Ultimate zombie combo

Last week, Ruger announced the launch of the new Ruger 77/357, which is a bolt action rifle chambered in .357 Magnum.  I got to thinking about this gun, and despite the fact that it only has a 5 round magazine, when paired with a revolver also chambered in .357 Magnum such as the Smith & Wesson 686 you have yourself an almost perfect “zombie combo”, or more accurately you’ve got a great rifle/pistol combination for the woods.

The Ruger 77/357 has all the desirable aspects of a great “bug out rifle” – it’s light, coming in at only 5.5 pounds, can readily accept modern optics (and would probably be a pretty sweet pairing with an Aimpoint), and it’s chambered in what is one of the most versatile handgun cartridges in existence.  .357 Magnum is available in pressures from mild cowboy action loads at 1000 FPS with all lead bullets all the way up to 200 grain bear-killing hardcast bullets at ungodly velocities.  However, for a good “general use” round it’s hard to beat a 158 grain JHP, like this one from BVAC.  The BVAC .357 Magnum 158 grain JHP is cruising at around 1200 FPS from a pistol, which means from a rifle you should see a velocity increase of around 100-200 FPS at the muzzle.  That’s plenty of bullet to deal with many of the 4 legged dangers you might encounter during a rural bug out situation, and of course the .357 is well proven as a fight stopping projectile for two-legged danger.

I honestly think that pairing a .357 bolt gun with a revolver makes more sense as a bug out gun combo for 99% of the popular than an AR15 pattern rifle and a hi-cap 9mm.  I like that you only have to carry one kind of ammo, the revolver isn’t dependent on magazines to keep it in action, and while the bolt gun does feed from magazines in an emergency it can be used as a single shot rifle if you lose the magazines.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have an AR and a Glock with 400 mags for each gun, but if you’re on a limited budget, it makes more sense to me to drop $650 on the new Ruger 77/357 and another $460 on a Ruger SP101 in .357 Magnum than it does to go out and spend the money on an AR and whatever other pistol you need.  .357 ammo is relatively cheap, with lead practice ammo running about the same as .40 S&W and less than 5.56 ammo.  A bolt gun in .357 and a good revolver in the same chambering will solve 99% of the situations I can imagine getting myself into during a short term survival emergency!

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  3. I like the idea of a kel tec sub 2000. You can share ammo and mags pluss the sub folds up and can fit in a briefcase.

  4. I’m really interested in this rifle (even though I really wanted one on the M96 lever-action). I wonder how it’ll shoot those new Hornady Leverevolution 180gr. rounds…..

  5. If you are looking for a .44 Mag bolt gun, go look at Ruger’s website. the 77/44 came out a long time ago, same deal as the 77/357 in .44 Mag.

  6. I beg to differ. The Hi-Point 995TSRD (red dot)9mm with foregrip paired with the Tanfoglio(EAA)9mm Witness Match, offers reasonably close power, excellent close quarter capability, higher modularity, and increased round capacity and faster reload time. Couple those with the correct round, Win. NATO 147 gr SXT or Hornady TAP, and it turns into a zombie mowing machine. Plus you can affix a bayonet to the under picatinny rail of the Hi-Point for emergencies.

  7. i would like to see thid in a 44mag. Theres alotta lever guns and single shots in 44mag. but now bolts. Alotta people just dont beleive in the 357 as much as a 44mag. I have shot both thru the years and i settled on a Mod 629 S&W. There are alotta loads for it also and theres no second guessing a follow up shot from something hit with a 300 grain Hornady XTP. I like the 357 and the +P loads, but in my opion, it just doesnt have the same stopping power as the 44Mag.

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