On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My True Love Organized Our Haul

It’s the twelfth day of Christmas, and your loot is strewn about everywhere. Boxes of ammo over this way, more boxes of ammo that way, packets of survival food over here, gun cleaning supplies in that corner over there. A spare AR-15 lower parts kit sits thrown on top of a pile of receipts. Don’t trip over that pile of Pmags!  Sigh…its time to get this stuff organized. Cheaper Than Dirt is here to help with these 50 caliber ammo cans.

50 Cal Ammo Cans
Buy ’em cheap and stack ’em deep
These ammo cans are made of high density polyethylene (read: really strong plastic polymer stuff). Measuring 11.5 by 8 by 6 inches, they have a flat folding handle and a hinged lid designed specifically to make it easy to stack the ammo boxes on top of each other securely. Each can comes with three compartmented storage trays to organize your spare parts, springs, scope rings, bore patches, and all those other doodads that are now lying around haphazardly in your living room. You can get twelve 50 caliber ammo cans, each with three organizer trays inside, for $149 during this one time 12 Days of Christmas Sale bulk buy!  
50 Cal Ammo Can With Trays
Ammo can + organizer = a cleaner living room

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