The Ultimate Carbine Case Product Review: MOLLE-206

Padded inside

Do you want to stop lugging around so many bags when you go to the gun range? Condor Outdoor Products has the solution with their Ultimate Carbine Case. This case not only fits a standard tactical-style rifle and two handguns, but all your essential range gear as well. Civilians and non-civilians alike will appreciate the room and features this bag offers, not to mention the quality—especially for the price.

The first thing I did when I got my case was test the zippers and the stitching. The zippers on both the small and main compartment are stiff without being tough. I’m not afraid that the case will fall open by accident, nor am I afraid that the zipper will stick when I need to get to my rifle out quickly. All around the case, the stitching is tight and consistent. The case I got had no snags or loose ends.

The outside has three MOLLE style utility pouches that fit standard 30 round mags.
The outside has three MOLLE style utility pouches that fit standard 30 round mags.

Exterior dimensions of the large compartment measures 36 inches. I measured the inside and found the case will hold a 35-inch long rifle. In my opinion, a 36-inch rifle would be pretty tight. The second, smaller zippered pocket measures 26 inches inside, end-to-end. You can fit a bipod, cleaning rod, extra barrel, or two handguns in it.

Inside the main compartment, two Velcro® tie-downs keep your carbine secure. There are two padded, slanted open-ended pockets on either side to protect the muzzle and the end of the buttstock. On the side that does not zip open, there is ¾-inch thick padding all the way around. This helps protect any optics you may have on your rifle.

The external, smaller zippered compartment opens out and includes two heavy-duty Velcro-close pockets. The pockets are deep, but not very wide. Yet, you can still fit a full-sized handgun in each.

On the outside of the case there are three removable MOLLE-style utility pouches secured by snaps. Each of them has two plastic clasps to close and include a bungee cord on the inside for extra security. There are four rows of PALS webbing so you can switch out any MOLLE-compatible pouches to the outside.

The two outside pouches measure 9 x 8 x 2.5 inches and the middle large pouch measures 8 x 8 x 2.5 inches. The large pouch will hold six 30-round standard AR-15 magazines. The two smaller pouches have an internal pocket or a divider inside to separate your gear. The large pouch has a place for a Velcro patch. If you don’t fill up the pouches with magazines and ammo, you can fit basic cleaning supplies in one of them. I keep a bottle of oil in mine.

Also on the outside of the case is another D-ring. I don’t use it, but I reckon you could throw a carabiner-style multitool or a keychain light on it.

Though I would appreciate an extra carry strap to make the case a backpack, especially when I have it packed to the hilt, the adjustable shoulder strap fits my 5′ 5″ frame well. The tough nylon shoulder strap has a removable pad. The longest the shoulder strap will extend is 49 inches. The shortest is 25 inches. The strap connects by two D-rings on either side of the back of the case. The carabiner-style clasps are heavy-duty plastic. It was a little difficult for me to get them off at first, but this just confirms that they won’t unhook while I’m carrying the case.

If you do not want to shoulder the case, the Ultimate Carbine Case includes a padded wrap-around handle with Velcro and two plastic clasp closures.

Since I only use my case to go back and forth to the range, I don’t overload it with t0o much gear—a few extra mags, a box of bulk ammo, one revolver, a few rolled up targets, and my eyes and ears. The reason why I don’t pack it fully is because of the extra weight I would have to carry, not because I don’t trust the case’s integrity. It will hold up after years of regular range trips.

The full external dimensions for the Condor Ultimate Carbine Case are 36 x 12 x 4 inches. It comes in black, coyote tan, and OD green.

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  1. I have this exact bag in OD and love it. I added a Condor MOLLE holster and a Condor MOLLE 6 AR mag holder. I was able to make the holster and holder fit by removing 1 of the 2-pocket MOLLE pouches and moving the other MOLLE pouches over. External holster/mag holder/big pouch/2-pocket pouch. With the extra attachments I can carry my AR secured in the main compartment, 2 pistols (1911 and G17L with holsters) and a .22 conversion kit for the 1911 and a scope in the secondary compartment, 1 92FS pistol in the external holster, 6 loaded AR mags in the holder, OTIS cleaning kit and accessories in the large pouch, 11 loaded mags in the 2-pocket pouch.

    I grab my loaded bag and my ammo can and I’m ready for the range. Yes it is a lot of things to load into the bag but it carries everything securely and safely. As I have it assembled, I can throw the bag on my back, with the strap across my chest, and carry it fairly comfortably thanks to the padded shoulder strap. An extra bonus, with the bag on my back I can easily access the external holster (cuz ya never know). My only concern is that the plastic clips that attach the sling to the bag will give way due to the weight I’ve added. If that ever happens I’ll upgrade the strap or replace the clips with real carabiners (which are always a bonus to have anyways, cuz ya never know). One last tip for this bag, really for any MOLLE system- I’ve added a Gerber multi-tool in its’ pouch using the MOLLE straps. Before I started weaving the straps for the large pouch, I ran a strap through the belt loop on the multi-tool pouch, then continued weaving as normal. The multi-tool is secure and is easily accessible without having to rummage through the pouches. Adding the multi-tool in no way restricts access to anything else on the system.

    Overall, I am absolutely satisfied with my Condor Carbine Case. The price and quality are excellent. For my next rifle that needs a bag, however, I’ll be purchasing the Condor bag that includes backpack straps. For my needs, I’ll be choosing Condor products from here on out.


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