Trump’s Gun Platform: Good or Bad?

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump recently released his platform regarding the right to keep and bear arms. The material below is what he posted on his website last week. We’re interested in comments from the Shooter’s Log community about Trump’s views on guns and whether his gun platform makes any difference in your appraisal of him as a presidential candidate. Let us hear your views in the comment section below. Trump’s statement follows below, word for word, except for minor formatting changes. Or click here to see the original. At the bottom is an interview with Trump about his personal carry situation.

PROTECTING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump recently released his 2nd Amendment platform.
Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump recently released his 2nd Amendment platform. Photo from Trump campaign.

The Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right that belongs to all law-abiding Americans. The Constitution doesn’t create that right – it ensures that the government can’t take it away. Our Founding Fathers knew, and our Supreme Court has upheld, that the Second Amendment’s purpose is to guarantee our right to defend ourselves and our families. This is about self-defense, plain and simple.

It’s been said that the Second Amendment is America’s first freedom. That’s because the Right to Keep and Bear Arms protects all our other rights. We are the only country in the world that has a Second Amendment. Protecting that freedom is imperative. Here’s how we will do that: Enforce The Laws On The Books We need to get serious about prosecuting violent criminals. The Obama administration’s record on that is abysmal. Violent crime in cities like Baltimore, Chicago and many others is out of control. Drug dealers and gang members are given a slap on the wrist and turned loose on the street. This needs to stop.

Several years ago there was a tremendous program in Richmond, Virginia called Project Exile. It said that if a violent felon uses a gun to commit a crime, you will be prosecuted in federal court and go to prison for five years – no parole or early release. Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, called that a “cookie cutter” program. That’s ridiculous. I call that program a success. Murders committed with guns in Richmond decreased by over 60% when Project Exile was in place – in the first two years of the program alone, 350 armed felons were taken off the street.

Why does that matter to law-abiding gun owners? Because they’re the ones who anti-gun politicians and the media blame when criminals misuse guns. We need to bring back and expand programs like Project Exile and get gang members and drug dealers off the street. When we do, crime will go down and our cities and communities will be safer places to live.

Here’s another important way to fight crime – empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. Law enforcement is great, they do a tremendous job, but they can’t be everywhere all of the time. Our personal protection is ultimately up to us. That’s why I’m a gun owner, that’s why I have a concealed carry permit, and that’s why tens of millions of Americans have concealed carry permits as well. It’s just common sense. To make America great again, we’re going to go after criminals and put the law back on the side of the law-abiding.

Fix Our Broken Mental Health System Let’s be clear about this. Our mental health system is broken. It needs to be fixed. Too many politicians have ignored this problem for too long.

All of the tragic mass murders that occurred in the past several years have something in common – there were red flags that were ignored. We can’t allow that to continue. We need to expand treatment programs, because most people with mental health problems aren’t violent, they just need help. But for those who are violent, a danger to themselves or others, we need to get them off the street before they can terrorize our communities. This is just common sense.

And why does this matter to law-abiding gun owners? Once again, because they get blamed by anti-gun politicians, gun control groups and the media for the acts of deranged madmen. When one of these tragedies occurs, we can count on two things: one, that opponents of gun rights will immediately exploit it to push their political agenda; and two, that none of their so-called “solutions” would have prevented the tragedy in the first place. They’ve even admitted it.

We need real solutions to address real problems. Not grandstanding or political agendas.

Defend The Rights of Law-Abiding Gun Owners GUN AND MAGAZINE BANS. Gun and magazine bans are a total failure. That’s been proven every time it’s been tried. Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like “assault weapons”, “military-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” to confuse people. What they’re really talking about are popular semi-automatic rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of Americans. Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own.

BACKGROUND CHECKS. There has been a national background check system in place since 1998. Every time a person buys a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer – which is the overwhelming majority of all gun purchases – they go through a federal background check. Study after study has shown that very few criminals are stupid enough to try and pass a background check – they get their guns from friends/family members or by stealing them. So the overwhelming majority of people who go through background checks are law-abiding gun owners. When the system was created, gun owners were promised that it would be instant, accurate and fair. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case today. Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health records into the system – and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to be as effective as the records that are put into it. What we need to do is fix the system we have and make it work as intended. What we don’t need to do is expand a broken system.

NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.

MILITARY BASES AND RECRUITING CENTERS. Banning our military from carrying firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous. We train our military how to safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless. To make America great again, we need a strong military. To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves.

What do you think of Trump’s platform? Let us hear your criticism and prai

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  1. All these statements are true, unfortunately they are simply a politically collected rehash of what patriotic Americans have said since our liberty was won by the men and women who made sure there was a second amendment. Trump and his paid political hacks will say anything to get him elected.

    Trust me, this man is not your friend. A megalomaniac such as this person cannot be trusted with hundreds of thousands of troops, ships, tanks, and atomic weapons. First time Putin picks on him, there goes a missile. First time a governor disagrees with him, martial law gets declared.

    Fight for our rights but don’t fight for Trump. He won’t protect your rights, he’ll usurp them. King George had power because the people allowed it including the rape of the American colonies and murder of its native population. But old George didn’t have the bomb or our troops. Imagine where we’d be if he did.

    If Trump or his friend Hillary or Sanders (or most of the people at the top of the polls wins, I will retire. If the first of the aforementioned win,I will leave this country I have defended so long.

    1. Fight for our rights you say. Then you say you will leave this country if Mr. Trump is elected. What happened to fight for your rights? I think I have a pretty good understanding of why the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pelosi’s and Boxers of the world and in America want to disarm us and I do not think for one second its because of crime, murders or suicides. Our focus should be on stopping their political agenda and although Mr. Trump may not be our favorite candidate he is what we have to work with. Mr. Trump’s election to the Oval Office will be nothing short of a setback for the TRAITORS who presently reside in the White House. There have been far to many times when the present and past administrations have intentionally and purposefully have made possible the release of thousands of criminals from prison. They have also made possible the influx of thousands of aliens and refugees from around the world and gave to them the same benefits and assistance which they have either denied or threatened to deny the American people. The present, past and dare I say the future administrations have given weaponry to countries around the world which have eventually found its way back and used against our own troops. This is a mirrored action and equal to the accusations that weapons obtained by criminals are ultimately the fault of the honest and responsible gun owners. The same is then true for the adminstrations in Washington because it is those leaders in Washington who ultimately agreed to give weapons to other countries which have found its way back and used against our troops causing loss of life and limb. Should the individual who buys and sells a car be held accountable when a criminal uses that car in the commission of a crime? Or held accountable for a meth lab because he sold the house that the criminal built the meth lab in? I think not and neither should gun owners, knife owners archery owners or manufactures be accountable for the actions and deeds of others. The real criminals are the Clinton’s, Obamas, Pelosi’s and Boxers in Washington. No. Mr. Trump may not be our ideal choice but he is what we have to work with and history has shown we have accomplished much more with a lot less. Leave if you must but do so for the right reasons.

  2. Mr Trump is right on Every issue. Our streets would be a safer place to live IF WE HAD A PRESIDENT THAT WOULD BE ABOUT HIS JOB!! AND THAT GOES ON ALL THE ISSUES HE’S TALKING ABOUT EVERY WHERE HE GOES. PERIOD. …..Protect OUR RIGHTS AMERICANS!!!

  3. I’m watching Mr. Trump closely. To hear his stance on 2A is very important to me. While I am not a single issue voter,I do tend to support 2A candidates. I also want my CC permit to be honored in all 50 states. As an NRA instructor and with the basic pistol course going to a blended format in 2016. It only standardized the course, much the same as the hunter safety course. Which I’ve yet to hear of anyone being turned down for a hunting license once certified here in FL and hunting elsewhere in the US. I think I’ll need to watch more of Mr Trump as his stance on this issue is right on the money. Take care and stay safe, train often.

  4. Our American patriots fought a tyrannical king; thus, the 2nd Amendment was put in place for we the people to protect ourselves and our country, if, in the future, a president would become tyrannical. Our Bill of Rights and our U.S. Constitution is based on liberty and freedom of thought, and God and the Bible can not be separated from the men who wrote our Founding documents. As an American, these ideas were taught and instilled in me at an early age. I will vote for Ted Cruz because our Founding documents is a profound and proven part of his life. Our freedoms, our 2nd Amendment rights will not be infringed upon as long as we have a president who fully understands our Rule of Law.

  5. Amen. Tim is right. It’s a shame that my vote all depends on who will let me keep my gun rather than the economy, overseas politics or health cocerns. We should always have the right to bear arms so we arent subjected to what has happened in other countries after thier guns were taken away.

  6. I will vote for trump because he is not a politician he is an American that cares about our country and the rights of Americans and he takes no money from big business therefore he owes no favors to anyone an he can do what is right for America and its people if l had my way we would run all politicians out of Washington and start over with good old American values that we have lost

  7. People that are free should always own guns to protect themselves and their families. If you look at the facts,the police are always called afterwards.They rarely stop a crime . Where gun laws are the tightest,the ciminals are more loving it. We all have a God given right to own guns,and defend ourselves.Trump is right on the money.

