Will You Turn Over Your Guns?

As the implementation dates draw ever closer for shooters in some states to turn over semi-auto rifles, give up magazines of a certain size, register heretofore unregistered firearms, and perhaps have guns confiscated, some observers are saying they expect that many gunowners will not comply with new local, state and federal gun rules. And some law-enforcement officials are saying they won’t enforce laws they believe infringe on the 2nd Amendment. “I’ve heard from hundreds of people that they’re prepared to defy the law, and that number will be magnified by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, when the registration deadline comes,” said President Brian Olesen with American Shooters Supply, among the biggest gun dealers in New York. (The New York Post) Sheriff John Cooke says he won’t enforce new gun-control measures in Weld County, which covers a large part of northeastern Colorado, and legal experts say he won’t be breaking the law. (The Saratogian) The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said it will not comply with the provision of New York’s new gun control law requiring mental health providers to report potentially dangerous individuals to state authorities. (Times Union) The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) has a running tally of all the sheriffs across the nation that have joined together to defend the Constitution. At the time of this post, there are 15 sheriffs associations, 340 sheriffs, one police chief and one deputy sheriff who have stated they will not enforce any new gun laws.(CNS News) The California Senate approved a $24-million expenditure on Thursday to speed the confiscation of guns from people who have been disqualified from owning firearms because of criminal convictions or serious mental illness.… [T]here is a backlog of 19,000 people who have improper possession of more than 40,000 guns, including 1,600 assault weapons, and the number is increasing faster than their firearms can be confiscated.(Los Angeles Times) Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California (STOCA1) Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles. They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital. They knocked on the door and asked to come in. About 45 minutes later, they came away peacefully with three firearms.( The toughest part of New York’s SAFE statute — banning in-state sales of guns newly classified as “assault weapons” — immediately took effect Jan. 15. An estimated 1 million currently owned, formerly legal guns with a single military-style feature, like a pistol grip on semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, must be registered by April 15, 2014.(The Oneida Daily Dispatch) At one time, it was hypothetical to ask, “If your state, county, or city bans guns or accessories you currently own, will you give them up?” Now, the reality is that formerly legal firearms may become illegal to own overnight in some jurisdictions such as New York, and other states such as California, Maryland, and Illinois are contemplating all sorts of anti-gun “options.” And though a federal gun ban seems unlikely, it’s still a possibility. And having all private sales require a NICS check looks more likely every day.

So what’s your plan if DiFi comes a-callin’? If you can tell us without violating your OPSEC, what will you do? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. They will not infringe on our inherent right to own or posses personal defense weapons. Nor will they confiscate our ammo or the magazines We The People posses. They will abide by the Constitution that Limits their behavior.We must not accept anything less. I believe that politicians are the ones that need wellness checks before making any law. I believe that pharmaceutical companies must carry insurance on all the patients that take their medications. I believe in putting God and guns back in the slaughter houses that we call schools. I believe Diane Feinstein is a WITCH and John Boehner has no BALLS. The Republican Party is dead and Democrats have no soul. We need to turn off the TV’s, iPads and cell phones. Get involved in local politics and remind our children what it is to be an American. Screw political correctness and the ACLU. Join the NRA or Gun Owners of America.

  2. To: Rodger Miller,
    I suspect that if history is to again repeat itself that there will be different types of soldiers in different positions and levels of leadership, responsibility and action. I would further suggest that that an operational “cell” structure will continue to form for all the obvious reasons as it seems to have already started to do. Should the current division within our Republic continue along its present course I suspect that that “cell” system will be an extensive underground movement with the goal to restore our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Republic from all enemies and despots foreign and domestic. I would further suggest that States may choose sides within this conflict further expanding the issues critical nature or find themselves immeshed in there own internal issues . The nations very stability becomes a problem at such a point. I will grant hat his is an outlier worst case, but, pan for the worst and your not surprised as often or hurt a deeply.
    Having read your several post here I would advance the idea that your position on these issues and the knowledge you might bring to such a . . . . Cause . . . For lack of a more descriptive term at this time, might place you either at or near the forefront of such an endeavor or in some equally important position Should you find a need for operational security or intelligence, intelligent input from a common sense perspective I’d be interested in speaking with you.

  3. The “smoke and mirrors” argument of that ridiculous California senator is simply an excuse to confiscate guns from the honest gun owners.
    If you haven’t been paying attention over the past 45 years, let me sum it up.
    The progressive liberals have been slowly stripping the law abiding citizens of the United States of their rights. All in the name of “for your own good.” Smoking bans,

  4. Dec. 30, 2012

    Sometimes you just cannot argue with the numbers. If these numbers are correct and true, the USA has bigger problems on their hands other than who was elected President.

    From Bill O’Reilly’s message board:

    Most everyone suspected fraud, but these numbers prove it and our government and media refuse to do anything about it.

    As each state reported their final election details, the evidence of voter fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been reported in areas of OH and FL, with PA, WI and VA, all are deploying personnel to investigate election results.

    Here are just a few examples of what has surfaced with much more to come.

    * In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).

    * In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations – and not one single vote was recorded for Romney.(Another statistical impossibility).

    * In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters.

    * In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

    * The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

    * Palm Beach County, FL had a 141% voter turnout.

    * In Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of eligible voters.

    NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

    Imagine that!

  5. Oh, by the way, in the thirties, Joe Kennedy, father of Ted Kennedy and John Kennedy was ambassador to England, and he was a personal friend of Adolph Hitler, visited frequently, and that is how Ted Kennedy came in possession of Hitler’s law. It was Joe Kennedy that assured Hitler that “Americans will not care, no matter what happens to the jews”.

  6. Thank you Mr. Sand,
    I was a historian once, and a teacher in a junior college. I left that position after 3 years, fed up with the liberalism propaganda being spouted even then, 1971-1974. I did a lot of research as I wanted to teach truth in history, not the pablum non-history of the text books provided and approved by the California System. I no longer even want to visit California let alone live there. I did find, in my research, that the 1964 gun control introduced by Ted Kennedy was a translation of the 1933 gun control law Hitler (Adolph Schicklegruber) used to disarm the German Citizens. Any good communist, socialist or fascist knows you have to do three things to subjugate a people, first, break down the family unit, second, destroy religion and third, take away all weapons. The liberals of today are now calling themselves “progressives”, which comes from the 1920’s and was what the communist party and socialist movement called themselves to keep from getting run out of the country by the honest citizens. If you have heard Hillary Clinton speak, she has often referred to herself as a “progressive” and went on to say “just like the progressives of the 20’s as we believe the same way”. To see what these people are up to, one need only read Maciavelli.

  7. I am in agreement with P Carl, looks like 1776 for the second time around! Of which I hope does not take place we have to take back our rights. Remember What Obama said in 2008 “I will not take away your Rifle, Pistols, Shotguns, Etc., what a Big LIAR!

  8. Those we have chosen to represent us in the Republic are not listening…instead they pursue party agendas.

    Tired of the “assaults” on our liberties.

    Give me Liberty or Give Me Death! I pledge to sustain the oath I took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    God Bless us all!

    A cry now perhaps relevant once again! We are a Republic betrayed by a government that has chosen expediency over facing reality and finding real solutions to our problems. They smell blood in the water and will expand their reach in months to come. It is time to choose what steps will be taken to retake our Republic from the detractors and those who would weaken our nations place among nations.

    It is time to decide your path. No bullshit anymore, put up or shut up. Are you willing to be cast as the social outliers to fight the destruction of our nation? Our elected government has chosen to betray their oath to their Republic, they know they have done this because with one hand they take our Rights away by creating additional needless and in point of fact unconstitutional legislation while it the other declaring their support of the 2nd Amendment and the documents that create the foundation of our Nation. LIARS, TRAITORS, AND CONMEN ALL. The dominoes have fallen. That Fall is in motion. If you live within the repressive boundaries of those states that now have been falsely validated by the unconstitutional Federal response beware. We, the law abiding, Patriot Citizens are now facing being considered the anti-social, fringe extreme segment of our national social makeup. The wolves must now learn to protect the flock while standing against those who would pen them up and control them for their own agenda. If we considered our nation divided before then we have only seen the tip of that iceberg.

    Chose your path! The opposition has chosen theirs and are moving to solidify their position thru the destruction of the foundation our Republic rests upon. TO ARMS! The enemy is within he walls and the fighting is now on your streets. Where will you stand?

    Any of the above may be true, possible, actual, reality, or tomorrows headlines. Passion must be put aside and a dispassionate view and understanding of the new realities and positions requires our attention and then our choice of path. Tomorrow, the world will know that we have weakened and can not protect ourselves. No more posturing, No more mouthing the words. It is time for all good men to stand and be counted. It is too late for anything else.

  10. The first “Assault” guns outlawed in The Colonies was the musket, and it was outlawed by the British in 1774, after which no person could own a firearm. Since that time, any gun manufactured could be termed an “Assault” weapon by our politicians. In 1775, the colonies went to war, and we became the United States. Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Madison and others of our founders fought hard for the 2nd amendment, and all their arguments for the amendment are spelled out in the “Federalist Papers”, which I recommend as required reading for any patriotic American, and especially any who want to preserve the 2nd amendment. Thomas Jefferson even said the american people would have to rise up and take our country back from the politicians every 200 years or so, and he said it would have to be by force of arms and loss of blood. Of course, I paraphrased.
    I believe that if every Jew in Germany would have shot or stabbed every SS Trooper, Nazi or Gestapo agent who came to their door to take them to the death camps, then the Holocaust would have not occurred or at least it would have been slowed down.

  11. Dan,
    I too have spoke those words and stand beside you as a brother in arms, but we need to change the argument from one of soul passion (it is needed still) to one of intelligences of fact and law, because as you know the United States is a nation of laws, and the Second Amendment in the law of the land today. To allow these usurpers to change ANY language to the Second Amendment will prove to be only the begin of the confiscation of power over our GOD given rights we have be endowed with. How can we as good and decent people look upon our children and grand children and tell them that we have failed them and generation to come and deprived them of their freedom with the failure to act.
    The Second Amendment is the gateway and if they enter we have failed! As you may also know in the Army we choose the soldiers that will train the new soldiers coming in to the Army by selecting the top 10% of all MOS’s throughout the Army, Why can we not as citizens of our state choose and watch the top 10% of our people that would be prospective candidates to hold these office; instead of electing the one that has the most money, friends, and political power. The founders believed that if you had the credentials and back ground to hold the offices, you could run to represent the people that would be represented by said office; provided the people wanted you to represent them in said office. Why are we only electing those people that are carted out before us as candidates, rather than looking for those fine people ourselves to be our candidate. We collect date on everything under the sun (why not this date) and if they the collect date person wishes not to be included then they don’t have to be, but we need to get back to a time where people were called out to serve their country, and then return to their places of business/ life after such time they have complete or served the needs of the people. This would serve us the citizen as term limits to those that have not meet our needs/ expectations. We don’t need lifetime representatives!
    Your brother in arms: MSG– Terry 12M (US Army Firefighter)

  12. The gun grab has started in the Marxist looser states like Calif, New York, ILL, N. Jersey, Delaware, Conn, Mass. It’s not thousand of cops a day in massive raids. It’s one at a time 5 or 10 a day per these Leftie states. Using divorce, a DUI, your kid draws a gun in school, or talks about Dad’s gun, then the socialist union teacher calls the cops. Being anti gov’t, (against the Marxist Obama agenda). They come banging on your door. Calif and others are like the Nazi’s they come at night. The raids are printed in local left wing papers, and the lying cops say the gun confiscation was from a nut, or a depressed divorcee. The major news never print all the hundreds of gun raids going on every month now. You only get the truth from Glen Beck, Drudge, Brightbart, WND, or Alex Jones.Thanks Hitler for the cop training manual for our American brownshirts.

  13. The Captain told his men at the Concord Bridge, Men! Hold your line. Do not fire unless fired upon. But, If they mean to have a war, let it begin here. 1775
    Same thought here in Georgia. Or New York or California or Connecticut or Nevada or any of the other of These United States.

    Let it begin Here! ! ! ! Molon Labe.

  14. If they want them, they can have them only IF they have Scheumer and the troll Fienstein and Jim Carrey come and personally try and take them without their bodyguards not only not in sight, but not even in the state and these twerps have no backup but themselves. I can safely say that I will have the most fun I have ever had if that happens as I bet I get to keep my guns as these cowards wont even step outside of their bodyguard protection to buy a snow cone, let alone come and face mano-a-mano a citizen when they are trying to take away a right

  15. I seriously cannot remember where I put them. I took my guns out while fishing and when my boat capsised and I lost everything even my fishing poles. I loved all of them.

  16. Today I have been watching C-span, various news feeds and am ashamed of the continued twisting of the blade in the body of the Republic. I feel deep loss and anger for the Newtowns children and parents, Colorado, Chicago and anywhere that unwarranted senseless violence takes a life. For me and from my point of view these incidents only serve to highlight the real issues we as a nation face and the continuing refusal of our leaders to solve them with real workable solutions. Our elected political body has discovered that they can do nothing by doing what we hired them to do. Just push a bill thru, don’t worry that it has no hope of serving the common good, that it, weakens the Republic and further ignores the existing threats. I am ashamed for those who pronounce at the top of their voice that the answer in to “ban magazines, ban wanna be assault rifles, Ban! , restrict!, control!, tougher laws!, more restriction!, . .. . . . . . . . . When all is said and done, when the politicians can declare”Peace in our time” wave a piece of paper and say ” I have the signatures and agreement”, stand in front of their left wing Media partners declaring victory . . . I fear that moment. History will have again repeated itself.
    And at a future moment, when across our TV screen the words, “BREAKING NEWS”, glide………
    As Another school, theater, bank, post office, store, mall, neighborhood, stretch of highway becomes the” top of the hour”, “6 o’clock main story” “film at 11″ . . .when it happens, will anyone ask the only important question?
    ” Excuse me Senator Sir or Madame, but you took away the rights of the people to defend themselves, you weakened the 2nd Amendment by creating oppressively restrictive laws and applying them to the law abiding public. Why didn’t it help, where is the security you promised, where is the piece of mind you said we would have.??”
    Unfortunantly, Their response will be “we did what we could!!!!! Trust us, we did! “. They will point fingers at why it couldn’t have been better, they will muddy the waters as quickly as possible so they can not be seen for the inept job they do. And then, they, will say . . . . NOW, we will have to do better, NOW, is the time for change, NOW, we will take it all. NOW, we must bring ourselves into the present and consider the future by reevaluating the foundation on which we stand as a Republic, NOW, as a people if you wish to be secure you must submit! WE, will protect you! I have to declare a position of “No Confidence” in the US government, an political parties who are unable to govern at all.
    So, now we must really consider our position. It is the chilly light of day. The declarations of “……. cold dead hands ……..” Sounds great , perhaps, but in the long run, in the heart of hearts, were the Patriot must stand in the face of their own governments corruption to protect their belief in their Republic how many will choose to sacrifice their perceived but temporary security and privileges to regain this Republics stature. There I much to consider. It is perhaps time again to water the roots of the tree of that Republic. If the storm descends on us how will you stand? The opposition that would have our Republic become weak , that would see its people lessened, count on what history shows them, to see their agenda become the new reality. They count on the fact that we as a people will just accept what ever they choose if the can make it a “LAW” will be accepted and go unopposed.
    There comes a breaking point where one voice stands and says “NO!!! Not today or any day will you, for your agenda, bring my country down by taking away the foundation which it is built on”
    The day may come, and in the near future, where one may be faced with the real life, real time decision as to exactly what they will do, how far they will go, and to what extent one will sacrifice for their Republic and one’s belief in that republic.
    This is not about an issue such a Gun Control any longer, it may never have been about that.
    Gun Control, Immigration, The Economy may be no more than the vehicles that take us to this national confrontation. The crossroads has been reached, time to choose the direction to take. Choose the direction you will take. I have chosen mine, perhaps I will hope to see some of you there. I’ll be there and hold a place fo you. You won’t be late an you’ll get there on time.

  17. Terry, the oath I took when I entered the military still stands today as sacred and true as the day I took it. When I swore to protect this country I love, I swore to protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic. I have never backed down nor backed away from that oath and I never will. A man is only as good as his word and if he cant keep his word, then how can you trust him on anything else. A person that would try and deny you the same right that she enjoys is a hypocrite plain pure and simple. HOW DARE people like Scheumer and Carrey and fienstein and Obama try and deny you the right to own your own weapon, when they have armed bodyguards. I actually asked Teddy Kennedy when he was still alive, just how he can justify telling me I could not have an automatic weapon when his bodyguards were all armed with Tech 9 Machine pistols with 30 round clips. He responded, “well I am a US Senator” and my response back to him was “Well I am a US Citizen guaranteed rights by the US Constitution, the same Constitution you swore to uphold and protect. So Senator, were your words just empty air for you to pick and choose which to comply with or did you mean them?” He then stood up and called the town hall meeting to an end and glared at me as he waddeled from the room.

    As my father (God rest his soul) used to say all the time, “I have been an a$$hole in the past and most likely will be revisiting it in the future from time to time, but at least I dont try to make it my permanent address.” more intelligent words were never spoken.

  18. I think we are missing the BIG picture in all this talk. We can charge many tall claims—You can have my gun when you pry it from cold dead hand—what does that accomplish in the end? We are being assaulted with a weapon of mass distraction within the words of the attack. Why would these people risk the midterm elections and loss the Senate if there was no means to the end. To confuse the enemies of the offender you would attack them on many fronts or a round robin of subjects to get them to be so paranoid of the next attack they wouldn’t see the army within the Trojan horse that’s about to cut them off at the knees. Stand for freedom and the Constitutional rights that we have bled for, but stay of a sober mind and focus on the attack that is all around and at your feet. The time to fear these people is over and it is time that they had the fear and wrath of God thrust upon their shoulder to reap the whirlwind of the seed that has been sown in this life.

    “I am the guardian at the gates of freedom and if I fall another shall take my place to stand at the ready to defend this great blessing we all enjoy.” Patriotism is not just a word; its a life style for a eternity of free men over generations as long as there is a generation to be served by. Loss the Generations and loss freedom for an eternity!”

    Comment by terry — April 8, 2013 @ 12:06 pm

  19. Ethan at 579. Have you bothered to look at the laws in NY or in California? They have had people who followed their laws and registered their weapons, only to have the states turn around later and come to their door and demand they give up the weapons they registered or make them unable to be used. There are numerous sites clearly stating this with quite a bunch of them not having anything to do with guns. That Ethan is called Confiscation. Or did you miss the part that Hammond of Gun Owners of America has stated that Obama is checking with the DOJ to see if he can just sign yet another illegal executive order that violates Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution, to just order Americans to give up or turn in their pistols/Handguns? Yet again, it is called Confiscation!

  20. You are correct Marc C. Daniele, You should take YOUR BS somewhere else as people are not falling for your lies of being in the Military when you cannot even spell the state you claim to be in correctly and so far you have never given your unit as any proud military Vet would. Oh and one more thing? You have had your racist posts reported as a violation of the TOS of this board. Dont be a bit surprised if you come back here and cannot post anymore.

  21. HELL NO!Our forefathers saw just this problem and put the second amendment in place to prevent the government from doing just what they are trying.They can have them after I’m dead.Gun laws are a useless waste of time because the only ones who will follow them are the law abiding citizen not the crimminal.Why not just enforce what is already on yhe books instead of screwing around with our rights.IMPEACH OBAMA and the rest of those morons

  22. I will not give up my guns. I missed many things including the birth and first 3 months of my son’s life fighting for the bill of rights and constitution etc… I will fight for it again if I have to. If they try to take them by force, they better bring a bunch of body bags. I may be in one of them when all is said and done, but many of them will be right along with me.

  23. Why are we even in a position where we are asked this question ??? It is because the dumb-asses of America RE-ELECTED Obama. They should have known his anti-gun stance, because it certainly was not a secret, even before he was elected for his first term. But yet, they elect him for a second term. Why are we in this situation ???.. Currently, there are 3-4 million gun owners who are members of the N R A….but how many people out there own guns, and do not think it is important to be a member of the NRA; the one group who is constantly fighting for our gun rights ? It has been stated that Americans own approximately 300 MILLION GUNS. If everyone who owned a gun was a member of the NRA, can you imagine the political clout that we would have ??Politicians would be afraid to take a piss without asking if it was ok first. There is a saying that “there is strength in numbers,” so convince everyone you know to become an NRA member. Make the gun-grabbing politicians afraid of us.

  24. Heck No they can pry my weapons from my dead cold hands. I have sacrificed for this country and I am not about to roll over and take this crap. So all I have to say is good luck or die trying….

  25. My guns are for sale to the Government! $10,000,000.00 each, CASH in advance, and I will deliver when I am ready. In the mean time I am making contact with a trafficker to buy some BIGGER guns with MORE ammo that I can get at my local store!

  26. I truly hope all my Brother and Sister Marines are reading these posts, so that they know what is happening here. We will need them when they come home. They took the same Oath I took which ids the SAME Oath the Pres, VP, and Congress took. The difference being, Soldiers stand by their word.

  27. The State of Connecticut will try to pass a Ban on Assault Rifles and High Capacity magazines this week! So today in defiance, I purchased more high capacity magazines to go with my Assault Rifle Wanna Be! I also have a stash of many rounds for ALL my weapons, including my banned high capacity pistol, for which I also purchased more mags! As a Viet Nam Combat Vet, I have been shot and shot at, and I am not afraid. I died once, so I know what to expect, some little asshole working for the FBI or other Agency doesn’t have a clue, and most likely will crap his little panties when someone shoots back! Come and get’em boys and girls! Come and get’em

  28. I say if push comes to shove just give them a stripped lower receiver… That’s the only part that is “techicnally” considered the GUN. Far as they know you never completed the build. At least that way you have something to work with later on… Maybe a Printed receiver.


  29. what planet is that old dried-up hag from.How doesn’t she understand that by her F!#@ed-up plan will only let the bad guys have the guns,because they don’t play by the rules.

  30. ok,
    1) North Korea does not have a reliable delivery system in place for any remotely creitable attack with any kind of ordanance what so ever.
    2)It is even more unlikly that they have a Nucular device which is even close to being weaponized to fit a balistic delivery system even as crude as those that they currently poesses.
    3)EVEN if they had a weapon and a delivery system and they idiot savant leader had it launched towards the US. The odds of it actually getting here are near non-existant.
    4) AND THIS IS THE FUNNY ONE!! INVASION BY NK????? Are to some special kind of stupid or do you just not get it?? Think you may have watched “RED DAWN” to many times!

    5) AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! North Korea and our National issue of Firearm Regulation, Laws, and Restrictions have NOTHING to do with one another, not ev en related, havent even been used in the same sentence till you had a thought in your mind.

    It would be helpful to those of us who take this issue serousely if the discussion can be kept on track. There isnt a lot of time to waste reading nonsence and unrelated information. If your not taking these issues to heart, If you dont have a valid point, opinion, comment, post, idea, solution, or suggestion concerning Federal Firearm Regulation, its direct asscoated issues, and what we as a community of lawabiding Firearm owners in this Repulbic can do to defend our rights and/or protect our property, and family where this issue and national dialog is concerned, THEN, PLEASE ….. find someplace else to air your verbal diarrhea or just be quiet until somthing that pretains to the issue at hand comes to mind.
    i dont expect this will be well recived but come on folks, if you think this is some kind of game or joke then thats a real problem.

    Pete C.

  31. A lot of people are saying to vote out those who would go against the Constitution. I say good luck with that.Voting is a joke unless you truly have a FREE CHOICE. Both parties “Demo-craps and Republi-cons” are controlled by wealthy elites,corporations, and international banksters.They don’t give a real damn about you or I. It’s always a two party race and they “own” both horses in the race. How? MONEY. They privately state that they buy and sell senators and congressmen like used cars. How? Because it costs millions to run a viable campaign on the state or national level, and who donates to these campaigns? Wealthy elites, Wall St. banking firms, international corporations,defense contractors, etc. Of course they see this as “an investment” because the politician is beholden,(owned by) whomever gave him the money for his campaign.In return for their investment, they get tax breaks, bailouts,and billions in corporate welfare. In the primary elections, they (the elite)only back candidates who will be a shill for them. And since 80% of the American public votes based on name recognition only, all the elites have to do is keep their “puppets” names the most visible through TV ads,interviews, billboards and yard signs….and bingo they get elected….Hell this president won by promising a free phone to some groups. OMG. And look at what happened to Ron Paul (a non-corporate owned candidate) last election. He was ignored, and ridiculed as an idiot by the lying “mainstream press-prostitutes”, even though he was winning or running in the top 2 or 3 in almost every state! Some lying puke-faced mouthpieces wouldn’t even speak Dr.Pauls’ name on air! They would ignore him in the “staged debates”! If this doesn’t prove the fix is in, the problem isn’t with politicians, it’s with a public in denial, or worse yet, brain dead. The elite and wealthy always have and always will have their way until the laws are changed to keep them from buying the elections and influencing politicians, or until the American people quit fooling themselves into believing that they really live in a FREE REPUBLIC. You don’t. Right now we are living in Fascism, in the truest sense of the word. The next step is totalitarianism. (Dictatorship.)The groundwork for that is already there too. The laws have been written and passed. (Check out the NDAA signed by OBama last year.)Quit kidding yourselves. The only way this will settle out, is a sudden awakening or a civil war, of that there can be no doubt…..

  32. To James Reed:
    I had forgotten that I had also made a comment at #465, but it also had nothing to do with any anti-Semitic rant.
    And perhaps I should take this further opportunity to explain why I have no respect for police officers (#465) and that has to do with God’s definition of murder. That definition being that, ‘if a boy of 12 throws a stone over a hill and kills a man that he did not know was there; that is murder.’ Liberals are universally godless and serve Satan whether they know they do or not. When liberals pass laws (and Christians who ignorantly vote with them) and police officers enforce laws that prevent others from defending themselves, they have taken upon themselves that responsibility as outlined in God’s definition of murder-they pursue an act that leads someone that they were not aware of to suffer death, robbery or rape. A person is responsible for effects that they create and liberals and police officers have helped create and facilitate these crimes for better than a hundred years in this country. How should you then say that there are ANY police officers who are, or ever could be good guys.
    Those persons might have pled ignorance before they saw this. Their animalistic (I refer to it as ‘badge brained’) egos effectively blind them to anything beyond their preferenced delusion that they are the good guys and “protect and serve” (read as sarcasm) while they actually more nearly protect criminals and do not actually serve the public beyond a few situations-traffic control, emergency efforts, etc. that while important in themselves, do not make up for the other damage that they do.
    These police persons are the ‘iron mixed with the clay’ of the statue that Daniel was shown. That is to say that they are the remnants of the army/authority of Rome and remain animal men still.
    My reference to animal men is a reference to the history of the world. All that history is of animal men conquering (another word for rape, robbing and murdering) others-kicking ass-and maybe getting their own asses kicked in turn (God’s instructional provision-‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you’-otherwise known as Karma or ‘what goes around, comes around) and maybe learning the hard way to turn from being animalistic. The Ten Commandments and all of God’s other laws are basically a requirement to turn from being animal men and turn to being spiritual men.
    As far as how this relates to police officers, volumes of works have been written about Rome-how great it was and how it fell. I can summarize all of the meaning and history of Rome and why it fell in one sentence. They were just animalistic men of that time who, through the use of somewhat better numbers, organization and technology, were able to murder and rob more effectively than their counterparts of those times for about 930 years until the other animalistic type men from outside were able to outnumber and conquer/rob/murder them in turn.
    The police of this age are those same soldiers (iron)of Rome who were then busy being criminals of that time robbing and killing for Rome and are presently mixed in with the population (clay) of this era. And, as the statue that Daniel was shown, will disappear as dust and be carried away by the wind along with all other criminal, animalistic types.
    One shouldn’t thank or look up to such men for anything. And if you are a presently ‘serving’ police officer know that this will be the end of your times. If you possess any glimmer of spiritual consciousness that is not subjugated by your animalistic tendency to justify your actions it may shortly become very clear-perhaps too late-what this is all really about and you will realize that you should have gotten out NOW and left the more thug-like officers to their fate as they continue to unwittingly serve Satan (Obama) and his buddy the anti-Christ.
    Bad times are coming for everyone. No one will be able to choose whether they will die or not, just how they will die. If a person fights Satan’s agents, you will likely die rather quickly. If you do not fight at first, then, if you do not take the mark of the Beast, you will most likely starve to death–but, if you do not go directly to Heaven, God will bring you back later if you need further spiritual polishing thru God’s millennium. If you take the mark of the Beast, you will only live for a short time anyway only to accompany Satan, Obama, the anti-Christ and all the other godless into the lake of fire.
    This is what it is all about and lucky we are to have been Christian and have been exposed to the Bible even a little bit!

