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The Ultimate Protection from an EMP for $20 — The Resistor ARK

Crossbreed Resistor Ark bag

Perhaps the hottest new product to come out of the 2017 SHOT Show will not be a gun or new bullet. While at a large press lunch with more than a dozen vendors, Crossbreed Holsters was causing a stir. My first thought was, “All that for another new holster?” Something wasn’t right. Finally, after my curiosity got the best of me, I set a bee line for the front. After elbowing my way to the front of the line, I learned the reason for the commotion.

Crossbreed Resistor Ark bag
Crossbreed Resistor Ark

Crossbreed branched out with a new product launch—The Resistor. The Resistor is part of the ARK Protector Series. Essentially, it is protects your stuff from the elements. No big deal right? Well it is also a shield from one of the biggest and most likely global threats—Electromagnetic pulse. I was a bit skeptical, but it kept getting better. The material used to make the ARK Resistor bag is the same as is used to protect missile guidance systems for U.S. Military weapon systems. The Shooter’s Log will be reviewing The Resistor ARK in future. For now, here is the full release from Crossbreed.


The Ark Resister Bag by CrossBreed offers superior electronics protection that significantly exceeds all military requirements for EMP and static discharge resistance including the stringent standards of MIL-PRF-81705. Previously available only to the military to protect high value guided weapon systems, the Ark Resister Bag is now available exclusively through CrossBreed. Reusable by design with 20 years of proven field use, the Resister Bag can also be used to line a case and serve as a Faraday Cage for sensitive and valuable electronic devices. When heat sealed, the Resister Bag is also waterproof, dustproof, corrosion, and puncture resistant.

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  1. Okay, an E.M.P., will wipe out just about everything that requires a ‘brain’. Phones, cell phones, computers, et al. Go old school. Handi-talkies, pre-1964 cars with point ignition instead of the high-tech crap we have or diesel trucks, cars. Gas pumps won’t work, siphon hoses will. Take the fuel directly from the storage tanks. People are waaay too concerned about keeping their gadgetry working. 30, even 20 years ago, we were a lot less dependent on hi-tech crap and more dependent on our own abilities.

    1. @ Dark Angel

      And ANY Medical Implant that requires an Electronic Device, like a “Heart Pace Maker”, “Artificial Hearts”, “Brain Implants”, “Prosthetic Devices”, etc…

    2. Secundius, DAMN!! For got about those. That’s why it’s such a bitch being old, you sometimes forget important things. Thanks for reminding me. Though as of yet I have none of these devices.

  2. Please describe, in detail, your testing procedures, the peak strengths, durations, and any other details. Tell us who helps you design your test, or, if you’re an electronics engineer or physicist with the training and knowledge, tell us. Tell us about whoever checks your test procedure and any calculations you perform to show signal strengths.

    If you use a established testing company (there are some around for military stuff) tell us who and what test they use.

    Because there are no widely agreed upon standards, this may be harder than it first seems. I hope you can carry through, and I look forward to hearing about the results.

    1. Dr. Arthur Bradley, who, I believe has his doctorate in electrical engineering has written a survival manual in which he describes his testing of various electrical devices in a variety of faraday cages. While there are too many variables to be able to make definitive absolute statements, using some strong electrical pulses he was able to draw some conclusions from his testing. The one thing that I drew from his testing was that absolutely leak-proof shielding was not necessary. Even with some moderate leakage, the ambient pulse was reduced to insignificant levels. But again, there are so many variables it is impossible to make an absolute statement. If you are at ground zero of an atomic burst strong enough to destroy electrical components across the continent of North America, then it may well bet that no matter how well shielded your electronics, they will be fried. On the other hand if you are in San Diego with an air burst over Chicago, that cardboard lined galvanized garbage can may work just fine. As A.C. pointed out, knowing the parameters of the testing would enable readers to make an informed decision about the efficacy of the product under discussion.

  3. Cell phones, not really, but protect a batch of 2-way radiis, and your team will have a big advantage. Protect enough video cameras to monitor your area, a couple of laptops, and solar recharging, you’ll be way ahead of any scavenging mobs. Maybe even a set of modules you need to make an SUV go.

  4. This bag is being advertised by Survival Life, ( Family Protection Association), as a bag that protects credit cards and electronics from perps using a ‘swipe card’ to steal your credit card number. They sell three of them in sizes from small to large for $49.95 plus shipping.

  5. So……. you better put the whole network in your bag,cause that cell phone will be useless with all the towers and power network fried! Now if only you had a bunch of old C.B radios and a generator set stuffed in one you could rebuild civilization after the Big EMP

    1. But my cell phone is full of accelerometers and sensors to measure magnetic north, tilt angle, a camera, calculator, and flashlight, none of which require a cellular network. It’s not your grandpas cell phone.

    1. It was just introduced with an MSRP of $20. I am sure it will have a lower street price as well as discounts for package deals, but we do not have final details yet. Check back soon. ~Dave Dolbee

  6. Actually there MIGHT be a Simpler Solution. Called Vet One #NAC 13151191 Aluminum Bandage Spray used in Treating Horse, Beef/Dairy Cattle, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Goats and Sheep Injuries. Also made by AluShield. Largest Can size is 4-ounces…

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