  8. When are the people of this nation going to wake up? When are they going to stop being sheep lead to slaughter by money hungry, self serving leaders of this country? When it’s too late or when “We the people” finally say enough is enough!! This nation was once great due to their belief in God and minding their own business. Today, 90 % of the people want something , everything given to them on a silver platter by the government. If you want it get off your ass and work for it. Get off your ass and vote , take these self serving policy makers and sent them home without a tax free salary of hundreds on thousands of dollars. We the people have that right, don’t misuse it or even worse not use it at all. The idea of a bunch of immigrants from Syria scares the hell out of me. A percentage of them as going to be ISIS fighter’s brought here by the government and not because they are poor refugees because they want to bring the attack here to your home land. They know if they do the sheep of this country will want more government and allow said government to take more of your rights away. The leadership of this country, is secretly passing laws that are stripping your rights. You the people need to wake up. A leader once said “If you want to conquer a nation first disarm it’s citizens.” He also tested it later and proved his point. Having served in the military , and retired, I know that the only reason Russia didn’t invade the USA during the cold war was for one reason only. They could not or didn’t want to engage in a door to door war. They knew that there would be the military to fight but also each and every house ( who owned guns) and that would slow them down and cost them to many soldiers and tview We the people need to wake up before it’s to late. Other wise Adolf Hilters statement will come true here too. Guns don’t kill people , people kill people. A gun has never jumped up and shot at me, people have. A word had never jumped up and beat my ass, a couple of people have. My point is stop being so offended by someone else’s opinion, use it to help understand their point of view you don’t have to agree. Stop taking my hard earned money to pay for illegal aliens, let them come here legally , work for what they need and pay their taxes, become citizens. Stop trying to take my guns they may save your life one day. But if you want them take them from my cold dead hands at a cost you may regret.

  9. National registration would be the beginning of the end for gun owners. History reflects this has always lead to eventual confiscation or disarming of the public. Not a good thing.

  10. What he “says” has a good sound to it. IMO he does have an “unpredictable” character. That’s one of the things I like about him. Electing him may shock the rest of the world into reality. His progressive past does bother me but I guess I’ve got a gambling streak also.
    As we have seen with the current progressive party, they say one thing and do the other, or at least allow misinterpretation of what they plan without clarification.
    Let’s hope that statement about all states honoring concealed license permits isn’t “progressive speak” for a National register of CHL holders.
    As you can tell, I do not blindly trust ANYONE running for public office.

  11. All I’ve read about Donald Trump, is. That he CLAIM’S to have a Gun License, Nothing I found say that he actually OWN’S A GUN.

    1. I am not, nor will I ever be, a sitting duck. I will defend myself and my family as needed with every tool I own – among them are education, knowledge, and my ability with defensive weapons. The only people who decry that are criminals, most Democrats, and some truly dumb folks who for whatever reason fear inanimate objects.

  12. The peoples republic of Califorina is an easy target because of their wacky politics, but remember that good gun owning people live there too,
    Let us not let them down.

  13. Agree with Sasquatch comment on one issue decision BUT it is an important one. AND not all the candidates feel the same on gun rights…..
    just check Bush and Christy……both advocate tighter gun control and registration. They are no go for me.

    1. sasquatch,

      The face comment was meant to be a play off what Trump said about Carly. Looks for sure shouldn’t be a factor (though I guess being a beautiful people does score points).

      It is a shame that much of the American electorate is so gullible and easily led. “Hope and change”?? Almost as fleshed out as “Make America Great Again”.

      One thing for sure, BO will not be a hard act to follow, perhaps the most dismal POTUS of all time. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t think we have the gumption to turn it around before or without catastrophic consequences.

      As to our gun rights, most all the leading GOP candidates are equally on the right side of the issues. This should NOT be a one issue decision.

  14. There sure seem to be a lot of Trump fan boys amongst gun owners if the posts here are any indication.

    Again, Trump has switched positions on aspects of gun control and 2 amendment. He is high on bluster, bravado and rhetoric (without the details), and low on social skills, humility, tact, etc. I think he’d make a much better dictator than president.

    I guess what I don’t understand is that with several other good options, particularly Carly, Carson, and Cruz, why Trump has so much draw? Though if you add up the poll figures for the others, they come up to more than those who back trump.

    As to Trumps electability, how could you vote for a face like that?

  15. I completely agree with Trump’s stance on the second amendment; in fact, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m a good (read: hard-liner) conservative and protecting our right to bear arms is very important to me. I will be voting for Trump in 2016 and encourage every freedom-loving patriot to do the same!

  16. I feel that this country is headed for a critical mass implosion or a resurfacing of true Americans. I believe that Trump would serve us well to get this country back on track. We have slowly let the minority, of any situation, rule the country. We already have a set of rules that have served us well for centuries….we just need to get back to following THOSE rules!!!
    Gun control should only be defined as Muzzle Discipline and Grip!!!!

  17. It’s been a long time coming but at last we can see a politician , and yes Mr. Trump is now a Politican, it’s very good to see a Politican with common sense.

  18. This guy is my new hero. I love what he said in this article and I love his no bulls–t attitude.This country NEEDS this man as President now! We need to turn this ship ASAP because we are headed down a dark path already and another liberal Democrat is definitely NOT the answer. I have been a lifelong Democrat and I know when it is time for a change.

  19. Not trying to get off topic but what really caught my eye was the 5 years for committing a violent crime with a firearm LOL That is supposed to be getting tough on violent offenders ? What about alternative sentencing for non violent offenders and put violent predators away for good ? Our legal system defies common sense.

    1. You don’t want to fall into the mandatory sentencing guidelines like that. They (some states) have the 3 strikes law automatic 25 years, mandatory 10 year drug cases.
      Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s mostly SSalifornia, it could fall off the map and most of the bad, cancer causing laws should fall with it.

  20. Did you ever notice that every official in office has sworn to support and defend the constitution of the United States? And most, the moment they are in office, want only to change and ignore it?

    Should an official, elected or appointed, aspire to violate that oath (trust), on any point of the constitution, it should be considered, if not treason, grounds for immediate impeachment…. regardless office or appointment. Regardless!

    Remember, our forefathers were in the same position as we now find ourselves… An out of control government.

  21. Don’t trust politicians – esp rich politicians ! They ( he) has his own armed guards ! If the first immigrants didn’t have guns they would have never defeated the natives !

  22. Trump will say all the right things. He’s got a mouth. Just like the liar Obama said all the right things in his campaign. Then he did the opposite of what what he said. You have to look at the character of the men campaigning and not the listen to the rhetoric. There isn’t any men in the running that cares a rat’s ass about the Constitution, except for Rand Paul. Trump, to me, comes off as a marketing snake. Big business running the country is fascism. Trump will show his true Zionist colors the day after the election.

  23. Of all our Republican candidates Ted Cruz is the most consistent and articulate. He definitely walks the talk. I’ve said in the past ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, Cruz personifies those words.

    1. I agree, Ted Cruz lives the Constitution; Trump seems to be ‘catching up’ on Constitutional rights; He did not mention (or know) that our right to bear arms is mainly for the people to rise up against a tyrannical central government; he also seems to believe it is his job, should he become president, to delve in to people’s ‘mental conditions’, where would this lead to, like Obama’s using people on social security to keep them from getting CCW’s. Trump seems to focus on the feds instead of states’ rights when speaking about arrests and convictions of people who use a gun in the commission of a crime; all this tells me he is a big government guy. Further, why doesn’t Trump start calling out his own state, New York; it is extremely difficult and costly for individuals and small business people to get concealed gun permits; I know this because I was from NY, had a small business, and, we were often paid in cash; our business was in our home. Although, my husband had a legal gun bought in Pennsylvania, we filled out lengthy application, paid money, and, got turned down for a ccw by NY. Trump is not a Constitutionalist.

  24. I agree with Bill on the gun issue. If a candidate does not fully support 2A I will not vote for them. So far Trump, Carson and Cruz show full support for the 2nd A. There are some areas that should not be compromised. We seem to have lost our backbone somewhere and partly due to political coŕectness. It’s foolishness to not call a spade a spade. We need to speak loudly and clearly..

  25. I saw that speech and he says the right things but I worry about what he may do once he gets into office. So far he seems to be all bluster and no substance. color me worried.

  26. If you take him at his word he is spot on. The problem is that there isn’t a politician on the planet that can be taken for his/her word. They are ALL pathological liars. Someone above hinted that he is pandering to the constituency that he needs to get elected. Name one that doesn’t. For now, I have to take him at his word. I do feel that he will not sell us out to the U.N. like the present idiot and the Hildabeast will. It is always picking a lesser of two evils. You decide; the Donald or the Hildabeast.

  27. Sounds great. Remember that current R leadership talked good game about O-care repeal, etc. and what have we gotten? Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they’ve done.

  28. Cruz is one man and he’s done the right things. Called a spade a spade. We need more like him. Trump and him would make a great team.

  29. No doubt that Trump has struck a chord with his brash unfiltered style, it’s a breath of fresh air in a politician stuffed room. That being said, Trump still has a history of comments and actions that don’t seem to mesh with his rhetoric. He has been on the record, both via comments, and a passage in a book as being for gun control, both longer waiting periods, and out right banning “assault weapons” (MSR’s for the informed). Makes you wonder if he is simply saying what he needs to in order to “make a deal”?

    He also blasts the other candidates as taking money from “special interests”, and boasts he is beholden to no one. He then also admits to giving money to candidates of BOTH parties, especially the clintons. Um, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? I don’t think you can attack a candidate for taking special interest money, then turn around and say, by the way, I AM A SPECIAL INTEREST. Call me crazy, but doesn’t that shoot you credibility all to crap?