  33. Hello, Marc C. Daniele, post#949
    I don’t disagree with some of what you say, most of it makes sense if other facts are presumed wrong, ignored, or misrepresented but I dont understand what any of it has to do with the primary BLOG QUESTION at the top of this page?? I understand that your very angry and upset about a lot of things but do you have an answer for the question??
    I read thru the posts again this morning and wonder if you and some of the others understand what you lend to those you rail against with such anger? That you by this kind of dieatribe end up supporting the oppisition viewpoint of the very things your angry about? You seem educated, but the drift of your knowlage seems narrow, truncated, somewhat onesided. all of that aside what Id like to know is what any of this has to do with the BLOGS primary question?
    your post seems to be more of a post for a question like “What do you think about the state of Iseral” or ” Are there alternate realities to explain the middle east?” or perhaps “tell us what you really think about the Jewish state”. I dont know, its just a thought.
    I at least dont question that your a patroit and a US service vet. Im sure you have the tatoos, and picture abbum to prove it as many of us do. I have always tried to emulate my father who was a WW2 Tanker from Africa thru the first landing wave on D-day to the last day of the conflict. He dosnt talk about it and dosnt need too. Feels that if you have to say it kinda deminishes it worth. I feel the same. If you where there you dont need to prove it to anyone.
    I may not fully agree or agree at all with your opinion but I do have the responsibility and privlige to defend your right to say it, Id just like to stay on message and not get so far off the beated path. Thanks!

    Regards, Pete C.

  34. Lots of machismo. Most of the posters would give up their guns if confronted by an armed government party. The man in CA who spent two days in a “psychiatric facility” likely said “Molon Labe” too, before six armed badges showed up and eventually left “peacefully with three firearms”.

  35. i dont know why they wanna take away our guns with this North Korea crap going on.if they nuke/invade us,the US is gonna need all the armed people they can get their hands on.

  36. Rule number 1 in statistics- compare apples to apples.
    Don’t let your clever liberal politician give you statistics about gun crime as a whole and hunting or sport; to some how wash them all together to tell you “Assault” weapons are bad.

    Food for thought, your average police or swat personel when taking 10 shots at a bad guy wil miss 8 times! That is why you need more than 10 shots.
    I was a very skilled desiginated marksman for my unit in Afghanistan and there was days where I shot dozens of rounds with no sucess. Shooting at a person that doesn’t want to be shot is not as easy as one would think. BattleHard America, this is a very important and dangerous time in our history, and our foundation will be tested. Stand up for what myself and many others have bled for.
    “I fight today, so that I will not have to fight tomorow.”

  37. There seems to be some consufion about the term “Palaistine” of its earlier form root “Peleshet” and when it showed up in history. FACT IS, that its not a modern term. Just so the record is straight …..

    The first clear use of the term Palestine to refer to the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt was in 5th century BC, in the Ancient Greece documents. A historian and writer in that period named Herodotus wrote; ‘district of Syria, called Palaistinê” in the text we know as “The Histories”. In this text is found perhaps the earlist complete description of this area using this name.
    Before this period the term Peleset has been found in Egyptian documents. The early root comes from the hieroglyphs as p>r>s>t. The earlist mention of this area or people was arounf c.1100 – 1150BCE or so. It refers to a people who apperently invaded Egypt around this time from the area of present day Palaistine.
    Both the Egyptian and Assyrian records of the periods refer to this region in the same manner although they are less defined and detailed than the later Greek documents.
    If this forum is going to be used for things other than constructive comments, problem solving, worthwhile discussion. things like name calling, cutting on others opinions even though they may be…odd and self indulgent chest thumping we should at least try and get our facts straight and somewhat near the truth.
    We defeat ourselves and fall into the traps layed for us by those who would take away our foundations by some of the kind of childish post I read here.
    THE QUESTION WAS “Will You Turn Over Your Guns?” the answers are YES, NO, and I HAVENT DECIDED HOW TO RSPOND. followed by a considered and informed logic and reasoning to support your position. That is how we will get the attention of the “TAKERS” and our Goverment. By beating on each other we only do their job for them.
    the declaration “From my cold dead hands” may indeed be the outcome of this issue and some may even take it to that extreme, most . . . will not. However, this declaration is counter productive to the discussion and serves only to streanthen the TAKERS positions and talking points. DONT make this any easer for them by catering to there arguments. State your Intent clearly with out threat, Counter their arguments with logic, fact, and reality and keep saying it over and over again, make them attempt to answer, use their redorick against them whan they cant support their own arguments.
    But for Crist sake, stop acting like childern and start acting as responsible citizens and patroits with a solid platform to stand on.
    Its just depressing to see such response to this BLOG QUESTION and have it degenerate into the infighting that the opposition whats. Just saying . . .

    Regards, Pete C.
    and if it matters at all …
    ex-Msgt USAF
    Det1, 56th Air Commandos, Thailand, Loas 1970-1974
    1st SOG, Hurlbert Field, FL. 1974-1976
    9th SRW, Beale AFB, CA 1976-1979

  38. To James Reed regarding your comment at #912. I’m afraid that you incorrectly refer to my having made the comments attributed to me in your comment at 912. You have me confused with someone else as I made no such comments and have no sympathy with them. Other than this reply comment, my only other comments can be found at #449 and 897. I suppose that it is possible that someone thought they should use my name to misrepresent my views. If you could list another comment showing me where you saw that comment, I would like to check it out. Thanks.

  39. I think a very extensive background check sounds like a great idea. Lets start with an extensive check on the dick-tater himself, and slowly work down to me.. I could pass any check. Him – – not so much.

  40. I will NEVER hand surrender my firearms for ANY reason whatsoever as I have done nothing nor will do ANYTHING to provoke such action against me. Therefore ANY such action taken against me will result in grave consequences from a defensive standpoint as the 2nd Amendment so states and defines.

  41. Thank you Dan!!!
    That Danielle Character is a liar and probably a socialist or communist, and probably aligned with islamic (small letters intentional) terrorist. I am proud to be an army veteran, 3 tours in Vietnam, 5th Group, Detached to MAC-V-SOG, CCN, Quang Tri, “S” caveate on my 11B MOS, SSgt, retired, after 8 1/2 years, 100% disability, wounds, combat related, of course. That guy has no idea about the military, or History, and Palestine still does not exist as a country.
    Rodger Miller

  42. The thing is that what is happening here is anything but unprecedented or even unexpected. History is replete with examples of Governments gone awry that ultimately seek total control over its populace. Jefferson and company knew this and actually wrote the Constitution accordingly whereby if the citizens rights were violated by a tyrannical government seeking to break the Law, the people actually had not just a right but an absolute OBLIGATION to stand up and resist the encroachment. Folks, this is not rocket science–Either we just accept the fact that this is just another instance in history of a Government gone bad/mad and act accordingly or we go the way of China…? Nothing complicated about this. Of course we will try and exhaust all diplomatic means at our disposal and work via dialogue to ensure our Constitutional Rights are upheld, but if the Feds/State/Local Government Agents begin to strip us of our rights via gun-point, we will have to follow The Founding Fathers advice.

  43. Guns? what guns? Maybe you should check with the ATF and the DOJ I hear they have a lot that they are giving away to Mexican Drug lords.

  44. Some of the folks talk about the fact that if we don’t like our Government then vote them out of office, well better get your facts straight. I didn’t vote for that muslim in the white house but, he got back in anyway. The fact of that was because he bought his way in and the American people didn’t realize it. Obama is what’s ruining this country and his old cronies are going along with whatever he says and does. Media too. Personnaly I think we need to throw all the old idiots out and start over, but that is just my thought. Some of us have been lucky enough to have been in the military and we are not as gullable as most civilians because we have seen just how the crap works. I am versed in alot of different weapons and know how to use them and have been in fire fights before. The one that is coming is going to be very bad but, we the people will come out the other end better for it, and maybe then our government will have changed also. Meaning NO MORE MUSLIMS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!

  45. The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Take our guns, and just see what happens…

  46. My ancestors were here before this land was a country. My people have fought in every war this country has been in. We came down out of the Appalachian mountains and settled in eastern and central Kentucky….
    We have always stood up for and by the constitution/bill of rights.
    So what does that tell you we are gong to do?

  47. I worked too many hours to afford the guns I have. A corrupt socialist government wanting to limit and/or confiscate our firearms is one of the reasons why the 2ND Ammend. was written.

  48. When are the American people going to get off of our lazy bums and do something about these idiots that are breaking the law and doing what ever they want. Congress work for us but seem to think that we are here for them. Congress is responsible for the predicament we are in. They are the ones that pass laws but seem to think that they are above the law. With them passing laws that do not apply to them and voting themselves a large pay raise every year is just beyond measure. If the laws they pass pertain to them as well as us then I think things would be better off in this country. I might get a 2% pay raise per year but they get anywhere from 5% to 10% every year. Why do we let them get away with this. We sit back and let them do what ever they want to do. We need to hold them accountable. So how do we do this? There has got to be a way. How do you take care of this problem?

  49. To quote Frederic Bastiat: “Each person has a natural right—from God—to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two.”

  50. All these people like Diane Finestine who is stomping on the Constitution need to be arrested for treason. Obama and his cronies need to be impeached and arrested for treason. Then we need to try them for treason and then have them shot. What irony.

  51. I lost most of my guns in a boating accident this winter, sold the rest at a guns how. The guy that bought them looked like Elmer Fudd and paid cash. LOL

  52. Hypothetically: They can have them right after I give them as many of my bullets as I can give them. I was born a free man and I intend to die as a free man. Practice civil disobedience!!

  53. Will I give up my guns? Sure, when they pry them from my cold, dead hands while the barrels are still smoking! My family has been in this country since 1606 (Jamestown, Virginia)where they fought to establish a residence here. They fought in the Revolutionary War for the very freedoms we are discussing here and died to give them to me and us. They fought in all the preceding wars and if they try to subvert the Constitution and plug it up with laws that are unConstitutional they will have another war on their hands. I am not looking for a fight but if they want one I will give them the best one they have ever had or ever will have, I promise. Just remember: When a person who is just seconds away from assaulting you, your wife or family or killing you and yours the police are just minutes away! Semper Fi!

  54. Not to mention that we have all the active military people if given the order to take our guns i think they would not listen to those orders and face the government with us side by side they would not want to be shooting at there own country men and women or family members plus put together with all the people in this country we’ve been standing down for far to long watching those ass wipes make a mockery of this country. I gotta say it if they try to confiscate or disarm us a few days later all the country’s that hate us will know that we the people are weak and defenseless they will invade and kill us all we need our guns. If north Korea comes over here I will unleash my inner Rambo. HELL i even have 3 of Rambo’s bowie knifes very cool and sharp blades . Sylvester Stallone eat your heart out baby . It appears to me that we the people have more than one war to fight not only our government but the north Koreans too I’m very scared but i will fight

  55. Having spent 20 years in the military myself this conversation routinely came up in barracks discussion. It was always about 50/50 between those in uniform that would follow the illegal order and 50 percent that would not. At best the military will be busy handling it’s own internal strife leaving real Americans who know what the 2nd Amendment says and stands for to be the deciding factor in any struggle that will come. Initially, I have no doubt as has been posted here people will begin to disappear but, there is always a tipping point that will come and bring civil revolt to the streets. It has happened through out history and is happening today across the world and will happen here in the U.S. sooner or later. The elites always make the same mistake in that they forget there is a breaking point.

  56. The constitution and the bill of rights we the people shall not be disarmed or our second amendment freedom be thrown in the trash. Pickup a gun and fight it’s coming soon

  57. I am not from military but i am very military minded i come from a long line of military men my great grandfather was world war 1 my 2 grandfather’s fought in world war 2 my dad was Vietnam. And if they meaning dumb ass Obama sends people to confiscate my guns they would have a major fight on there hands he’s already declared war on the people of this country there’s even talk of a new civil war I am an American i was born in this country and i will not give up my guns and all the other gun owners in the country i will stand up and fight tooth and nail side by side with all of my American brothers and sisters we need to take our country back and put it back to the way president Washington started the government by the people and for the people and storm the white house and hang Obama from the cherry tree

  58. Marc C. Daniele, I am ashamed to even have you say you were an Army Vet, I always though we in the Army had people with more intelligence then you. As for your rant about Palestine you need to get it correct. Before The Jewish homeland was RE CREATED, there was no country called Palestine, you cannot find it on any map. IN fact the Libraries of Iran-Saudi Arabia-Quate-Iraq-Jordan-Turkey and Syria ALL show the kingdom of David and Jeudea sitting right on what you call Palestine. Heck even the Phoenician and the Babylonian Kingdoms have records in dealing with the Kingdom of the Jews located right where Israel sits now. So tell me exactly how you learned this racist BS you are spouting when it conflicts with history and historical records and archives of over 24 countries. Are you seriously thinking that we are going to accept your racist BS and ignore these other 22 countries?

    As for you being an Army Vet, the more I read of the crap you are spewing, the more I know for a fact you are no such thing as a Vet, let alone an Army Vet. We in the Army dont tolerate racists like you. All you say is that you are a Vet, yet a Vet would be more then happy to tell what unit and division he was in…something that you have yet to say. Heck I bet you have never even been in combat, yet you sound real tough attacking other people behind the safety of your keyboard in your momma basement.

    A REAL Army Vet 101st Airborne 22nd Combat/ 160th SOAR

    Served During Granada-Beruit-Bombing of the Ship Cole and the start of Desert Thunder

  59. I will not give mine up, I will not hide them. What good will it do to hide your guns? You may be successful at first but now you have to watch what you say and who you trust. The police will come for you one by one and it will be even more difficult to organize a resistance. I will be defiant and if enough of us are openly defiant we may make the government relent through civil disobedience. But if the politicians really want to take this to the next level (i.e. civil war),then we had better make a stand together and not let them isolate us as individuals. When they come with their goon squads going house to house, we had better be ready to come to the aid of our neighbors and risk our lives. If we don’t back all this “tough talk”, then the Republic is dead. I’m willing to lose my life if necessary because I don’t like the vision that the leftist dirt-bags have for my life or anyone else’s life.

  60. II have signs on ALL my doors which read: “Due to the high cost of ammunition, there will be NO WARNING SHOTS given for trespassers” And EVERYONE will be considered a trespasser if not a member of my immediate family of one.

  61. Let me rephrase the last Comment I Made , ” When the Germans asked the Military if they would Surrender there Reply ” WAS NUTS “

  62. It’s smarter to ban video games with killing action in them. To keep next generation with open mind.

  63. last line should read…. ” I am an American Patriot and stand against the Republics detractors both
    Foreign and Domestics.”


    I took an oath: “To protect and defend from all enemies Foreign and Domestics ….” to the best of my knowledge my responsibility to that oath did not end with my Honorable Discharge from the Armed Services. I would argue that it actually became even more important.
    No, I will not give up my firearms.
    I will resist any Unlawful and Unconstitutional law which seeks to infringe upon ANY of my Rights or that seek to weaken the Constitution starting with the 2nd. As a Citizen Patriot of this Republic who has served, defended and enjoyed its freedoms, the responsibility of citizenship leaves me no choice of what my position must be. BUT, each day I have to look at my position to keep it in balance and strong. So I question my understanding, knowledge and motivation for it .
    Am I willing to be in the front line of what history tells us MIGHT , just one worst case scenario, evolve into the first step towards a modern armed Civil War in our Republic? This is a harder question to find an answer for as it presumes that as a nation we choose to ignore the real issues and find real, workable, lawful solutions to them. That is a scary thought indeed. It alludes to the probability that neither side in this issue will back down and that we have become so polarized that we no longer see anything but our own position at all. That we allowed the disinformation, posturing, Media, greed, and near fanatical positioning of the opposing points of view to overtake our common sense where smoke and mirrors become the reality . Then, maybe, at some point some cop, somewhere, tries to take a firearm from a law abiding citizen, because some politician said that it was now the law. Somebody or several some bodies end up dead, or severely wounded, situation escalates, more posturing, more cops, maybe National Guard, in the streets , and before you know it its 1968 on steroids with the difference being, there’s no way to step back from it, your committed to the path now and only your capitulation or the over throw of the existing government can now be the outcome. Then what? Where does it go from there? Its just ONE of the worst case scenarios among many but is one that has played out in history before. Not a pretty picture. Read a little of the Civil War history, a number of frightening parallels may be found between today and then.
    Be honest with yourself,
    –ARE YOU educated and knowledge enough to make this decision, choose a side, and stand by your position and chosen value regardless of the cost to you and those around you?
    — ARE YOU willing to accept the possible consequences of this Republics inevitable change by your stand and the stand of other regardless of what the final outcome might be?
    — ARE YOU willing to give your life, if necessary, to or for this potential end result?
    If you answered “YES” to any of these questions take a moment to consider your response, find and leave yourself a door open to common sense, communication and workable compromise, don’t lose site of the path to the middle ground. Choose your position and stand but keep your open mind.
    IF you’re NOT thinking of where this may lead both you and our Republic, then YOU need to take the time to educate yourself. Our Nation is divided, there is no middle road at this time, and only a very few are looking at real solutions to the real problems. Time is running out for both sides in this charged national issue. We must all stand in the end. Each must take responsibility for their position and actions.
    I believe that when a culture and society begin to give up their Rights and Privileges as Citizens to gain the illusion of “security”, as those who cannot in reality provide this continue to preach they can, then they give up their freedom and the Republic no longer serves the people.

    I, Peter S., have made my choice, I question that decision every day to allow it to breathe and remain fresh, I accept the responsibility and consequences of my decision, actions and the stand that choice represents. I will seek solutions to our problems that serve ALL the common good but will not compromise our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Tenants of the Founding Fathers of this Republic for less than real solutions. I am an American Patriot and stand Republic both Foreign and Domestics.


  65. I think it won’t be a secret if I will tell that they want to implant FF ID chip to everyone. Now they’re looking for any reason to take our tools of kipping freedom. If you will let them do that having a firearms what’s gonna be then, when you will not have them? Just slavery like in CCCP. No more great nation under the sky. Actually they don’t need our guns that’s enough to control ammo’s. Our firearms become just nice looking pieces of metal.

  66. Thank God I live in Texas – I will NOT be registering nor surrending ANY firearms for any reason.

  67. Weapons? What weapons? I don’t have no stinkin’ weapons! My weapons have all been stolen.

    What is going on now is exactly why our founding father saw it necessary to have the second ammendment.

  68. Last week I took my 4 and 8 year old grandchildren to a burger place after school. While there, I noticed a young man starring any my 4 year old granddaughter and his thoughts were obvious. I then realized that I could not stop him from grabbing her and running out since I am handicapped.
    Citizens in communist countries are not allowed to possess any weapons and now our government does not want parents and grandparents to protect our children from criminals. Same result, different motivation. I wonder if any Politian can explain why parents and grandparents should not be allowed to protect our children in public or while defending our homestead.

  69. Nope. I must have sold them to a guy I met at the deli, or was it at the supermarket. He was from Wyoming, no he was from Boise, Idaho, no wait…

  70. I think it won’t be a secret if I will tell that they want to implant FF ID chip to everyone. Now they’re looking for any reason to take our tools of kipping freedom. If you will let them do that having a firearms what’s gonna be then, when you will not have them? Just slavery like in CCCP. No more great nation under the sky. Actually they don’t need our guns that’s enough to control ammos. Our firearms become just nice looking piece of metal.)

  71. No I will not willingly hand over any weapons in my possession. Including the electric carving knife without trying to use it on those trying to collect it.
    As far as my guns are concerned, as soon as I no longer have any ammunition for it, those trying to take it may have it thrown at them to slow them down while I am reaching for one that still has ammo. As soon as all the ammo has been “turned over” downrange, they will still have to get past that electric carving knife while I swing the long guns as a club.
    It’s a big country. And they may not get around to me really soon. But, I believe we will see this scene played out in real life many times before the current administration is out of office.

  72. No,
    I will NOT give up anything I own. I have purchased all of my equipment legally. IF… there is any new legislation, Current “equipment” should be grandfathered in.

    All of this only goes to show how inept our current government is! Since we (cannot/will not) do anything to the people who illegally own, use, and sell “equipment”; then lets just go after people who obey the law!!! Since they are good law abiding citizens, They will just hand over their “equipment” with no fuss. Then it will look like we are doing something. Even though, in reality we are just making more sheep for the slaughter….

    OH Yes….. Of course all of the bad guys who have these now illegal pieces of “equipment” will just hand it over peacefully…. They don’t want to break the law now do they?

    I will protect my home, land, family, property, and country; by any means I have! I will not surrender my legally obtained and used “equipment” to anyone! This includes the people who think they can protect me better….. By making me more of an easy target for predators, by making me more dependant on their so-called protection.

  73. To Norman Chodrick
    Just have to reply to your rant about the Jew’s. You obviously ignore the fact the 6 million were executed by the Nazi’s. Hundred’s more from the “dear” Palestinians. You rant of a Palestinian homeland. Every time the State of Israel gives back some land to them, the fields that were rich with crops, and the homes given to the Arabs, to to disrepair, and the land with no agricultural production. The Palestinian’s you love so much were trying to kidnap us when we were on a secret project in Jordan in early 03 in support of the what was to be Iraq War. Try moving from hotel to hotel every 3 weeks, changing your driving routes to base area every few days, driving every day so crazy that the Palestinians, unless they were better drivers than us, couldn’t trap us.
    I also served in the Army in Vietnam, was at Khe Sahn the night the siege began when the NVA hit the ammo dump, and shrapnel destroyed 2 of the 4 helicopters we had there. I , our pilots, other mechanics, with the M-60’s from the helicopters were in trenches all day expecting a ground attack. Then went thru rocket attacks every day the week we were there flying missions for our brave Marines.
    As you saying of being an American. My mother and all my relatives were and are Salish Indian tribal members.
    You mention monitoring web sites. I do very few cause in retirement I am in the shop 6 to 9 hours a day 7 days a week restoring muscle cars to sell. The only sites I look at for half hour a day are pro gun, Alex Jones, and Glen Beck.
    Adios Amigo.

  74. NO i have no intent on giving up my guns Back during the Korean conflict they taught me how and when to use them well and they have been with me for years ready to protect my family and they will continue to do so by me until I die In my opinion this so called leader is following the same pattern Hitler did before he killed all these defenseless people when he took their weapons if I have to go down it will be while defending my constitunatial rites

  75. it’ll be a blood bath if they plan to visit my location with the intent to disarm me. good luck. I hope they’re better at this game than I am.

  76. Having had time to read a majority of comments…one more response as follows:

    First, yes I will die on my porch if necessary. Rather not, and certainly prefer taking a few of ‘them’ first, but I am over 60 and don’t expect to live forever.

    Second, comments have been made about how much we like our comforts and how that will win out in a confrontation…for some, yes that will be true. Others however will not yield. Hopefully there are enough to make a difference when needed.

    Third, the notion that we would have risen up already is faulty. It has been the practice of astute politicians to move legislation in bits and pieces too small for the public masses to recognize while assaulting the constitution. Periodically reality cooperates and provides an accelerant (like Sandy Hook)and politicians attempt to capitalize while sympathy is high.

    Fourth, it is clearly ALL about money. The single most important thing we all can do (and live to tell about it) is vote with your wallet. Stop visiting, buying from, or doing business or manufacturing in gun control cities/states.

    Fifth, as some have suggested…get to know your 2nd amendment friends. If this turns into a ‘gun and run’you’ll want people you can trust.

  77. I don’t care what law they pass I will never give up my guns!!! I just hope I don’t have to shoot an innocent police officer and destroy a good family just because he or she was just doing their job. My suggestion to police officers on an assignment to take law abiding citizen’s guns, DON’T!!!!!!! You’ve been warned.

  78. If Americans were prepping to turn over their firearms, they would not be buying them up by the millions. Contrary to liberal opinion, Americans are not “gun nuts”, they are freedom nuts and, nothing guarantees liberty like a loaded gun and an operator well trained in its use. We will all know, soon enough, whether our own government is so intent on taking away our rights that they will attempt to do it by force. If so, they should expect to be met with fierce resistance. MOLON LABE

  79. Our Second Amendment Protections

    Our Founding Fathers, soon found themselves in a dilemma while living in and throughout the European Continent, Our Forefathers, they all came to one conclusion, to leave Europe because of Tyrannical Regimes and Oppressive Governments and begin a New Life with New Beginnings in the New World, The American Continent…!

    As they came together from all over Europe to the New World, they gathered in such places like Boston, New Amsterdam { Todays New York City } and Philadelphia, while in Philadelphia with the First Continental Congress they began a “Quest” of drafting new form of government and a new Constitution to provide all Patriots a Free Rule of Government from British Oppression.

    Our Founding Fathers in the First Continental Congress delegated its most Educated and Influential Statesman the Honor of Drafting its citizens a “Declaration of Independence” to declare us Free Men, Our Founding Fathers Drafted us A “Constitution” with governing “Articles” of Government procedures and Our Founding Fathers Drafted the most revered Document of all time, “Our Bill of Rights” which contains the one Amendment that protects us all, “Our Second Amendment”, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, to which has nothing to do with ‘Hunting’ or ‘Target Shooting’…!

    Fast forward to 2013, Our Government has passed one “Unjust Act” that has “Stripped Americans” of their rights and that Unjust Bill signed into law, is “The Patriot Act”, which is not Patriotic at all…! This Patriot Act has destroyed our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights. This Act has given Homeland Security and the National Security Agency full and total control over the American People…!

    The NSA has been and now recording all communications such as our Phone Conversations, E-Mails and other means of Communications and storing them without a warrant signed by any Judicial Governing Body without Fourth Amendment requirements or as Due Process of Law Granted by the Fourteenth Amendment requirements…!

