Will Universal Background Checks Stop the Mentally Defective From Owning Guns?

There is no “gun show loophole.”

Will that public intoxication ticket you received back in ’85 prevent you from owning a gun? What about the prescription for Xanax to the widowed wife suffering from panic attacks after losing her husband in Afghanistan? If President Obama and the Democrats in Washington get their way, these two things could DENY a person the right to own a firearm.

The media tells us the majority of Americans agree with a universal background check system. With poll questions such as this one, “Do you support or oppose requiring background checks for all gun buyers?” it is not surprising to see the high number of Americans who do support background checks. The question is worded in such a way the alternative would essentially be, “Do you support or oppose that anyone can buy a gun?”

Unfortunately, there are plenty of lies the media try to tell us. Phrases such as the gun show loophole are misleading. There is no loophole in the law. What the media has called the gun show loophole is really a protection of personal property rights. If you purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer, either from a shop or at a gun show, the FFL must—per federal law—run a background check on the purchaser.

NRA Gun Show

What is a background check?

Since November 30, 1998—due to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993—all Federal Firearms Licensees must perform a background check on everyone who intends to purchase a firearm. When you intend to purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer, you fill out ATF Form 4473. The form is ran through a division of the FBI and instantly the person is either flagged with proceed, deny or delay. There could be any number of things that show up on a background check that will deny you ownership. The ATF has a list of who cannot own a firearm.

It is not required to run a background check on person-to-person individual sales, inheritances and gifts of firearms. However, by law those who are prohibited from owning a firearm are still prohibited to possess a firearm. It is illegal to give a firearm to someone who cannot legally own it.

Proponents of a universal background system or expanded background checks say that it will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. They think our current system is not working. However, since the end of 2012, over 980,000 NICS checks returned denied.

ATF Agent, Jeff Wachtel says, “Let’s be honest. If someone wants a gun, it’s obvious the person will not have difficulty buying a gun, either legally or through the extensive United States black market.”  Seventy nine percent of convicted criminals of gun crime report obtaining their gun from the street or from a friend or family member. The other percent receive guns from theft or corrupt FFL dealers.

How do we define “mentally defective?”

As of right now, involuntarily committed to a mental institution and court-mandated records may show on a background check. It is up to each state to report those people who have either been involuntarily committed or court-mandated mentally defective. Twenty-seven states send their mental health records to the NICS. The government has allotted millions of dollars in incentives for more states to submit their records, but there has been recurring problems in getting states to submit those records. President Obama’s executive orders say, “make sure dangerous people are prohibited from having guns,” but the experts overwhelmingly agree it is virtually impossible to determine who is going to become violent.

The Institute of Medicine reports, “People with mental illnesses are responsible for no more than five percent of all violent acts in the United States.” Further, James Alan Fox who is a criminologist at Northeastern University says, “most mass murders do not have criminal records or a history of psychiatric hospitalizations.”

Let’s be honest. If someone wants a gun, it’s obvious the person will not have difficulty buying a gun..."
Let’s be honest. If someone wants a gun, it’s obvious the person will not have difficulty buying a gun…”

Obamacare made it mandatory to have a national electronic database of everyone’s medical records. Other healthcare providers besides your general practitioner may see your records. I can see how this would be helpful. There have been times I had to see quite a few doctors for the same issue. It would have been nice to have some sort of report they could all see to make my time with a particular doctor more efficient. However, who else other than medical doctors will have access to this database?

Sure, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects our privacy to a certain extent, but if you read through the exceptions, health care providers may share your health information without your permission to law enforcement officers, if they suspect abuse, neglect or domestic violence, or they feel you are threat to the health and safety of yourself or others.

Doctors are just people who all have their own opinions, religious and political beliefs. I’m sure we have all gone to two different doctors with two different opinions. I know I have. Is your doctor anti-gun? If so, would they ever be able to hold it against you?

Why is this Problematic?