    I like Trump as far as his rhetoric, and that he has caught the political world in a tizzy, but I am not sure I could vote for him in good conscience. Just more questions than answers that I can wrap my head around.

  30. I’m tired of politicians and their “politically correct” stances on everything from illegal immigration to the 2A. Having served my country and spending many years on the streets as Police Officer, I have seen many bad things happen to good people. Watching my elderly father, a WW2 veteran, enter his 90’s seeing what America has turned into tore me apart inside. So many have given their all, and still do everyday to protect what the greatest generation gave us today…FREEDOM. They reason you can have an opinion today, and aren’t speaking Japanese or German or Russian is because Americans defended your rights and died for you. I agree with Donald Trump and will be casting my vote for him to be the next President of the United States. Maybe I can reinvigorate my pride in being an American. This country does not need anymore politicians…they need someone “with a set” to stand up and represent the people, not their cronies.

    Let’s remember this part of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address…” It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” AMEN

  31. It’s the best news I’ve heard so far from any of the candidates. Time would tell if he delivers on what he says but at least he has a valid opinion.

  32. What’s up with that guy’s hair anyway? I don’t think we can trust a guy like that. You bad people with your guns are nuts too. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to get a shooting toy like all of you like to play with. Grow up and get jobs, all of you.

  33. This is one major reason that I will support Trump to the end. Bush does not even admit owning a firearm. Christie just blew it for firearms owners in New Jersey. He is hopeless, and should drop out of the race. I would like to see Trump, and Cruz in the front seat. Rubio would be my choice for eliminating Kerry.

  34. I have never voted for a Democrat for anything higher than the state house. I’ve been a registered Republican since 1972. I’m a US Army infantry vet, a concealed carry holder, and an unwavering proponent of the Second Amendment.

    And I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump for dog catcher, for two main reasons.

    1) Trump is a self-aggrandizing jackass. Great businessman? Okay, sure, why not. Leader of the free world? Great mind? Finger on the button? Not a chance if it’s up to me. In the debates all he had was punchlines.

    2) After the current poser-in-chief’s eight-year debacle, I have vowed that I will never vote for another POTUS who has no military experience. The issue of slavery, and having military service to qualify as President, are two points on which I believe the Founding Fathers erred. And seriously – after multiple deferments, Trump couldn’t go to Vietnam because of bone spurs in his feet?!?

    I’ll be voting for Jim Webb, first time I’ve voted for a Democrat POTUS. Navy Cross, SecNav, US Senator. I do not agree with all his positions, by any means – but he is a proven leader on all fronts, and will serve with dignity, responsibility and love of country. Plus, he’ll turn the Hilldebeest into a stain on the road.

    Search for his website and check him out. If you like Trump, you’ll love Webb. He’s officially announced, but isn’t actively campaigning at the national level. He’s smart that way.

  35. To not accept Trump is then to accept what? Pick anyone else and look at what you are choosing, not better all-around choice.

    Trump has a good record. In order to have a good record you have to be a leader, know how to negotiate, and get deals done.

    The people in the US haven’t had a true leader in so long they don’t know how to recognize one. Leaders tend to be a little harsh, brash, and are often judged as being self-centered. But this is the personality of a leader. Trump is a well-rounded capable leader. He will surround himself with good people, there is no doubt he knows how.

    Put Trump in office, break the oligarchy, break the chain.

  36. Problem is none of the politicians can be trusted. At least Trump is a businessman and used to delivering what he sells. I would trust him far before a Bush or Christy as they have both demonstrated that they will say and reverse on a dime. Lets get a none politician in office for once as see if it’ll get better.

  37. Trump is all about Donald Trump and will say anything he thinks will promote himself. I like that he isn’t politically correct, but I just can’t bring myself to trust him…just one old mans opinion.

    1. A boss, a leader, this is what one looks like. US has been sold the incorrect image a leader is a soft spoken attorney type, wrong. We don’t want a nice-guy in office. The US is a victim of non-leader personalities. Tough is a good thing.

    2. @Gearmoe

      I agree with you about needing a tough leader instead of a member of the good old boys club. I just don’t think Trump is right for the job. Cruz or Christie would be better choices…once again, just my opinion.

    3. @Richard

      You’re right…my mistake. I meant to type Carsen…don’t know why I put Christie’s name in there. I kinda like Jindal too, but the media won’t give him half a chance.

  38. Trump is what we need. It will take him and people like him to reform this poor Government we have now. A Government which can say “No” to no one. Obama has to be about the gutless President this Country has seen. We are the laughing stock of the World. No prior President would apologize for ANYTHING. Apologize is Obama’s middle name. Trump is a Constitutional man, but a man who cannot get elected due to the free loaders.

  39. The gun platform is right on. I haven’t totally decided, but it is great to finally see someone that will say what they believe and not back up the minute someone else doesn’t like it. Getting offended is part of life, get over it.

  40. IF our military can give a young man a weapon, or a multi million dollar aircraft to protect his fellow military members and the “law makers”, WHY can the law abiding citizens not use a weapon to protect their loved ones and themselves? Is it that the “law makers” are trying to protect themselves from U.S.? I believe so and they also allowing criminals and illegal aliens to do harm to U.S..
    I believe that Mr. Trump will bring greatness back to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and bring the people back together. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  41. While I really don’t like folks that steal from our Government or that use and are friends of this countries enemy’s such as Mr. Trump has and is doing. I will have to say he is head and shoulders above any and all of the announced candidates from either party. Idiots like Ted Cruz have had four years to back up their claim of changing this government for the better and have especially in Cruz’s case they have only made it worse for American’s while they have stuffed their own pockets and changed things to help themselves.
    True it IS TIME to turn this country around and jail all of those felons that are here to profit from the system. Yes I know that would clear out and jail 99% of those in Washington that are now running this out of control country BUT it is time to do something or we can just sit back and watch as this once great country implodes from all the corruption and crime the average American lives with each and every day.
    If Trump is the answer at least we already know of his ties with the Russian Mafia and his underhanded business practices BEFORE he takes office and his book is open to all and NOT hidden behind a bunch of lobbisists.

    1. My, you obviously haven’t been following Cruz very closely have you? Ted is the ONLY Senator or Representative who has stood for not only gun rights, but against Obama, Boehner and McConnell. He has been a Senator for less than six years and has consistently fought and strategized against and loudly spoken out against the evil that exists in Mordor on the Potomac today.

  42. If only Trump’s other platform stances made as much sense as his gun rights stance he would make a good President, but most of his other platform stances make no sense at all!

  43. You know Trump sounds acts looks like a real American to me.
    Best thing in the last 100 years for sure.
    His gun platform came from a real American.

  44. I agree with everything he has laid out! The only view I have seen that is clear and does not try to side step, sugar coat, or hide an agenda! He has my vote

  45. I like Trump because he says what’s on his mind without wavering to the political correctness that has consumed this country and brought it to it’s knees. He has the big balls to stand up and fight against everything that has gone wrong since the Liberals have dumbed down America, especially since the annoited one has taken office.
    I like everything about Trumps gun platform, it’s exactly what we need in gun rights reform, period. I am all for the right to carry in every state.
    Let’s get back to the very essence of what this country was built on by enforcing our second amendment rights to the fullest extent.
    I believe that the biggest problem we have in our nation is the total lack of morals in every aspect of the word. Without morals, the fabric that makes a country great, you have weakness, essentially creating a nation of jellyfish without a backbone.
    I want a President like Trump who has a strong backbone to lead this country of ours and take back the greatness that this administration have done their best to remove. I’m sick of politicians lying and pandering to their own interests. I want a President for the people and of the people. One that doesn’t read telepromters and takes more vacations and spends more money than the last 7 Presidents combined.
    And one that will build up our military to be the ultimate superpower we once were and help our Vets in every way we can.
    Also one that will finally secure our boarder once and for all!
    Some may not like Trumps personality but he believes in the Judeo/Christian principles that this country was founded on and he is unwavering in his strength and conviction in enforcing what our forefathers built.
    Let’s take America back, damn it!!

  46. It Is Common Sense that is why “Gun Control Types” will never recognize it. Just because the government doesn’t do its job properly they throw up smoke and mirrors to hide their MISTAKES. The only large sale of legal weapons was done by the Government in “Fast and Furious” selling to the Mexican Cartels. My question to all the “Gun Control Types” is simply WHY IS NOBODY IN JAIL?

  47. I applaud Mr. Trumps stated stance on firearms. However, as we have seen so clearly from the actions of the current President, the character, morals, and history of the candidate are far more important than campaign stances or promises. Even Obama spent most of his political career promising we could keep our firearms. Look how that is turning out!

  48. While I don’t think Mr. Trump is Presidential material, He is bringing up issues that regular politicians are unwilling to touch on. Regarding his gun policy I agree 100% with him. As far as Mr. Trump as President I think that if he runs it like a business and hires the correct people that know how to do their job to advise him we all may be surprised.