    Nowhere does it say in the United States Constitution that the President can issue any kind of executive order. This action would make him King or Emperor. All executive orders should considered Unconstitutional and therefore deemed “Null and Void”…! Only Congress has the power to Pass Legislation into Laws, Sign Treaties and Declare War.

    “We The People” of America must never give up our guns nor our Second Amendment Rights…!

    “No” to Registration that which leads to Confiscation….! Pro American–Pro Second Amendment…!

  80. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

    He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
    He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
    He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
    He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
    He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
    He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
    He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
    He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
    He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
    He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
    He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
    For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
    For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
    For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
    For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
    For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
    For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
    For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
    He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
    He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
    He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
    He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

    In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

    We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

    These words are the Words By “Which We Are Free” and the “Second Amendment” Is why Thomas Jefferson was able to Draft and Write this “Declaration Of Independence” for all American Citizens… “We The People”….!

    “NO” to Registration that which leads to Confiscation……..Pro Second Amendment………!

  81. December 29th 2012 marked the 122nd Anniversary of “Massacre and Cold Blooded Murder of 297 Native Americans” of the Sioux Nation that were camped in their winter hunting grounds at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of the Sioux Nation…! These 297 Members of the Sioux Nation were winter camping at the Knee, the Sioux were Murdered by United States Federal Agents of the U.S. State Department of the Interior and Members of the 7th Cavalry, who were ordered to “Confiscate Their Firearms” in the name of “For their own Safety and for There own Protection”…! This Slaughter of Native Americans began shortly after the majority of the Sioux turned in their firearms,”Peacefully”…! When the final shot was sent, of the 297 { Two /Thirds } Native Americans lay dead or dying, were Woman, Women with Child and Children…!

    On the Cavalry side, 40 of the members of the 7th Cavalry were cut down, over half of these members were killed by friendly-fire by their Hotchkiss Revolving 37mm Cannons by their “Overzealous” comrades-in-arms…! In all, Twenty Members of the 7th Cavalry were Deemed “National Heroes” and were given the “Medal of Honor” for their “Acts of Cowardice” and Cold Blooded Murder…!

    We as a Nation of History and of Freedoms do not hear of the “Tragedies” of Wounded Knee…! This tragic event is not in any of the History Books nor is taught in our Classrooms or in our Schools….! What little does exist about the Wounded Knee Massacre is usually “Sanitized Government Official Explanation” or the historically and factual misleading depictions of events leading up to the massacre on the movie screen…!

    Wounded Knee Creek Massacre is the First Federally Backed Gun Control Confiscation Attempts in United States History…! This Massacre ended in the Senseless Deaths of 297 Native Americans Murdered at a peaceful winter camp on Sioux ground at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota…!

    Now Sir, before we jump on the “Emotional Charged Bandwagon” of Gun Control, Let us Both, You and I Sir, reflect on what the “Real Purpose” of the 2nd Amendment is about- “The Right of the people to take up arms in the Defense of One’s Self, Defense of Families and the Defense of One’s Properties in the face of Invading Armies and or Oppressive Government…! The Argument that the 2nd Amendment just applies to Hunting and Target Shooting is not only down right asinine, but inept and worthless…! When our Constitution was Drafted, “Hunting” was an everyday chore to place meat on the table by the men and women of the household and that “Target Shooting” was an unheard of concept due to lead musket balls being a commodity and hard to come by out in the Wild Wilderness of America and the Lead Maxi Balls were not a wasted expense on Target Shooting…! Our 2nd Amendment was written by those who Fled Tyrannical and Oppressive Governmental Regimes in Europe – and refers to “the right of the American Citizens to be armed for defensive purposes should a Tyrannical Government arise in the United States of America…!

    Yet as time goes on in America today, the average “American Citizen” in the United States continues to Lose Personal Rights, Freedoms and “Liberties” { Obamacare Stripped us of “Freedom of Choice” 1st Amendment }…! It is far to many times that Unjust Legislation turns into Unjust Bills Signed into Unjust laws under the disguised of “for your Safety and for your Protection”…! The Patriot Act is one of those examples signed into Law by President G.W. Bush and then expanded by Mr. Obama to Stripped Americans of their Rights in the name of “for your Safety and for your Protection”…! Now that Senator Feinstien has put our 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear on the table, and most likely, be stripped and taken away “for our Safety and for our Protection…!

    Now before anyone American Citizen blindly accepts any new Gun Control Laws that will be “RUSHED” and “PUSHED” throughout America should stop and think for a Moment- “Evil exists”, Evil is here to stay, it always has and always will..! Evil always co-exists with Good…! Throughout History Evil people have committed evil acts against persons…! People like Hitler who tried to exterminate a race of Jewish People and Saddam Hussein who tried to take over a country for its Oil Producing Capabilities for Profit, Evil Men and Government are out there in this world of ours…!

    And another Evil thought exist all around us, and yet looking back at our historical record of the past 200 years across this globe of ours we see where Evil and Malevolence is most often found..? It is found in the hands with the most power on earth- “Governments”…! The greatest human “Tragedies and Suffering” on record and the Largest loss of human life can be attributed to “Governments”…! Who do Governments Target- Governments target “Scapegoats and Enemies” within their own borders… but only after they have been Disarmed and Confused to a point that they are not a Viable Threat to anyone in that Government…! Ask any Native American and they will tell you, it was inferior technology and the lack of firearms that contributed to their demise…! Ask any Armenian why it was so easy for the Turks to exterminate millions of them- and they will answer “They Were Disarmed Before it Happen”…! Ask any Jew what Hitler’s first step was prior to the Mass Murders of the “HOLOCAUST” was- ‘Hitler Confiscated all Firearms from the People”…!

    Wounded Knee Creek Massacre is the prime example of why the 2nd Amendment Exist today and why “we the people” should not be in such of a hurry to “SURRENDER” Our Right to Bear Arms, without the 2nd Amendment we have “NO” Right to Defend Ourselves, Our Families, Our Properties and or Our Country from Invading Armies or Oppressive Government…?

    This is the Letter I wrote to our Senators and House Members to help “Protect” our Right to Keep and Bear Arms ’cause without this right we are Not Americans Nor a Free people with “Liberties” and our Founding Fathers Did Draft our United States Constitution with the 2nd Amendment in mind for Us to keep Tyranny Away from American Soil, Our American Blood has been spilled several times over Protecting the United States Declaration of Independence in wars since 1776 and wars after 2013…! I will not give up “MY INDEPENDENCE” nor “MY RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS…? I will protest Senators Feinstien’s Gun Grabbing legislation at all times, at all cost, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” and I hope you all feel the Same… if not, MOVE somewhere else…?

  82. If it comes down to it, and they pass a confiscation law, just don’t cooperate.

    Don’t reply to any document they mail you! Don’t even open it, just mark it return to sender.

    Don’t answer the door if they knock! Refuse to answer any questions! If they insist, stand by your Second and Fifth Amendment rights.

    Make them prove you owned them in the first place.

    Then tell them you sold them. Show phony bills of sale made out to fictional people with common names living far away from your address. Make them work hard to prove they are fake!

    If all gun owners use these tactics, we’ll bury them in procedure and they’ll never get it done!

  83. Yes, right after the authorities prove to me that all criminals and mental cases have all been ”permanently” disarmed and all politicians etc.. have had all of their ‘armed body-guards- dis-armed….Equal rights you know..
    If they can have armed protection so can I/we Americans.
    Long live the 2nd Amendment…..

    P.S. It seems to me that the right to bear arms for the defense of our country specifies that the citizens will report for Militia duty with the arms being used by the then Military and that seems to me to apply now and if so then the present Military is using assault rifles and the like then that is what the 2nd Amendment demands of me… What say you ?????

  84. I find the whole concept of this article is mute and unneeded. All of the previous gun owners that I knew had seen the light of the day months and maybe years ago and sold all of their weapons when the market started going up. Of course all of these weapons were sold to private individuals and no requirement was needed by law to take the names of the person buying the weapons so no information was required.

    I do know some shady persons that did bury weapons and even went so far as to make hidden rooms in their homes to safe guard their weapons. But since people knew about the attempt the weapons caches caught fire and burned up and some were even lost to sink holes that opened up and swallowed their buried weapons caches.

    As for myself, I died in 2008 and it is my ghost that is posting the comment. And for public knowledge, I took what weapons I had with me to the grave.

  85. I doubt that anyone posting here needs to be especially fearful that they would be placed on any special list or be treated any worse than any other gun owners will be. I believe that any gun owners are already on a list (the registered list) and all will be treated equally badly.
    If you have not turned in all of the firearms they have you listed as having, or, if they believe you may have others, there will be no warrants, no knocks. The first indication that they are coming for you will be a loud crash at your door, followed perhaps by a concussion grenade, then the loud tramping sound of numbers of boots. You will be jumped in the John, eating dinner, watching TV or sleeping. You will be thrown in a van and taken to a detention center especially built to hold ‘your types’. There you will likely be tortured for any info on where you hid or to whom you sold or gave the other weapons that they ‘think’ you might have–it could merely be a mistake on their part but that won’t help you as they would not admit to a mistake because they really don’t care. At this center, after they have finished torturing you, you will likely be released into the main compound to starve with the rest of the general population of the center. Why would they feed you? You are of no particular use to them. They will only be interested in starving you into divulging more info on others or the take the mark of the Beast for food. Remember that Satan does not want your body to die as he is not especially interested in the death of bodies unless it helps him accomplish more deaths of souls by scaring others into taking the ‘mark’. If you take the ‘mark’, you will then go to the lake of fire with Satan, which is the closest that a soul can be said to come to dying-and real death would be a blessing.
    No man in this world whether good or bad has ever maintained himself free in his life or possessions without the means to defend them. The Constitution does not guarantee ANY of our rights, it is only a laundry list of those rights that all men should have that were only established by the use of firearms and somewhat maintained by those Americans who held, and still somewhat hold, them in place through common agreement of understanding. Firearms are KEY-but only if the vague threat of their potential use becomes a real use! We can only rather pointlessly, and eventually to no effect, claim the right to any of the rights of the Constitution if we don’t actively back them up with force. We are in any case going to need effective weapons to use later when Satan’s agents start coming for us. And, if you are caught in your home, it is too late, you have already been neutralized or eliminated. Minutemen were not stupid enough to try to make any kind of stand in their homes-why would you think that that is any kind of workable option? Waiting until the last possible moment hoping to save yourself? A Christian’s only options here are to die doing our best to thin out some of Satan’s agents to help our neighbors or slowly starve to death anyway-if you appreciate what not being able to buy or sell will mean to anyone you have or know. Most all of us in the Christian western world know what the mark of the Beast is and what it means but may not appreciate that gun confiscation and the mark of the Beast is essentially the same thing-only that one somewhat follows the other and depends for its success on how successful the first is.
    Like the apparently very real fellow, Lt. Spears, from Company of Brothers who held that he did not so much worry about it because he figured he was dead already, we actually ARE already dead, most of us just don’t know it–yet.
    And I wouldn’t at all count it a bad thing to be counted among those God loving patriots who died serving God and this country-for those who can so be counted. For myself, I would feel honored enough just to be considered a pimple on the ass of any one of them.
    These are the very REAL end times that we are in. Act accordingly.

  86. I dont think so……………..

    This country needs get its head out of its ass and back into the light, as said so many times guns DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, its the people that should not have them in the first place.

    Not that I would not use mine to protect my family and my rights………….

  87. Sure I will give them my guns, one bullet at a time if they have the balls to try and take em.

  88. All of you pansies that are planning to bury your weapons in cache’s are cowards. When the wolf comes to the flock to attack, the sheepdogs bare their fangs and fight of the predators. Organize now, get logistics together, establish comm’s with like minded sheepdogs, before the confiscation comes. “Molon Labe”, “Dont Tread on Me”, and “Cold Dead Hands” are empty statements without action. Show of Force, March on Washington, Rally the sheep and lets start a stampede!!!

  89. To Marc Danielle

    My name is Miller, derived from the family name Muehler, and changed to the English Miller at ellis Island when my Great, Great Grandfather legally immigerated to the United States. Although I am not Jewish, I greatly respect the Jewish people, their religion and their culture.

    You are the typical communist/socialist who tries to discredit the messenger by attacking him instead of the messenger. I seriously doubt you ever served in the U.S. Army, so don’t try to cast aspersions on those of us who have. I served in combat as an infantryman for three tours.

    I have a B.A in History, so have looked at many sources.

    I know by what you stated and the matter in which you stated it, that you are either socialist, communist, or muslim terrorist. Which is it? At least be honest with the people who read these comments.

  90. I believe that I would say no, but I am unsure what is going to happen when we have to fight our children who have not been given an American identity. We have taken any sense of pride in our nation away from them and they do not understand these things. When the national anthem is played next time glance around and you will see that most of the young people do not even pay attention to the flag. It is very frightening to see this because it is exactly the way Hitler got into power in Germany, he gave the people a sense of identity and the followed him into the abyss. I am a veteran and I have seen the evil that festers around the globe and it is not to far fetched in my mind at this point to see it happening here. Our government is all self serving and corrupt beyond repair except for in an extreme life changing event. I fear that if I used the term here I would be sought out by the American gestopo and labeled a terrorist. If you think that this is the far fetched writing of a nut case then you are the one they will find first. Get prepared now, for it is only a matter of “When” not “If” it happens. Scary huh….. Good luck America!!

  91. As a United States citizen I will also to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Giving up my guns is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!
    Anyone coming to take my weapons WILL be considered domestic enemies.

  92. If the Federals had tried to confiscate our Southern firearms 148 years ago their so called “Civil War”
    would STILL be going on.

  93. No, I will not give up any of my weapons I have for defense against any that would do harm to me and my family. It is my constitutional right to keep and bears arms. Don’t tell me what arms I may or may not keep. This is as stupid as declaring all V8 automobiles are now illegal, there is now a maximum cylinder count of six cylinders, V8 engines are now banned because they use to much gas. Then once they do this they will take it farther, then you can only own this one type of car because the government has determined that this is the best car for everyone, you no longer have a choice of what kind of car to drive, everyone must comply by April 15th or face stiff penalties……………and on and on, little by little, and one day we will wonder, what happened to my freedom?

  94. The line has been drawn and unlike most of the population, I actually take action when I say something. Confiscation will occur in my house, when the sniper takes me out, or the stacked raid comes in to get me. But make no mistake, there will be many dead troopers or Feds before that happens.

    I carry myself as an example citizen and always have, but will not succumb to a restriction of freedom that THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS HAVE DIED THAT GAVE US THESE RIGHTS! We cannot let their efforts go to waste- it would be wrong on every level.

    If they want to bring the fight- let them. In the end they would have reached they hadn’t. Total War.

  95. This is why voting is so important. Shame on all you out there that were too lazy to vote. And to answer the question- Yes I will turn them over-FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS.

  96. My 2nd Amendent rights existed before I was born and before the United States were even in existence. The Founders simply put in writing the rights we already had given to us by our Creator, not government. Government cannot grant these rights, therefore, they cannot take them away nor are they allow to infringe on them. And I WILL NOT relinquish my rights. World history has shown EVERY time good people do, it leads to mass slaughter.

    I’m a peaceful man that simply wants to live my life and be left alone. I WILL NOT stand for anyone threatening me or my family when I’ve done absolutly nothing wrong.

    Because a tyrant or thug wears a badge or a suit, makes no difference to me. You present the same threat as the bandana wearing thug in the alley who can’t find the right pants size.

  97. No, I absolutely will not comply. I no longer feel represented by the corrupt government and so now I will simply establish my own guide lines to live by as I see them under my constitutional rights. I consider the current government to be acting illegally and therefore do not regard their requirements as my own.

  98. My plan is to hide my weapons, lie my butt off to the authorities, maybe give up one I’m willing to part with so they can check me off their list and then move on …

  99. We have turned into a nation primarily populated by sheep. Society seems to have abdicated it’s civic responsibilities such as voting and reminding those politicians like Barbara Feinstein that they work for us. I’d ask Americans if you are really willing to trade your freedoms for an illusion of security offered by the federal government. Is your life fulfilled by a big-screen TV, the movies and crumbs from the government? We are being governed by a well moneyed group of modern day aristocrats. Our rights to privacy have already been infringed. The 2nd Amendment isn’t there so I can hunt deer. Taking my gun won’t make our urban areas safer. What we are seeing now in the executive and legislative branches of government is the same path that England took to remove guns from their private citizens. Rugged individualism and self rule is the very foundation of our country. True Yanks don’t bow down to foreign power or the airstocracy! STAND UP AND MAKE YOURSELF HEARD!

  100. This my line in the sand! I am not a gun enthusiast, I do not own any assault rifles, etc. I will die to defend my right to keep all of my guns. I have tolerated this socialist leftist movement to date, but I will die before I hand over my guns. An unarmed society is a society of subjects, not cirtizens with rights.

  101. Those that are thinking about giving up your guns, thinking this act will make you safe, are sadly mistaken. Remember Wounded Knee? They gave up their guns and were then killed… men, women and children. These Socialists won’t make the mistake of leaving enemies behind. But, they would first like you to peacfully give up your guns to make it safer for them to kill you and your wife and your children. They don’t want gun owners to survive in their Brave New World. The best you could hope for would be spending some time on a “savage” reservation, after giving up your guns, until they have the time and resources to kill you. Better to make these traitors pay for their confiscation and subsequent killing…

  102. Yea YEA Yea, cold dead hands, not my guns, never happen etc, alligator mouths, hummingbirds ass!!! Until all of you big heroic couch potatoes and jocks get off your FAT asses and start voting these asine people out of office nothing is going to happen but on you part it is easier to whine and snivel about life being unfair while those in washington continues their policy, business as usual while the whiners and snivlers (YOU) do nothing to correct the problem,unless your really prepared to do something (vote them out) shut the f#$% up

  103. No, I am not going to register any of my firearms for confiscation nor voluntary turn them in to any Unconstitutional Gun Control Policies, United States Backed U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, signed or unsigned, oppressive government and its legislation or policy nor its police forces nor any oppressive government buy back programs, federal or state programs– no matter what unconstitutional law is written against the “Bill of Rights”or “Second Amendment”……! If there is a “Red Dawn”, I am Prepared, USAF Security Forces, Retired Patriot and Colonial Partisan Militia….!

  104. Will they refund me every dollar I’ve spent on my firearms, competitions, lessons and so on? I didn’t think so. Is the second amendment still on the constitution? Yes it is.

  105. Sorry folks but I’ve been around long enough to know a lost cause when I see it. This has been coming at us since 1934 (NFA). If Americans were going to collectively stand against the ever growing tide of 2nd amendment infringement, it would have happened when Illinois and California effectively enacted their own strict controls. Confiscations have been going on for years and no armed group has opposed it. Look at what happened after Katrina. Door-to-door confiscation, without a warrant, without probable cause. Most folks don’t even know it happened. The NRA took the issue to court; won and few people got some of their guns back but there was no national expression of outrage and certainly no armed camp of rebels marching on New Orleans. They’ll eventually come. It will be years before it reaches the point it has in England or Australia, but they will come for your weapons. When they do, it won’t be you handing them over. It will be your children or your children’s children. To most of them, it will be just a few old closet queen weapons they don’t know how to use anyway. In the meantime, all the talk is just internet rhetoric. If we were going to stand up to the government in strength, it would have already happened. It didn’t and it’s not going to.

  106. It would be in their best interest to not even ask for mine! Just pass on by peacefully and keep the peace.

  107. Bottom line, these comments need to be posted to those tv shows and news who claim that 56% of Americans want gun control. I think it’s only 4% who want gun control. And 99% of them have no real idea about guns. “…a hunter doesn’t use more than 5 rounds…” If so, why do they buy ammo at bulk? Why so many hunters have thousands of rounds stored away? I skeet shoot and I normally buy ammo 1,000 rounds at a time. After a day of shooting with the family, we normally blow through 800 rounds, about 700 clay birds and countless paper and steel targets. People forget, some of us shoot for fun.

  108. Ever seen the pictures of Hitler’s killing of the Jews and the Polish during WWII? They gave up their guns and look where they ended up. Stand and Fight.

  109. Are you people serious??? So many people will turn them in, you will be shocked! I want you to think of dying on your front porch, as your wife and kids look on! No more retirement, that toy in the garage goin to the cop, and you’re gonna comply! And I’m not a hater, just not deluded as to the chickens@#t nature of gun owners. 80 Million owners, 4 million NRA members!

  110. Lots of folks have been invoking the “over my cold dead body” or the now-lame “molon labe” cr*p. Most of us enjoy our freedom, a roof over our heads, air conditioning, plenty of food and water, the ‘net, cell phones, texting, etc. No one here realizes just how awful it will be when “they” come to your home, rather, the IRS audits you and while in that audit they serve warrants on your car and home and ALL your financial assets. Once the IRS “audit” meeting is over, you exit the building only to find EVERYTHING you knew about your life, including the concept of “fair play” and “justice” will go right out your little window. You have no idea how much “they” could care less about you and your Constitutional rights… look at New York, look at Colorado, and those two states are only the beginning. If you think the Senate telling Diane Feinstein that her gun bill has no chance of passing, listen to that little statement the Obama made “asking” the Senate to go ahead and vote on her bill anwyways. If you think the Obama White House is sitting around kneading their hands ina angst that Feinstein’s bill is DOA, you are so so very wrong. Political arms are being twisted, every single dirty little “laundry” is being threatened to be hung out for all to see and once your 2nd Amendment right goes out the window with your 4th Amendment right, only then will we see how many of us “molon labe” or “from my cold dead hands”. The only way WE are going to beat this is if we all make a stand and that includes sacrificing our lives to make a point and if enough of us take a bullet, literally, only then will some of the rest of America will perk up and listen to what’s really goin’ round.

  111. Does anyone really disagree with this? Criminals and the serious mentally ill should be disqualified from owning a firearm!

    “California Senate approved a $24-million expenditure on Thursday to speed the confiscation of guns from people who have been disqualified from owning firearms because of criminal convictions or serious mental illness.… [T]here is a backlog of 19,000 people who have improper possession of more than 40,000 guns, including 1,600 assault weapons, and the number is increasing faster than their firearms can be confiscated.”

    1. I would be highly suspect of this. California’s laws are so strict that there is no way there are 1,600 assault weapons in the state never mind illegally owned assault weapons. In California, an expired drivers license will disqualify you from buying a weapon. I would not question convicted criminals not being able to own a gun, the mentally ill can be a much tougher issue. Of course there are the severely mentally ill, but there are also others that are very temporary. I knew someone who was stricken with a brain tumor. Gave her a bad case of depression. While she was suffering, sure no guns. However, after treatment, she was perfectly normal. However, California would just look at the original hospitalization for a mental condition and strip you of your rights for life – so yes, there is just cause to question their motives. ~ Dave Dolbee

  112. Growing up as an Army brat, and having an entire family of lifetime NRA members makes my response to this travesty they are proposing very simple. I will not today, tomorrow, or any other day that I am able to draw a breath, hand over anything I legally purchased and have a Constitutional right to own. Well…let me re-phrase. If you come for my guns, I will gladly give them to you…BULLETS FIRST!! Then you can take them after the coroner bags and tags my lifeless body along with however many of you I can take with me. PERIOD!!!!

  113. No simply no. Too many educated idiots with not a clue as to what this will start. History is a good teacher if you pay attention.

  114. I am miffed with the whole thing! I think it is BS and the President and liberal members of Congress are unjustly trying to turn law abiding citizens into criminals! I have legally purchased every last bit of my collection. If I wasn’t grandfathered, I would probably get rid of them before they took them. Where I live, us country folks will likely put up a fight. I close with this:
    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    – George Washington

  115. I think Gen. Patton said ” Don’t die for your country let the other b*****d die for his you be the one to help him out.”

  116. As long as I breathe I will defend America from the evil of tyrants and traitors, this is why the Second amendment was created, to allow all free people to bear that object most essential to maintain liberty and freedom from abuse, a personal weapon to fight enslavement. I will never surrender my gun.

  117. I work in a retail, wholesale, distribution environment not associated with anything concerning the shooting sports. I have had so many discussions on this subject with supplier representatives, customers, and just people I run into that there is no way to guess at the number. To a man and woman, including off-duty police officers and military, they have all had the same response which is my own. Under no circumstances will they give up their weapons, right to defend themselves or the oath they took to defend the constitution of the U.S. againest all threats foreign and domestic period. If the misguided politicians and do-gooders push this to the limit it will be the biggest disaster this side of hell for our country, our people, and really for the world, since most of the world looks up to and wants to be like us. These people need to think about what they are going to loose by pushing their agenda down the throats of the American people, because it will blow-up in their faces and they will lose everything, including the very country they wish to control. They need to quit listening to the networks, pundits, advisors, etc.. They need to talk to people on the street by the hundreds of thousands to millions. If they do they will find that their constituants are overwhelmingly againest this and will fight it to the death!

  118. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    No, I will not hand over my weapons to a tyrannical government.

  119. I appologize I have already sold all my firearms. I needed the money. Whats that you say? Why no I did not get the persons name, partly because I am not legally bound to. All I know is that he had a concealed weapons permit and he did not look sketchy in any way.


  121. GUN CONTROL! The ability to control trigger squeeze when some dumbass home invader is only part way through the door, and unleashing total trigger commitment when he is fully targeted!

  122. I’m an Army widow and have 2 sons who served this country for over 20 years; we formed a group locally who will fight rather than comply with any gun confiscation. I advise people to form a group or join one and be ready as O’bama and his socialist/facist/communist friends aren’t finished yet…BE PREPARED !!!

  123. Semper Fi to ALL my Brothers and Sisters of the Military. A Special thanks to all my Disabled Veteran Brothers and Sisters, and with great humility, I salute my Brothers and Sisters who paid the Supreme Sacrifice! We fought for our Government to protect and perpetuate our Constitution, now we must fight to protect our Constitution from the Government! What happened here?

  124. With all the laws being passed and the threat of many more I for one will not give up my guns. But will use them for my protection. And I will refuse to obey any unlawful orders to do so.

  125. as one man said,when they come for our guns, were coming for you,starting at white house on down, get ride of these nuts, and start over again!

  126. The 2nd Amendment says nothing about Hunting or the Sport mans use of firearms.
    It was put in place to keep the state or country FREE when the Ballot Box don’t
    work and the state or country is taken over by Tyrants. How dare they force us
    from the Ballot Box into the Trenches to Defend the Constitution of the United States.

    I took an Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution when I joined the Army in 1969.
    That Oath does NOT EXPIRE just because I left the Army in 1977. This Country is in DEEP
    TROUBLE. Homeland Security purchases almost 2 BILLION rds of Hollow Point ammo.

    W A K E U P P E O P L E

  127. I like the practical advise i’ve read in the replies here to the clutch moment (when they are knocking on the door asking about your p shooters). Don’t let them in. Don’t answer questions and call the sheriff to let him know what’s going on.

    But we gotta step way back for the moment and see how we’ve gotten here and to stop this from happening to any more citizens. We have to oppose them at the next election and we have to stop defending our own turf as they spread. If you look at the main gun banners, especially ones that put their name on the worst bills (Feinsteinn – federal/ Paymar, Davnie and Hausman (Minnesota by way of example). They represent inner city districts that the Dems have had for quite a while.

