U.S. Law Shield Video: Top 5 Gun Law Misconceptions

Top 5 Gun Law Misconceptions

The law can be very broad, widely interpreted and often misunderstood. Don’t find yourself in a situation where your misinterpretation causes you to go from singing Auld Lang Syne to Jailhouse Rock. In the following series of videos, U.S. Law Shield Program Attorneys discuss the top 5 gun law misconceptions for specific states.

from the following to watch the state specific video:







Do you know of a gun myth in your state? Share the myth and state in the comment section.

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  1. How come the Police can use deadly force against unarmed people but I have to wait while someone assaults me because it may not be their intention to use deadly force or cause grave bodily injury, especially because I’m a senior citizen and not as strong as I used to be.

  2. Very good video, excellent points and questions that I had never thought of from my perspective. Though I’m not sure who the hell would think dragging a bleeding dead body into your house for ANY reason, would be okay with the police lol . . . Great video on Florida, looking forward to more.

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