  49. “Our personal protection is ultimately up to us”. A very good point; many people seem to believe that there is someone else designated to protect them, their families and their freedoms. How can you enjoy the benefits of a free society and yet think you have no responsibility to protect it? It is the duty of every sound-minded adult. Which leads to the second point about which I have a slight quibble. He notes the wrongness of weapons and magazine bans-fine. What I wish he would have stressed is that arms-weapons of war-are precisely what the 2nd Amendment protects! It’s not the right to keep and bear sporting equipment! Your bird gun or deer rifle is ONLY protected inasmuch as it can be used as a weapon. The 2nd Amendment is about maintaining our ability to keep our government in check and under our control, not the other way around. Look at how arrogant, self-serving and dishonest politicians are now, then imagine what they would be like if we were totally at their mercy. [Actually, you don’t have to imagine, just look at numerous countries around the world!] The third point I wish to comment on is his mentioning that he has a concealed carry permit. I live in the great free state of Arizona where any law-abiding citizen may carry openly or concealed without asking the permission of some politician or bureaucrat; that’s how it should be everywhere. Having to pass a government- controlled test is clearly infringement.
    All in all, he has it right & I am relieved to hear it! He remains my #1 choice.

    1. To defend our selves and our family by any means should not be a RIGHT it should be a DUTY, IF WE ALL DID there would not be a crime problem. When we get weak, the whole country becomes weak!!

  50. I think the Donald is exactly what we need! He is not a politician! Politicians are politicians period . He is a self made billionaire, if anyone can straighten out our economy ,he would be the one . Furthermore he is not scared to speak his mind,and tell people what he thinks. YOUR FIRED! I can’t wait to hear that from the President instead of tip toeing around not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Someone who tells it like it is ,and gets it done! I’m all for Trump winning

  51. Donald certainly is not my choice however he is head and shoulders above anything the democrats are offering up, however if we as gun owners really want a strong constitutionalist Ted Cruz is the man. Everything Donald has been harping on Ted has been in the fight for 2 yrs, just never got the recognition for it. Plus he is way smarter than anybody else on the stage.

  52. I for one Support Trump. He is not politically correct & does not have a career politicians mentality, which is good.
    The old saying, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Is why I support Trump for president.

    Also, his stance on gun rights may not make a huge difference in the majority of states that have pro-gun legislation already, but will make a HUGE difference in anti-gun states such as New York, Illinois, and certainly California.
    I will remind those fellows who live in the majority of the states to defend what laws you have, and help the people in the states that are restricted. Here in California they have an “approved firearms list” which means if it’s not on the list, you can’t get it.
    Fight for our rights, so that your children won’t have to fight for what you had, and what we in California aren’t allowed to have.
    – Magazine bans
    – Firearm bans
    – Approved firearms restrictions
    – Mandatory gun safety classes
    – 10 day waiting periods
    I’m sure there are more. Stop the madness before it comes to your states. Federal laws impact us all.
    Vote Trump for improving America for all of us.

  53. I like what Mr Trump stands on the 2nd A. And wants to make our military Strong as well as our Country. I think it’s time for us to have a big change in the government and he is a cc so he knows what us gun owners need in the way of. Law’s . Be Safe

  54. I agree with John’s comments about Trump, etc. BUT>>>everyone should investigate all aspects of his platforms on all the current issues. And most importantly….GET OUT AND USE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE as your conscious dictates so that the next male or female president will continue to protect our great country. AND finally…as a Marine and former police officer I can say with confidence: ALL USA Citizens…knock off the bigotry, prejudices, and protect, respect and work with your neighbors. Protect your own area with your eyes, ears, mouth and GOD given intellect! If you see or hear something in your area that is very wrong, get help from all your American Brothers.

  55. Finally someone showing common sense. Trump gets it right. Bout time someone in politics shows common sense. No candidate is perfect but defending the second amendment is a must to get my vote.

  56. John, I just wrote a long rebuttal to your post and it went away?????? Short version is I’m tired of being lied to by both republicans and democrats. Trump has my vote.

  57. Sadly courts at ALL levels rule by judicial fiat. Liberal judges more often than not strike down laws approved by legislators. I earned a four year degree in Criminal Justice Management in 1980 while stationed in Hawaii. Thirty-five years ago the Hawaii state legislature approved a state law which imposed an additional mandatory two years to a felon’s sentence for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. During the last three years (1978-1981) I was in Hawaii with the military that mandatory 2 year sentence was never added to a felon’s sentence. What ever happened to the idea of the balance of powers between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government? Now an aside – rampant voter fraud, which is alive and well in our great nation. State legislatures enact a requirement for official photographic ids only to have a liberal state or federal judge declare such identification to be a violation of some obscure voting rights protection act which theoretically protects minority voting rights. What protection does the conservative majority have to assure our right to a fair and accurate tabulation of our votes? Republicans and Democrats have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to assure a fair and accurate vote. I understand why the GIMME, GIMME party ignores – even encourages voter fraud – BUT WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE GOP DOES NOTHING TO STOP VOTER FRAUD????

  58. What’s not to like?
    He is for gun ownership,against illegal immigration,not a career politician but knows how to do business with the current sellouts.Hell I love his slogan “lets make America great “

  59. On the point of carrying anywhere, well I agree that places such as nuclear facilities are too dangerous. On the point of 50 state carry, I would agree. guns are another tool, just like a pocket knife. Restrictions, such as magazine capacity, type of gun or even tax stamps, those restrictions should all go away.

    Now for Donald Trump – I just don’t feel we can trust what he says. He sure speaks his mind and he can get things done with his attitude, but can we trust what he says? There are too many unanswered questions. If past experiences have taught me anything, someone who talks a good game, but leaves too many unanswered questions, doesn’t really know what they are doing. I am worried that he may not be able to handle office. But then again, people tell me that FDR did well because he also made statements of what he could do without fully answering the questions. Maybe he is just what we need.

    I say, as long as he is fair with the gun rights the constitution allows us to have, he has made a real step in the right direction. Other politicians are just too afraid to even make those statements.

  60. Donald Trump is spot on when it comes to gun ownership issues; however I believe his autocratic mentality would not be an asset in the role of president of the United States.

  61. I like Trump as he states open and concealed carry are natural rights affirmed by the constitution. He goes horribly astray when he then places restrictions based on psychological criteria. The founders had plenty of crazy people but did NOT restrict their rights in the constitution! This position is precisely the one propagated by the RINOs and communists in America today!

  62. I think maybe Mr. Trump might be a good president . After all the only people having held the job are career politicians for the most part. At least he seems to love our country which is more than current holder of the office.

  63. Trump is spot on with his gun rights proposal. Gives ALL Americans the right to bear arms that our Constitution gives, trampled by many Democratic run states.
    People need to understand that the 2nd Amendment is the MOST IMPORTANT amendment to the Constitution. Without it, we will lose all our other rights. Just look at other country’s that have lost their guns.

  64. I was all ready going to vote for Mr. Trump .After reading this there is no doubt I will vote for him. He is right and he wants to defend are 2nd amendment which is the fare thing to do. we have to many liberals that wants to take that away from us we need Mr. Trump .I pray he wins this because we get another liberal its over for us. no matter which lib would win Oduma would be hanging on there pant leg .We need someone with some big ones like Mr. Trump he will fight for what is right..

    Thank You
    Mr. Trump

  65. Trump has an awesome stance on the 2nd Ammendment right! Total common sense and a very logical approach. I like that he stands firm and doesn’t waffle or back down. This enhances my view of him for sure!

  66. All citizens of the united States of America have the right to own, carry and use arms and weapons to help protect themselves and others. Those who are a danger to themselves or others as demonstrated by a personal history of committing felony crimes or injuries to others or who have been adjudicated mentally unfit or unstable in a court of law, or who are illegal immigrants or aliens do not have that right unless they have achieved that right in a federal court of law subsequently.

  67. The USA has more than enough gun laws on the books. The problem is getting the feds to enforce them instead of the last attorney general and the current pretendident blatantly breaking them and rubbing our noses in the fact that they will do anything to try to circumvent the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The democrat party, and Obama especially are determined to disarm the American citizens. An ulterior motive, you think? Trump is catching a lot of flack because he is petty. He just don’t sit by when someone attacks him or his beliefs. That is refreshing, instead of the subtle back biting that politicians normally engage in.

  68. In my opinion, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is intended to enable the citizens to defend the country against political tyranny or the use of armed force by a political faction to eliminate or control any of the God given rights enshrined for us in the Constitution. This is the primary purpose. Self defense and citizens that have the knowledge, ability and access to their own fire arms make the country safer from foreign aggressors and terrorists. Widely available (or 50 state) Concealed Carry Permits cause some criminals to reconsider if they want to go up against a possibly armed and trained victim. A criminal in New York, New Jersey or other idiot jurisdictions can be fairly confident that his victims will not be carrying and will submit to the criminals actions.

    I do not think the Donald is Presidential material. Better than any Dem, but there are better Republican candidates running than he is. Make up your own mind but do so by getting by the “sound bites” and into the deeper part of the issues.

    1. The fact is there isn’t ONE person running for president that is presidential material – period! They all need to be entered into the mental health system!

  69. While I have my doubts about Trump, I think his statements regarding the Second Amendment are spot on. Especially when it comes to mental health records, and the disconnect in the background check system.
    If Trump ends up as the nominee, I will vote for him, rather than Clinton, Sanders, or any other Democrat.

  70. we have the RIGHT to carry anywhere in the U.S. that we want, period. it does not matter if it is open or concealed, it is our RIGHT. what trump would need to do is get rid of the infringing requirement completely….as far as guns go, we also have the RIGHT to arms equal to or greater than our police or, hopefully Trump will get rid of the B.S. infringing tax stamps too…

    1. Steve is 100% correct!
      Any permit for concealed or open carry is an infringement on our rights.
      If Trump wanted to be considered a 2nd amendment ally, He should have known that, but now that He has stated his position, He is out in my opinion!