It is an invasion of privacy and institutions are already violating it. The taxpayer-funded University of Iowa recently suspended their practice of sending private and personal information on students who applied for a carry permit to the Johnson County Sheriff’s department. The University claims students who apply for the gun permit sign a waiver, and therefore, give up their right to privacy. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law stating that universities cannot share students’ personal information. Patriot Outdoor News reports that included in the information shared with the Sheriff’s department were students’ grades, disciplinary actions, and whether the student was displaying signs of depression. The school says they will stop indefinitely until the United States Department of Education settles the matter. The university has been sending personal information to the sheriff’s department since 1991, when former graduate student Gang Lu, shot and killed five employees and one student on campus.

Say no to universal background checks.
Say no to universal background checks.

It is quite probable that a student who knew this and had a failing grade in biology or had gone to the on-campus nurse for stress would sacrifice their safety and choose to not apply for a carry permit.

The American Psychiatric Association agrees. They say this kind of invasion of privacy practices can lead to people who need help not seek it. Further, the APA says the stigma associated with “mental defectiveness” can actually cause worse problems than the original mental disorder.

The CDC reports that one in 10 Americans suffer from some form of depression. To diagnose depression, doctors are supposed to ask a series of eight questions; if a patient answers “yes” to five of those questions, they could be suffering from depression. The questions include:

  • “Feeling tired or having little energy”
  • “Trouble concentrating on things…”
  • “Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or sleeping too much”

If I asked any mother of a newborn if she was experiencing any of the above symptoms, I’m confident she would answer yes. Does that mean she shouldn’t be able to own a gun?

Currently, people who fill a prescription, have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist or are seeking mental health help are not deemed mentally defective. However, in time could seeking mental wellness from a psychologist or filling a prescription for an anti-anxiety drug be held against you?

I think we can all agree there are some people who just shouldn’t ever own a gun. However, universal background checks are not the answer. If Dianne Feinstein has her way, even veterans would be automatically flagged deny on ATF Form 4473.

I don’t have the answer; I just know this isn’t it. What are your thoughts? Do you believe expanded background checks would prevent mass shootings? Tell me in the comment section.


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  1. In a typical year (2010), the EXISTING background check system denied over 72,000 gun purchases for such causes, but the Justice Department prosecuted only 62 of those criminals… and convicted only 13. Some others were prosecuted by states, but most of the rest were simply allowed to walk out of the retail gun store to obtain their gun on the black market.

    With numbers like that, it’s ludicrous to pretend that what America needs most is an even wider dragnet that the Justice Department can ignore even harder.

  2. Senior Trend, the courts can’t be trusted either – at least no more so than the ‘mental health professionals’ who often do the government’s bidding by selling dissenters down the river to incarceration. I suggest we just plain oppose any gun laws entirely – that was the intent of the founders of our nation.

  3. This law would become the modern version of the inquisition. Think about it, while there are people that definitely should not have a weapon, this law will do nothing to affect that element of society. Now, while a felon may become rehabilitated, have their conviction overturned on appeal, or may be pardoned to have their civil rights restored, there is no appeals process available in the mental health field and the stigma is worse than that associated with a criminal conviction. The concern is that the mental health profession may move away from a medical function and become an administrative one. The only way I would support this is if it only involves a formal adjudications through the courts with all associated checks and balances, not just by arbitrary and potentially erroneous or biased decisions by a single entity.

  4. No, this law will have no effect on crime. Liberals aren’t interested in preventing crime. This bill won’t do anything but keep law abiding citizen from owning guns. Criminals are no threat to the liberal agenda. We are.

  5. There is one other thing here folks. The psychiatric profession recently added a new diagnosis to their diagnostic manual. Its got a name like ‘Authority Oppositional Disorder’ – meaning you’re mentally ill if you oppose whatever ‘the authorities’ are doing. So this law actually becomes the basis for a complete confiscation of all weapons – because it isn’t hard to find shrinks who will do the feds’ bidding and label us all as nutters. Think about that one a while….

  6. I just read the comment(#16) by bleak and I hate to admit it, but he’s 100% right ; we cannot trust anybody. I guess the ball has been rolling for quite a long time, so this tyranny IS inevitable. I fear most people won’t believe this because it is so surreal, supernatural, and otherworldly.

