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Down Zero TV: Rock Out with your Glock Out

Today’s episode of Down Zero TV has me back at Paul Bunyan Shooting Range in Puyallup, Washington shooting their monthly USPSA Match. You may notice that for the first time in 3 months, I’m not running a 1911. No, for this match I shot a factory stock Glock 34 in Limited-10. That means I took the scoring hit for minor power factor; so instead of 4 points for a “Charlie” hit I only scored 3. Here’s the match footage, which contains a mix of chase and POV cameras!

So how’d it come out? Another local match win – 1st Place L-10 division, even with being scored minor. I won 4 stages overall, finished 2nd on a 5th stage, and then 4th and 6th respective on the other two stages. I was actually REALLY surprised by the 4th place stage, since I felt I shot it very well. In the video, it’s the stage where I engage the steel strong hand only through the port. I was overconfident going into that port and not reloading, but I felt like I could go 1 for 1 on the steel shooting strong hand. I was wrong and I paid the price in time.

Here’s the gear breakdown for this episode:

This weekend, I’ll be in Florida for the Pro-Am match running a new gun that I’ll reveal tomorrow on Gun Nuts. I’m really looking forward to shooting this match, Phil Strader has been trying to convince me to go since the 2009 Bianchi Cup. This is a “bucket list” match for me, and I’m looking to visit the prize table for this match! If you like this post, please…

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