  71. Makes sense to me. He is not a buffoon, but rather instead an outspoken pissed off member of our society and righfully so. This country is in a mess because of Liberal idiocy and it’s time to change things by making our laws stand for something. I used to be in law enforcement and I know what it means to wear that uniform and carry a weapon. That is a lot of responsibility and the average citizen has no concept of the daily risk our lawmen have to take to enforce the laws. Background checks are crucial.

  72. I agree with Mr Trump, what we have now works up to a point but it is still a failure because too much is missing from the database. As for the gun haters I wonder what they would do if the were put in a situation where one of their family members or children where put in harms way, and they had a choice of using a gun to protect them or let them die. The police would not be a factor since they have only a few seconds to decide. I believe everything else can be taken care of once the question of what would they do is answered.

  73. To say in one breath that you believe in the 2nd amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” then in the next breath say that’s why I have a concealed carry “PERMIT” makes absolutely no sense!!! No US citizen needs a state issued permit to a right they already possess, a right guaranteed by the US constitution!!! When do the US citizens demand that this right be recognized????


  74. At least Mr. Trump has guts enough to publicly state his stance on the 2A and concealed carry, why don’t the rest of the PC group of republicans grow a set and state their personal commitments to support the 2A instead of being afraid of being being labeled a right wing gun nut by the liberal PC Demoncrat presidential wannabes. Whether Mr. Trump is telling the truth or not at least he isn’t spewing “Politically Correct” bull dung. Which we are all sick of. I want to see all of the republican candidates stand up for what they believe in and political correctness be damned.

  75. Everything he said is true. It may be political rhetoric or as I hope it may be what he truly feels inside. Much better to state your beliefs and let the voters decide then to say “that you’ll give the people your thoughts on the subject after you get into office” (not verbatim) like Hillary said. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in office that is not a career politician and speaks what he feels? At least we would know if he was blowing smoke to appease the group he was speaking to at the moment. I don’t agree with everything but you have to give him credit for not sugar coating statements like his opponents. He doesn’t give us what we want, he gives us what we need.

  76. I feel that Mr. Trump is a real game changer. As a presidential candidate he is ripping the face off of politics as usual in the upcoming election. This is something that America has needed for a very very very long time.
    The question on my mind is “Can Mr. Trump, as president, work the Washington political machinery well enough to be effective as president?” All of us voters have seen past presidents who were ineffective because they thought the existing power structure would automatically fall in line.

  77. I have had a carry permit since I returned from Nam in 69. I have not had to use it but once and that’s when a 14yr old tried to rob me after shooting
    me in the gut with a 410 pistol with #7 shot. I survived but the other party did not. I like what Mr. Trump is saying and believe he will make a great president. The 2nd adm is very important to me since I have lived thru an attack on my person. . He is the only person running that has a stand on the 2nd, the others are running around the subject or has just ignored the question. We know Clintons stand, she wants all our guns. As Mr Trump stated, do not enact new laws which only harm
    us law abiding people, just enforce what is on the books and get rid of the laws that are bad laws. The right to carry nationally is a good Idea, Mr Trump has my vote and if he isn’t picked to run I will right him in.

  78. To say in one breath that I believe in the 2nd amendment, ” The right to keep and bear arms” then in the next breath say that’s why I have a concealed carry “PERMIT”, makes absolutely no sense! No one needs a permit to a right they already possess, a right guaranteed by the US constitution!!! When do the US citizens demand this right be recognized???

  79. While words are all we get during the pre-election period until Nov 2016, the real truth will be when the winner whoever it may be, does by their actions starting in Jan 2017.

    So should Trump win, if he enacts immediately the National Concealed Carry license, either by signing legisation sent by Congress or signs an Executive Order will the the test. If it takes longer than one year, I would consider him a failure.

    1. Donald Trump is a buffoon and a clown. His credibility is below zero, on a national or world scale. His idiocy is destroying the Republican Party, and will cause the election of Hillary or Bernie. Is that really what the U.S.A needs?

    2. Chris, while Donal Trump certainly has his faults, he is far from a buffoon or clown. The buffoons and clowns are the current politicians who talk big promises until they get elected, then they fall inline with the rest of their kind like mindless sheep. I’m not convinced Donald should be our next president, but I certainly think he should be a major part of the team that tries to right this ship that has gone so wrong.

    3. Mr Powell, you seem to be the buffoon and clown.Clinton and Bernie are socialist gun grabbing commies, and if you want this country to be a socialist country where ALL weapons are illegal, crime rate is way by far
      worse, go to that country. You sound like you have never been outside the USA,have seen first hand what socialistic countries are like. We are THE VERY BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, that’s why people are dying every day trying to get their piece of freedom.

    4. Except he could not DO that with an executive order. What he could do with an executive order is tell the ATF not to prosecute cases where a CHL is charged under FEDERAL law. He could NOT tell Massachusetts “you must accept GA law.” Only the courts could force the states to acknowledge that the federal right-to-bear includes CHLs, similarly to how their recent Gay rights decision pretty much killed the state laws overnight and every state (with some protesting) started issuing licenses.

      The only way it would happen is if Congress passes a federal CHL, which means they would determine what the laws that apply are. It WOULD have limits just like every state put restrictions in. Then it would have to be determined how state restricts would “stack” as well. Forced Recipricosity might fly if it was forced like the DOT did for commercial Drivers.

    5. And if he refuses to back the “National Carry license” or even reciprocity for state concealed carry licenses, then it’s too late for another four years, isn’t it?

      And given his lack of specific and apparent knowledge on so many other issues important to conservatives, he doesn’t represent a viable or electable choice IMO.

      Where is he on dumping the IRS for a flat or fair tax? On canning the Federal Education Dept. and returning that to the states? On the gross overreach of the EPA? On shrinking government and all the bloated bureaucracies? What is his plan? On most of this and more, nothing. Or at least nothing credible.

      No, what Trump does is simply play to the anger and resentment many Americans feel about their government having failing them. Trump’s a shallow on content showman who’s ego may end up handing the election to the liberals. And that would be really sad.

  80. We need to deal with the legislators that want to infringe upon our rights, their basic misinterpretation or lack of understanding of a very clearly written 2nd amendment must bar them from holding any office Period. If you cannot understand the basic principles of the constitution and the 2nd amendment, then you are not qualified to hold political office! It’s really that simple folks…if you can’t understand how to drive, then you are not qualified to be a taxi cab driver…basic principles. PERIOD. Enough of the PC crap!!! TRUMP 2016

  81. CCW permits should be recognized in all states equally, just as drivers licenses are. Why is it that any licensed driver, no matter how bad their driving record is, can enter any states roads with no questions asked. But a CCW holder, no matter what level of training they have had, has to study pages of laws before entering another state with their gun. And some states like California, you can’t bring a gun at all.
    I like most of what Trump says on gun rights (and illegal immigration), but I do worry about his “evolving” political viewpoints. I do also like that he doesn’t give a damn about political correctness.

  82. As an American he may not be politically correct but at least he says the truth. May God help us if one of those other weenies gets in office. He has our votes!

  83. That is why Trump is leading in the poles. He is right on target. I just hope it is not too late to fix America. We are going to have to vote in a congress and senate to clear the path way for Trump to be effective. Now that is going to be hard!

  84. Trump is absolutely on track for the most part with his policy. It needs to be tweaked a little as it applies to documenting those with mental health issues that would exclude them from gun posession not just ownership. No question those with mental health issues, that may be prone to commit violent acts, should not have access to firearms. It’s just a matter in determing how they are tracked? Trump is on the right track and is the only candidate so far that cares enough about the 2nd amendment to include the specifics of how he intends to uphold it. Good job Donald.

  85. What else are you Shooters Log looking for or expecting? Trump covered all the bases.Now he needs the B—s to make it work. With all those Pu—-s in congress I really don’t believe it will ever work. Which means that groups like yours will be around forever soliciting money just like all the lobbyists that solicit money FOR gun control.

    Trump has my vote until he stumps his toe. Which I hope he doesn’t!!!!

  86. FINALLY!! A candidate with the power, intelligence, business sence, pride for America, and the balls to stand up and say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done!!! No more of the pu**y ass dems (Whaaa, you hurt my feelings…) P.C. bullsh%$! PRESIDENT TRUMP, PRESIDENT TRUMP, PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!


    1. We hope!…If you want to believe that what our gov’t says, fine, I will reserve judgement until that fact is proven, not just telling me, but showing me where all the past purchases have been destroyed….

  88. Well lets see…first as to mental health who gets to decide who is and IS NOT a potential threat? Based on what evidence? Second enforce the laws on the books? We have WAY too many laws on the books regarding gun ownership! It’s high time we repealed or replaced more than half of those. Third background checks was the most STUPID idea ever conceived by a bunch of democrats in congress, let’s do away with them all together, maybe devise a system to do a fingerprint check for felony convictions and REQUIRE all courts to put those prints into the data base upon CONVICTION. National right to carry is a GOOD thing and long past due. Open carry for the military, at the entrances to bases and for MP/SP is okay but the average Joe PVT doesn’t need his/her weapon all the time. If they possess a concealed carry permit then we can look at that, but leave the military the way it is. Establish a quick ready reactionary force on each base TO TAKE CARE OF TERRORIST ACTIVITY AND TREAT SUCH ACTIVITY AS OPEN COMBAT OPERATIONS, with shoot to kill authority for those involved!