  7. Yeah right! real big thanks to the ACLU and all the other blind Libs who’s motto is: ‘credo quia absurdum’ = ‘I believe it because it is absurd’. I once heard this profound statement: ‘You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.’ I just got a big envelope with a long letter from Rand Paul saying that I should send some money to help support the fight for our Second Amendment rights. Will writing or calling our representatives really do any good or is it in evitable that the gun grabbers are going to win? do we have any hope or has it gotten to a point where all we can do is pray? I’m serious… the reality of all of this is startling and truly disturbing. It sounds like the best that our representatives can do is threaten those anti-gun Senators that they won’t be voted in next time around. Big deal! that’s not going to stop them. by then it’ll be too late anyway… the bills will pass and the ball will be rolling to eventually take away our guns.The GUNGRABBERS are the ones who are mentally ill ! ( no offense )

  8. Passing any law that limits mag capacity or type of gun flies in the face of the 2nd Amendment. What part of “shall not be infringed” is not understood here? Even talking about passing those laws is in violation of the trust that those politicians swore to uphold when they took office. Did they not swear to uphold the Constitution? I know the President did. [Not sure about Senators or Representatives.] Maybe we should be talking about impeachment.
    The only legal way they have to limit guns or magazines is by an Amendment to the Constitution. [Good luck with that one.]
    Am I wrong or is an assault rifle a rifle that fires fully auto? You can own a fully auto fire arm legally if you get the proper permit. [Yes, there are fully auto pistols too.] Do you think any criminal will fall all over themselves turning in their fully auto AKs or ARs or their 33 rnd mags if the law becomes reality? [Dream on.] If you are a competant and responsible gun owner why oh why would you be compelled to comply to any unconstitutional law? Again, what part of “shall not be infringed” is not understood?
    The mentally ill should not have access to guns. Does that mean that the family of a mentally ill person should give up their guns in case the mentally ill should gain access? [Hint: Newtown] No. But that family needs to keep them locked up out of the reach of that family member.
    That background check will only be effective if no one lies on the form they fill out. [No criminals, or those with criminal intent, will tell the truth on the form, sorry Mz Feinstein.]

  9. One last thing. In the last 4 mass shootings, all four were on MEDS to help them deal with realty and 3 identified as mentally I’ll. no proposed gun law addresses deal with mental illness. So no proposed gun laws will prevent another mass shooting. Why ? Used to be getting an unstable person committed was EASY. That changed thanks to the ACLU and other law groups. Now it is VERY difficult to do so. Mentally ill folks have significant civil rights, the rest of us do not have. That is why only one question on the 4473 deals with this subject. Mentally ill folks are hands off, like minorities, females, Muslims, illegals, gays, law breaking dem politicians, etc. how about no firearms in a home with one or more mentally Ill people? Never happen. How about all mentally ill people being on a database which prohibits them buying a firearm? Never happen. Why ? According to the ACLU, that discriminates against mentally ill. Get a CCW permit now while you can and carry it.

  10. I am retired military, retired fed, and an FFL and smith for over 25 years. I have called in 100’s of background checks over the years. Requiring all gun sales go thru an FFL is great for us since we normally charge $30 to $50 for a legal transfer, which requires a background. THANKYOU gun grabbing leftists. There is only one question on the 4473 regarding mental stability, and it only asks if you have ever been committed. Not if you take 100 pills a day to function, or if you have ever been in a shrinks care, or a psych ward etc. What most people don’t know is that when a customers application (form 4473) gets flagged, there is no follow up by any LE agency. When a customer gets flagged chances are that 99.99% of the time he or she LIED on that 4473. There is a statement on that 4473 that says LYING will result is fines and or jail time. Gun grabbing government agencies cannot go house to house to confiscate weapons because there is no centralized database….yet. Each gun dealer has a record of each sale, not the govt, so the govt will have to go to each gun dealer, and there must be 200,000 or more (my guess) and that would require millions of man hours to generate a database. govt doesn’t have the manpower. Keep in mind, FFLs go out of business, pass on or sell their business all the time. Customers pass on, sell their weapons privately all the time as well. Near impossible task. So this is how it will go IMHO. Voluntary turnin, GUNS AND AMMO, 6 months no questions asked. That is followed by six months during which a law is passed that if found with a firearm/ammo, you get fined and or jail time. From there on, possession is mandatory felony time. If hunting is permitted, all weapons and ammo are stored in a govt facility. WHen you draw a tag, you get the weapon, a bolter, a small amount of ammo, and a huge bond is paid, of which 10 % kept by govt. you keep the weapon for say 72 hours. To get a tag, you go thru a real background check with fingerprints, done by the FBI that goes back to childhood. AT THAT TIME, ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WILL BE SAFE FROM ALL OTHER LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, But not from the criminals who kept their guns!

