun competition in early May with a first place finish in the Open Division—besting the competition with a margin of more than 25 percent; a benchmark too high for the field of over 250 competitors. Upchurch also took home top honors at the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun competition in 2012.

On June 8, Upchurch will be shooting at the Palmetto State Armory “Upstate 3-Gun” in Clinton, S.C., then again at the Task Force Dagger 3-Gun competition in Blakely, Ga., on June 14, and Event #3 of the 2013 3-Gun Pro Series on June 22.

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