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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Signs the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Gun control has been on the agenda of the U.N. General Assembly’s meeting in New York this week resulting in U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

The ATT is supposed to keep weapons and small arms out of the hands of terrorists and human rights violators by establishing international regulations and the control of the transfer of arms across countries. It is the first treaty of its kind.

In 2009, the United States insisted the language in the treaty protect American’s Second Amendment rights. However, Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA says, “This treaty threatens individual firearm ownership with an invasive registration scheme.” On April 2, 2013, the U.N. General Assembly approved the final wording of the treaty and opened it to signatures on June 3, 2013. For the treaty to take affect, 50 countries must ratify the treaty. So far, only five have ratified. The United States is the 89th country to sign. Further, the ATT needs two-thirds Senate majority vote to approve and bind the United States to the treaty.

Senator James M. Inhofe from Oklahoma says the Senate will not ratify the treaty, “Fifty-three Senators from both parties went on the record and voted against the treaty, meaning the president does not have the two-thirds approval necessary for ratification.” Cheaper Than Dirt! has covered the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty since 2012 and will continue to monitor and report on its progress.

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  1. Q. Giving controle. Of our rights to other countries government or a body that is not American could be illegal america gave her children to get those rights.

  2. To #12 Hide Behind:

    You’re French, right? Or you have a business making white flags?

    Tell you what….you can give up your rights but you can’t give up mine. BTW, I am looking for investors in a new unicorn ranch. Interested?

  3. What about the UN program it does not mean you will lose your guns right this instance soon but you always knew you would someday.
    There is very little common sense in thinking that chunk of steel is worth dying over.
    Your life is going to continue and you will still get to hunt, if you got thr bucks and the animals do not continue dying by the thousands a week and you can afford to pay the farmers.
    No the world goes on and even if you get restricted to a NB gun it is Americas true symbol of gun ownership not some army rifle.


    1. Yo, hide behind; Not some army rifle? You are either too young or ignorant of the facts. Don’t you realize one step is just a step closer to the real agenda?
      Are you a liberal, that believes everyone will just do the right thing if you cow-tow to them. That policy has failed for decades.
      Open your senses; not narrow them.

  4. Remember that when Obama was running for POTUS he overtly promised he would pursue and subsequently implement a “fundamental transformation of The United States of America.” I think at the forefront of his many objectives in this treasonous pursuit is the abolition of the Second Amendment (and, of course, eventually the U.S. Constitutional as a whole). Naturally such violations of basic Constitutional Rights (United Sates Law of the Land) will not be favorably received by millions of our still ‘Proud to be Americans’ and, thus, Obama will ‘attempt’ to disarm the citizens in order to render resistance futile…

  5. We have to make way for UN Troops on American Soil. The Chicoms need to be able to come and take possession of their WhiteHouse! Impeach!

  6. Socialist elitists like Obama and Kerry will stop at nothing in their quest to expand government power and take away freedom. Saul Alinsky is surely proud of them.

  7. Let’s give Kerry a gun too maybe he can wound himself like he did in Viet Nam. Let’s hope he finishes the job on himself this time.
    When I look at the line up in o’bamas’ crew I can see clearly that he’s just another gangster from Chicago.
    I am glad that my father has passed on. My father would not believe what this country has become and is still to become. My father was a Navy veteran from WW2. He like all the other old vets fought for this country and then worked to make it better. Ever since Bush the elder said “New World order”, which made me snap my head around to look at him on TV, we have been in a down hill run. Kerry just did the unthinkable endorsed by o’bama. My Dad and the other vets are rolling over in their graves. I will stand in place and for my father when the time comes. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

  8. @ Art Kunstmann: I am laughing so hard at the moment. Lord knows we need a laugh right now. I’m referring to your comment, “Where’s that asteroid when we need it?” You’d make a killing if you sold that as a bumper sticker. I know I’d but some for all my conservative friends who would display it proudly. They’d sell like hotcakes..