    My friends, it has come time to politically back check and hard. If you believe as I do that the liberal approach to even city problems is unsustainable and that the notions of accepting liberty and giving individual responsibility to improve your own lot in life is best in the long run for the urban dweller, then you DO have a product to sell.

    I plan to involve my self in helping to spread the work in the State House Districts in Minneapolis (Where most cosponsors of Minnesota HF241 live) starting with the 2014 elections. If we give up on the Cities we will continue to lose more and more elections as the numbers worsen for us. I encourage you all to do the same so that we don’t have to deal with it at the front door. They won’t be ready for the fight because most of them haven’t been seriously challenged for decades.

    CTD: this was a great idea. Do more discussion forums.

  128. YEP Give them everything I GOT! Make sure all the Anti-second amendment politicians swing by to pick them up!

  129. I will Comply 100%. To be clear, I will not violate the Constitution of The United States in any way by failing to abide by its Amendments…;)

  130. NEVER, will i give up my guns . and i wil not hide the fact that i am an american with GOD given rights that are guarranteed by the constitution of the usa.when the time come when they will start confisnscation i will wear my guns openly.

  131. 33 years ago I escaped the Soviet Union and came to the USA where I felt free for the first time in my life. I absolutely fell in love with this country. In late 80s I watched the fall of the Soviet Union in amazement. If any one whould have ever told me that the USSR would fall apart I would have never believed them! Yet it did happen. Now I’m watching the demise of the United States in total disbelief… After 4 years of Obama I thought for sure that most Americans would see the light and would vote him out of the office. When Obama was reelected I was shocked and in a daze for about a month… How can so manyt people be so blind and not see his agenda?!?! He told us in 2008 that his goal is to “fundamentally change this country”. Even if some one didn’t realise what that meant then, after 4 years of this president in the office they should have realised what was going on, no???
    I find it funny how they are calling these people “Progressives”. Why not just call them what they are – a new generation of Socialists and Communists who are bent on changing this country. So ironic to escape the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to come to the land of freedom just to watch “the land of freedom” turn into the United Socialist States of America. Problem is that not too many Americans have a historic perspective on things. They get their news and info from the main stream media and basically are largely ignorrant of what is happening right before their eyes. We are becoming a nation of surfs and can’t do crap about it because we are being outvoted by a bunch of low information clueless ignoramuses. And now with the immigration reform we won’t stand a chance to ever get a non-progressive in the White House. I’m really broken-hearted over this, people. And taking our guns away is just another step “FORWARD” toward their goal. Funny, I grew up with this Communist slogan hanging on every building in the USSR… and now to see it used by Obama is just adding insult to injury. So sad…

  132. if they come for my guns I told my family to leave the house and I will deal with it my way NO ONE ARE GOING TO TAKE MY GUNS.

  133. Turn over my Guns? Not a chance to anti 2nd Amendment traitors with ideas of eventual socialism? My state of Arizona has a BUY BACK program, and instead of destroying the firearm, they refurbish or clean as necessary and resell the guns back to the public, thereby helping state budget problems without raising taxes. Good idea.

    I still won’t turn my guns in.

    Sincerely, Barry

  134. There have been some comments on this thread questioning whether we are really serious about dying rather than allowing our guns to be confiscated. Let me tell you… we are totally serious! It will come to revolution before we will submit to a tyrannical government takeover. If people like Feinstein, Schumer, Obama, Bloomberg, etc, don’t believe that, they are in for a rude awakening!

  135. Let us hope that this will pass and we will all still be able to have confidence in our elected officials. However if this does not happen then I suggest that we organize as an Army to defend the Constitution and our families and neighbors as the law will not be able. Prohibition was suppose to end sin, alcoholism, crime and all kinds of ill to our society at the time. However it lead to the most lawless and dangerous periods in our history. Now the socialist mutants that the brainless socialist morons elected has law abiding citizens on the defensive in regards to being labeled extremists. If it were to come to it and I was in the position to save one of these know-nothing’s from an assault, I might have to keep my bullet- launcher in its holster since I may have to defend myself for doing the right thing and then have to regret that I saved someone who more than likely would still condem me for haveing the weapon in the first place. Now as to if I would comply with a law to register my guns or turn them in then I would say NOT A CHANCE!!!! I mean what’s next, turn in your gas cans for your lawn mowers so we can’t start fires. Certainly that is what these idiots would say we are all potential arsonist. Be very aware of of the drones that the Mainstream Leftist Media and the career polititions have created. If you fold on this issue then shame on you!

  136. Dr Ben Carson the eminent brain surgeon who speaks out against Obama’s policys recently said that the human brain is able to look at the past, acknowledge the present and plan and prepare for the future whereas an animal’s brain can only react to current situations. Seems like our gun control politicians are more animal than human in their thought processes when it come to the second amendment as all the do is react to situations and they are not able to rationalize their thoughts. I know that Biden is an Ass maybe the rest of them are also asses.

  137. I believe this will start a much needed civil war. Those with guns against those without? Most people have never read our constitution it is pretty clearly written that when our government fails to do what is best for the people and to uphold their rights we as a people then the people will remove the failed government and make a new one. We need a countrywide militia to uphold what we believe is right and true. I’ve spoken with many active and retired military and law enforcement they all have said they will never follow any order from our dictator Obama. When it comes to taking our rights away because they are citizens too and want to keep their guns just like the rest of us.

  138. GUN CONTROL: the ability to hit what you are aiming at! The only type of gun control that should be enforced!

  139. In my post way above I mentioned our soldiers murderred by governments started by “Community Organizer” like The Communists and Communist Obama. But I forgot to mention the men and women from our recent fiasco’s. Osama Obama knew where Ben Laden was until he wanted something to brag about for votes and is PRESENTLY raising money for an Illegal 3rd term-probably ANOTHER blast at the seperation of powers guaranteed by the contitution. At a speech I attended Friday a woman veteran spoke to a room full of Vietnam Veterans and said at least they didn’t get crapped on when they came home and were greeted with Non Feces throwing parades like the 9th did in ’69. Well unless you have put up with years of chickenshit military crap you couldn’t understand why so many people preferred the combat zones than show posts and we ABSOLUTELY HATED HAVING TO STAND IN SOME LIFERS PARADE, i’M GLAD i DIDN’T HAVE TO MARCH IN ONE ,MORE IDIOTIC PARADE FOR OFFICER APPRECIATION DAYS.
    And the vet from Iraq and Afghanistan has a good heart for thinking we were treated so bad, but WE think THEY weren’t maybe treated bad coming home, BUT THEY WERE SHIT ON OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN,while in service. The Gov says ONLY 5,000 dead, but never mention the over 30,000 severely wounded while our commanding Generals lined their pockets in the black market setting themselves up for high paying lobbyist jobs for the worms in Washington. They want our guns so when Sen. Pauls R3volution finaly sets a country full of trained warriors off on the traitors in the NSA-which by the way for thoose who can’t remember-is the “Civilian Force” that will be stronger tham the military that Osama Obama wants. In all these posts I’m the one of two people I see with his picture unauthorizedly used and posted-I SAID I DID NOT WANT TO BE LINKED TO FACEBOOK, here we have all re signed the Declaration of Independance-except for a few fools who call us gun nuts. NO NEWS PROGRAMS MENTION the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people saved by law abiding gun owners. I wish Joe Biden would knock on my front door-over half the country is too young to remember when he was outed for having cheated his way through college and turning in other peoples older term papers to keep from studying and in the 70’s was the severe butt of jokes as he is now by Saturday Night Live. I wish he’s knock on my front door. I WOULD follow his instructions. HE is worried about a home invasion and tells his wife how to protect herself with a shotgun? I would have to guess he meant anyone in the secret service that’s NOT a Black Muslim. The lazy damn southern a-holes should have picked their own cotton. There ARE places where Black and white have respect for each other. And Obama’s birth certificate has been proven False by Sherrif Jow Arpaio’s team of Arizona Rangers visiting Hawaii. Our Pres is so obviously completely lacking in American History or tradition, Just a well trained a raised for it Communist Mole and son of a Indonesian Rat and a low life UGLY white bag of RED crap. He is ruining our dollars value beyond repair and purposely losing the international currency war. KITCO shows how our dollar is so much stronger than other countries dollars-But theirs are already worthless. Thank God Red China needs us as customers and won’t back up North Korea this time. If Communism is so good hollywood a-holes, how come their re-education programs are always based on murderring their own citizens by the MILLIONs. 40,000,000 in Mao’s China, 5,000,000 in Cambodia, 20 to 40 thousand just last year in GUN CONTROLLED Mexico-and why the hell can the leader of a corrupt country like Mexico get to address congress and I can’t? God only knows how many million in Siberia, and Penns buddy Chavez’s pals murderring just 5,000 in just one coffee growing town in Colombia. Dennis Rodman, Sean Penn, and Jane Fonda should be executed as traitors.

  140. I’ll give up my firearms when congress requires themselves to obey the same laws they pass for everybody else. Until the they can go to hell!

  141. The Second Amendment was added to protect citizens from a tyrannical government attempting to take away their rights. Therefore, refusing to surrender your firearms is every U.S. citizen’s right. The only way legal way to confiscate guns is to first repeal the Second Amendment. Otherwise, those of us who swore to protect the Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign, must honor their oath.

    My next novel will deal with this subject.

  142. In words of one syllable: I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY GUNS… and that is a direct quote… from me. I will NOT comply with this un-constitutional ‘law’ in any way, shape, or form.

  143. I will use my Sniper training and enjoy my firefight with the law officers and hope to entertain most of the nation while they see the event unfold in their TV sets.
    I’ll feel sorry for the misled officers that would attempt to confiscate my weapons, Taking their lives would not be my goal but keeping my freedoms have higher value that their duties.

  144. Well,I think it’s time for all Law Enforcement Agenties start to think for themselfs.
    If you think you have the right to force youselfs on Us,just because you have that badge.Think twice.Just remember,you bleed red just like US.That goes for the Military.
    This GOVERNMENT is going to push the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to far.
    And when that day comes,everyone of those gun grabbing Politicians will be fair game.
    And they won’t have enough Security to protect them.The only way to stop that from happening is remove OBAMA from office.
    No impeachment.He must be charged with TREASON.And everyone else that is backing him up.Our 2nd AMENDMENT gives US the right to BEAR ARMS.No matter what type of gun we want and own.PATRICK HENRY said it best,”Give Me Liberty Of Give Me Death.”We all must stand up together.No matter what happens.I’m ready to die for my RIGHTS.Are the Politicians ready to die for their RIGHTS.

  145. The world changes and evolving beings change with it. When the Constitution was passed, a mass shooting required victims to wait thirty seconds while you reloaded. Things are different now – shouldn’t laws be different? A democratic society relies on all citizens complying with rules approved by the majority. When individuals threaten violence to inflict their will on others, though, that’s a different form of society, a form that wouldn’t allow comments like many of those posted here.
    Make up your mind, folks – do you want an America where rules are made by the people with the biggest arsenal, or do you want a democracy where a majority decides the rules and everybody who loves our country accepts that decision?

  146. So CTD, a gun friendly company who makes up its own laws about gun restrictions and forces those infringements onto US people wants to comment on the gov doing the same thing to us.

    I ask CTD this, when will you stop making up anti-gun laws and when will you stop refusing to ship legal guns and gun parts to States who have no laws against those guns or gun parts?

    Don’t ask us if we would give up our guns when you already help them to do it.

  147. It is sooooo simple, It’s stupid. What don’t these idiots understand about “IF THEY OUTLAW GUNS…ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS”……Duh !!!

  148. I’m glad CTD is giving the opportunity to give comments on gun control. The question: Would I give up my gun, if requested? Probably, yes. Let’s face reality. If there were a bunch of police cars in front of my house for the purpose of collecting a gun, what chance of staying alive would I have by resisting and shooting back at them? Yeah, think of the local law enforcement as a bunch of legalized thugs just doing their job… and they would take on each gun offender one by one. And if I didn’t register my gun, there’s a good chance that one of my neighbors would blow me in saying that I have a banned weapon. Yeah, I would rather live for another day, rather than, to have a shoot-out with local authorities over a stupid gun. (Hopefully, I would be financially compensated for giving the gun up.)

    On the other hand, let’s say 100 million chinese soldiers are dropped on US soil in the near future and there’s a bunch of them marching down your street with AK-47’s, swords and a tank. What do you think about that? The chinese soldiers are shooting and cutting off heads of your neighbors and moving on towards your house. The tank is blowing up houses as it moves down the street. I will be thinking of all the assholes who were supposed to represent me in government. I will be thinking of all the pussies out there that were shooting their mouths off for gun control. I will be thinking of the 2nd Ammendment; that citizens have the right to defend their country.

    There is a simple solution to the problem of gun control. To all gun owners out there – you need to be registered to vote. You need to know your representatives at local, state and federal levels. You need to know how they are voting on gun issues. You need to vote against those that favor gun control. When election day comes, you need to get off your ass and VOTE while you still have the right and privilege. Talk to other gun owners and gun dealers. Be informed, organized and vote.

  149. Sorry, I can not turn in my firearms because sadly, and if you had checked your own police departments reports BEFORE!! coming here. You would have seen we had a burglary here last week and they were all stolen. It saddens me very very much to have to tell you, they are all gone.

  150. I shall not comply. What I shall do (in each case) will depend entirely upon the situation with which I am presented. There will be no entry without warrant. It will be my presumption that warrantless entry is a home invasion (as we all know how easy it is to buy fake ID and uniform materials) and will be responded to accordingly, whether I am armed with firearms or other weapons.

    Interestingly enough, considering the precedents set for denying the defense of “I was only obeying orders” and the our own military establishing a policy regarding the ‘obeying of unlawful orders’ (Nuremburg, the Hague, Guantanamo,etc.) I think we stand a good chance of repeatedly winning in court if Federal or state officers invade your home…

  151. feinstein can kiss my ass and shove it aint nobody taking my guns unless they want a fight her obama all the other anti gun people can ram it you take any more of our rights away you gonna see a civil war and revolution the likes of never before seen in this century were americans not socialists any vet or active duty person will say the same .I love my freedom and the price for freedom is and wasnt cheap and if our freedom needs renforcing all i have to say is sadddle up ,lock and load !!!sis pacus parabellem ralph ramsey

  152. Will I willingly surrender my firearms?? Remember, “They said “they didn’t need firearms”, Then they said “Board the trains”. I saw a movie once where only the military and police had firearms, it was called Schlinder’s List!!

  153. FROM OUR COLD DEAD HANDS! This my wife and I have discussed and have concluded. To live free we must refuse to bow to tyranny. Thus, if fight we must… fight we will.

  154. Reagan said “Vote with your Feet”, and we did. We left California for all of it’s anti freedom, immoral and business hurting policies… and as Davey Crockett said “To hell with you all, I am going to Texas”. and we did.

    We have never been happier. The illegal aliens, liberals, marijuana addicted Potheads, Hollywood weirdos, and Labor party looney Union members who are tools and cannot think for themselves, can all have their new Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and literally go to hell.

  155. I will not register nor turnover my weapons to those that think are more knowledgeable than me regarding what I may need for self defense. Those that think that the 100 percent background check is anything but an attempt to creat a national database to find out who and where guns are located are fooling themselves.

  156. Lord make me fast and accurate.
    Let my aim be true and my hand faster
    than those who would seek to destroy me.

    Grant me victory over my foes
    and those who wish to do harm to me and mine.

    Let not my last thought be
    “If only I had my gun!”

    And Lord, if this day is truly
    the day that you call me home,


    Now you can have it- – – – my cold dead hands!

    Note: From an unknown shooter.

  157. All the letters or emails in the world will not change Feinstein, Biden, Pelosi, Bloomberg or Obama’s minds on gun control. They seem to think they are elected to amend the Constitution to suite their personal feelings regardless of the fact they are truly elected to protect the constitution as written. It is difficult to say what a person will truly do if the authorities come to take our guns, in Hitler’s day, the masses gave just them up as they did their lives. We all leave this earth, this is a certain fact, sometimes we can control when and how. I believe weapon ownership is our only defense in the long run from government take over or foreign aggression to the local level. The police or government cannot protect us, 9/11 is a good example so as for me, they will probably take my guns and possibly my life.Only time will tell.

  158. When the Obamaites face the music and turn over Commrade Eric Holder for his so-called “sting” operation that resulted in at least one Border Patrol Officers death; then I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt. But I highly DOUBT IT!!

  159. I took an oath in 1966 to defend my country against all enemys , foreign and domestic. I will stand by that oath untill I die . Enough said

  160. It’s taken 50 years of ignoring pot laws to bring the country around to legalisation so I hope guns won’t take as long. In the mean time I will obey any law (wink, wink) they cobble together.

  161. US Army retired, I have drawn a line in to sand to> Will not Can not COMPLY. Sold out of guns and ammo. By the way do you have search warrant.

  162. For anyone who actually knows history, any sort of gov’t controls that are implemented only create a new form of criminal. Prohibition failed greatly and only made the politicians rich. The war on drugs has been completely unsuccessful and has done nothing but make people rich. I think the gov’t are way over their heads and need to focus on real issues, a massive debt and the fact that the country is handing out taxpayer dollars to worthless foreign countries.

  163. I have read all of these hard core comments, and would like nothing more than to believe that those whose comment implied that a firefight would take place rather than to surrender one’s firearms would actually happen. Like many of you, I own just about every make and model of legal firearms provided in the market place. I haven’t added up the total $$$ value of my collection, but it’s well over 20K. Now, what would I do if faced with an armed squad of LEOs sent to confiscate my firearms, and facing a prison sentence if I resisted….well, I’m just not sure that I would be foolishly brave as most comments imply. I certainly would not initiate a firefight, and no doubt take my final breath, nor would I lie to a federal agent and spend time in prison….I am 70 years old, and do not wish to die in a lockup. So, let’s see how brave most of you are when faced with the consequences of the actions described in your comments.

  164. Dan, your Rottweiler is just a possible early warning. When they, whoever “they” might be, the first shot fired will be them killing your dog.

  165. let the civil wars begin……………..thats exactly what will happen if adolf obama tries taking our guns……………………hes nothing but a neo nazi puke.

  166. The guy, Marc Daniel, who said hitler only took guns from Jews is wrong. Hitler’s 1933 gun control law disarmed all German citizens. To carry it further, the 1964 gun control law introduced by Ted Kennedy, was simply a translation of Hitler’s gun control law. Kennedy had a copy of the law, because his father, who was ambassador to England in the 1930’s was also a personal friend of Adolf Hitler and visited him in Berlin frequently. Ask yourself why this guy uses for references only socialist and communist, possibly faszist sources and authors.

  167. I am a law abiding citizen and own several guns, which every one oth them are legal. I will never give up my guns. It is my right to own any gun I want. I have never pulled, pointed or fired my gun at a another person, but will do so in defense.. I truly believe that the current commander in chief is way out of control and he needs to remember who he works for. US. Not just the people that think guns are the problem. My gun has never got up on it’s own and killed anything. The guns aren’t the problem and if people can’t see that, then they are more stupid than a rock. I am all for background checks. There are certain people that should never own or have access to a gun. Lets work on that problem. Not the millions of gun owners than abide by the law. Lets start enforcing the current laws we have now. It’s not that hard to figure out. If any of my representatives vote for a gun ban, I for one will be sure to vote their ass out of office.

  168. Seriouly, if armed police show up at my door, I will hand it over. Nothing I own is worth shooting a LEO over. Nothing I own is worth making my wife a widow. Nothing I own is worth orphaning my children. I will not murder, nor will I force my government to murder me. Peaceful change is still the best option.

  169. Shouldn’t we be calling the cops on these politicians? After all, aren’t they breaking the law by taking away people’s guaranteed constitutional rights? That is a crime, isn’t it?

  170. Nobody wants to see anybody get hurt over this. We have seen what happens when people gives up their guns in past history. I can tell you this with a few Rottweiler’s in my yard it would be hard to come on in my yard to try and take my guns without giving me plenty on notice. Protect your family and that means keep your guns.

  171. I will never surrender my firearms, none of them. Better to die on my feet like a man defending the Constitution and Freedom, than live like a slave groveling at the feet of petty dictators and New World Order / United Nations puppets!!!!!

  172. I’ve been a law abiding citizen all my life. And I’ve worked all my life to have what I have. No hand outs taken no support by the government. Then why should I give up what’s my right to have, just because of a few dump asses in DC. No department of the government gave me any money to get my guns, plus I paid my sales tax too. The only way I would do this is their weight in pure gold. Because that what I believe their worth.

  173. The simple answer is NO!!
    The larger question is who will come to the door to ask. We need to begin to ask the question a a local level about who the local police departments work for. The people in their community that pay their salaries, or Obama and the FEDS?
    This already has become more of a serious question. Take immigration laws for example, local authorities want to enforce the laws but the FED doesn’t. States are passing marijuana laws that differ from federals laws. Who does the enforcement?

  174. Not only will I NOT comply with registration or confiscation. I will give up my bullets pointy end first at 2,000 FPS. The Founders understood that Standing Armies were a threat to Liberty. The 2nd Amendment is pretty clear to anyone with a 6th grade reading comprehension, that it’s purpose, was to define the Militia/People as the preferred deterrent to Tyranny!!

  175. Send that Fat Ass to my neighborhood to pick up our weapon’s…Besides, ask this question of her…’Hay Senator…do you still carry that .38 WAKE UP PEOPLE…!

  176. Will not turn mine in. I think it is time to begin to formulate a plan. Individually we are weak as a group we may last awhile. We will mostly be out gunned.

  177. Wakeup Americans. The Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution are dead. It is just a matter of time until everything implodes. The proof and details are there for anyone to research. I took an oath to uphold the Bill of Rights and Constitution. An oath is all binding and stays with you for life. Only if you denounce your citizenship do any oaths you have taken become nullified. I will never denounce my citizenship nor will I ever give up one word of these documents. I risked my life defending these documents and America being in Viet Nam for two tours of duty. I am law abiding to these documents only. Any laws passed infringing on our Bill of Rights and Constitution I will not recognize as legal. I am armed, trained, tested in combat, and still willing to die for my true country. I know the government has been spying on us in every way possible for a long, long time and they know who, what and where we are. They are going to hit us one at a time so be prepared for that event. You will have a stark choice to make really fast. Give up your rights or fight for them. And for you government folks, come to my home and you will not be going back to yours. I am already dead and every day since Viet Nam has been a free day for me. God Bless the true America.

  178. The bullet That I Fire Just May Be The First Bullet Of The Next Civil WAR! Please Do Not Knock On My Door!

  179. Why are we always fighting to save our constitutional rights. Other countries build walls, fences, barricades etc. etc. to separate their differences. Do-gooders leave the USA and find your picture perfect imagination elsewhere. The rest can revert back to the wild wild west and settle things like they use to. We are going to have another civil war and the outcome is anybody’s guess.

  180. Wouldn’t even entertain the thought. What we have a model Govt … resembling Adolf Hitler ideas, !hit heads like Erik Holder selling Automatic weapons to the Illegal Mexicans and their drug Cartel. Why wasn’t this Birdbrain prosecuted ? Oblamma stands by and lies thru his teeth,robbing the working class. Then you have this Nutcase Fernstein ,and clown Omeilly wanting to infringe on our constitutional rights. Heck Md is even using tax dollars to educate illegal immigrants, no wonder this Country is in the Red. I personnaly think congress should stage a bus trip for all these psychotic political idiots across the Country. We definately would not have a problem finding enough Bus drivers. Anyway drive them all to Cape Canavaral Florida, put them all on space schuttles and send them on a one way trip to the Moon. Think of all the Govt waste that has just been “Eliminated” from this Country.

  181. There are those that make fun of the comment made by Charleston Heston, “When you pry it from my cold dead hand”, You have to look at this statement..
    You have to come to grips with yourself, come to a peace within yourself..
    Do I let them take my guns or become more than that everyday Joe and set my name in stone as an example to fellow patriots, A leader, A man among men, I shall rise up against tyranny or die trying, and hope that my death would not be in vain..
    Some men are born in to greatness,Some have greatness thrust apon them.
    Sometimes things have to be done and not always at the moment of our choosing.
    We are at a theshold that will decide if we stand and fight,if we are victoius,
    or we are inslaved,killed,buried and forgoten, We hold the key to write history, to stand next to the founders of this country and uphold one of the greatest ideals in the world, This is where you make a dicision “Liberty or Death” Because freedom is not free.

  182. All this will do,is make a group of law abiding citizens into criminals. As for my weapons, they can have them when they serve Popsicle s in Hell.

  183. I have had guns since I was 10 years old. My grandfather taught me how to shoot, I taught both of my kids, girl and boy. I am 63 years old, I have never committed a crime or felony with a gun. If this loony government thinks I am going to turn in the guns my grandfather or I bought legally they can kiss my American ass. I say f’em!! When all the professional home invaders, carjackers, robbers, rapists and crazies no longer have guns, there won’t be a problem. Our police departments don’t respond, the military is all tied up in a war we didn’t need to cowboy into in the first place and seem more interested in FEMA camps than its own citizens. And dont forget…we are broke. People can’t feed themselves and the population of homeless is growing at an astonishing rate. That should clue people that this government isn’t wrapped too tight. I plan to protect myself and my family. When they come to take this old lady s guns they will get them barrel first and hot to go. I plan to be taken out feet first before I would give them a spent shell.

  184. Do you really think I want to tell my grand kids that I willingly gave my country over to the liberals/progressives/Marxist? Do you really think I want my daughter to think I was a coward? Hell no!

    I may only have a shotgun that probably will not be on the list but I will stand with the other gun owners.

    We must not let this country go down the toilet…..


  186. My Dear departed wife always told me to try and have a positive vision before going to sleep and this night some 500+ at this site and over 7600 at 4 other sites ; I saw no duplicate nics have all made stayements about Hell no way will they surrender guns.
    I CAUGHT a few militia sites that fnA ae ready to peacefully protest and aid local police defy any confiscatory or excessive weapon or ammo laws.
    Now I do not know a soul on any site but let me say that when these old tired eyes vlose tonight I will envission a multitude of men where the hell are the women and a few women standing strong. As one body saying leave our Constitution alone or the sound once heard over 200 years ago will roar out once more.
    MY vision is as military historian and this is first bayyle of many to come but we must beat them back now and once we halt their advances then we slam the suckers with everything we can muster and not only shut them up but shut them out of a government they tried to destroy.
    NO HALF ADDED CEACE FIRES UPON THEM AD grant Told Lee you fuvken lost now go home.

  187. With or Without the agreement of Congress or any other politician, the Constitution and its Amendments will remain the true law. Not one of them has the right to decide or dictate what our rights are. It’s like saying that they have the right to tell you how many breaths you can take each day. They don’t have that right, they never did, and they never will. That was the point of the amendments being written down to begin with. It isn’t that our rights needed to be established, we are born with them. They were simply put there to remind EVERYONE that they exist, no matter what anyone does with their ink pens. Even attempting to take our guns should be defined as a criminal act, and due to the value of most of them it is also a felony and should be treated as sush.