    1. If Joe private is trained in the use of any weapon, then they should be able to defend themselves. Would a quick reactionary force help the guys in Tennessee, Ft. Hood, Texas, or the navy shipyard, well would they! Would you have liked it if it happened to you or your family?

  89. I think Mr Trump would be true to his word. If my vote were to be cast with only the canidates view of the 2nd, I would cast my vote for Mr Trump. Our rights to keep and bear are explictly stated. Any attempt to infringe on those rights, in my view, is treason.

  90. I learn at the ripe old age of 18 in Southeast Asia, when to shoot and when Not to Shoot, when to follow the ‘Rules’ and when to save your buddies butt and yours.
    Be sure of your target and only after you are sure, then keep firing until the ‘Life Threatening Situation’ is Neutralized.
    Stay Alert at all times, and Stay Alive.

    That was 47 years ago, and I have never had to fire my weapon to protect my life or the life of Love one’s, since
    Thank you Lord.

    1. Mr. Trump has my vote he appears to be for the people in all ways including our 2nd amendment rights which are violated to the fullest in New York, and in Saratoga County. its a joke trying to obtain a CCW anywhere in NYS. The judges should not be the ones controlling who gets a permit. The southern states do it the right and legal and do not violate anyones 2nd amendment rights. Mr Trump has my entire family vote.

  91. Nobama undoubtedly helped make Ft.Hood the disaster it became by keeping the troops disarmed, recuiters would be alive today if allowed to be armed, and the US would be on its way to being governed by a want-to-be dictator if not for the 2nd Amendment. Our next president better be chosen verrry carefully, otherwise America will no longer be the America we have known it to be.

  92. Trump has the balls to do whatever those “also ran” “pandering to the Globalist and elitest cabal” other candidates wouldn’t do even if they could. They are so pathetic. Lying when the truth would work just as well. From a 2nd amendment support standpoint, the rest of the field would twist like a weathervane looking to see who was bringing the most cash. Meh. Or they’d be like the Hlidebeast and just hasten the UN Agenda ploy to collect our weapons and imprison our patriots.

    The “Lizard Queen” in aka Roboliar, is such a sleazeball that it’s beyond comprehension how she is not in prison. By virtue of her not being charged with every crime to humanity imaginable (including impersonating a woman) and not being tried and summarily executed for treason, shows that the Puppet Masters of the Global cabal / Illuminati are firmly in charge with even the Bishop of Rome ( false prophet Francis) in collusion. Look for sovereign status of Americans to be taken, house to house gunfights during weapon confiscation and UN troops on e very block….THANKS George Soros!!!

  93. I am a 30yr US military veteran and so far if the election were to day I would vote for Donald Trump, hands down over the others. IMO his thoughts on gun rights and illegal immigration are ‘spot on’.

  94. I think Jeb Bush is right on this issue. The 2nd Amendment prohibits the federal government from infringing on gun owner rights, so there should not be any new federal laws. If the states want to pass their own laws, that’s up to them.

    1. Jeb Bush, really. All we need is a third “One world government” Bush in the White House. There are about 28,000 gun laws in the US already, mostly due to each state making up there own. It is every gun owners responsibility to know every one of these laws in any state you take a gun into. Did you know that in some states you have committed a federal felony by having your gun in your car or on you when you drive through a school zone? Did you know that in every state you have committed a federal felony if you left a gun in your car and pulled into a post office parking lot? Did you know that in some national parks you can carry a gun with a CCW, but if you enter the visitor center, you have committed a federal felony? Now who is going to memorize 28,000 gun laws, and which laws pertain to which states?

    2. Since 18 U.S.C. 3565 922 (g) (1-9) was changed from convicted felon to anyone who has been convicted of a crime in which you could be sentenced to one year or more a lot of people are being denied their rights for misdemeanors as well.
      This morning it was on the news two women in Florida were arrested on felony charges for sitting on the back of a protected Loggerhead sea turtle to have their picture taken. I doubt the turtle ever knew they were there but our government is going to make an example of them for sure and they most likely will no longer be allowed to own a gun for sitting on a turtles back., how crazy has our country become?

  95. Of course I agree with many of these points, but Yosemite Sam probably has similar views on guns and I won’t vote for him for president either. Trump is still so far a one-dimensional character (caricature, even) who is wasting our time as an electorate and a country.

  96. Trump is at least entertaining. His stand on the gun rights issue is right on. He saya what a lot of others think but don’t dare say. I haven’t made up my mind who to vote for but I haven;t ruled out the Donald.

  97. He supported the 1994 gun control act. Need I say more? Anybody thinks he represents anybody but his own selfish interests is a fool.

  98. Trumps stand on the 2A is what we need, as far as the military having weapons to defend themselves even in peacetime is a given yes. I don’t understand anyone that thinks the military needs to be defenseless at any time any where, they are trained to handle weapons they know safety. Any blundering idiot that thinks the military is a bunch of adolescent boys picking up guns for the first time without any training or knowledge is woefully ignorant. And if the military is inducting people they can’t trust its time to remove them from the military period. They are our defense, they have the most modern weapons and are trained to use them yet people think they are too stupid to handle a simple M9 side arm….ridiculous.

    1. er, not to be a downer but at the junior enlisted level (which is most of the members in the military) the members are the exact same age and background as your local COLLEGE. Maybe with a little more training, but the same “lets get drunk after class” basic mentality.

      I spent 7 year in the Army, and 4 years in college after — the only real difference in the population was there were more women than men in college. I fully understand why the brass doesn’t want to let the troops walk around strapped. Guns are under tighter control in the service than anywhere else and ammo is controlled even tighter. The units won’t want guns in the barracks so they will end up in armories, so “right to carry” would be a paper exercise at most. Try getting your piece out to stroll downtown at 4pm on a Saturday… armorer will flip you the bird if you can even FIND him. It will be such a hassle nobody actually carries except Officers and maybe NCOs that live off-base. (nobody that has to deal with Armories)

  99. I think Donald Trump is right on with the intent of the 2nd Amendment. I am sure others are also supporters of the 2nd Amendment but so far they haven/t said much. At this point in time Donald Trump is my man for President. Although he doesn’t have much knowledge about the military, foreign policy and some other points, the fact of the matter is that he can’t be bought (at this moment) by the carpetbaggers in the DC area and he doesn’t really give a damn whether Politicians like what he says or doesn’t say. I think he will represent the American People well and I hope to hell he’ll tell the UN to kiss his you know what. It’s interesting how our foreign nations know what’s best for America but that the American people are to stupid to understand what we need or how we want to govern our own Government. No more Politicians please, let Trump give it a try as President. After all how much worse can this Nation be after Obama screwed us for 8 long years? Obama should be tried as a traitor to the United States along with his entire staff.

  100. Finally a candidate that makes sense of the long drawn out debate on firearm rights. if he carries out with his promises, I’m voting for him.

  101. Trump is the only voice that Doesn’t scare me he is straight foward in his thinking and he has no one in his pocket that will have their hand out if elected. I think his gun platform is a good way to go. Let’s get term limits in place while we’re at it. We need to start over with a new group that work for the good of the public. Turn on the Senate or house someday no one is there, I don’t know about you but I would be fired if I didn’t show up for work day after day.

  102. I would just say we let anyone even nip at our 2nd amendment rights, that just gives them a chance to nip at the others. They are testing what they can do and how they can do it, Which is scare tactics. So they can start touching and taking away our other constitutional rights. History has shown when the politicians start something they do not know when to stop, they have always had the attitude of OK WHAT’S NEXT ON THE AGENDA. I can only hope these politicians will think first of the American citizens first and what is left over the rest of the world. I also hope politicians can be straight and not sway from what they say and promise. I would also like to say didn’t Hitler and his Government disarm their citizens and then turned it into a police state while commenting crimes of his own. Do not thrive on fear and stay true to what has made our Country great and free all of our Constitutional rights together as one.

  103. About the only one of those points that a PRESIDENT can enact is the lifting of the ban on military concealed carry. The rest are all issues that are up to the legislature to change laws or the judicial system to sentence.

    He would have a LOT of resistance (but would eventually win) from the senior military commands in changing military carry too. The officers wouldn’t mind if THEY could carry but its not going to go over well for Jonny PVT to have a Glock in his footlocker. Not to mention all the issues the Navy and Marines would have with uncontrolled weapons on ships. The sad fact is that we would lose more troops to accidents and incidents than we do to the occasional nutjob. There are over 1M troops, what we lose to lack of self-defence ability is peanuts compared to training accidents.

    1. As Obama has shown, the president has a great deal of influence in legislative and judicial matters. He can veto (or not) legislation, and he can decide whether to enforce it (or not). He can appoint people like Holder (Justice) and Lerner (IRS) who hate the Bill of Rights, to run federal agencies. And he can change the direction of the Judicial branch with his federal judge and SCOTUS appointments.

    2. And nothing you typed changes what I said. The US president has to work with the other branches to get anything done. He can’t pass a law that isn’t presented to him (nor can he write an executive order that creates something that isn’t there — EOs are clarifications of how to enforce existing law)

      He can appoint anyone he wants to the Supreme Court, but the Congress can block it. It is the reverse of the law issue, the Senate can block a nominee but can’t force the President to nominate a specific person.

      The President has a lot of authority, but its based on current laws and he has to deal with the legacy Supremes. In fact mainly any Supremes he appoints would be his legacy to FUTURE Presidents more than an affect on his own.