  11. I’m sure that some of the questions in a depression self-assessment quiz might seem a bit ‘light’ or too general, but what beyond mere curiosity has brought us to the point where we’re filling one out for the first time. Life is tough on all of us.

    I’ve heard the argument made by fellow gun rights advocates that society should better regulate 3000 lb projectiles that can travel over 100 mph and that kill almost twice as many people as firearms murder and suicide combined each year before placing any more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

    Classifying people who repeatedly come to the attention of law enforcement as drunk drivers and removing them from the road based on their demonstrated behaviors is something we’ve signed on to as a society. Not fit to drive a car safely, but fit for safe firearms ownership and handling?

    I don’t believe that non-violent juvenile offenses, alcoholism or drug dependency should be lifetime disqualifiers. The grown-up demonstrates responsible citizenship, the alcoholic demonstrates continued sobriety, or the drug addict stays clean for a documented period of time, then they get their Second Amendment right back through a fair and accessible process.

    Court ordered inpatient and outpatient treatment should be reported, but they are not completely reported to the NICS database by all 50 states. How dumb is that?

    Is there is a demonstrable behavior or publically professed intention that prompts a first time engagement with the mental health system? If yes, then is it good firearms safety practice to allow a person in crisis on the firing line, is it safe for them to be handling firearms at home or outside the home, again, while they are in crisis?

  12. If you guys think those things are bad, try this on for size. I was arrested for “entering a place of business during the cover of darkness” with no explanation of why I entered. It was Christmas Eve and all the businesses in town were closed for the Holiday. I saw the back door standing ajar and went to see if maybe someone was inside hurt or something. Since that is deemed a “felony” I am now not allowed to purchase any weapons. This was in 1966! and I have never run afoul of the law since.

  13. I noticed one curious thing above. If veterans are going to automatically be banned from owning guns, how will our military do recruiting? Anybody who enlisted would be banned from owning a gun as soon as he or she separated from service, so who would enlist?

    That law would mean we’d have to implement a draft again – so by government coercion some of us would be forced to fight for the nation, and then after that be banned from owning a gun. Again – who would volunteer for that deal?

    Am I the only person who thinks that this proposal is insane enough to get the Senator herself labeled as mentally defective? She reminds me of another Senator who did witch-hunts for ‘communists’ back in the ’50’s – Joe McCarthy.

  14. This new law that Obama wants passed will give our government many more excuses to gather much more information about the people including you. INFORMATION IS POWER. Power corrupts. This will simply give Obama more power over your personal life.

    As with any mass government program it will have many injustices and failures. It will do very little or even nothing to stop violent crime. But it will definitely give Obama more power over you and me. You will not like the results.

    The Federal Government admits that they have not been able to handle the Social Security program, for it is going bankrupt. So why would anyone want the Federal Government to run another large program.

  15. I don’t understand why so many seem so surprised, or spend time trying to analyze what all the details of these proposed laws will really mean.
    What part of we will “Fundamentally Change America” did you miss or not understand. Three simple words say it all. It was said before we handed over our country to this person, and now we’re trying to figure out what it is they are trying to do. It’s very simple and very clear to me.
    When a man who wants to be president of the U.S. makes reference to the Constitution that it is an “Interesting” document but doesn’t go far enough, because it says what the government cannot do to the people, but does not say what the government can or should do”, again, what do you expect when you hand the country over to someone with this mindset. He said he is going to change the country, and we said, here, take it!
    Now here we are, when we should be out there screaming on top of our lungs as one unified voice, demanding these people “back-off”, we spend our time writing our little messages on blogs among basically like minded people where it goes nowhere (yes, me included).
    Sorry for the frustrating rant.