  188. I’m a police officer in NY. I am an oath keeper, therefore I will NOT enforce what’s unconstitutional. Enjoy your guns ladies and gentlemen.

  189. what would our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfathers have done when the Red Coats came for their muskets?

  190. i simply will not let them in. they have no warrent. a warrent isnt needed and will not be issued. just remember, today guns, tommorrow your home, next, if you are under care of a mental health proffessional, YOU will be taken away. just more laws to create more victims.

  191. It was best said by Great American “FROM MY COLD DEAD HAND!”. I shall not go in to the night with out a fight.

  192. I served in the Marines 68 to 70. All of us Veterans took an Oath, But so did all of
    of the political big wigs. To me it seems they are not upholding their part of the
    oath that they sworn to uphold. I am I missing something here?

  193. No we won’t, I guess it is the day
    I die for the united States constitution.
    now our pro gun leadership needs
    to step up! Enough talking. I’m sure
    There is enough been done to impeach
    him. Why is it not happened. Are they
    all talk? & everyone is filling there
    pockets. & wen its over. Well they get
    To keep there gun .
    We are rich & all this land to us.
    My god, he has done more then Nixon
    really sit back & thank
    We the people won’t! But I want to
    See more out of our pro gun leadership
    98% of the population is saying
    No gun ban & no magazine. Who
    ever takes charge. If they really do.
    will be thought highly off !
    & why ant there lawyers suing the
    shit out of them. This is the united
    States constitution. They are 2%
    Should be nip in ass now! People we
    have been smart, buy doing what they
    did not thank we would. Holding. But
    Now we need shit done. Now all you pro gun
    Leaders & NRA! Take change. People you are
    Close to in military & government.
    Take this man out of power. Remember our leader’s
    Fail to protect the constitution
    & we’re stuck with this war on
    Honest American people & Christian s
    The rail road tracks. Hit them hard. Pull them.
    so they can’t load the camps up. I
    Love this country, they would spend this
    Much money on busting crime
    & drugs. Would be no problem,
    Control people! & it not same
    Country I grew up in. & he was not
    Born hear. Proven again! Pro gun
    Leaders better get him impeach! Our
    Your all a bunch of crooks. This is so
    Made up & anti American. I can’t
    believe it ! Get on it! Nip it in the
    ass. Only reason there has never been
    invasion of this country. The people
    are armed! There will always be
    Bad people! Guns ant bad. I’m a
    hunter. Love hunting with my AR
    Time to see some leadership. Cause
    there just going pick people off slowly.
    & its began to happen. & before he
    Starts another war & our troops.
    are 3000 miles away. Oath people
    president before is why so much shit
    is watching in sky
    Elite are running the show. So what ever
    good political pro constitution leaders
    we have. You & the NRA stand. The
    98% got your back. & let’s get our country back.
    You can do more then, what do we thank
    Old trick! On making the list. You
    get @ it. The people who love this
    country will be there. My lord only 2%
    Of the country want this nazi legislation
    Grow balls. We’re hear!

  194. Let me invite those who now find themselves in unfriendly gun country to visit Idaho and bring a gun (guns)and go shooting. We all need practice and Idaho has some great shooting ranges. We also have great hunting.

  195. YThat oughta get your dander up. Hooorajh for your commander in chief.OU Ya you vets better get more involved beyond just guns.
    PLANS; Cut 1/4-1/3 of all opreaent pensions until holders reach age 67 or what ever level of SS age is.
    Sounds only fair andoh yes reduction incolas to real levels same as SS and knocking downAll enlisted includingWo’s pensionsby 30% and medical same as under Obama care for those enlistees.

  196. I am an Honorably vietnam era veteran USMC,was a boy scout leader for 2 years, a union President for 3 years, never been arrested, have a pistol permit from NY state,Utah,Pennsylvania. I will not give up my guns, It is my God given right to defend my family with what ever I choose, and my 2nd ammendment right. Semper fi!

  197. Well …… they better start building a L O T more prisons if they hope to jail all the people that won’t turn them in.
    So, I suspect that …. assuming they do legally process people they refuse to turn them in ….. they will not actually imprison these people, but will instead confiscate their guns and fine the heck out of them.
    And fortunately, by doing that they will have a much larger, and vastly more motivated voting base than the measly 4 million NRA members, and it will be political suicide for the politicos that sign up to a ban/confiscation in their next election cycle.
    And ‘that’ would be a good thing for more than just gun ownership …….. so “bring it bitchstine”!! 😉

  198. I use to think that people who said, “ME! ME! ME!” were just greedy butt wipes! But with gun control, I have decide to join the ranks of, “MINE! MINE! MINE!”! The shortage of guns and ammo was caused by the Government’s stupidity! If they had played it low key, NONE of this would have happened! I saw on the news today, someone found a new way to kill at Schools, “THE HAND GRENADE!” It’s getting real bad out here, and I for one, am ready for it! Seems as though you can’t trust the COPS to come save you butt! They are way to busy at the “doughnut shop”!

  199. Military Veteran RVN, Roots go back to Massachusettes Colony early 1600’s.
    Standing Military and political corporate interest militarized US society so that even blockheads who have never freed a natiom think they are ones responsible for itfrgreedoms while being employed in largest militant socialist society on earth.
    Military mere corporate arm of New World Military Force for installation of the NWO economic and while they played soldier US
    finally lost the governing principles of its founding leaving the military blockheads thinking their knowledge of guns can save nation.
    THOSE who were the primary reason for destroying nation forgot everthing else in the Constitution in order to become Warriors, pride in skills of war but don.t know anything other than that the gore for glory while the cause for their origin a free nation got torn asunder.

    polical reality.
    2nd Amendment does not give me a FN thing, and neither have or has any fn military since 1945.

  200. Well… I guess we will have to see who comes knocking on my door and ask for them. I’ve already sold all my guns officer. I defend our home with a butter knife I keep in the kitchen. Yes officer I’ve been to war several times and I’ve never used a gun on the enemy. We had bayonets only. Please come on my property and try to come in my house and are what happens.

  201. HELL NO I WILL NOT BE TURNING OVER ANTHING. I paid for MY GUNs, ammo and MAGAZINES. So no I will not be turning over anything.

  202. You’d think there would be an injunction of some sort stopping the confiscation of weapons until after a higher court would have a chance to rule on the law.

    I live in Texas (Thank God!) and we’re not doing any of this foolishness. My question is for law officials: If I’m ready to die to protect my 2nd Amendment rights, are you ready to die to take my 2nd Amendment rights? People in the government can pass all kinds of laws, but you have to enforce them. I the end, it may end up being two people in a standoff. One person who wants the guns and the other person who is not willing to give them up. Are you, as a police officer sworn to uphold the constitution, willing to risk harm to yourself to take my rights?

    My next question is for many of the posters on this board: If you see a neighbor putting up a fight against the police/sheriff/other law enforcement that have come to get his weapons, will you help your neighbor fight or stand on the sidelines? When the police come, they will do it in force. One person will not be able to stand up against them. As many of you have said that you will not give up your gun, but are you willing to help someone else who is trying to fight for their own 2nd Amendment rights.

    My final question goes out to the individual law enforcement personnel: Will you enforce a law you do not believe in even if it means losing your job, pension, etc…? Many of the police officers here in Texas are gun guys like the rest of us and are very conflicted in what they are seeing in other states. Since our police our conflicted, I’m sure the CO and NY police are just as conflicted. The bottom line is each of us is going to have to make a choice: My pride and dignity or my job and pension?

    These are all questions we in the gun community will have to answer for ourselves.

  203. As a military and law enforcement retiree of 30 plus years and a current member of “Oathkeepers” No weapons will be handed over until I am 6 feet under!!!!!!!!!


    “I M P E A C H” OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  205. Let someone else have all your guns for only a week. Then watch the routine evening News and hear about the daily shootings & break-ins & crime happening in your area. Wouldn’t you feel helpless if someone knocked on your door late at night? Or what is that noise that your dog is barking at? It sure is dark out there without a street light! Could you sleep? Could you really let someone keep your guns for a whole week?

  206. If you live in Californaa. Buy a house in Nevada. Get a Safe. Get a Nevada Drivers License. Move all your guns. Now you won’t have to pay California State income tax and you can be a free American again !! What you save in California State Tax will pay for the Nevada House !! WIN WIN WIN !! Put Dianne in the pasture or dump the Bitch.

  207. It’s a good thing I gave all my guns away….now uh I can live in constant fear. I still have my little old slingshot tho. Look out bad guys I’m deadly with a guh..I mean slingshot. Libtards came go to blazes.

  208. Absolutely NOT. Our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment expressly to allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. Anyone offical who infringes on that right is in violation of the oarth taken to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That is expactly what I tolde CO Governor Hickenlooper…you violated your oath of office!

    My Wife and I have already determined that they will have to “take us” out before we surrender our Arms!

    The Second Amendment i what allows us to protect ourselves against this tyranny of foolish leadership.

    Thank you for this forum to say so!! Certainly none of the Democrats in CO Legislature or US Congress are listening!

  209. If I get What I paid for them, I will give back my SKS’s, Tactical Assault Weaponws, and all my 30 Round Mags.

    All my Rifles are used for hunting and target shooting and they all have 5 round clips. The pistols that I have are used for protection and target shooting.

    Oh! By the way, I don’t have any SKS’s, Tactical Assault Weapons and 30 round mags.

    Any thing else they want ( my Personal Firearms ) they will get 1 bullet at a time.

  210. Shouldn’t we be more concerned with North Korea and Iran’s Nukes!!!!
    My guns will only leave my possession when I am Dead!!!

  211. Everyone on here can say they won’t comply but when it really comes down to it thats another story. If they say it becomes a felony to keep illegal firearms and if you get caught with them later that you will go to prison, you will have to make your mind up if it is worth taking a chance getting caught and going to prison or turning them in. As much as I am against it, they have the upper hand and use my own tax dollars to prosecute me. The answer is to vote the anti gun politicians out and if you can’t, move to a state that respects the 2nd amendment. The NRA has a bumper sticker ” I’m in the NRA and I vote”. The members do vote and that is why so many politicians are afraid to vote against gun rights.

  212. I spent 3 full tours in Vietnam, 13 months each. I was resolved to give my rifle to the enemy only after I had used up all my ammo. Of course, I counted rounds as I expended them, and the last one was for me. They could have my rifle if they could pry it out of my dead hands. I feel the same way about the new gun control laws they are trying to foist upon us. After leaving the army, I went into law enforcement, am retired now, I will fight for my 2nd amendment rights. It said that this is a duplicate comment. I assure you this is my first comment on this site, or any site.

  213. I spent 3 full tours in Vietnam, 13 months each. I was resolved to give my rifle to the enemy only after I had used up all my ammo. Of course, I counted rounds as I expended them, and the last one was for me. They could have my rifle if they could pry it out of my dead hands. I feel the same way about the new gun control laws they are trying to foist upon us. After leaving the army, I went into law enforcement, am retired now, I will fight for my 2nd amendment rights.

  214. QUESTION: Why do New Yorkers pour used motor oil into their gardens?
    ANSWER: To keep their rifles from rusting.

  215. when all these fools retire and go home without these jackass laws being passed I will retire my firearms, otherwise no way jose not now not ever. from another verteran who served to preserve the constitution.
    Of course maybe I could trade them for criminal activity?

  216. Door to door confiscations wouldn’t last a week. There are more than enough people who would go out shooting.

    Attrition will always be their goal. Outlawing ownership isn’t about hunting down the defiers for the quick solution – it is about shutting down the secondary market so that the weapons on the market have less mobility.

    Your cached weapons will eventually rust, wear out, or be lost (by you or future generations).

    Not only that, but the second they get the public to take a backwards step in their gun technology, they have already stopped the next level of firearm/weapon development from ever seeing civilian hands.

    I don’t fear the active response. That kind of overreach will already turn most of the tanks and planes back to DC when they are ordered on me. I fear the continual slow errosion of access that leads to an antiquatedly armed people.

  217. Well fortunately I live in South Carolina where all people from 17 to 75 are considered part of the militia and not subject to these type laws because our reps respect our rights


  219. Wow Samuel, can anyone declare any louder, “Sucks being you, I got mine!!” Declaring your status of Viet Nam Vet and 40+ years Law Enforcement….What,suddenly your voice holds the expertise and weight that justifies Constitutional infringements? I think laws should be established by the people of a given society as to what is, and isn’t, acceptable within their society, not by the few elite that hold the power and not afraid to abuse it. Better yet, empowered by the few whom set back and chuckle because they are the very few that are given the ability to set above the fray and look down to everyone else and belittle their voices of perceived wrong.
    I Sir, gladly set opposite you and your pompous demeanor and ask why I am not given your all-powerful status. Only served 21 years as an US Army Airborne Ranger… nothing special in comparison to your “WOW factor” of a background!! Whatever dude…thanks for showing me the composition of my opposition. What did you do? Man the cargo nets on the landing strip? Your arrogance hints that you kicked a couple prisoners a time or two while handcuffed haven’t you?

  220. To touch base on another subject about all this B.S. when the gov:: said they need to stop the mail order’s too, everyone just went crazy. Can’nt even find primer’s anywhere. If i do find them they want $50 to $60 dollar’s per thou, that is B.S. And charging twice the M.S.R.P for firearms too, is just plain B.S. You know who you are. We all need to take a breath and chill out so we all can get what we need. We need to remember who these place’s are and stop doing business with them. We all need to stick together. And when the election’s come’s up next year vote all these moron’s OUT.And send a clear message, YOUR NEXT IF YOU THINK YOUR GOING TO F#$K WITH OUR RIGHT’S. ENOUGH SAID. God bless everybody who believe’s in our Constitution.

  221. A few wise and bold statements from history:
    “Liberty or Death”, “If you do not have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”, “Come and Take It”, “Molon Labe”, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the Sword. The other is by Debt”, “We will never surrender”

  222. I will not turn over any of my guns! I have been in the military and Law Enforcement. I know the ins and outs of carrying a firearm and how to use them lawfully. I now live in a rural area where it takes local Law Enforcement 4 hours to respond to a “Breaking and Entering” and when there is an “Assault and Battery” in progress the dispatchers FORGET to dispatch a deputy to the scene! I have always said, “I will protect my family, my friends and those who cannot protect themselves!” and I will continue to do just that, no matter which state I am in.

  223. I will not turn over any of my guns! I have been in the military and Law Enforcement. I know the ins and outs of carrying a firearm and how to use them lawfully. I now live in a rural area where it takes local Law Enforcement 4 hours to respond to a “Breaking and Entering” and when there is an “Assault and Battery” in progress the dispatchers FORGET to dispatch a deputy to the seen! I have always said, “I will protect my family, my friends and those who cannot protect themselves!” and I will continue to do just that, no matter which state I am in.

  224. 8:30 pm in texas and 700 replies already. I did not see anyone willing to turn in their guns. As soon as I catch wind of a confiscation anywhere in the country, I load every magazine I own. I followed the advice of at least 10 magazines per firearm, although I sold all my firearms for cash to someone but did not collect their names or phone numbers. Plus, the tactical flashlight with 860 lumens and a strobe should stop any additional questions.

  225. i know you are going to say im crazy and it will never happen but the only reason they want to take everyones guns is because they are going to take over the goverment and become a dictatorship . and do you know the goverment is buying all the ammo so if you have no ammo what good is your guns ? i saw were a goverment agent admited to buying 150 million rounds for homeland security . that is were all the ammo is going and that is more than enough ammo for 12 yrs for our troops in iroc and afganistan . so why do they need that much ammo . also factor in all the goverment underground bunkers and fema camps ( jails ) and the body bags with the nataral gas incinerators all bought by the goverment . so if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it ant no dog

  226. Re: comment 616 … and you know what? texting while moving could be stopped at the towers. If it didn’t work, people couldn’t do it and wouldn’t bother trying. Anything faster than 3 miles per hour and slower than 200 miles per hour (walking / airplane passenger) would simply be blocked. The phone would ring, beep or whatever, but be useless for actual voice, sms or data communications in the range between those two speeds.

    Get a ring? Cool, hardly anyone ever calls me. Be sure to check your voice mail as soon as it’s safe. Got a beep, bop or boop? Fine, either stop what you are doing or wait for the plane to finish its take-off and then launch those thumbs!

    Since the FCC controls the airwaves this would be a perfect project for the feds. It would cost next to nothing to implement and roughly zero to maintain. And blocking texting and web surfing while driving would actually save the lives of children … and a whole lot of other folk … even Democrats.

    Well, nothing’s perfect. But the “save a kid” part should be an easy sell.

    That would save more lives and be one hell of a lot more enforceable than gun confiscation. (Gun control means controlling the point of bullet impact.)

    I prophesy that gun confiscation is going to be a bloody business and any ‘victory’ Pyrrhic.

  227. Buy ammo in different calibers just to cause confusion for those looking for weapons. The really odd stuff, too: .300AAC, 22-250, .410 handgun, .25auto, etc. for weapons you don’t have. Okay, the guns are gone, can still make a “firearm” unconventially.

    I think someone should come at DiFi with a spoon… “I recommend that we out law spoons! They’re dangerous! But only certain types of spoons. Serving spoons are okay, and ladels are, too. Soup spoon is a no go. Please turn them in.” Haha! Are they going to take away knives too? What about “improvised weapons”?? Shovels, axes, chainsaws? I think more people get hurt from chainsaws than other dumb stuff.

    Favorite so far: “Lost them in a canoeing accident. Sorry.”

  228. I will not comply with any new requirement for background checks of existing gun owners or registration. Not under any conditions.

    And if anyone eventually comes to confiscate my weapons they’d better be prepared to either die or kill me… because those will be the only two options available.

    Captain James Green
    Retired Airline Pilot
    US Navy Veteran

  229. Darn, this just reminded me that I forgot to call the cops after every gun I owned was stolen recently. Have to get on that! I do hope to attend Colorado’s magazine exchange which will all make instant criminals of us all. Don’t mind going to jail as long as my magazine doesn’t get confiscated. I shouldn’t have to justify why I need one. I am an American and I want one–’nuff said.

  230. Before they took my grandparents and there family’s away in concentration camps the Nazi’s came for the guns first. My grandparents live, however after losing there entire family and enduring some of the worst crimes in history. Never again did they they ever put there firearms down. Never again.

    USMC Vet Joshua T.

  231. “Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols” … those were some brave-ass cops! As anyone who has ever worn one knows, there is no such thing as a “bulletproof” vest. At ‘inside the house’ ranges, everything is up for grabs. And there were only nine of them? WOW!

    At a lot of addresses in Detroit, that would have simply been considered a pistol delivery … even if there was backup outside and overhead.

  232. No, like I learned as a Marine, this is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine, without me my rifle is useless, without my rifle I am useless….so no I will be useless if I give up my you may try if you wish I will just grab my pack and head for the woods…..come find me if you wish….

  233. Dont worry about most of this boys , there only trying to get you to register the yard sale guns, they knew all along they were only after a little bite, but you cant blame them for testing us can you, they will go after another small bite after the next school shooting, after we all go back to sleep again. after all its worked for so long now!!!!!!!!!! “Our founders would be shooting by now”

  234. Our rights were given to us by God, therefore they cannot be taken away by the federal government. If everyone in China,Russia,and ever member of Al-queda gives up their 30 round magazines, Maybe I’ll consider turning mine in. Not likely though. Our lovely communist members of government like Diane Finstein, have forgotten something, the American people are the Militia. She works for the American people. It’s communists like her that think the American Military should be the only ones to carry guns. The last I checked that was called a dictatorship. I will not submit to a dictator foreign or domestic. The last bastion of American freedom lays within the gun owner. There is no way that the Millions of gun owners in this country could be taken over by a foreign or domestic enemy unless they re supid enough to give up their firearms. Every day in our reeducation camps that we call schools and colleges our children are being dummed down by left wing influence. My friends son was the only child in his class to say He would rather die than give up his rights. All the rest of the kids said they would give their 2nd ammendment right if they had to give up one. Not only does that tell me that our schools are not teaching their kids that they have a moral duty to stand up for all their rights but neither are parents. My fellow gun owners and patriotic American citizens we must stand up for our rights, for ourselves and most importantly to secure our childrens freedom!!!

  235. Unfortunately I lost all my guns in a freak boating accident but if I still had some there is no way I would register them. A national gun registry is illegal and unconstitutional. So again, Not a chance.

  236. I will not give up or register my guns. I’m a police officer up here in Oregon and never would arrest anyone even if law I would turn my head. Could use som armed folks here to help us with the gang bangers though.

  237. As I have recently come to realize, the essence of OPSEC is the science of keeping your mouth shut. Up until now I have been very naive and noisy, but this shit is getting serious and the time for talk is past.

    As neither my county Sheriff nor my US Senator have responded favorably to my inquiries regarding their understanding of the Second Amendment and their appreciation of the Constitution in general, I have decided to put every firearm I own except two .22 long rifles up for sale. I don’t have many so in today’s climate, I don’t expect they will last long.

  238. Like my father (who fought against Hitler) and my brother who served 20 yrs in the army, I took the following oath and stood for this nation. I believe now (as I did the day I spoke those words) that I will stand and fight any enemy whether foreign or domestic. it will be a horrible situation if congress or the Commander in Chief becomes an enemy of the constitution. UNITED WE STAND!

    I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

  239. I took an oath years ago. I do not believe it had an expiration date. To defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.


  241. Too old to run, not going to hide, just a question of how many new openings there will be in what ever department wants to visit.

  242. Ill bury the weapons that I have until the day comes that I would need them. I didnt purchase them just to have them taken away. Im not psychotic or a menace to society, but if something happens, im gunna be prepared. Our forefathers made the 2nd amendment for a reason. Im a strong believer that an armed society is a peaceful society. The right to protect ourselves in the event that shit hits the fan, Im prepared to do what it takes to protect that right. Are you?

  243. If the Secret service has guns to protect the president family will they give me full time secret service guys to protect me if so cool if not I am the divine interference for my family if I had a firearm I would not give it up until they post my guard and I only a low American they they feel is unimportant to this country to sum it up NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you Cant have it.

  244. so mr hide behind . big bunch of bull st outta your mouth. just another liberal or foreigner like jum carey or piers morgan. go sit down and shut your face. hitler killed more than 6 million i dont give a rats patout how many guns he gave to his minions or brown shirts to protect themselves form yes AMERICANS WHO WOULD NO LONGER WATCH THE SLAUGHTER OF JEWS AND FRENCH POLISH AND EVEN RUSSIAN. their are good and bad in every race and country not every american did the crap you espout and be glad that we did what we did it is why your mouth gets to run freely. because AMERICA IS ONLY THE LAND OF THE FREE AS LONG AS THEIR ARE THOSE WHO ARE BRAVE WHICH I CAN TELL YOU ARE NOT. i have fought for this nation i have lost friends and brothers and sisters who fought to keep this and other countries free. FREEDOM HAS NOT NOW NOR WILL IT EVER BE FREE JERK OFF IT IS PAID FOR WITH THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS OF THOSE OF US WHO ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO STAND UP. AND IF YOU CANT SUPPORT THE TROOPS PLEASE BY ALL MEANS STAND IN FRONT OF ONE OF US AND RUN YOUR MOUTH OR PACK A BAG AND GET THE HELL OUT.

  245. I will never ,and i do mean NEVER give up even a single part let alone a hole gun.if someone thinks that they can march in my house and take them they better bring there own army… and lots of body bags

  246. NO.

    I will fight them to my last bullet and my last breath if that’s what it takes. If they’re wanting some sheep to herd so badly let them take their asses to Iran or North Korea. That’s where DiFi and the Commie In Chief belong anyway.

  247. The American diplomatic mission at Benghazi, in Libya, was attacked on September 11, 2012 by a heavily armed group. The attack began during the night at a compound that is meant to protect the consulate building. A second assault in the early morning the next day targeted a nearby CIA annex in a different diplomatic compound. Four people were killed, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Ten others were injured.
    I will not forget….ever
    Our govt watched in real time as US citizens lost their lives.
    If they don’t care about our military brothers…why do you think they care about “common citizens” ?

    I have lost too many good friends in fights/wartime events.
    Now it seems that this place will be soon like the USSR.
    Something needs to be done….and soon

    Gov’t Mule

  248. I’ll give up my 2nd amendment rights as soon as the commie/socialists give up their 1st amendment rights. Go ahead, pry them out of my cold dead hands.

  249. Lots of patriotism Bull crap and it is mighty damn deep hot air smells with no substance.
    Odd the mention of Hitler and others confiscating weapons; Hitler handed out over 1 million home defense weapon’s andour GI’s invade a couple of poorly armed nations with no active military and poorly armed civilians and confiscate every weapon they can. They also begin killing any and all people who had never even seen an american let alone tried to harm one.
    Patriots that walked this land. You mean the ones that stole native americans land, Florida Hawaii. CALIFORNIA AND ALL THE TRIBALS LANDS IN ALASKA LOUISIANA PURCHASE and Oregon territorys plus killing and slaughtering Filipinos. And invading and slaughtering many a nation south of us that had never harmed an American?
    Ya lots of paid patriots that forgot that what what US stood for was not militarylove of killing and stealing primarily non whites lives while wkilling even women and children.
    NOW the patriotic butts you loved to kiss are treating you in way you treated hundreds of millions of less than humans you want someone to pick up a gun so you can feel patriotic.
    NO Thanks. WHAT I choose to do has not a damn thing to do with you or the bureaucratic low life of above arguing aboutneed to update to be FAIR.
    LET ME STATE, When guns recalled I don.t know who will be Fair Game.

  250. I am a Viet Nam Combat Veteran, a Retired Law Enforcement Officer and I have been carrying a consealed handgun leaglly for 40+ years.

    I do not support civilians ability to own or have access to “HIGH CAPACITY” military grade weapons. If you want to “PLAY SOLDIER”, join the military and go to the two way range. It should be DAMN DIFFICULT, for anyone to obtain or have control of any leathal weapons. They are to easy to get. Its more difficult to buy rattle can paint. Anyone who wants to own firearms should be required to qualify and pass a background check ANNUALLY.

  251. John c Lately says he would turn in his guns if he had any. He is clearly a LIBERAL wanting to post here. Well A-HOLE I hope your the first taken out by friendly fire. Go the f#$k back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and rejoin all the other a-holes who are there.

  252. I don`t know what I would say. I am however a bit of a prepper.I have ammo,weapons,and what I need safely stashed away. I will never give up these things,cause if the shit ever hit the fan,our government will only be looking out for themselves. We will be left on our own.I will not rely on anybody protecting me and my own.I have what I need,and I will not be parting with it anytime time soon.I do not care about the bleeding heart liberals,I can only hope that when the hungry mobs attack them,the government that they trusted to defend them doesn`t let them down. I will protect my own thank you.

  253. There is no one that can change are Bill of Right our country has fought for centuries . I like to know what in the hell our goverment is thinking . they try and do this , it will start war in this country they dont want , If they want to do anything lock up the carzy that do this country worng . The goverment needs to give money to the nut houses in this county to keep them lock up , and the problem will go away , the 2nd and the 3th amendment.