      Anyone he appoints to office (again, subject to oversight from Congress on many positions) has to follow existing laws.

    3. All weapons aboard ship are kept in the armory. When they go ashore, they can draw them from the armory.

    4. They need better training. The training now a days in a joke compared to 20 years ago and that is a joke compared to 40 years ago. The service MEN need to loose the “I’m better than you” attitude and learn how to respect their position. The last time I was at the range there were 4 marines giggling like school girls and shooting the hangers and ceiling with a S&W 500 and waving it around as if it was a wand. NOT COOL!

  104. I see the GOP candidates falling in my eyes one by one. I was behind Kasich until yesterday. He stood up for Boehner and said he had done a great job as Speaker of the House, which was no true in the least. Another one (Kasich) bites the dust! And Old Carly is not what she seems to be either…there is a video of her standing up for Islam after 911 and how Islam is a peaceful reliegon…total BS, another on bites the dust..!!! Now if Trump holds true to these and many other statements he has made, and all the rest keep dropping like flies, Trump will get my vote!

    1. How about Ben Carson? I remember reading some where that Donald is a flipper on guns. He wrote a book in 2000 in that book he’s against semi-autos and standard cap mags.

    2. Carson has flipped his version of the 2A as well. He was against guns before he was for them, as little as a year ago. Not even a close third for my vote. (Once burned twice leary.)

  105. That’s nice and all, but he thinks his Liberal progressive sister (who is a federal Judge), Would make a great Supreme Court Justice. He’s out in my book.
    TED CRUZ 2016!

  106. I just hope he’s not just yanking our strings business men and politicians are not that much different their salesman. That exile law they talked about I like, but if your a felon 5 years is not enough deterrent for some, a mandatory 10 or 15 years at hard labor would be good . The person who’s not a serious felon would be able to get his record expunged, if he did it only once and learned his lesson. Too bad we can’t get a regular honest down to earth blue collar person that takes no crap in office. All you people that comment on here, thanks for all your insight.

  107. At the expense of sounding the ‘gun control’ alarm, I think one of the biggest areas we lack in this area is education and training. I have seen so terribly many people out on the range with a handgun (or rifle) who didn’t know the first thing about their ‘new toy’. They never took a class or had anyone train them in gun safety or safe handling, or what to do with a missfire or hangfire or stovetop or any other ‘situation’ with their gun. When something happens, their first response was to point the gun at someone or look down the barrel to see what was wrong. Then they try taking the thing apart with a live round still in the chamber. They walk around with a loaded gun pointing it in every direction. They think these things are just play toys and get people hurt. I really believe we need a training/education program of some sort at the ‘local’ level (like hunter safety for kids) and one should have to attend the class(s) in order to buy a gun. If you are/were military, law enforcement, or affiliated with other institutions/agencies which require the use of a gun you would be exempt from the training/education. If you want a driver’s license you have to go to driver’s ed. You may now come after me as a ‘gun control freak’, but the life we save may be your own!

  108. Politicians avoid admitting they may need to be removed violently because inside the “politicians only” meetings they would be snubbed and ineffective. They are driven to be in power and then to STAY in power. None of us should be comforted by the “pro 2A” crap rolling off these politicians lips, the wording of their message has been carefully crafted to sound appealing to those ignorant of the Founders good intentions.

  109. I think Trump will pretty much stick to what he is saying if elected. Agreed – he has no political record, but I take that as a plus. I am so tired of these career politicians who promise everything we want to hear, then after election, turn around and do what the lobbyists and big donors demand! Trump is using his own money, which should mean he doesn’t owe anyone. If he gets nominated, I’m voting for him!!

    1. That is something good about Trump that he owes no one. That is bad as well tho. If elected he needs to understand that he will be working for us not the other way around. I do not think he knows that and I don’t think he will accept that either. He will do what a rich business man does and try to increase HIS profits by making his own rules and damn everyone else.

    2. and he has nothing to lose, or gain really, he’s already wealthy beyond measure, so he doesnt have to back down. maybe he doesnt articulate the best, but he does speak openly and directly to the issue and doesnt seem to water it down so it is easier to swallow. we dont have to be afraid to speak out agains “sensitive” issues (what BS!) we dont have to be afraid of moral characters, Godliness, political correctness, we dont have to be tolerant of liberal nonsense that doesnt fly in the face of common sense, we can and should speak out and Trump does. more so than anyone else has in quite a long time. I love the fact that the career politicians in this race cant stand him and are afraid of him because he is an outsider. and he’s a business man, and the capilistic world we function in, our government included, should have someone in charge whom can actually work the deals and balance the spending, or at least have the experience to viably plan to do so. I hope Trum fast tracks his appeals of Obama’s nonsense policies just as quickly as Obama fast tracked them into policy and law.
      No more career politicians, limit their time in office just like the presidency, 2 year terms and you are out, and set the salary as the medium wage of the state they serve- if you dont like the pay or terms, then dont serve the people. Enforce the gun laws on the books and be stricter on the violations, if you murder with a firearm or any means, that criminal should be executed immediately. Same with child molestors and rapers, get them out of society for good, they’ve already crossed a line they are never coming back from. Ive yet to hear a confessed rapist or child molestor, have yet to hear remorse and witness a changed life style- they are what they are and will always be. “Spare the rod, spoil the society…” as well as the child! 2A was to defend ourselves against the tyrannical government of liberals that is in place now, its in place because of what we are experiencing currently. men need to stop allowing the media and liberal democratic media maching to dumb them down. wake up! take a stand! speak out! stop tolerating the nonsense!

  110. Please look at his history!! The current leader was put into office for hope and change, and look what we have. His words sound great, but look at the fruit from the tree they both produce.
    A zebra cannot change its stripes!!

    1. yeah, but anyone who paid attention knew what he was after. He told us, remember the incident with the plumber. People ignored what was in front of them. I never believed ‘hope and change’ for an instant.

  111. The 2A has nothing to do with self defense Donald. It is about being able to resist and overthrow a tyranny. Plain and Simple.

    1. That’s the problem. He does not know!
      this is also the problem with Ben Carson.
      Ben does not think that you should be able to own a Semi-Auto handgun if you live in a large city. He does not know.
      The only outsider in the race that knows what the 2A actually says is Carly. I heard her in an interview stating that owning a firearm is not for hunting or self defense. its for defending against Tyranny.

      I think that all the politicians should not be allowed to have armed guards or guards of any kind. If your that much of an AHole to the “WE THE PEOPLE” you can reap what you sew.

    2. Politicians avoid admitting they may need to be removed violently because inside the “politicians only” meetings they would be snubbed and ineffective. They are driven to be in power and then to STAY in power. None of us should be comforted by the “pro 2A” crap rolling off these politicians lips, the wording of their message has been carefully crafted to sound appealing to those ignorant of the Founders good intentions.

    3. Read the third paragraph of Trumps platform. Not trying to defend him, i am a Cruz supporter, but he does explicitly address how the 2a is the freedom that “protects all our other rights.”

    4. I saw that and it still sounds like formula speak to me. He needed to expand on the 2A protecting the rest of the BOR for me to believe he even understands it.

      I like Cruz too.

  112. Trump is right on for most of it… He is wrong on the mental health part, because they do “treat” those individuals… The definition of “treating” in the allopathic system is drugs… They give them these psych drugs like they are M&M’s, and the kids go blow their schoolmates away…

    They should ban Shrinks, because they don’t do anything but enable the killers

    1. What exactly does Trump have right? What exactly did he say and what did he say the plan was?

      He did not say anything. Just another, “I am going to make this country so great again, I am #1 in the polls, All Mexican criminals especially the drug dealers and the rapists, they just love me. I am #1 in their polls. Did you see that? did ya?”

  113. Do not be fooled

    One party has a woman running to be QUEEN

    while the other has a Guy running for KING

    Please vote for a PRESIDENT

    1. or she is running to be King and he is running to be queen is more like it! what a mess. start with the core issue, and its not gun control or 2A…

  114. One can only hope that “The Donald” maintains this stance on the INDIVIDUAL rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution regardless of the outcomes of elections. I personally have thrown my support behind Ted Cruz who is a proven Constitutional Conservative in words and deeds. I like a man who walks the walk as well as he talks the talk.

    1. I like Cruz as well and for what he stands for. I really do not like the way he speaks. That is a concern of how he would make it past the primaries. He seems and he has a tone like he is trying to explain to a 7 year old why they should not climb a tree with a sharp stick to knock down a hornets nest though.

    2. Cruz talks thet way because he knows we conservatives understand him, and the liberals will always hate him, so he has to explain things to the low-info voters who watch network news or CNN, or think Colbert and Stewart are real news. These low-info voters decide the election.

  115. Trump is long on conservative platitudes and short on workable details. In terms of being a true conservative, that’s tough to judge, his positions have changed all along to those that are expedient or will play properly to the audience. Showmanship, excellent . . . presidential material and substance, not so much, unless you consider, “It’s going to be GREAT, the BEST, nobody is as good as me” to be substance.

    IMO, Carly seems the most knowledgeable and electable candidate when pitted against the liberals. Carson would do too, I like him, he just doesn’t seem to have the “fire”. Okay, I would reluctantly vote for Trump if he wins the primary (and I sure hope he doesn’t). No way will I stay home from voting and in so doing grease the ways for another bout of the liberal demise of our country.

    1. I am going for C.F. or Rubio. If Trump is the only one still there to run against Sanders or Biden then of course I will have to vote in his favor.

