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On the Ninth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, a Case of MREs

Picture shows a brown box filled with MREs.

For a fast and convenient complete meal ready-to-eat, there is no comparison to a basic, made-for-civilian MRE. Made with quality ingredients, a case of MREs, which includes 12 full meals, is the perfect gift for the prepper, non-prepper, camper or hunter in your life. When bad weather knocks the power out you need food that does not require any of the utilities to prepare. Each MRE in the case includes a heater that only needs water to heat your food. In the case are 12 complete meals—more complete than freeze-dried or cans can give you. Each meal consists of about 1,400 calories and includes a main dish, a side dish, snack, drink mix and condiments and extras such as instant coffee, gum, wet napkin, hot sauce and a spoon. A case of MREs is fun for the kids, great for your emergency vehicle kit and your bug out bag. They will stay shelf stable for at least five years and quite possibly even longer. For a family of four you will need three cases to feed everyone three meals a day for three days.

Picture shows a brown box filled with MREs.
Made with quality ingredients, a case of MREs, which includes 12 full meals, is the perfect gift.

Get it here.

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  1. While you are at it buy a box of plastic dinner ware , and get the “good” stuff . You may be using it longer than you planned ! ! ! ! OH and don’t forget “cheap” paper plates no use in buying the good ones just to burn them later ! ! ! !

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