  254. My opinion is this, I will no longer tolerate the liberal agenda. I went to Tampa last year as a Delegate to the RNC for Ron Paul. I was there as the Republican wiped their ass with potentially 20 million Ron Paul voters. Yeah good move, they lost the election. There is little difference between the old school Republicans and the Democrats. They ALL want to be in the social elite looking down on the “unwashed masses” knowing that only they know what is good for us. McCain is a prime example. The pot is boiling in this country not just simmering. People are arming themselves and buying guns for their friends and neighbors who can’t afford them. If the uppity leaders in this country don’t wake up they may find themselves being drug out into the streets. There is a civil war brewing in this country and I fear that the outcome will end up being much worse that the way it is now. What would happen to this nation if it were to break-up into three or more smaller warring countries? Or even worse: Imagine if this country were to blow up into civil war and another Hitler were to come along and was able to convince the people that he was the one to solve the nations problems. WE MUST GET OFF OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES AND BECOME INVOLVED. Waiting for someone else to fix things won’t happen. YOU AND I need to fix it. If we don’t do something someone else will and his name is Communism or Satan. The liberals like it that you are now apathetic and stay at home doing nothing and thinking that it is all over. They planned it that way when the Fabian Society moved here from England 90 years ago. It is only too late if YOU do nothing. Support a true Conservative Candidate. Be on their campaign staff. Go door to door,make phone calls. Donating money isn’t enough as Mayor Bloomburg and George Soros can buy ALL the votes if it comes down to money. Get out there and work for our country. Run for office yourself…or hide behind your door clutching your gun until the day comes when they come kicking down your door and blow your head off with their legally sanctioned court orders just like they did in Russia 80 years ago or for that matter Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  255. First….I don’t have a single gun in my possession. Nothing to register or confiscate here.

    That said; I will die on my feet as a free man, rather than live on my knees as a slave.

    If they attempt this nonsense, I believe the body count, on both sides, will be shocking.

  256. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2012
    How to Hide Your Cache During a Gun Confiscation

    Pop quiz hot shot, you see the gun confiscation coming, what do you do? What do you do? Search online for hiding spots. Look, there’s a post about using an old soda vending machine, yeah, that’s brilliant, except, what if ATF put that online so they can easily find you cache of weaponry? Damn the government!

    Yeah, searching online for ideas on where to hide things brings up some pretty good results. You’ll find hidden drawers in drawers, hidden rooms behind book cases, even book cases right out of a 007 movie with hidden doors and drawers. These are all great ideas, except, the Gun Sniffing Canine. Yeah, he’s a rat bastard for taking that job. You can hide things in the ground, but ground penetrating radar. You can hide things in the wall, but wall penetrating radar. Dammit, what do you do? That’s what I’m about to tell you.

    Is there a gun confiscation on the horizon? gun confiscation, maybe, I don’t see it, but for your educational entertainment, or would that be edutainment? Here’s the plan, the government has all kinds of toys to find things, and those toys are pretty good, unless you confuse the toy or the operator.

    Gun sniffing dogs. You can’t run from a dog, you can’t hide from a dog, until you confuse the dog, or it’s handler. I’m sure you’re wondering how a dog knows what a gun smells like, and Imagonna tell you. It’s not the metal, or plastic that the gun is made out of, it’s what the gun shoots. Gun sniffing dogs were first trained to sniff out burnt gun powder. Every firearm is test fired at the manufacturer, so now it smells like burnt gun powder, eventually, that smell could be cleaned off, so now dogs are trained to sniff out the combination of things that are used on guns. Burnt gun powder, cleaners, solvents, oils, etc. as a whole.

    It’s the overall smell of firearms that dogs are trained to detect. Some dogs are good at it, some dogs are great at it, some dogs are just stupid and follow their handlers lead. The Fed Gov used to have a drug dog that had a affection for cheese. During searches, if you had a cheese sandwich in your automobile, the dog would alert and your automobile would be searched for drugs. Yeah, that’s nasty, dirty, rotten cheating right there. There was another dog that liked the smell of gasoline and would alert to the gas cap. Both dogs would alert to drugs as well, but cheesy and gassy (that’s not their real names) would also give false alerts. The handlers finally realized the error of the ways of the canines. I don’t know what happened to those dogs, hopefully they retired early and are someone’s pet.

    How do we confuse a dog or it’s handler? 1. We get a .22 riffle and a couple thousand rounds of ammo. 2. Clean the gun, shoot some rounds, collect the brass. 3. repeat number 2 until your ammo is used up. When you clean the rifle, you’re putting those gun smells on the gun. When you shoot the rifle, your putting that gun smell on the gun and the gun smell on the casings. Now your guns and casings have the same smell, somewhat. Now, go store that used brass in some Ziploc freezer bags. I’ll wait…Ok, now that you’re back, we’re moving on.

    Ground Penetrating Radar. To avoid having your buried stash being found by GPR, will be determined that several things. GPR can be effective up to about 45 feet, in dry, sandy soil and very dense rock. GPR, however, is not very effective (just a few inches) in moist or clay soils or dirt with high electrical conductivity. Electrically conductive dirt you say? Yes, I say. How do we make our dirt conduct electricity? By using salt. Now, you may hate me for this advise, but go get some Epsom Salt, you want about a pound or two per acre of property. Walk around you yard with your bag of salt, and throw handfuls of it around your yard like your feeding pigeons, or chickens, or like you’re fertilizing your yard. Of, if you’re the lazy type or have a large yard, you can use a seed spreader. I’m sure you’re wondering why you will hate me for this information and Imagonna tell you. Epsom Salt is a fertilizer, a very good fertilizer. After a season of fertilizing your yard with Epsom Salt, you’ll be cutting your grass twice as much, this is assuming that you’ll also water your grass on a regular basis. When you water your Epsom Salt and dirt, your dirt will conduct electricity much better and ground penetrating radar will not be very effective. You can now bury your stash, in something waterproof, a couple of feet down (don’t forget about the dogs) and the GPR probably won’t find it, so don’t bury everything in the same place.

    Wall Penetrating Radar. WPR can see through everything except metal. If you put a metal plate in the wall, the WPR can’t see through it, but then you raise suspicions, so don’t hide crap in the walls from the government, they’ll find it. Some WPR units are very small and light and can be deployed nearly anywhere there is a wall, ceiling or floor. Some WPR units are very large and can be deployed from outside of your house. Don’t hide crap in the walls from the government.

    Super Secret 007 Bookcases. The dogs will find it and you’re bookcase will be destroyed by the agents tearing it apart to find the guns. I used to have the title of Counter Surveillance something another. I was using a bug detector to find a hidden bug in a government office where some sensitive information was discussed, then leaked. Everyone in the room was put on ‘vacation’. No one fessed up to leaking the information and I was called in, as part of the investigation, to see if the office was bugged. Bugged it was, and so was vacationeers. The bug, however, was cleverly hidden inside of the material that a desk was made of. We couldn’t see the device, but my super duper bug catching machine ‘heard’ the bug. We had no choice but to dismantle the desk, so we called the fire department, With a very heavy ax, we eventually found the bug, and the desk was no longer usable. Don’t hide guns from the government in furniture you may want to keep. Come to find out, the desk was built around the bug for the former occupant of that office. When he was evicted, the desk stayed because it was government property, and so did his assistant, who knew about the bug, but wasn’t party to the conversation that led to the leak, that led to the bug hunt, that led to me wielding an ax like a madman.

    Now, about those spent shell casings. You’ve buried your cache of weapons here and yonder in the yard, you’ve hidden one or two firearms (cheap ones) in an easily breached book case, under the refrigerator, in between the mattress, in doubled up Ziploc freezer bag in the tank of the toilet, in a Ziploc freezer bag within another Ziploc freezer bag, in gallon size food storage bowl of full of homemade soup in the freezer, etc. When the gun confiscation comes, you take that .22 riffle and hide it in the closet and you take those thousands of rounds of spent ammo brass that you’ve been storing in the freezer bags, and you go spread them around the yard, around the house, in the chicken coup, place one or two in the kitchen, in the kitchen drawers, in your bedroom, bathroom, guest room, attic, basement, crawl space, etc. Just for grins and giggles, get a cheap safe, tape some brass to the bottom of it, turn in on it’s back, where the door is facing up, and fill it with concrete and close the door. Once the concrete sets up, place the safe someplace where it’s a pain the backside to get to. When dog smells gun at the safe, the government agents will have fun removing the safe. Imagine how happy they will be when they find out that there is no gun in the safe. If it was my job to confiscate guns, I’d be full of joy. Oh, yeah, the .22 rifle, plan on turning that one over without a fight.

  257. I will not comply with any law that is illegal. Our rights are granted by God. With this being the case, no government can take them away. Many have shed their blood that we might be free. Can we do no less? According to the Declaration of Independence it is our duty to remove a Government that attempts to take our freedom from us.

  258. I will never give up my guns, this whole thing is stupid, if we all decide to “obey the law” and we turn in our guns, the only people that will have guns are the rel criminals!!! Good luck taking this Texans guns!! Bring it!! One good thing about this is” we the people” out number all of you that want our firearms!! And I’m Pretty sure our guns are bigger and more abundant. Just leave us alone and avoid chaos which is what you’ll get if this keeps up, please find something constructive to do with our tax money!!!

  259. as a vet with over twenty years service i think i have earne the right to have any fire arm i want. with over thirty at my disposal i am afraid there would be a conflict with anyone on my property telling me to turn over property that was legally purchased. i fought to up hold the constitution and that oath doesn’t stop just because i retired from the service. if it gets bad enough my wife and i have already discussed moving to another state or even out of this “used to be” wonderful country of ours. i have also been approached by militia in my state for my support but i haven’t made up my mind about that yet. let’s hope and pray it doesn’t come to that, americans against americans in an armed conflict.

  260. I have given it a lot of thought. Well! When they come to get my guns they need to bring lots of body bags. When in Viet Nam I was given a M-16 and a 1911 side arm. There I knew my enemy. Here in America our enemies are elected and work for the goverment. When they come for my guns I hope everyone is here to support me.
    No way!!!! I teach “Concealed and Carry” classes and ALL my students are law biden people. Enforce the law that is on the books. Make using a weapon a high crime and punish accordingly.

    John Reif
    R.R. 3 Box 230A
    Carrollton, Illinois 62016

  261. There is no way in hell I will ever give up my guns, if everybody “obeys the law” and gives up there guns, the only people with guns will be the real criminals!! Good luck taken this texans guns!$ bring it!!

    I got my $50. Walmart gift card through your Buy back program… Sorry officer, I sold them before the registration started…
    First the guns, then the food, then its survival of the fitest!!!Dog eat Dog…

  263. According to earlier Supreme Court rulings, any statutory law that is contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land, which is the Constitution of the United States, is automatically null and void. There is on organization of patriots, law enforcement, veterans, retired and current military call the Oath Keepers. Their stated objective is to continue to honor the oath taken when sworn into the service, and will refuse to obey any illegal order contrary to the Constitution. Hello, all those who qualify as stated above. Join Oath Keepers and help keep the oath from which we were never released.

  264. Being prior service I have served my country Honorable. I am an American Patriot and love this country and I also took an oath to protect this country. Now it looks like I’m going to have to defend my Constitutional Right’s from the Domestic, Lazy and greedy scum sucking Tyrants within our Government, Local, State and Federal at all levels. My message to anyone who wants to take my firearm’s, you had better be willing to Die to take them because I’m willing to Die to keep them.

  265. As a United Stares Marine and Vietnam Veteran I have taken many lives, mostly in defense of my self or my fellow Marines. Since 1971 I have always owned firearms and I have never used them with malice or anger and I have not taken a human life with a firearm since my second Honorable Discharge under Medical Conditions and 6 1/2 years honorable service. I am appalled at what this government is doing, but Obama told us in 2008 that he was going to “Fundamentally change the United States of America” and no one listened or understood with the exception of a few. We have prepared for this moment in history, we will step forward and reveal ourselves when the time is right. MOLON LABE is not just a catch phrase, it is a battle cry. “You get my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands” is our mantra, George Washington is our mentor, Jefferson, Crockett, Boone, Patton and Chesty are our heroes. We are as deadly without arms as we are with. We fear no man and will back away from nothing. Have courage, stand up and fight , resistance at any cost. Hold out til Nov 2014 and get rid of them all. SEMPER FI my Brothers and Sisters in arms, God Bless America… Sleep well, fear not.

  266. Only Obama loving pussies will give into a change in the 2nd amendment.
    Get a life people. Without guns we would be slave right now which Obama intends us to be.

  267. The Supreme Court of the U.S.has ruled in the Haynes v. U.S. decision in 1968 that criminals cannot be compelled to register their weapons because to do so would infringe on their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. This being said as law abiding citizens we should have the same rights…As usual Congress lied, I fought for my rights once and I will again…Tell them come get want war you got it…The founding Fathers wanted us armed just in case the Government became this way, no more are they for the people but themselves…Dianne Feinstein can his my backside

  268. I served in the Air Force and swore an Oath to protect the Constitution and the United States against Foreign and Domestic assault! You ask me if I will give up my Firearms, In the immortal words Lead First and From my cold dead fingers! Anymore questions? I will Die for my Country not the Government. I Love this Country unconditional! Hate our Government passionately!!!!!!! I served for the belief that I was helping to defend what our country was founded on, Not what our government wants to twist the Constitution into to suit their own agendas! The Military trained us to protect the people at all cost even death if need be!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell is the Government to say we can not protect our family’s and ourselves when the time comes!!!!!! Gun Control is hitting what you aim at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. WHY would I want to get rid of my guns? Because some self important congresswoman wants me to? I think not!! Uncle Adolph in Nazi Germany confiscated guns, and a lot more things!! The Second Amendment was written to preserve our freedom from such things as government control!! I am a retired Navy Chief, 70 years young, and a NRA Life member. Let Ms. Feindstein tackle something important, like Bloomberg’s 16 ounce drinks!!

  270. Big Al Texas !


    Just as Charleton Heston Said .

  271. No I will not turn in my guns. These are my investments and if they want to confiscate my investments they can go to Cyprus. This Government is corrupt and this person who thinks he is the President, is incompetent and a traitor. They already take all of our hard earned money and now they want to take our stuff. I will fight for my rights, I am a veteran and proud of it. None of those A holes in Washington ever served their country. They can all go to hell and I am willing to help them get there quicker.

  272. If they want them they should bring a certified cashiers check for $25,000.00, no, $37,000.00 if they want them all. Just kidding all my guns have been stole, lost, sold, given away, my dog ate them, the monster that lives in my closet took them. What guns? I only have this little old .22 single shot and a black powder .44 cal Navy Colt circa Civil War era….. Want them too? Good luck with that!!!!

  273. here’s another thought / as soon as all the government’s world wide, totally disarm and dispan there military. then I mite still not consider it/ but I do wonder ? why are they after the smallest percentage of weapons. / here’s a suggestion Mr. government man./ melt down all of your tanks and ships and missiles and bombs and planes? then get the “UN” to follow suit. / maybe then and only maybe.! would I even consider trying to make any sense of your TRYPE..

  274. Of coarse I will give up all my weapons when the government gives up all of theirs.(first)
    I truly believe that when the police, the military, and all enemy countries of the united states have destroyed all their weapons, I will destroy all of mine.
    But then of course we will have to change the name of our country to LA-LA Land..

  275. I commend those who have taken the time to post their answers. I could be wordy or short I will keep it short “only because I dont have a dictionary handy”.


    my sincerest apoligies to the families of those who are sent.

    former CPL George Sommerhalder USMC

  276. No way at all! Will i give them up. i believe the 3rd amendment was added to stop all this BS. If not ther will be an uprising that is foresure. Ane to Obama and the likes
    “pog mo Thoin”

  277. shall not be infringed upon. that means period. without exceptions. because the goverment cant guarantee my safety. period. also never let enforcement search with out a warrant. you have nothing to hide? the governments cant guarantee the public servant won’t have his/her “friends” waiting to rob you down the road with the information they have. so me registering my firearms is information they should not know. the current laws are unconstitutional.

  278. Comming to get my guns !!! You might want to wait til I’m at work. As you can tell I’m
    Not a big obama fan. I have a job.

  279. I’ve shot black powder since I was 14, before I became an expert shot in the military, including night firing without a starlight scope. You can still get the recipe for black powder off the net AND how to make salt petre-although it is readily available on the net right now (It is used in stump removal) and in bath salts sometimes available at a pharmacy. BP is mostly Salt petre (Potassium nitrate. It is DANGEROUS as smokeless. The secret to making it is in the charcoal as pure laboratory made or storebought charcoal won’t work-a potters kiln with a thermostat (pyrometer) can make sure you don’t overfire your wood past 400 degrees CELSIUS. AND it’s legal. I live in the semi rural south. From NY. I have a large peice of propewrty and feel safe target shooting with the black powder but got a cartridge rifle-replica antique winchester. By a fluke the more powerfull bullet I wasn’t used to anymore and NEVER saw a ricochet off of wood with a military rifle-one got away and passed through the grass and the neighbors called the police. My area is legal. I was investigated by a sherrif that gave me some more instruction not any crap about taking my guns. The local police and sherrifs are THE ONLY REALLY CAPEABLE PEOPLE WITH LOGISTICS NEEDED TO SUPPORT FIGHTING BACK. And they are almost all vets and on our side. They can and will die for you. AND we need them on our side more than anyone else in the country since I believe the entire congress is corrupt, and the President is the highest ranking communist mole ever planted here.
    PEOPLE-do not ever shoot your local policeman because you are mad at the federal govvernment they are also. IF HOTHEADS START SHOOTING COPS WE ARE DEAD, because THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY. and you can make a pretty good missile launcher out of rigid steel pipe and homemade black powder if we have to.
    But if your going to go to war like I have, you have to be willing to die for what you believe. 250,000 ARVN soldiers died in the Vietnam war and we made fun of them. But OUR CAUSE WAS JUST. JB 6/56 AMERICAL ’69

    DIEING FOR AMERICA IS WHAT I GUESS I WAS BORN FOR. But I’d much rather kill for her. The amount of kids murderred doesn’t come anywhere close to the # that have been murderred for her. Just on NORMANDY or VIETNAM, or 3 days at ANZIO-(Over 80,000).

  280. I will not give up my hand guns, shotguns, rifles or semi-automatic rifles for several reasons. I will only give you two or three.
    1) The house next door to me on the left had a double homicide.
    2) The house next door to me on the right was broken into, the house behind them had been broken into and the house next to them had been broken into.
    3) I called the police about shots being fired on my street. It took them 45 minutes to show up.
    As you can see there has been a few problems in my neighborhood. I took the classes necessary to be able to carry a concealed weapon and paid the $105.00 it cost to have the license twice. I have had my license for 5 years now and thank Jesus Christ or what ever God their is, I haven’t had to use my weapon. But, I tell you now I will not hesitate to use it if I need to defend myself or my family!! As the late NRA Chairman Charlton Heston said in a speech and I quote. You will have to take my gun from “My Cold DEAD Hands”. Need I say more?

  281. Turning in guns will not be happening in this household. Neither will registration, magazine confiscation, or any other personal property. Trespasser’s will be executed.

  282. Back page of newspaper will read “Another American Citizen killed in an exchange of gun fire when the poilce tried to take his legally owned but unregistered guns”

    Or front page news as reported by the state run press – “Left wing nut job eleminated by federal police for stockpiling weapons deemed dangerious to the goverment. citizens in area now fell at ease knowing one less terrorist will be roaming the streets”

  283. No part of the 2nd Amendment shall be infringed upon. Our Founding Fathers made is clear that the express purpose for the express purpose of PROTECTING OURSELVES AGAINST GOVERNMENT TYRANNY!!!! Our government is doing just that. The communists who are trying to take over this country know that if they can disarm the people, we will no longer be citizens, we will be subjects and will become slaves in a police state. No, I will not surrender any firearms. I already had one stolen and now a criminal has it. Every American who believes in our freedom must answer the all-important question: “Are you willing to fight for your freedom?” That means literally – fight. It will take the masses of Americans to stand in unity against elected officials who are supposed to answer to us, We The People. Unless that happens trouble lies ahead.

  284. I have never taken a human life, and I hope to God I never have to. That being said, the day that they knock on my door to take away my guns I will feed them the ammo first. And if I am still alive I will say a prayer for all the families of those that came to take my guns and won’t be coming home. No registration no confiscation !

  285. Well, If I had any, Yes I would….I am a law abiding citizen, and I would turn in all my registered firearms……IF I had any…which I don’t…..

  286. I will never give up my 2nd amendment rights! But what I see happening is someone trying to stand up for their rights, not giving up their guns, & the police ending up shooting the person. All being broadcast by the news to show how us gun owning maniacs ARE dangerous. The problem doesn’t come from everyday, law abiding people enjoying their right to own a weapon, it comes from the media blowing everything out of proportion and only showing part of the story so that it’ll serve their purpose. If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, all you do is arm the criminals. The criminals are not going to turn in their weapons! So by taking away our weapons all they will be doing is making it easier for criminals to rape and pillage, without having to worry that someone might be armed and stop them. It’s just asinine!!! I never thought I’d ever see this in my lifetime.

  287. Whenever all criminals, Evil people and illegal gun owners give up their guns I will THINK about giving up mine. On second thought “No Iwon’t”


  289. As a veteran, are you kidding? Hell, no. If they want them they are more than welcome to try however, the end result will not be good for them. A better question why are people like Feinstein and Bloomberg even in office are the people of those states really that damn stupid? I would never ask American citizens to give up any of their rights irregardless of the reason. It is all one big scam with the political elite at the center of it all. This seems like a plan that has been in the making ever since Obama got elected the first time. It’s classic lull everyone into a false sense of security, then pull a fast one under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. I suggest this, elections are coming up I say, any Senator, Congressman/woman or Representative that votes in favor of violating our 2nd Amendment rights vote their asses out of office. When they find themselves without a cushy job, they will understand you don’t mess with the people. Especially, the gun owners of America.

  290. No way on God’s earth will I surrender my firearms. I’ve lived 70 years and spent two of those years in a jungle with the USMC to defend this country and the freedoms and rights that we enjoy. I’ve committed no crime and as far as I can tell I’m mentally competent. I plan to keep my firearms. If someone comes to take them away, it will unfortunately be a sad day for both of us.
    Too bad the American people were drinking the Kool Aide and re-elected this crowd to the Whitehouse. We were warned, and now it’s coming true.
    May God bless America.

  291. This is probably not the place to talk about all of this, but somebody has to say it right? Here in Texas, I believe in doing anything I can to watch over my friends, family and neighbors, as it is the right thing to do. If our Govt were to exercise this seizure of weapons and started shooting innocent Americans for protecting the 2nd, my heart would not let me stay out of it. I really think these pansy puppeteers need to take a step back and consider the seriousness of what is in store for them before making idle threats at honest, hardworking Americans. Just because we are semi divided in our political beliefs, doesn’t mean we are incapable of banding together when need arises. Remember 9/11? Every red-blooded American I know was ready to put boot to ass for this country. And so it shall be again. Don’t tread on me.

  292. First of all let me say NO, I will not give up my firearms!! But that is secondary to the real reason for this gun ban and confiscation fiasco. If the inept, stupid, and corrupt politicians in this country are successful in denying us our 2nd amendment rights, it will be the end of all of our constitutional rights. They will be able to take from you any and all of your freedoms granted by the constitution. A bad Supreme Court decision gave the unconstitutional Affordable Health Care Act( Obama Care ) the green light with a 5 to 4 margin. Just think how much worse it will be for leagal gun owners when a new Supreme Court Judga is appointed by this far left administration.


  293. i have been asked why i don’t have thousands of rounds of ammo for my arsenal
    my response has always been the same if they come gunning for me i have enough to get more

  294. If armed law enforcement officers in body armor and other battle gear showed up to take away formerly legal but now overnight illegal weapons I owned, I would surrender those weapons rather than get into a gun fight that I would lose. However, unless such armed and armored goons showed up at my door, I would not on my own make any effort to voluntarily turn in or register property I legally owned yesterday that had suddenly become illegal today.

  295. Today I rode my motorcyle and was forced on to the shoulder 2 times. You know why, people texting and driving. I sat at a red light and watched 10 cars pass thru the intersection. 8 of the 10 drivers were looking below the dash at I presume a cell phone. If these congressmen and senators put as much effort into protecting us from texting drivers it would make more sense. Check the stats on accidents and deaths attributable to that as opposed to guns. I am sure its way more.

    What jerks they are.

  296. Our Govt is under estamating the true Americans. All they know about are the registered guns. I beleive the number of unregistered guns they don`t know about is a far greater number. Gun owners are probably a much better shot that the Feds are anyway. They will have to find this out the hard way. My family has worked hard our whole lives for everything we have, Never asked for a Govt Hand out like all the trash I see eveyday in the stores with the ebt cards, wic Etc… Personaly Im sick of paying for everyone elses depts. Get a Fricken job and stop asking the Govt to support you. If you don`t agree please don`t respond to this comment because I don`t fricen care about your apinion. As far as my guns go, Yeah come see how fast you get them. I have NEVER broken the law. And will not give up my guns. They cost lots of money. So taking my guns is stealing from me. The Govt steals so much of my paycheck now it`s sick. Now you want my guns I purchased with what was left. YEAH RIGHT. The GOVT is in for a real surprise when they find out they are out numbered. We need to take our Country back.

  297. The very first problem is ,is what officer will be the first one in the door! Also , does he have his life insurance paid up.

  298. NO WAY! I took an oath in the military and as a police officer. In those oaths it it says ” to protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic ” and my vow of obedience to the President of the United States is null and void because in our group the President is now considered a domestic enemy. I caution active military and police to not be intimidated into following orders/polices that are un-constitutional. We have already formed an armed response team in my area to defend our own.

  299. I purchased my guns legally all with background check according to law…..Now if they want to change what I then did legally to now being unlawful? Well I better be grandfatherd in or they can can get hell off my property! I served as a slodier for 20 years now retired and they had no problem with me having a gun. now all I have to defend is my family and this they have a problem with? So do I! I will be keeping my guns and anyone trying to steal them will be seen as threat!

  300. Here, Here. I am a veteran and have lived a good life. If it is my time to go I shall, but I shall take as many of them with me as is possible.

  301. I believe a lot of fire arms will be reported “stolen” here very shortly, because they cant confiscate a weapon that isn’t there. And if it should turn up some where in the future, oh well, someone stole it a few months ago,i didn’t have it.

  302. Hell no I will not give up my guns and I will not register them either they were all registered when I bought them ,its not my fault somebody cant find the paperwork!

  303. In response to Jeremy– He has an FFL, owns a ton of guns, has a gun safe in his bedroom almost as big as his frige, and yet does not think registration of guns is a problem. Jeremy: if you are that well informed you SHOULD KNOW that REGISTRATION of guns has ALWAYS led to confiscation, ALWAYS Jeremy! Wake up! New York Gov has even used the term “CONFISCATION” in his diatribe about gun control. You must not read history where firearms are concerned. I suggest that you start now!

  304. I will not give up my personal legal collection.I will become a Martyre to my 2nd amendment rights. If I am not ambushed by these cowards!!The only way they could take our rights away from us is to use brown nosers and U.N. personnel..if someone wearing a turbin and a blue armband comes to my front door demanding to search my house for firearms there will be trouble…over 2 billion rounds of ammo and light armored vehicles…wake up and smell the roses….