  16. Guns may well be the fuel for the fire for civil unrest.It now seems like just a matter of timeTck Tck Tck…..Are you prepared?

  17. The only question gun owners now need to ask themselves.Are you mentally and physically prepared to do your worst to your fellow human kind in order to be free an keep and bear your arms?If you can honestly answer that question in your own mind and feel that you can.Then you know what you must do to protect your freedoms.Our fore fathers had to ask themselves the same question when they formed this country.And then they wrote some of the answers to that question in our Consitution.They wanted you to be able to freely think and come to your own answers.And do what you must do if and when the time comes.Freedom does not come free.

  18. No, universal checks will not stop this from happening. What it WILL DO is start to process of database formation of gun owners. You have to really watch the other hand with all this legislation. There are too many unintended (or in some cases, intended) consequenses. The real problem will come when lawmakers and Dems start tinkering with and expandings the definitions of mental illness. Look what is happening in FL, they are already trying to force ammo buyers in to taking anger management classes. What assurances do ammo buyers have that this wont be a shill program offered by some struggling agency already receiving grants and govt lifelines loaded with political surrogates? Sorry, you admitted getting angry at your kid, no anger management course completion certificate for you, so no ammo. Oh yeah and since you had to register for this course, we now know you are a gun owner and where you live.

  19. The problem with their definition will be every Law Enforcement officer, fire fighter, 911 operator, veteran and any victim of a violent crime will fit into the catagory. Any person who has experienced any traumatic event will be considered as having mental issues. Will the Congress and Senate require a background check of all the officers tasked to protect them. If any has been involved in a shooting or received departmental mandated psyc check will not be able to own or carry a weapon.
    Brings up some questions on how many L.E. officers across the country will fit in this catagory.
    Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.

  20. Extensive background checks are not going to solve anything. Criminals will get guns not matter what the laws are and they will still use them when committing crimes. We need to enforce the existing laws and make the punishement for breaking those laws more severe.

    They are coming after law abinding citizens because of their knee jerk reaction do something, anything, to fix the problem. They need to slow down, analyze the problem and make an informed decisions before passing these stupid laws. It’s Obama Care all over again. Our elected officials, our employees, are going to pass these BS laws without reading them, listening to us or defending our Constitutionally protected rights. America will only continue to be a free country if we have a strong Second Ammendment. Once we loose our ability to “Keep and bear arms” we become subjects of an oppresive government and then what’s to stop that government from becoming tyrannical. The Second Ammendment protects every other Ammendment that we hold dear, without it we are doomed to subjegation. Unfortunately, we’ve been lulled into complacency and are about to loose our God given right to protect ourselves, our family, our property and our way of life.

    I’m scared for the future of our country and am discouraged by the lack of public outrage over the assault on our most important Constitutional right. America is dying and more than half of the country seems to be OK with that. They’ll be sorry when the government attacks them next and there’s no Second Amendment to protect them or their interests.

  21. Agreed, the latest “mental defectives” ruse is aimed at one thing and one thing only; gun confiscation which will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, lead to TYRANNY. However, it never ceases to amaze me how many people think that gun control originated with Obama and/or “the liberals.” This stems from the belief that we have a two-party system. We do not. The left vs right charade was put in place to keep us divided, as in DIVIDE AND CONQUER. They were and are ALL here to screw us.

    The assault on the Constitution has been going on for DECADES. The FACTS are that every president from LBJ to Obama has, in one form or another, done something to take away our freedom. Specifically on gun control; Reagan was one of the shiftiest presidents in recent history and he had the SAME agenda as our current “president.” The following quote is just ONE small example.

    “I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense. But I do believe that an AK-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed for defense of a home.” -Ronald Reagan, at his birthday celebration in 1989

    Now, tell me that Reagan didn’t know what the 2nd Amendment is really for, or that he just started to lose his memory. I know what it’s for and it ain’t “sporting, hunting and so forth.” It’s about defending the Constitution from a tyrannical government. He knew that yet he feigned ignorance to further THEIR agenda. Reagan had 381 Executive Orders while in office. Bush Jr, 291. Does anyone know what all of them were for? I sure don’t, and it would take months, if not YEARS to research them.