  9. Its only just begun…G-man is spot on, and WE did let it happen…what kind of world will our grandchildren and for that sake our children grow up in, If i’m lucky i won’t live to see it….Wheres that asteroid when we need it.

  10. G-man, you have definitely summed it up. No one anticipated any of these outrages, yet we as a nation allowed them to happen. What’s worse, I doubt that anything will be done. Our Republican form of government has enabled those who have been elected to assume so much power that in the end, the wolves have raided the hen house, and we are the hens….at least those of us who pay the taxes that support the entire mess. Now, the U.N. is even being considered to enter into the fray? Over my dead body, my friend. I hope the NSA is reading this, and I welcome them to try to come to my front door. I may “talk big,” but will be 76 tomorrow and really have nothing to lose.

  11. Long post, but please read to the end. For the first time since the Revolution, there is only one way that foreign forces could ever get away with stepping a foot on U.S. soil with the full support of the entire international community behind them; and that would be under the pretense of enforcing international laws as set forth by this Small Arms Trade Treaty.

    At first glance, the mere thought that U.N. Troops would ever be allowed on U.S. soil appears unprecedented. No one at this moment could fathom such a thing. But I ask that each of you go back in recent memory of just the past 5 years and seriously ask yourself – In your wildest dreams:

    * Did you ever think an unknown Senator named Barack Hussein Obama would become president?

    * That the White House would continue to display his forged birth certificate after validation authorities proved it to be fake?

    * Would anyone of you ever imagine Hilary as our Secretary of State?

    * Did you ever anticipate that the shamefully humiliated Swift-boat Senator Kerry would ever replace Hilary?

    * Did you expect the Fast and Furious investigation to be stonewalled by Obama invoking Executive Privilege for everyone involved?

    * How about Obama being elected for a second term in the middle of the worst economy?

    * Did you really think ObamaCare would ever become law despite the majority being against it?

    * Could you ever conceive that a president would order Marines to NOT defend the Benghazi Embassy?

    * How about Benghazi cover-up-liar Susan Rice, being rewarded with an appointment to the post as our National Security Adviser?

    * Did you ever foresee that a president would continue to allow the bragging Benghazi culprits to continue to walk free?

    * Did anyone foretell all the additional Executive Orders Obama created so he could slither his way around his oath to defend the Constitution?

    * Did anyone anticipate Colorado legislators and other states ignoring the will of the people and passing anti-gun laws in record time?

    * And finally, did any of you anticipate U.N. Peacekeeping Forces on U.S. soil at the request of Obama and other liberals, to enforce the new international law as set forth by the U.N. Small Arms Trade Treaty? Well this one has not come to pass … at least not yet!

    Not everyone on the other side is evil with malicious intent, but they’re good intentions are being manipulated by those that are evil. U.N. Forces on our sovereign soil could become a reality if that community thought they were carrying out the enforcement of a litigant and legal international treaty of some kind. With Britain and Australia so recently and rapidly becoming ant-gun countries, their attitude would be ripe to fall for such a move to assist Obama and his liberal minions against us.

    So call me crazy, call me a conspiracy theorist, or just look at the last 5 years of unbelievable occurrences that none of us ever thought would come true.

  12. “Fifty-three Senators from both parties went on the record and voted against the treaty, meaning the president does not have the two-thirds approval necessary for ratification.”
    I was dreaming last night that Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Harry Reid all voted against the treaty. I then woke up in a cold sweat, ran to the bathroom, grabbed a bottle of Valium and had to swallow a couple of pills to get back to sleep. The real terrorists are our own politicians and the members of the U.N. General Assembly. When push comes to shove, I wonder how many of us will go the extra mile to become felons just to fight these bastards! Our founding fathers did just that when the English tried the same thing, and they were willing to put their lives on the line. I share their spirit!

  13. Again, the traitor shows his true colors. John Kerry is a traitor, always has been, and always will be. Anyone who goes against the Constitution of the United States of America and gives the corrupt U.N. ANY POWER over citizens of the U.S., deserves to hang at the bottom of a rope!

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