  305. Not a chance in hell .. they’ll get them when I run out of rounds or a bullet gets me first!! I can’t believe that non American Muslim piece of sh*t got elected the first time .. And it really boggles the mind that it happened a second time .. But with all the illegal alien and career welfare votes and all the limp wristed Dumbocrats bowing to that S.O.B. and by-passing the Constitution, that we find this country in the shapes it’s in. I refuse to bow, surrender, or give up my Constitutional rights to ANY man .. I AM AN AMERICAN DAMNIT!!!!

  306. Back in the 70’s I worked with an engineer on the ATSF railroad. He was 12 years old when his parents left Germany in 1939. He remembers the night brown shirt raids on people, and shots fired in the neighborhoods. He knew it was killing those who hid, and wouldn’t turn them over. The early 70’s was the beginning of the U.S. attempts of this 2nd amendment gun grabbing. He knew, and saw what happened when this happens. I worked in Mexico for 3 months in 05 in Durango (a rare gringo green carder there), saw the barred windows, doors, and barbed wire, or glass shards in outer walls. Watched some movies from before the Mexican gun ban. The houses didn’t have barred windows, and doors, and the outer fences/walls were normal. Mexicans are like in a jail in their own houses, the criminals know, and they have the guns, and knives. If you kept a gun, and used it in self defense you go to jail in Mex for 5 years, along with the criminal. As a Army Vietnam Vet I will never give up my rights. That’s why I am in Texas now.

  307. I am a former Marine, a Viet vet. My police record is spotless, and I am not mentally ill, … So what did I personally do to deserve this kind of mistreatment by my own country? This is going to put a big hurt on my gunsmithing business. Who will replace my income when I am out of work? And who’s going to reimburse me for turning in my guns, some of which are worth thousands of times their original cost? This is going to be a huge clusterf**k with no end of problems for everybody.

    Except for the criminals. And the bureaucrats… but I repeat myself.

  308. Actually here in Texas, I just ran an add in the local paper and sold all my listed guns. No, I didn’t get rich, because the buyers were concerned about the laws. No I didn’t get the names, it wasn’t required. Oh, I do have a copy of the add. Then show it to them. (Just because I ran an add in the paper doesn’t mean that I actually sold them. According to the law, I’m innocent until proven guilty. So Officer you must prove that I didn’t sell them.

  309. It’s not our military we should fear; it’s the “civilian national security force, just as strong and just as well funded as the military,” about which President Obama spoke early in his first term. Obviously, he was speaking of the DHS. We all know that the DHS has been preparing and continues to prepare for a war fought on American soil against American citizens. I’m a sustaining member of an organization called Oath Keepers; an organization that is working diligently to educate our military and our law enforcement officers of their duty [not their option ] to refuse to obey illegal orders to disarm Americans, herd them into internment camps, [both of which happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005], or to fire upon their own countrymen. My guess is that the unprincipled and venal thugs in the Congress and the Obama administration believed that they could rely on the unquestioning obedience of our military they would have already attempted to disarm us and implement martial law. Since they cannot, they must await the readiness of their own, personal Revolutionary Guard. It may well come to pass that we, ordinary Americans will be fighting alongside our military against the DHS.

  310. The end result is controlling the majority of the population who will fight communism and tyranny. Once the people who can and will fight back are disarmed then the Hitler/stalin/mussolini wannabes will have no viable opposition.
    It may become necessary for the Minutemen to rise against tyrants once again, and we are legion.

  311. nope!! our fore fathers have made it clear! we have the right to bare arms I will not give up my right because of a few idiots that go on shooting sprees because they are WACKOS I enjoy hunting and target shooting I dont need a high capacity magazine to do these things I can change the ones I have quick enough!

  312. Upon induction into military service, I took a sworn Oath as an American Citizen, to defend the Constitution from all enemies Foreign and Domestic! The Oath listed no exclusions, nor was I debriefed and my oath recinded upon discharge. As I am still bound by this sworn oath; I must consider any current elected official who advocates the unlawful altering of the 2nd Amendment, or any other Constitutional guarantee, not done through proper due process, as defacto Revolutionists and Traitors. They should be arrested, confined, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Subsequent actions may necessitate the appropriate use of force,in defense of a free peoples. So No, I shall not blithly handover a weapon I may be called upon to use, by my valid government, to uphold my sworn Oath and defend the Constitution and citizens of The United States of America.

  313. The test will be observed in the blue states where the fools have allowed such morons a Bloomberg to be elected to positions of authority.
    The red states, on the other hand, will be more problem, ‘cuz we ain’t playin’ dat game.

  314. My question is, Isn’t there a way to remove unwanted elected officials? We may want to check into that possibility, instead of waiting for terms to end.

  315. I served this country in a time of war to protect our rights. Now a few Communist want to violate our rights, I’ll fight and give my life first. Back in 1787 when our constitution was being ratified people then were worried weather or not they had traded one tyrant across the ocean, for over 100 in there own backyard. That’s why the bill of rights was needed to spell out our liberties and guarantee them. The second amendment says that the Militia (the legal citizens of this country) is needed to safe guard our rights, a armed Militia. That’s why it says-,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I’ll give up nothing, they have to go through the Constitution and vote the 2nd Amendment out then the have to us a say, they can’t make a law to violate the Constitution.

  316. I will die before they will get them. I will not hand them over to an un-trustful government!!!

  317. I will give them the business end only…What kind of crazy person would vote to take all the weapons away from law abiding people? We already know the government is far from law abiding, do they trust them more? I just don’t get it. We are not seeing veterans and regular folks out doing mass murders, the only ones I have seen are mentally ill that the government has put out of their hospitals. And I am so sick of hearing that it must be vets because of PTSD. Anyone who has had a car accident or any other serious accident certainly has PTSD. Will they take their cars away from them? I unfortunately live in CA. where they are turning criminals out of their prisons all the time, now that we really have to defend ourselves they want to take our guns… Fat Chance!

  318. NO! I will not turn them in! Not here, not now, not ever! If a civil war is what you’re looking for, you’re about to get it! Leave the decent, god fearing, hard working, tax paying citizens of this once great nation alone!

  319. Recently inquired about a claim for Agent Orange. Had to sign up on VONAPP. Asked me about previous addresses, it knew them all the way back to 1969! Nothing is secret. We got here because most of us need to earn a living and can’t spend our entire time battling injustice. Now it may be too late. Impeachment of the evil do-ers may be the best course. Regardless of all the bravado expressed, no one is going to stand up to mini-tanks and a swat team. Political and legal action is really the only recourse.

    The long term solution is to restore decent education, with traditional family and religious values. Family is still children with a married man and women for parents. We could heal the minds and spirits of our younger generations in the same amount of years it will take DiFi and her ilk to get all the guns, and we would have a safe and prosperous nation.

  320. This is why we can’t negotiate or give even an inch to these gun grabbing leftists. They really don’t care about rights, freedom, or the Constitution. They just want power and control over us. Don’t give them anything! Don’t surrender your firearms or magazines. No new background checks, no national registration, no gun or bullet taxes, NO COMPROMISE ON FREEDOM AND RIGHTS!

  321. On the TV show “Deadliest Jobs”, it used to be crab fishing was the deadliest, most dangerous job. I think it is about to become “Gun Confiscator”as the hands-down most dangerous job. Like Clint Eastwood said in the movie “The outlaw Josie Wales”, I quote “Dyin’ aint much of a livin’ boy”

  322. I shall employ the Alfonso Bedoya Defense, “Guns? What guns? We don’t need no steeeenkin’ guns!” Seriously, I would respectfully ask the officers if they had a search warrant, or if they had probable cause to believe that a crime had been committed or was in progress at my home. If the answer was no I would politely decline to allow them to search my property. If they showed me a search warrant I’d have to let them in, where they would find no firearms. We all need a secure, secret location to store our guns.

  323. Who woulda ever thunk we would hafta maybe use guns to defend ourselves against our own government? I bought my guns to defend myself and my family against criminals. But I repeat myself. Sorry.

  324. It’s time that our legislators put Obama, Biden, Pilosi, Feinstein, Holder, and ALL the other gun-ban idiots that are in office in prison for failure to comply to their oaths of office which ALL say that they will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” If they ever bothered reading the words of the Second Amendment, they would clearly see that their actions are in direct violation of it. The fact that they do this openly proves that they cannot use an insanity plea.

    ” … to disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
    — George Mason
    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
    — George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788
    “Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms … The right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard, against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proven to be always possible.”
    — Hubert H. Humphrey, Senator, Vice President, 22 October 1959

  325. I currently live in NJ where 74 bill proposals were recemtly submitted to a vote in the NJ Senate. We raillied a massive protest of over 25,000 people showing up at the state capitol when the first 24 bills were billing voted on to be presented to the Senate. Our protest was ignored by NJ Democartics, we proceedede to sign pettions of over 250000 signatures, also ignored. The NJ then Democateic proceeded to submit another 50 bills got a total of 74 that would shut dwon the few gun stores ;eft in the state, take away guns from anyone who was even on some sort of anti depressant over the course of their live (over %55 of americans at one time was on an anti-depressant during the couse of thir lives). The bills if ever passed would conficate all pre ban weapons with no grandfarter cluase, crimalizing the vast majoirty of legal gun onwers

    I gut got into this hobby 18 months ago, belong to 3 ranges (shoot 3 times a month), legally own 3 rifles (all tricked out with sights and scopes) and 3 handguns. all would be considered illegal if any of these bills pass

    I brought other women to be involed in this hobby and was looking forward to be NRA certified trainer over the summer,

    Its beyond me on how the NJ Democratic think that I will ever give my my guns, my second admenedment rigts and be crimizlied . I will move to PA if any of these bills are passed. I will not be crimalized I will not turn in my guns. I will not give up my new hooby that Icome to enjoy and love

  326. What a bunch of paranoid kooks you sound like! I’ve been following this issue as closely as any of you and not once have I heard the words “government confiscation” except during the rantings of Wayne LaPiere, Ted Nugent, Fox News commentators and those of you like-minded (and closed-minded). Many of you couldn’t quote the entire text of the 2nd Amendment, anyway, or understand its historical context, even if an AR-15 were held to your heads. There’ve been regulations placed on the sale and possession of firearms in this country for decades. Where was the “slippery slope to tyranny” then? Sometimes some people, despite the strength of their convictions, are just plain on the wrong side of history or an issue. Look at all the poll numbers of Americans’ attitudes (aside from your own) and stop talking and acting like “gun NUTS”. Just a good-faith suggestion. You’re free to be as nutty as you choose to be.

  327. Please, Will you all please get some “education” please???!!

    Our “Rights” do not originate from nor are granted or safeguarded by some sort of document called the “Constitution”.

    Our “Rights” are self-evident. They Come from almighty GOD.

    The “Constitution” was designed as a document limiting the powers, scope, & encroachment clauses upon our GOD GIVEN & GRANTED RIGHTS.

    It’s no wonder that in denying your right as coming from GOD that you idiot Americans are being over-run by your own despotic Gov’t.

    Rights, like the air & our ability to breath it & our locomotion, come from GOD.

    Quit denying GOD in the’s abortive at the very least in consideration.

    Unbelievable how Americans can’t even get their own founding of their own Country correct.

    No wonder yous are all losing the battle to despot o’bama & his liberal-minded ilk.

  328. I served in the military for 9 years and my oath was to uphold the constitution.
    Mr. POS President I will use my oath to prevent you from taking any of my guns(not that I own any) or my friends.
    All of you Obama lovers remember who you voted for as he is trying to turn our country into a Communist Country.
    I know many service members that feel the same way and some of the are active duty personnel. As my former commander put it. If the President tells us to kill our own family members to uphold his ideals that is when the will be a civil war.
    Obama is a big pussy!!!!

  329. Wow, I am a collector. havn’t shot a firearm in 15 years, busy i guess. I never thought i would be the one to say this BUT,As a lawfull citezen like most of us ffl holders, I think it’s our duty to stick together on this issue,c so now let me say this,”You will get my guns when you pry them from the cold dead hands that Tried to take them from me”.I will continue to write and call elected officals and will not give up. I draw the line for me here. Those who attak the Constitution within our government should be expelled from office at the very least.Trust is very thin in Government now. We have the right for now.Free people do not register their guns.If any legislation makes it it should be Treason and we should……you know. Yes it’s that big

  330. This is a perfect reason why there should be a mandatory 4 year limit on serving as a Senator or Congressman. This woman is a hypocrit who has a pistol in her purse. These are not weapons they are firearms. We do not need these laws as they serve no purpose except to control. The government is equal to what the British were in 1750’s. The constitutional atacks by these ignorant liberal progressive socialists needs to be stopped. Anyone found in violation of attacking any of the amendments will be included in what happened in the French Revolution .. they cleaned house.

  331. The question put forth is would you give up your weapons if the Obama Government demands it. Well why do I need a gun? I’m not doing business with the Mexican drug Cartels, I’m not killing millions of babies through abortions,I’m not trying to turn this country into a Marxist, socialist ,slave labor nation, I’m not trying to bring down the greatest nation ever. Oh yeah I forgot someone in the white house is! So I guess the answer to question is if I had any, then No I would not !

  332. Oh, HELL NO! If the government agencies are going to go that far then I see a Civil War commencing shortly thereafter. I will fight to the death to protect Americans Constitutional Rights! And I will take as many of “them” with me as I can.

  333. I will become a felon, as will every gun owner I know. But I do like the idea of, and just before they arrive to confiscate them, “selling them all” to some guy in a pickup who was driving down the street offering “cash for guns”. Just because I thought he was some “local official” with “government money” I did the right thing and sold them all AT A PROFIT. “Sorry, I did not catch his name. But if he returns I will notify you guys, for sure.” Uh-huh. Yeah.

  334. I hope at least one person follows through and doesn’t give up their guns, since someone will sadly probably have to be a martyr to wake the rest of the country up.

    For over 10 years now I have seen thread after thread like this where pretty much everyone posts how they will “have to pry it from my cold dead hands” but when they roll up on you at 3am with stacked trucks and 10 guys screaming get on the ground everyone gives up their guns. I wish I could say otherwise, but New Orleans did it to the population after hurricane Katrina and not ONE SINGLE PERSON actually went out shooting. To this day some of those people still have not got their firearms returned. A law was passed to prevent it from happening again but how hard is it to just make another law to override that when they need to.

    I remember all the vids from different soldiers who took part in the confiscating & forced MANDATORY evacuations all saying how they didn’t feel it was right, but they still ALL did it anyway. Not one single soldier that I heard of took a stand to say he wouldn’t take an elderly females self defense pistol. That elderly woman was robbed at gunpoint by the real criminals within weeks later. Don’t take my word for it, you can watch vids of everything I have said on YouTube.

    This is not a government by the people for the people. This is an illusion of freedom fed to us, and a government that controls more personal freedoms than most countries who are not considered free. Under the guise of danger using fear of disease or terrorism etc as an excuse to take away further freedoms and get the majority of the population to accept why they are taking away more of their freedoms.

  335. If DiFi were to show up at my door wanting to take my guns, I hope she’s wearing FULL body armor, because she’d have a big old hole between her eyes!
    On another note, I live in a state that just passed a law that made it illegal for any law enforcement officer to aid any federal official in the confiscation of personal weapons. It’s SOOOOOO NICE to live in a state where they take personal liberty seriously! When one of our local state legislators wrote an Op-Ed in the local newspaper telling us that the state was considering gun control proposals, most of us thought “Ohhhhh shit! Here it comes!” but three laws WERE passed in my state…ALL of them streghtening the 2nd amendment within our state borders. So good luck all you brain dead gun banners!

  336. The problem we face is discussed it Article 1, Section 10 “ex post facto” law. That is a law that makes something “illegal” that was legal when done. So all gun control laws are “ex post facto” because they make conduct that is legal, “own firearms”, illegal. We need mass suits for, declaratory judgement and injunctive relief, challenging the constitutionality of these so called laws.. and go after the politicians who sponsor these laws because they are committing treason to their oath of office. Turn our computers into weapons and us them and the Constitutions state and federal to fight these tyrants. April 5th in Oregon the battle continues…..

  337. As an American Soldier and as a man I pledge to never disarm, and in particular, to never surrender my military pattern, semi-automatic rifles (and full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them), regardless of what illegitimate action is taken by Congress, the President, or the courts.
    I also pledge to pass on those military pattern rifles to my children and my children’s children, as well as the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition to needed to use them, regardless of what illegitimate action is taken by Congress, the President, or the courts. As Founding Father Tench Coxe said, while attempting to allay the fears of critics of the proposed Constitution:
    The powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom?
    Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American… [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people. – Tench Coxe, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.
    And that “power of the sword” – those “terrible implements of the soldier,” includes the people’s battle rifles and carbines – their M1As, their FN-LARs, their HK 91s, their Grandfathers’ M1 Garand, their AK 47s, their ARs and M4s, etc. – all of the weapons listed as being targeted for Feinstein’s new and improved “Assault Weapons Ban.”
    The whole point of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military capacity of the American people – to preserve the ability of the people, who are the militia, to provide for their own security as individuals, as neighborhoods, towns, counties, and states, during any emergency, man-made or natural; to preserve the military capacity of the American people to resist tyranny and violations of their rights by oath breakers within government; and to preserve the military capacity of the people to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, including those oath breaking domestic enemies within government. It is not about hunting, and at its core, the Second Amendment is not really even about self-defense against private criminals. It is about self-defense against public criminals – against tyrants, usurpers, and foreign invaders.
    Above all other firearms currently available to the American citizen, modern military pattern, semi-automatic rifles provide that military capacity. Protecting the keeping and bearing of such arms of military utility is the heart and soul of the Second Amendment. Thus, any attempt to ban their possession, sale, purchase, or transfer, is an attempt to disarm the American people.
    Nor will I surrender my accurate, scoped, bolt action rifles, which are also great force multipliers of military utility in the roles of sniper and marksman. Invaders, tyrants and usurpers fear the sniper and marksman for good reason, and millions of American hunters have the well practiced field-craft and marksmanship skills to serve in those rolls most effectively. We must preserve their means of doing so, including preserving our .50 caliber sniper rifles, our .338 Lapua’s, our .300 Win Mags, and other powerful, long-range capable calibers.
    Nor will I surrender my semi-automatic pistols with full capacity magazines, which provide me with the capacity to effectively defend against close range, sudden attack.
    I will not disarm, regardless of what law is passed by the oath breakers in Congress, or signed into law by the oath breaker in the White House, and I WILL pass on to my children every terrible implement of the soldier currently in my possession.
    Further, I will ask my children to also pledge to never surrender those family arms and equipment, regardless of what illegitimate, Bill of Rights violating law is passed by the oath breakers in Washington DC, and regardless of whatever any oath breaking judge may rule.
    Further, I pledge to refuse compliance with any and all laws that attempt to strip me and my children of those arms, the full capacity magazines needed to load and fire them, or the parts and ammunition needed to keep them firing. I will use nullification, civil disobedience, and active resistance against all such laws. I will nullify, disobey, and resist as an individual, and I will work with my neighbors to nullify, disobey, and resist as towns, counties, and states. We will not disarm, we will not comply, and we will resist.
    Further, I pledge to refuse to vote for, and to actively work to purge from office any elected official, of any party, who violates their oath of office by supporting, endorsing, or voting for any law, action, or decree that attempts to disarm me, my children, or my children’s children of any of the above noted arms. I pledge to root the oath breakers out, in a scorched earth policy. I will not buy into the “lesser of two evils” con game, and regardless of what party an oath breaking politician is in, and regardless of the outcome of elections, that oath breaker will not get my vote, ever again, once they betray my trust and violate their oath by voting for an assault weapons ban or any other attempt to curtail my right to bear arms.
    Finally, I pledge to defend myself, my neighbors, my town, county, and state, against any attempt to forcibly disarm them pursuant to any “assault weapons ban” or any other illegitimate “law” passed by oath breakers within Congress, or pursuant to any illegitimate order, action, or decree by the oath breaker within the White House.We will not disarm. We will resist. And if given no other choice but to fight or to submit to abject tyranny, we will fight, just as our forefathers in the American Revolution fought against the tyrants, usurpers, and oath breakers of their day.
    If we are presented with the “choice” of submission to tyranny or fighting in defense of our natural rights, we will fight, as our forefathers fought, when the British Empire attempted to disarm them and confiscate the military pattern arms, ammunition, and supplies of their time. We will make the same choice as Patrick Henry made, when he rejected “peace” purchased at the price of chains and slavery, and said “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” I too choose liberty or death.
    I hereby reaffirm my oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor in defense of the principles of liberty enunciated in our Declaration of Independence, for which our forefathers spilled their blood. We will not let the Republic fall without a fight.

    Take the Molon Labe pledge:

    “We will never disarm. We will never surrender our military pattern, semi-automatic rifles and the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them. The fundamental purpose of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military power of We the People so we will have effective means to resist tyranny. Regardless of what unholy, unconstitutional filth issues from the mouths of oath breakers in “Mordor on the Potomac” our answer is MOLON LABE.
    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force: Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”- Patrick Henry
    “We will not allow our children to be disarmed. We will pass on those military pattern rifles, magazines, and ammunition to our children and our children’s children.
    Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American… [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people. – Tench Coxe, 1788
    “We will die in battle before we give up our arms and leave our children in slavery.
    “We will not register ourselves or our arms. Registration is the prerequisite to confiscation, which is the prerequisite to dictatorship and extermination. We will NOT be photographed, finger-printed, tracked, and subjected to psych-evaluations like convicted sex-offenders just for owning semi-automatic rifles. Doing so is itself an act of surrender and submission, taking the mark of the slave (it is akin to taking the mark of the Beast).
    “We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people or compel registration
    “The attempt to disarm the people on April 19, 1775 was the spark of open conflict in the American Revolution. It was an act of war, and our forefathers fought back in justified, righteous self-defense of their natural rights. Any such order today would also be an act of war against the American people, and thus an act of treason. Those of us who are still current serving will not enforce any attempt to register either gun owners or guns, or to ban the sale, possession, or transfer of any semi-automatic rifles, handguns, or full capacity ammunition magazines, which are precisely the kinds of weapons the American people need to defend their lives and liberty.
    “We will interpose ourselves between the people and the oath breakers and traitors who try to disarm them.
    “We will step in between the people in our communities and any oath breaker who attempts to carry out such orders, regardless of their title, their office, their uniform, or who sent them. When they step outside the law – outside the Constitution – they are no better than violent street criminals and we will protect the people from them.
    “We will keep the oaths we swore to almighty God to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath does not expire until we do. American patriots, Oath Keepers, what say you? Will you pledge the same?”

  338. Defense of myself, family, and property, are a God Given Right, not a 2nd Amendment right, and in my opinion that includes with a gun, cannon, knife, baseball bat, or whatever.. So, if I die protecting myself and property from a Treasonous govt, so be it. My body is temporary, but my Soul will live forever with Jesus.. It’s just too bad that all of us will have to suffer so much these last days because we elected and support Evil beings in Wash., State, and local Govts, abortion clinics, sex clinics, gay marriage, etc. The sooner I see the end of days start accelerating, the happier I will be, because I know Jesus is coming soon.

  339. If they are hell bent on getting my guns… they better bring some body bags and shovels with them. Cause somebody is not walking away from that one.

  340. Who do the politicians in New York think they are? It is a criminal offense to take away any one of our Constitutional rights. Too many veteran, too many mother’s children have died defending our Constitution and our freedoms for these civil servants to take away peoples’ rights in order to gain votes from the elitists who can sit in their safely guarded homes and apartments. Instead of passing illegal, imprudent, and reactionary laws, their energy and focus should be directed toward real social and infrastructure planning, improving eduction, and doing the jobs they are being paid to do. These politicians are like a dog chasing a hare; whenever something distracts them, they are off chasing down the easiest, quickest fix they can think of, disregarding anything in their path. How about improving our jobs, our defense of borders, our education,reducing fraud, encouraging business and research, instead of taking away our means of self defense?

  341. My law that tries to take awayto self defense is God given. I will not obey man’ law that tries to hinder me from being able to defend myself with equal force I am likely to be threatened with. In short…if you want mine, you better bring your, and be ready for a fight.

  342. Keith Leoni – are you nuts? Come on, do you need a licence to have a kid? To post your opinions o this site? I argue for the complete opposite. Where in the constitution does it say “vehicles must have licence plates”? We are far overburdened and over regulated as it is. The govt has no business being this involved in our lives.

  343. I just turned 79. I hate to think that I might have to go out of here at my front door, after living this long in this great land. I live in a trailer, so, it is not exactly bulletproof. That’s life in the big city.
    Do I use a twelve-gauge shotgun for close range, or would a .30-.30 Winchester be better?

  344. Our local Sheriff has publicly stated (newspaper and radio) he will not enforce any new gun laws.He further stated that at a recent Missouri Sheriff’s Association meeting,the majority of rural Sheriff’s won’t enforce new laws either.

  345. Just for thought—- “Does the Federal Government think that Confiscation through Restration will not create Gun Battles with American Citizens and their respected Police Departments, Does The Word Tyrannical or Oppressive Governmemet mean anything to any one…? If the Government starts this Oppressive Policy of Confiscation through Registration, I see thousands of small fire fights leading into Organized Militia and Guerrilla Warfare on Oppressive Government Polices and Agencies throughout the United States- Within all city, surburban and rural areas hell bent on defending one’s Constitutional 2nd amendment Rights, Properties and against all Oppressive Government Policies….? Whether you call it a Civil or Revolutionary War, it will be American’s self-inflicted wound by Oppressive Government Policy and its Bloodiest confrontation within Americas Heartland and its people….! No, Patriotic Americans will not give up their Second Amendment Right nor their Weapons, Not Now, Not Ever”…!

  346. Not only will I not comply, but I’ve purchased body armor if the confiscation situation should ever present itself. I’ve also written a declaration as to why (if ever) the situation came to the conclusion it did (should I not survive the confrontation) and have addressed each copy of the declaration to all the media outlets to be sent by another party.

    Upon my death or incarceration, someone will know the truth of why I did what the founders of the former USA would have done if presented with the same situation.

    The truth will be known and thus, the second American Revolution will commence.


    An Oath Keeper

  347. I for sure will never give up my guns. The majority of gun crimes are committed by the minorities and the police carry guns to protect themselves not us.

  348. I don`t have any ,any more. My eye sight has gotten bad (Glycoma),so I have sold all of them. I also live in the city now close to the hospital,so hunting,and fishing is not part of my life anymore.
    I would say that if I was a gun owner again,no I would not give you my gun.Whoever would be left alive could take it from my cold dead hands. I know that there would be more of you than me,but just because you invite me to lunch doesn`t mean I want eat part of your sandwich.That would have been a promise.
    This all boils down to going into the New World Order. Personally owning a gun is not permitted. Just alittle at a time til they get it done.

  349. No, no, NO to those of y’all who say you will give up your guns when you run out of ammo! Hang onto them! We Patriots will find where DHS, FBI, etc. have stashed all those BILLIONS of rounds of ammo and we’ll TAKE it back!! After all, it is OURS — we taxpayers paid for it. Then, there will be plenty of ammo for ALL to reload their guns!!!

