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U.S. Law Shield: Should You Protect Thy Neighbor?

U.S. Law Shield video cover titled Protect Thy Neighbor?

Every gun owner has to make the decision whether to intervene in a fight—or not—based on a host of tactical and safety issues. Member Ambassador Sherry Hale interviews Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington to learn how Good Samaritans can stay out of legal trouble if faced with these dangerous situations.

Not from Texas? That’s okay. Here are a few more state specific versions.

Oklahoma Pennsylvania Colorado Florida Georgia Virginia

After viewing these videos, what’s the call. Should you defend your neighbor? Will you? Share your answers in the comment section.

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    1. Well, Benelux, your comment lends credence to what most of we who have taken the responsibility of being an armed presence would regard as…..thinking on your feet and being damned sure of what you are doing when you do it.

  1. As I have posted before, I have been carrying concealed for over 50 years, sometimes legally and sometimes not, but at any given time if I found myself in a situation where I could save innocent lives by using my concealed handgun, I would certainly bring it to bear. I have always maintained the rationale that if my armed intervention saved innocent lives, I would take my chances on whatever weapons charges might be brought against me…..even as a public school educator acting in defense of my students on campus.

    The United States Concealed Carry AssociatIon (USCCA) provides legal protection to those who opt for that program, and as a USCCA Platinum Lifetime Member, I rest a bit easier knowing that as long as I do what I might do in concert with prevailing laws, said protection is there on my behalf.

  2. Just remember Kitty Genovese, people. If the neighbors had intervened, she might have survived. I know I couldn’t stand by and do nothing, if an innocent person was in danger and I had the means to help them more quckly than the cops could. I’d rather justify myself in front of a jury than go through life knowing that someone was injured or killed because I was afraid to intervene.

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