    So exactly WHO is behind it all? They are the elite filthy rich, bankers, business men (and women), politicians and government leaders. They are the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the UN, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group; call them whatever you want but collectively they are the NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER). Who was the first president to make popular those three words? George H.W. Bush. In fact, he used the term over 200 times while in office. And their goal is all the same; a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and COMPLETE CONTROL over EVERY aspect of our lives.

    See, their GAME has been plotted, scheduled, and “executed” with complete precision and attention to detail for quite some time. But it’s about TIME we all WAKE UP and STOP THE LEFT VS RIGHT BS. Really, because it may already be TOO LATE.

    BTW, before you accuse me of being a libtard, conspiracy theorist, or muslim, be sure you have something to back it up because I am none of those.

  22. This UBC stuff is just another loophole to control the supply of guns to the law-abiding american people.
    Ever served in the military? You have PTSD, no gun.
    Ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder? You’re mentally unstable, no gun.
    Ever been a victim of rape? You’re traumatized, no gun.
    It’s like in Fight Club. If they’re fat, tell them they’re too fat. If they’re skinny, tell them they’re too skinny. If they’re blonde, tell them they’re too blonde.

  23. Why do we need more laws that will not be enforced.

    If you lie on you background check form today the odds of going to jail for this offense is slim and none.

    This is just another burden on the law abiding!

  24. I haven’t read the Feinstein bill but am curious to know how the requirement for background checks for private sales would be enforced. How would the government know if I traded guns with a friend? How would they know if I bought or sold a gun from/to a friend? Since I am not a FFL dealer I have no access to the NICS system, so how would I run a check? Further, the NICS form requires information on the purchaser that is illegal for me to know, due to privacy laws.

    Can we assume, if passed, the bill will create an army of undercover “purchasers” whose sole mission is to entrap otherwise innocent citizens who are just buying or selling their personal property?

    It seems to me all the Feinstein bill does is make us all criminals and make liberals feel good because the “did something”.

  25. I’m tired of repeating the same old truth, but here goes anyway. We all know what these checks are all about. They have nothing to do with keeping firearms out of the hands of mental defectives. Heck, we can’t even keep the mental defectives off of Capital Hill or the Oval Office. It’s always been about achieving gun confiscation. Once this so called universal back ground check gets up and running. The Federal Socialist Government that now runs this country will have the name and address of everyone who owns a firearm. That makes it so much easier to drop by and either pick up their firearms, or kill them for refusing. And if you’ve been following the low profile activities of this , gee, I hate to refer to him as a president. You’d understand what he’s gearing up for. His, note that I say his, Homeland Security is just another name for a group that did so much to usher Adolf into power. Ever hear of the Brown Shirts? HS is the new and improved, comprehensive version of that famous, or should I say, infamous group of good guys?

  26. not all of the mentally ill,willbecaught by a universal background check but at least it is a start and if we don’t get behind this one measure I fear that even worst measures will be taken against us gun owners view it as a negoiation tactic not a surender if we don’t give a little we most definetely will lose alot ! IMHO thank you

  27. Only if there is any record of suicidal thoughts, and/or if they’ve been admitted to a mental facility, and only then, if they walk thru the front door of a retail brick & mortar store which sells guns, or a gun show. Otherwise, they’d most likely obtain whatever gun, or guns and ammo from individuals on the streets, just like all the criminals always have, which cover a wide range of origon.

  28. God bless you for your service to our country Sgt. DeSandro, but may I ask; what is a ‘fagan’. I’ve never heard of that before. Anyway, I’m glad you’re no fagan! Keep on fighting the GOOD fight, sir! To G-man: you really summed it up in a very accurate and concise way…it just kind of threw me off a little bit when you asked (at the end of your comment) that you dont know if the Libs have good intentions or not. We know! Tyranny is EVIL. btw, I’m no fagan ( I think.)

  29. The law for background checks we have now, doesnt need to be changed.The way they are runned now work fine.

  30. I am tired of everyone treating this issue with any legitimacy – we carry on as if dialog with the gun-grabbers will ever make a difference. Can we for once discuss this for what it really is? Simply put, the current administration is setting the stage to circumvent the Second Amendment and disarm citizens. Why? So they can tip the balance of power in direct contrast to that which the Second Amendment was designed to prevent. Dare I say it? Tyranny!!!