  350. I own no assault weapons.Any thing I have in in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America.I have defense weapons,to defend myself against criminals ,which includes any politician responsible for any unconstitutional law.Any politician passing unconstitutional laws is by their acts guilty of treason.Any law that was passed by any politician at any time since the Constitution is illeagal and does not apply.If force is attempted to take anything I have against my will then I will return force.The only way my guns will be taken is after they have violated the Constitution and killed me.If they are in violation of the Constitution then they are not law enforcement officers,they are nothing more than enemy combatants and will be treated accordingly.I will not shame the sacrices of the millions of brave patriots who fought bled and died to give me liberty by surrendering my rights without a fight.I will honor them,by standing firm in my resolve,by obeying my sacred oath,and by resisting tyranny with every breath I take.MOLON LABE.

  351. The people that voted these gun grabbers into office are the same people that are getting monthly handouts from their city, state governments and they will not be denied those handouts even tho most don’t deserve it They also have a hatred for anyone that has done well for themselves become successful and earn an above average wage they believe they should get a share of that persons yearly salary even tho they have done nothing to deserve it. They also want the armed citizens disarmed so they can and they will come to your property and take what they want from you even tho they have done nothing to deserve it.

  352. Hitler first disarmed the citizens before rounding them up and slautering millions. There are millions of citizens of the United States who say and believe “not in this country” “it will never happen here” Well my anwer to them is why not here it has happened in most of the counties throught the world. When I listen to Oboma in alot of his talks I here a want to be dictater talking. I have a freind who works for the homeland security and he told me that he herd that a prison was built in our city to house US citizens. He did not beleive it untill he drove to the site and saw it himself.
    Omoma recently sought permission to use drones to kill US citizens in our own country. I also read a report from a retired US Army capton that the Dept of Homeland security training an army in Texas and purchaseing MIllions of rounds of ammo and buying Armered Vehicle and weapons. May I ask why if not to wage war on US citizens?

  353. This is a master plan to disarm this nation. It is easier to take over a nation with the citizens not armed. I think is should be manditory that every one have an ak, shotgun and side arm in their house. Bet China and Iran would think twice about coming in! By the way it is Easter we should try to say something good about our president and maybe he does something good. I have thought, he is perfectly suited to be a travel agent for people who want expensive vacations. Maybe we can get him to check out the Congo I hear its nice in the spring!

  354. Never, no gun owners should. I once was attacked by three tongans. If I had a gun then I could have protected myslef.
    I am a firearms instructor and this is how I make supplemental income and will continue to do so no matter what some politcian says. Second ammendment is forever otherwise invisible soles leaves .308 holes.

  355. To all you TRUE patriots, there is An old Spartan saying
    “Si vis pacem para bellum” Translation
    “If you want peace, prepare for war”


  357. It concerns me how easily those who choose not to educate themselves in facts are persuaded to blur and spin distinctly separate issues into fear and panic. We “register” our land, our homes, our cars, our boats, our airplanes, our travel plans, our professions, our education, our drivers licenses, our concealed handgun licenses, our birth, our deaths, our voting, and more — yet we express paranoia that if we “register” our firearms they will be immediately taken from us. We cite as “evidence” that “they will take away our guns” when law enforcement officials seize firearms from people convicted of felonies and domestic violence — people who have been prohibited from possessing firearms under existing laws that passed through Congress with ease and full bipartisan support. We espouse terror of the background check laws expanding from sales by licensees to all firearm sales, even between private parties, even though such an expansion would only serve to enforce existing laws which prevent illegal immigrants, those convicted of felonies, those convicted of domestic violence, those addicted to drugs, those who have ever used the insanity defense, etc. from purchasing firearms from unsuspecting private sellers.

    Few, if any, decisions made out of fear and paranoia will serve us properly. Get educated on the facts, from reputable sources and not “blogs” or “op-eds”, before joining the debate. Otherwise, you may just be spreading falsehoods and fear.

    Before anybody tries to respond that I’m some sort of crazy tree-hugging leftist anti-gun person I’ll go ahead and disclose that I hold an FFL, have a gun safe in my bedroom not much smaller than my kitchen refrigerator, own NFA firearms and destructive devices, and teach CHL courses. My personal weapons collection is appraised at over $25,000 with many of them already “registered” with the ATF (Form 1, etc.).

  358. The 2nd Amendment states that citizens right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon; therefore as an OATH KEEPER I will not obey any orders to illegally hand over my arms to a Government of Tyranny.

  359. The answer to the question is very simply NO!!!! Molon Labe MFRS!! Take them from my cold dead hands because I will be out of ammo by then and there will be fewer gun grabbers.

  360. Not a chance between Zero talking about all this 2nd amen Bullsh.. and DHS buying enough Ammo to smoke everyone in this Country. My line is DRAWN!

  361. i do not obey any law, that is in violation of our constitution.i don’t care who tries to impose it on us. be it a progressive governor, or a bogus supreme court.long live the republic.

  362. I am a Vietnam era veteran and worked as a Federal Fire Officer for the United States Department of Defense. I took an oath as an enlisted man and as a civilian, to defend this nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I often wondered what a “domestic” enemy might be. The past five years have opened my eyes, my old eyes, my fading eyes, my proud American eyes…… I was 18 years old when I promised to give my life for my country if need be….. I maintain that oath today and am willing to die honoring that oath and my country. I intend to defend my country and myself….. how can I, an old man, do that without arms? No, I will not give up my arms….. besides, I already sold them all.

  363. Just because others decide to give up their 2nd amendment rights doesn’t mean that I have to follow the flock mentality and do the same! Flocks are for ignorant and stupid people which is the category that the majority of the people in the US fall in. Thats how Odumma likes them. Ignorant stupid people don’t think for themselves and figure that multiple ignorant wrong opinions must equal the truth! I’ve found that a vast majority of us 2nd amendment believers are humble quiet God fearing people that don’t toot our horn and squeak our wheels like the pablum puking liberals! But NOW is the time to change! Rise up and toot and squeak and be heard! WE WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS THAT MILLIONS HAVE BLED AND DIED FOR TO PRESERVE.

  364. I will not give up the right to protect my family, property and neighbors. I believe they feel the same. “Guns? What guns…they were stolen a couple of days ago…”

  365. Guns? No sir I don’t have any guns left accept this old single shot .22. You see I knew when your president got reelected you would be coming for them. I had a yard sale and sold all of them accept this one. Its a single shot, no pistol grip and not removable mag. I think its legal by your standards.
    Search my house? As a retired LEO I think I would feel better if you had a search warrant. Not trying to hide anything just don’t like the intrusion into my life. Have a good day. O by the way the money I received from the sale of my guns went to different charitable organizations anonymously.

  366. I will NEVER give up any weapon I might possess in the future, because I sold all the others to some passerby for a good profit.
    No Dickhead potus or ANY other politician will EVER take my property. They will surely regret trying.Looks like all the ignorant, lazy people in this country really screwed up voting for a piece of S _ _ _ kenyan/Muslim/Socialist/whatever he is.
    This all goes for Feinstein, Bloomburg, Cuomo, Emanuel, and the others trying to confiscate. They WILL rot in hell someday.

  367. I have served my country for over 35 years as a member of the military and a police officer. I will not give up my guns. if the government wants another civil war the best way to get it is to try and disarm the American people.

  368. I decided to follow our beloved leader Obama’s example and do what is right. Whatever Obama does must be gospel, must be right. I sold all my guns to Mexican drug cartels.

  369. The thing that gets me is #1 the fact that all the mass murders are committed by people on psychotropic drugs (but obama ,swinestiene or Bidden never mention that) #2 they never mention how much gun control has done for Chicago,New York city, or DC,LA and so on and # 3 I have not seen proof that Sandy hooked really happened I mean not like Obama ever lied to us. And finally if they want background checks we already have that every where except for any thing to do with Obama and as was mentioned before why do they ask info about weapons serial # if the background check is on the person?

  370. Isn’t the 2nd amendment the EXACT reason for not giving the government your guns. It’s like an abused wife getting out a restraining order and allowing the husband to revoke it.


  372. Not that it’d very difficult, but they’ll have to kill me to confiscate my guns. I’m reasonably certain that one or two of the Jack-booted thugs they send to confiscate mine will not be coming after yours and if the lame-stream media doesn’t cover it up, the whole event would be all over the news where SWAT, BATFE,, or whoever it is descend upon a wheelchair bound paraplegic with no prior criminal record and kill him just to confiscate a couple of semi-auto handguns.

  373. I, Michael E. Harris, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    I made this pledge 50 years ago upon enlistment into the USMC. I understood then, as I do now, that it had no expiration date. I am an old man now but I carry a USMC Challenge Coin that says on its reverse, “NOT AS LEAN, STILL AS MEAN, ALWAYS A MARINE.” I LIVE that mantra and will go to my death defending my oath above. There are at least a dozen people who would attest to this. One is the 35, or so, year old man whose ass I kicked for grinding a US Flag into the dirt with his boot and the others were the witnesses to the ass kicking.
    I carry a concealed weapon (Kimber Ultra Carry .45) at all times EVERYWHERE I go. If I must go through a metal detector, I don’t go there. Signs prohibiting firearms do not deter me. My weapon is concealed. If I don’t need it, nobody is aware that I am carrying it. If I do need it, I’m willing to accept the consequences for breaking the law. Although I doubt that anyone is going to complain if I have thwarted a crime and/or saved a life. I’ll take that chance.

    I have stayed proficient all these years by twice weekly range practices and a lifetime membership at “Front Sight Firearms Training Institute” which I attend regularly for additional training.

    But, of course, that’s just me. There are many dimwits out there who, like lemmings, submit to tyranny. I’m just NOT ONE OF THEM. COME AND GET ME, GOVERNMENT, but don’t expect me to meekly comply. You will undoubtedly take me bit I guarantee I will take a number of you with me.

    With Pleasure,

    Michael E Harris
    Tucson, Arizona

  374. I think a more important question is “If you see them coming for your NEIGHBOUR’S guns will you do anything?”

    They will get us one at a time for various different “common-sense solutions to gun violence” and by the time your grandkids wake up they will be disarmed in the name of public safety by 2050 or so…

    What would I do tomorrow if some representative of the Federal or State Govt. were to knock on my door and tell me they were there to take my firearms? That’s easy. It’s only when we think of the long game they have planned that we should be worried. They aren’t going to come at us head-on. And they will NEVER stop.

    The only answer is to raise more gun-friendly kids. Buy more gun-friendly stock. Invest in ammo companies. Join the NRA. Start your own local gun group. Know who to vote for.

    Most important, be ready to defend your neighbour’s AR, even if all you want is your grandaddy’s shotgun and a .22.

  375. On one end of the spectrum there is Einstein, on the other end of the spectrum there is Feinstein.
    The only difference is a big fat F which represent Failure or whatever else that begins with an F.


  376. No officer, They were stolen last month in a break in. I didn’t report it to you folks cuz I know you guys wouldn’t find them or even try anyway. I did sell 4 of them during the prior year but didn’t get any names…..should I have done that?

  377. Hopefully my last comment. You gain nothing by caching your weapons or claiming they were stolen or that you sold them to someone you don’t remember who. It is not very likely that they will even accept an earlier actual police report of stolen weapons. If you are on register as possessing firearms, when Satan’s agents come to get them and do not find all of them, you will be arrested and ‘interrogated’ until you puke up the facts. In any case it is unlikely that you will ever leave the detention center alive unless you take the mark of the beast-and that will cost you a trip to the everlasting lake of fire with Satan, Obama, likely Feinstein and all of the other evil dumbasses. End result: you have not added to any resistance and, again, you did not save yourself either.

  378. Not a chance. I already have all my ammo in PVC storage tubes as well as 10″ diameter tubes for the shotgun, the AK , and I can hide my .45 in plain site. I am patiently waiting for the inevitable to happen. The “domestic enemies” that I took an oath to defend the Consitution of the United States against can make all the laws they want and I have already commited myself to becoming a criminal when that happens. I promise you that this country will become a LOT more like Afghanistan after that day arrives.

  379. My fellow Americans, as a former U.S Army and Police officer back in the 70’s and 80’s
    I experienced this; Citizens within the boundaries of cities with “High Gun control” ((Chicago;New York;Puerto Rico))…become extremely vulnerable to “Criminals”…and find themselves violating the same Laws by keeping Firearms within reach to defend their families, property and else..(even is such firearma are Illegal) **Our Politicians have it all wrong; **What would you fear more? A Criminal that shows up to a location and discharges his AR-15 with large capacity ammunition clip?? **Or a well trained Law Abbidden Citizen with a scoped/high power Rifle ready to take on that Criminal from One thousand yards away?? **The Goverment needs to STOP giving our hard earned TAX MONEY to all of this Countries that Do Not Like Us anyway;;;and use that money to treat MENTAL HEALTH….within our population.** TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION; ** NO I WILL NOT SURRENDER MY FIREARMS;;** I WILL DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. **I WILL DEFEND MY FAMILY AND YOUR FAMILIES; MY CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN; I WILL DEFEND THE GOOD CITIZENS OF OUR GREAT NATION…. ((SO HELP ME GOD))

  380. My problem is there are hardly ANY local LEO departments
    that have stated they will not enforce them.

    Sheriff’s are a minute number of who will not enforce.

    Your local LE is the one to fear, along w/the local military style trained SWAT depts.

    (These folks have jointly trained and been endowed with millions of dollars in US military gear, and do not think for a minute they will not enforce them)

    Until I see them coming to the fore, we are all still where we started.In serious danger.

  381. If we were talking about taking our cars because of drunk drivers and cellphones,The less educated and uninformed American people would understand the fight we are in.The main reason they want illegals in this country is to gain votes and to keep votes from there relatives in this country.The (I want it free from the Government, non working, able-body, group that voted Obama in to Office) are out voting you. Ether take over the party or create a new one.It is doable from the district vote.and there are thousands of empty seats from what I have read.Districts decide who runs for the party.I want to keep my rights.

  382. WHAT GUNS!! Some hispanic that barely spoke english bought them at my last yard sale. here is the receipt–( signed Jose Fastnfurious) he bought all my ammo too.

  383. The second Amendment and our rights are not up for discussion period.. No weapons will be turned over, by 100,000,000 strong, this is our country and the line is drawn… So tell them to take all their illegal attempts to take our guns and rights from us, it will not happen.. Don’t. Bring none and you won’t get none..

  384. They won’t get anything of mine. What the government is attempting is so unconstitutional it’s ridiculous! If they come to my house hoping to leave with a firearm they are sorely mistaken. I will not hide my weapons or gear nor will I relinquish them.

  385. “Will I ever turn over my guns…” NEVER!!! I spent more then a few years in law enforcement and the police were generally more corrupt then the “bad-guys”. Though most of that experience was in Arizona (sadly) most all agencies are to some degree corrupt; SO I WILL ALWAYS KEEP MY GUNS. But I do insist on total and complete background checks for ALL individuals who buy guns and, also pereodic checks on law enforcement personal..,.

  386. My firearms and accessories that will then be illegal will have been sold of course. Oddly each one to guy named John, seems most all gun buyers are named John. I will then finalize my “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer plan.” At that point the prime business would be distributing the names of all of the law enforcement officials in a 30 mile radius, be they city, county, state, or federal officers. the department they work for, along with all the names of their immediate family, pictures, and other vital statistics. Urging all the good citizens to support our “friends” in and through these trying times.

    I encourage everyone who hasn’t started to use internet search engines, news paper articles, and any and all avenues to know their first responders. And know that donations to and joining societies such as the Fraternal Order of Police (associate memberships) can glean loads of information. And be prepared to pay $20 to $100 or so for online investigative services (which can be done through a group effort) to drastically increase the amount of data one can find pertaining to our friends who need our support.

  387. First of all, SHAME ON YOU CTD FOR FUELING A HOARDING PANIC! I personally will never do business with you GOUGERS ever. I am cacheing all of the “deals” you send me by email to post in forums when all this hoarding and cacheing nonsense dies down. Ammo that used to be 4 cents a round , you’re now charging 30 cents a round! ($150 for a 500-round brick of Phillipine Armscor 22lr when by rights it should go for $20!) I believe you are morally deficient, taking advantage of paranoid, desperate citizens of this great nation with your ridiculous prices, and lately with your inflammatory articles by email. Will I give up my guns? Almost seems reasonable in light of the way that this “mania” of hoarding and price gouging has been turning folks into mere animals. Just like after a hurricane here in Florida, when gas gougers are prosecuted, they should prosecute you dirtbags for recommending people hoard ammo and guns (almost making them feel that it’s crucial to their survival) then conveniently selling the material for 7-10 times its previous prices. You think you’re helping people, when you’re really just making the situation worse by preying on peoples primal fears (human-on-human aggression being one of the highest fears- right there behind dying of starvation) I know many law enforcement officers and former military that would never take guns away from people, therefore, I would conclude that the likelihood of a confiscation is virtually nil.

  388. No, I will not comply! They want the nation to disarm them selves, so that another, group, country, cartel, government, or terrorist group can move in and take over.
    Fffffuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk that!

  389. All nonsense and fluff most you on here will be giving those weapons up. When have any of you actually read the 2nd amendment? The right to bear arms, doesn’t say you need assault rifle with 50 rd drum wtf do you need that for? Someone please give me a reason. I own several appropriate handguns, scoped rifle and shotgun nothing in worried about losing, let alone shoting a person who’s doing their job I they come for them. Own weapons that are relevant to your safety not an M60.

  390. Let’s see if I have this right…you spend a few days in a hospital to get help for a mental/emotional problem so you can get better but they take your guns away because of it. On the other hand, you don’t seek help for these problems you have so you get to keep your guns…what’s wrong with this picture??

  391. It’s amazing that the Democrats would allow someone as unknowledgeable about guns as Diane Feinstein try to write gun legislation. While there is no doubt about her hate for guns, she has no understanding of them, or the gun owners. There are a few of us gun owners who remember some of her stunts to get guns banned. The funniest one was when, as Mayor of San Francisco, she sent one of her staff out to buy a gun so she could participate in a gun buy-back program sponsored by SFPD. This scam was leaked to the press by another staff member who recognized cutting edge stupidity when he saw it. Gun owners laughed and wandered how anyone this dumb could get elected, but this IS San Francisco, right?
    The point is that the Governments representative writing proposed gun laws should at least have a working knowledge of the subject she’s writing about. Obviously Diane Feinstein is not qualified to write gun laws.

  392. Of course I will turn my weapons in. Yea Right. If the want to come in and take what I have they will be taking them from my cold dead hands.

  393. I will not give up my fire arms,not now not ever. When it comes down to it they need a warrant to enter your home, without one they can not enter unless you give them permission. And if things go downhill,I will take my guns and move to Texas!

  394. If the Feds or Locals come calling for the surrender of my weapons they will have safety in numbers! Because it will take a whole battalion! I promise and I pray this day will never come but, I will fire on a uniform if their intent is to remove my weapons from my possession! I am a veteran my self and it will kill me to have to fire upon a brother in arms but make no mistake I will not hesitate! I love my country but I will die protecting my rights I took an oath in front of God and Country! And I take that oath very seriously because my brothers have died for those rights!!! So in the words of Charlton Heston ” You can take my rifle … when you pry it from my cold dead hands!”!!!

  395. Look, it is very important for everyone to know their RIGHTS, and I don’t mean just the 2nd Amendment. I have tremendous respect for law enforcement officers, however, we must all know that they have been trained to get us to give up our rights during searches. This is for your person, and more importantly, your home. With confiscation looming, it is imperative that we all know how to keep them from working their way into our homes.

    Specifically, know that you do not have to let the Police into your home without a warrant. In fact, you should keep a locked door between you and them if they show up to your house uninvited. Talk to them through the door or a nearby window. If they say “It’s hard to hear you, could you please step outside?” – answer with “No, but I will give you my phone number so that you can call me.” If they say that it is cold/hot/rainy/etc. “May I just step inside for a moment?”, the answer is “I’m sorry, but no you may not.” Remember, they MUST show you a warrant before they come into your house. If you let them in for ANY reason, you just opened yourself up for trouble. The reason for the locked door is so that, if you ever had to show that you did not consent to a search, a broken door frame is a clear indication that someone forced their way into your home without your consent. Note – I’m not saying that you should ignore a search warrant or a legal command to open the door. But, you can always clearify if you have to with 2 simple questions: “Do you have a search warrant?” and/or “Are you LAWFULLY COMMANDING me to open this door?” (Keep in mind that the officer, in order to LAWFULLY COMMAND you to open the door MUST have probable cause that a crime has or is being committed).

    One more thing, if we ever want to push back all of this, we must ALL do our civic duty. I’m not just talking about voting, although that is the BIGGEST weapon in our arsenal. I’m talking about jury duty.

    Think about it – you’re sitting on a trial that involves someone who didn’t register their firearms with the state and the prosecutor is looking to you to convict. HELL NO! If that happens enough, NO police department will follow the law as they won’t get a conviction. Furthermore, if you’re on a jury and the case revolves around a wrongful entry by the police suit relating to firearms, are you still going to side with the police? HELL NO! Did they have ANY reason to enter a person’s home looking for firearms that weren’t registered, but otherwise are legally possessed? NOPE! Believe me, enough police departments get their budgets whacked by lawsuits and you’ll see them ignore whatever DiFi, et. al. send our way.

  396. Neither I, nor my neighbors, will surrender our firearms. We have made a pact as I suspect most Americans have also made across our once great nation. A pact between neighbors, friends, and family to make a stand and fight. A pact made by current and former members of our armed forces, current or retired police officers, deputies, detectives, firemen, paramedics, doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, mailmen, store clerks and many more ordinary Americans. In the words of the great Mexican patriot Emiliano Zapata, “I will rather die on my feet than live the rest of my life on my knees.” I did not escape Communism as a child to now surrender to the totalitarianism of these technocrat despots as an adult… Not here, not now, not ever!

    Semper Fi

  397. I am a Christian American who lives in a Southern State. I am an FFL gun dealer and a current part-time law enforcement applicant that will begin working for either city or county law enforcement later on this year. I will not submit, adhere to, or enforce any law that I deem unconstitutional, be it city, county, state, federal or International law. With the shape the world is in right now we as Americans need a way to defend ourselves and our families when the time comes. With the United Staes teetering on the brink of financial collapse, nuclear war becoming a very real and present danger from neighboring countries, so much of our state and federal government controlled and ran by greed and/or corrupt individuals, and our country becoming so ungodly and evil within itself, that it makes Sodom and Gamorrah look like an amusement park, we are on the fringe of complete chaos and destruction of the U.S.A. as we know it today, and possibly even the end of time itself. May God Bless America and help our leaders, (and citizens), to wake up before it is too late. I pray for strength, wisdom & prtotection for my Christian brothers and sisters, and for Salvation for those who have yet to put their faith in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, that they may have eternal life through Him. Amen.

  398. when i entered active duty, i swore to uphold the Constitution of The United States,, and PROTECT HER FROM THREATS, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. there was no limit on amount or time. if every veteran and active duty military holds to their solemn oath, it would behoove those left wing fascists to leave the hornets nest alone.just leave us alone.

  399. Give up my firearms? Sure, but it will be barrel first and the barrel will be smokin’ hot! Oh, and they’ll have to pry my fingers off the trigger!

  400. I will join the HUGE underground movement to take our freedom back. no “dictator” will ever break the back of freedom loving americans, try they are, loose they will.

  401. Well, I support the president so much, that when he got on TV and said these guns were dangerous, I went to the closest lake, went out to the middle in a boat, and dumped all my guns and magazines and ammo into the water. No, I didn’t have my smartphone with me, so I didn’t get a gps fix on the location. Sorry, yall should of told us ahead of time you were going to be confiscating them. If I remember correctly, yall specifically said you would not come to take them. Oops.

  402. They can’t take weapons from Iran nor north Korea. But they want to bully us. Lawful citizens. Liberate Mexico and stop the cartels and then we can talk about “registration”. Make it safe for any American to travel anywhere in the world first. But oh there are bad people out there. Well I need my weapon to protect me, my family, and my community. A safe community makes for a great America

  403. Im sure CTD will provide all records to the government of individuals who have purchased not only weapons but ammo as well…. so why bother with handing them over when companies like this will provide the info for them to show up at your door! Im truly disgusted with CTD’s price gouging on firearms and ammo during this attack on our freedoms
    Comment by travis — March 30, 2013 @ 1:06 am

    I completely agree…

  404. This country has lost all common sence and morality. It did not happen over night, it has spread slowly decade after decade. Now they have us just where they want, over worked and to busy to pay attention. This is where a socialistic goverment takes over with out one shot fired unless we get off our ass and remove these old and corupt represenatives that we never thought could be elected. The problem is that no one is willing to take a true stand for their beleifes. So cry all you want but untill you get off your asses and vote these people out of office. But year after year it never changes,does anyone ever do anything but complain? The time has come to stand up and do something

  405. From my cold dead ones – baby!!! From my cold dead one.

    But I have NOTHING to lose. Others in the same situation have families, homes, etc. If you are guaranteed that you will lose your 401K, bank acct, home, car and children, you’ll turn em in quicker than duck’s poo.

    They ALREADY do that to drug dealers or drug possessors. They take EVERYTHING…snowmobiles, boats, cars planes, ranches, children. EVERYTHING. It does not even require judicial review. The Admin-power of the DEA allows the taking of ALL your stuff. Your life as you know it will be over. You’ll go to your death-bed thinking you could have fought-back….but at the time, you chose the easy safe route of trusting the home-boy in office.

    They took your dignity…that is worse than losing the house, the boat and the 401k.

  406. I will bury any weapon I own in my backyard before giving it to some random guy trying to enforce an extremely illegal and unjust law. Let me ask this…what if some of our founding fathers organized a gun restriction on state of the art weapons. Aka the assault rifles of 1776. What if people like Ethan Allen or his organized militia were told back in 1770 that all rifles privately owned must be turned in . Would we as americans still be paying taxes on tea? And still say God save the King? What about 1812 after the government of the United States was formed. What if the government said turn those guns in boys and girls you dont need them. Where would we be? Dont try to take my guns and I wont take yours

  407. I also live in the People’s Socialist Republic of California. “I was born here and god golly, I’m goin’ to die here”, ~ Shorty from Blazing Saddles.

    As a senior, I have seen the sea change in this state. I’m not too concerned. This state is bankrupt and can’t hire enforcers. They can’t even hire tax collectors, it’s automated now.

    They will get around to confiscating the guns here right after they legalize gay marriage, round up all the illegal aliens and finish the bullet train to SF.

  408. I would be very carefull what I said on the internet as it stays on the internet for all to see ,they need too know who has the guns so they can forceably take them befor you can organize to stop them

  409. I think anyone asking themselves this question need only take a look at past history. Specifically the period of 1939-1945 when A. Hitler ran the government in Europe. Notice I did not say Germany. There was a town, in France, that he decided to eliminate because one of his henchmen was assassinated. Hitler became enraged and sent his SS to the town, rounded up the men and shot them in a barn. He then rounded up the WOMEN and CHILDREN, took them to church and SHOT them too. In approximately 4 hours, Hitler eliminated the entire populatio