U.S. Law Shield: National Reciprocity Wanted as Trump’s First Gun-Law

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U.S. Law Shield/Texas Law Shield surveyed its members to determine which law or laws topped the list of what its members wanted. Topping the list was national concealed carry reciprocity, ending gun-free zones on military bases, legalizing silencers, NICS background check reform, and allowing importation of collectible historical firearms. After the result of the recent presidential election, these laws are all obtainable. However, until then, there are still laws and regulations to navigate to keep yourself from appearing before a judge and potentially losing your rights. To see some of the real-world problems associated with transporting firearms across state lines, click the video below.

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  1. I live in Virginia but I’m from Pennsylvania. Every year drive to Pittsburgh for holidays and to visit old friends and family. I have to drive a extra 2 to 3 hours to drive around Maryland so I don’t end up like the girl that crossed the new jersey state line for work. It’s a six hour drive if I go through Maryland and an 8 to 9 hour drive when I drive around the whole state. They should add it on to your drivers license and call it a day.

  2. Federal regs should never trump state law, but neither should any state law be made that limit the rights guarenteed by the Bill Of Rights.

    That is what the states have in common and they have agreed that federal law limit the states from denying those rights.

    A gun license implies that having guns is a privilege, like driving. Firearms are a right, no license required. The feds are the only authority that can regulate firearms, for sale, use, or safety concerns.
    No state tax on firearms or ammo, everyone who is a citizen, not having this right taken by a federal court or statute, should be able to have, use and carry loaded. Places that do not want anyone carrying, should have to have lockers for the purpose of short time storage – otherwise they do lose the business of that individual.

  3. Any “gun control” law is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment. When a government agent has the right to tell you whether or not you will be allowed to have a right, you no longer have a right. You have a privilege subject to the whim of of politically appointed hack. Our rights have been violated all over the country for many years. All with the consent of judges too stupid, or biased , to declare them unconstitutional. Time to put an end to ATF dictatorship, and conspiracy to violate our rights under the Bill Of Rights.

  4. What happened to “States rights”? Federal law should never trump State Law. I am all for concealed carry in every State. Federal should only cover Federal installations, Districts and Territories. Downsize the Federal footprint and let States take over.

  5. If anyone that has a gun free zone should be held liable For everyone’s safety. And make prohibited possessor’s Found with a firearm serve mandatory hard 10 yr. federal sentence. My first thing would let the garand import begin again.

    1. “Mandatory minimums” in and of themselves are a very bad idea. Probably unconstitutional, too – not that that has ever stopped the Deep State!

  6. The bill they are proposing “H.R. 2959 ” is not a true National reciprocity bill. This bill is a complete waste of time and tax payers money.
    This would not help residents in states with draconian laws and “May Issue permits like California and New York.
    We need a true mandated National federal permit end of story..

  7. I hope Trump makes it just like a driver license. If you a license to carry a gun there is a simple reciprocity to carry a gun state to state. Keep it simple like that. And or Federal law and constitution Trump all.

    1. Tell me where the petition is and I will sign.If you have a state gun carry permit it should be through out the country,the constitution is a federal document and should supercede state gun laws.With out a permit you shouldn’t be allowed to carry in any state but yours.

    2. Roger – You have stumbled into an area of conflict between the States and the U.S.Government (USG).

      Your comments leave me confused – are you stating that a Federal law would supercede the right of all states? Or that a license/permit of one state should NOT be honored in any other state?

      If the Constitution were followed, then Amendment X (in the “Bill of Rights”) that LIMITS the federal powers to those enumerated in the Constitution, would prevent the USG from interfering in the affairs of any State.That limit applies to firearms, too, UNLESS the Constitution is changed! Our present USG seems to consider itself above the Constitution – “it’s just a piece of paper”.

  8. It’s long past time to think big. Why prune branches on a poisonous tree when you can tear out the root? Push for national legislation that eliminates all Federal gun laws from the NFA1934 to today. Not a single one of them has contributed the safety of the citizens, and have only served as incrementally tightening nooses around our liberties. Trump’s election signals an opportunity for concerted action to cut those nooses away. Those legislators that fail to read the mood of the electorate may find themselves unemployed next election.

    This will serve to flush out the fair-weather legislators who still vote with gun-grabbers, and serve notice on the rest that this is it, we’ve had enough, and Trump’s victory may presage their loss if they don’t realize the import of what all those angry and politically active gun owners who helped propel him to the Presidency mean.

  9. What is the Federal Safe Passage Provision? I’ve never heard of it, only the horror stories involving restrictive states. Why the worry if it’s in fed. law?

  10. Add to national reciprocity, wholesale elimination of gun free zones on all taxpayer subsidized transportation

    It’s stupid and discriminatory to have no gun signs posted on buses, trains, and other public transit – it’s not a private concern and my taxes help subsidize it too

    After all why should legal CCW holders be the only ones on the CTA who are unarmed? 🙂

  11. Write your congress critter to make sure they support incorporating ammunition reciprocity within national carry reciprocity.

    If your state allows hollow-point ammunition then you should be allowed to posses that same ammunition no matter where you are in the United States.

    To do otherwise will allow the likes of New Jersey to routinely arrest and jail otherwise law-abiding out-of-state citizens who are visiting. Hollow-point ammunition is so ubiquitous around the nation that the average person wouldn’t know to even ask if it was legal in other states, it being so commonly used.

  12. National reciprocity is needed NOW, as is dropping the need to re-test on the second renewal and the associated fees!!! Why do we have to pay for our inalienable rights, let alone NUMEROUS times!!

  13. A national Reciprocity law would be a GOD send. I have been on frequent trips to 6 states surrounding where I live and as long as I was honest and had firearm in the open (visible to the officer), I didn’t have any problems. There are states that are very strict on their laws and that needs to be fixed, I think it is a good idea for the times we live in and just maybe it will have a effect on criminals as they cannot get the carry permits needed to travel with firearms, Therefore, on a stop of a vehicle and if searched for another cause, firearms are found and driver/owner of the arms does not have a permit it is an automatic 10 years in prison. Just another way to remove criminals from our streets, towns and cities.

  14. There’s gonna be a lot of Liberals running around frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Some years back we used to shoot critters that did that! 🙂

  15. National reciprocity of handgun carry law is a rational, logical approach to standardizing one’s carry of handguns from state to state. Of course there will be states, such as California, Illinois, and New York that will fight such legislation, and it makes one ponder if they also fought against reciprocity of driving licensure, as well. That we have national reciprocity as concerns driving…..a PRIVILEGE… is really quite ludicrous that we don’t have national reciprocity as concerns handgun carry…..a RIGHT. I truly hope that the Congress can and will pass national reciprocity of handgun licensure, and it should be very interesting to see how our benighted liberal states deal with it.

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