Tuning Baikals for Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting is one of the most entertaining games around, with competitors outfitting themselves with some of the most functional guns ever created. But models like the affordable Russian-made Baikal SxS double-barrel shotgun in 12 gauge don’t come CAS-ready, says Steve Young, a Port Arthur, Texas, gunsmith. “For entry-level-priced CAS side-by-sides, nowadays I steer folks to these Russian-made Baikals. For years they were imported by EAA of Florida, then Remington in the Spartan Gunworks line. Now they are under the USSG banner, which is a subsidiary of EAA. EAA is still doing the service and parts for these guns. From a gunsmith’s point of view, parts are important.” He often works on Cylinder-bore side-by-side Baikals with 2 3/4-inch chambers. The minimum work Young recommends: “I work the action on this gun so it easily opens wide and stays open for easy reloads. Also, the auto safety is made into manual operation, both on and off, and the chamber mouths are chamfered for easier reloads.” Baikal double-barrels are available through CTD. Click here to jump our listing of that brand. Baikals are also available through our auction partner, Click here to jump to Baikal auctions. Steve Young offers additional upgrades on these break-action shotguns, such as a large #4 front bead, a switch-trigger, and a low extractor. For more pics or questions, send e-mail to

A tuned Baikal has a smoother action, manual safety, and chamfered chambers.

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Comments (2)

  1. Good Plug for Steve ! He is a great gunsmith for 1892 lever guns also.
    Me I shoot a single trigger Stoeger SXS and own a Baikal as a back up.
    The Skb shotguns are the Rolls Royce of cowboy shooting if you have deep pockets!

  2. I like these coach guns. Mine is a Stoeger. I have not modified nor customized it yet either. What I would like to see, is, Ruger, or one of the other major U.S. gun companies to put one out there for us CAS sports.

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