    Take a moment and consider the last four years. If that is not the verge of a tyrannical government, then what is? It has been nothing but one overriding executive order after another. The Legislative and Judicial branches of our government may as well pack up and go home because the Executive branch is running the entire show for everyone.

    Obama and his administration have so obviously ignored overwhelming statistics that clearly establish that Universal Checks will have NO impact on gun deaths regardless of one’s mental state. Case and point: The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was perpetrated by a mentally ill person that owned no guns. So how did the shooter acquire them? Simple, he killed his law-abiding gun-owning mother and took her guns. So I ask you, what Universal Check would have prevented that? None, and Obama knows it.

    It is time for us to stop pretending that the other side is legitimately pursuing gun safety. There is way too much at stake to keep playing this game. This administration needs to be confronted. In the face of the facts, these people need to be told we know what they are doing.

    The only plausible explanation that remains is that a Universal Database will provide a more comprehensive list of gun owners. It should be obvious to anyone that such a database would greatly facilitate a tyrannical government’s ability to quickly locate the guns in order to crush any potential uprising.

    But along the way, they will use the database to ensure the most skilled and proficient threat is disarmed first; that being all former soldiers and law enforcement. All they have to do is categorize anyone that has ever served in a combat zone or been diagnosed with PTSD as a potential risk and deny them gun ownership. This government will have effectively eliminated the most capable weapons handlers in the United States.

    And even if it is not this government, we are still allowing the stage to be set for future governments to ride roughshod over a portion of the Constitution that was specifically designed to maintain the balance of power between citizens and their duly elected government.

    One final point – Regardless whether these gun-grabbing followers are well intended or not, and we may never know the truth, but if their actions result in new laws which diminish the enforceability and purpose of the Second Amendment in any way, it should be stuck down.

  31. Pardon me, but there hasn’t ‘always’ been background checks, but there has been since ’98. I’m sure you all know what I meant.


  33. It will never cease to amaze me how the liberals STILL refuse to do their homework! There have always been background checks at gun shows! or maybe they HAVE done some research but are FORCED to deceive the public, insisting that there ARE loopholes. hmm..I wonder who is forcing them? I think we all know but might be afraid to say. I’ll just say this entire issue is so out of line that it’s supernatural…it’s otherworldly. All we really need to do is enforce stricter penalties for criminals who commit gun crimes…how about putting them away for a mandatory 10 years and KEEP them in there. NO PAROLE!! I would be glad for my tax dollars to pay for that! Even if it fills up the prisons. I’m going to check out Cam and Company now to see if they passed those magazine bills, etc. I’m almost afraid to.

  34. I believe that sure some not need to purchase any forearms but when go to the VA its invasion of our HIPPA rights. I am allowed to own & purchase firearms i am not a threat to society or myself. I have gotten a letter on record that states that & more. I am a blessed soldier who works a good recovery program & not some nutzie fagan guy who wants to kill anyone or self i have so much to live for. and also i teach firearms instruction to civilians. shooting in competitions relax me,& my service dog goes w/me too,but not that close to the actual firing line. I have never been hospitalized for any issues nor mental illnesses. I use the tools of recovery that tell me I have a lot of blessings & its not worth it I am not in a combat zone & targets don’t shoot back. please leave us sane soldiers alone my psychiatry dept would have not let me have any firearms anyway if I was a danger. I asked them 1st do I need to get rid of my guns they replied no you are always hear & or on the phone if something bothering you Bob they say we know you believe in what’s right & what’s wrong.

  35. Universal checks will only check for violations of non Americans out of the country as well as domesticly. Americans should be checked universally as well as in America,only Americans should be allowed carry permits and ownership of all weapons,guns knifes etc. Try and get carry permit in many other countries or own hand guns assault type weapons and you will get Refused. No aliens legal or otherwise should get access to guns of ant type,if caught with guns stiff penalties for all. People who have control or information of people with mental problems should be held responsible to keep access of guns under control and report problems.

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