      Hopefully it does not come to that.

    2. yes, too bad we have to vote party now, instead of the better man for the job! the party system needs to go and just keep it Constitutional, if you cant abide by the Constitution and the language of the American people, then your presence is not better served in this country. I think Carson will cave because his line of christian theological thought and belief will only lead him to do so. this isnt an attack against christianity, it as an attack against his theology. its emotional serving and tolerant of nonsense- which is why America is currently in the mess it is in.

  116. the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, this is all you have to know.Any control IS infringement, you cant have it both ways, some have the right some don’t, there is no provision in the second amendment for any determination for who can and who can not bear arms. The simple fact that our founding fathers gave us this right to protect ourselves from our government should it become corrupt that the people could force it out and reestablish a new government.

    1. In the case that you have not noticed over the years, it has already been infringed!!

      We the people are supposed to have the same provision of arms as the police and the military. The reason for the 2A and its direct wording is so that the police, military and government would not be able to over power the people. Over the years, the government has done nothing but infringe on the second amendment. The government does not want the people to rebel against them and be threatened by life or death. If you remember the words of DF when she was trying to pass the 2nd AWB after the Sandy Hook ordeal. La Pierre quoted the 2A wording and she said that she did not want to be threatened by the people. That was even more reason to get this law pushed through.

      Even though that law was not passed, a lot of laws were throughout the country. Look in NJ with the 6 round MAX allowed in any firearm, in NY with the criminalization of any AR type rifle or handgun that would be able to accommodate a high capacity magazine. CO law which used to have loose gun laws can into the 10 round mag limit and a waiting period, Vermont that made the non license carry illegal, CA, good luck with that, Open carry is history, Even TN tightened the restrictions. Granted some states loosened the laws but those are stated like AZ, WY, TX etc. Even Montana banned the right to shoot in the BLM and other public areas.

      Shall not be infringed? Buddy, you need to open your eyes and Wake The Hell UP!!

      If you think for one minute a rich New Yorker with ties to the democratic party and the Bloomberg agenda is going to be the 2A savior, you have another thing coming!

    2. FYI Colo left wing legislators passed kneejerk legislation but it is worded so to be unenforceable which most sheriffs made public. If you had a 30 round mag it was grandfathered in and you are innocent until proven guilty. No way for a DA to establish the date of a mag it isn’t marked. Magpul used to be here but moved out after the legislature pulled its’ dumb act. We taxpayers recalled members of the General Assembly who voted anti-gun. After November when we throw out the left wingers and elect a real governor the mistakes will be corrected. Thor

    3. Amen to you. Hope you can fast track it out just as quickly as these terrorist fast tracked it in. and then put law into place that prohibits it from occurring again. American patriots, stop cowarding in word and action to these misguided liberal wingers!

    4. I agree 100 percent the government knows that they are stomping on the rights of the people and they pass it off as public safety, so everyone thinks that it’s fine. But no one is really looking at how it affects there rights, everyone is wearing blinders and no one is out voting, don’t like whats happening get up off your backsides and vote.

    5. Sorry there chief, In my family and in my neck of the woods we are a little more to the point. GET UP OFF YOU DUMB LAZY ASS AND VOTE! If you don’t vote you did vote for the guy you don’t want and if you don’t vote you can take you opinion about “someone should do something” and shove it up your A$$

    6. The last three elections I wrote in Ron Paul. If you don’t like either candidate there is always the write in option. Yep it’s a throw away vote. But I will not vote for someone I don’t like. Nor will I not vote.

  117. Yes, I like Trumps stance on the 2nd Amendment. Problem is can I trust him. Certainly couldn’t trust Back Stabbing Bush Senior.

  118. I hope that any mental health exclusions will be based on adjudicated determinations with strict limits on what constitutes a mental reason to deny a person their constitutional rights and periodic reviews of the determination.

    1. I hope that everything that this POS BO has ever signed into law w/o congressional approval will be thrown out and there will be no legacy for BO and his largest presidential library ever constructed. $900,000,000,000 of our money. its going to cost more than ALL the other presidential libraries combine.

  119. Just because Donald tells it like it is and has disdain for the “Politically Correct” crap we get out of Washington and the “Lame Stream” media doesn’t mean he will be a loose cannon. He “tells it like it is” and says he will fix it. Isn’t that what we want from our nations leaders?

    The Washington elites need someone to shake them up and it is going to take someone “with a pair” to do that. The “Loose Cannon” is the Obama Administration and Democrat Party They “shoot” at anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda. Want examples? Just look at Obamacare and the Iran deal.. “We The People” say NO to both of them but they crammed them down our throats.

  120. Trumps 2A view are nothing more than to please the gun owners of America and are not real. Once he gets into office his view are going to switch back to, “only the rich with bodyguards need those types of guns and 6 rounds is all you need”.

    Trump owns 1 gun and has donated money to Bloomberg’s anti-gun campaign. Anyone that believes that he is saying otherwise is a moron.

    Fiorina has many gums, ARs, pistols, SGs, etc. and so does Rubio. Trump owns one. Trump is not a real contender. he serves Trump and only Trump. He has not said anything to the contrary. He has not laid out a plan and he won’t because he does not know of one.

    Listen to his speeches. He says all the time that he’s #1 in the polls, not we, HE is #1 in the polls, He is going to make the military so big, HE is going to create so many jobs, HE is going to be the best jobs president ever.

    When the government or its politicians that are elected say sh@# like that they only want to expand the reach of government. the only way the government can create jobs is to get bigger.

    Anyone that buys into this BS is not a Republican or a conservative. They are just kids 18-30 years old and are fooled easily. These are the same people that vote on term limits every time it comes up. Don’t you know that term limits are already in the constitution? every time you vote on it does not affect the current office holders? This is how Feinstein, boxer, Reed and others have been in office so long.

    Start reading the bills for Christ sake. Compare what is in the bill to what is already on the books.

    Trump was asked to run by Bill Clinton for Christ’s sake. LOOK iT UP!!

    1. According to Bearing Arms, Carly Fiorina does not own a gun. Her husband however, does own more than a couple.

  121. Hell of a .lot better than Obamas position.Now lets check out Fiorina and Rubio. Most important is how they stand on Constitutional Law.

    1. Not me. He thinks his Liberal progressive sister (Who is a Federal Judge BTW )would make a great Supreme Court Justice.This is the Type of person he would chose

  122. Trump is an excellent reader of markets, and he has read the Tea Leaves (so to speak) and realized that gun control is a losing proposition.

    I’ll vote for him because we need a “political bull” in the proverbial DC china shop, a loose cannon in Washington to stir things up and create real change, unlike the change we got from the current administration. We are going down so fast we have nothing to lose.

  123. Trump is saying the right things and getting the crowds riled to perfection, and I do agree with much of what he says. But vote for him? Not a chance, even if he was the only option.

  124. I applaud Mr. Trump for his support for our natural right to self defense. Going further, I doubly applaud him for his DETAILED support for this natural right that all beings possess; he checks off all of the lefts’ favorite talking points and kills them with reason. I would bet that he did not, himself, write this platform plank, but putting it out there as his own is good enough for me. My one nit to pick is a Federal law making every States CCW/CHL legally recognizable in all other States. While I really want my CHL to be recognized everywhere I go, I don’t want a precedent set that says the Federal government has the legal right to (a) pass laws on items that are not an enumerated Federal power, and (b) abrogates the 10 amendment.

    Now, while I like the plain spoken Mr. Trump because he says straight out what most Americans are thinking, I believe he would be a flawed and rather dangerous President. I like this platform plank, but I wouldn’t vote for him in the Republican primaries. I WOULD vote for him over anyone the Democrats bring forward unless they went insane and chose Ted Cruz.

    1. Sean
      I could not have said it better, you hit the ball out of the park. Unfortunately the gubbermint has already taken over and passed laws including the change in 18 U.S.C. 3565, 922 (G) (1-9) which went from convicted felon to anyone convicted of ANY crime in which you might be incarcerated for one year or more to deny you the right to even own a gun now. Heck you can get a year or more for littering or jaywalking in some jurisdictions these days, before long we will not be allowed to even own a gun much less carry it and if it takes new federal law to straighten this mess out I would be for it.
      Unfortunately none of the other candidates will go near this platform as they are scared of alienating the antigun voters.
      I applaud Trump for having brass cohunes to stand up to the PC but I agree he could be a loose cannon if elected.

    2. “Unfortunately none of the other candidates will go near this platform as they are scared of alienating the antigun voters.”

      Two facts to consider:
      Over half of the households in the US own at least one firearm that they are willing, under the current political climate, to admit to owning. Given the current anti-gun political climate, it is easy to make an argument that this represents a serious under counting and that the actual percentage might top 2/3 of all households.

      Secondly, gun owners are often willing to be single-issue voters. I know I am … if a politician comes down on the wrong side of that single issue of gun rights, I will turn a deaf ear to anything else they have to say. If they get that issue right, then I am willing to listen to the rest of their platform.

      If gun owners vote as a bloc, then even if there were only 10-15% of American households with firearms, then the election would be ours to control.

      Ben Carson (who shares Trumps views on a number of other issues such as immigration) changed his position on gun rights early on. He hasn’t made a big deal of it, as Trump has, but he stated them clearly literally months ago.

      Coming from a dangerous part of the country (Detroit) and living in and near big cities (Baltimore, for one) all of his life, he was at first against allowing carry in the cities. He never did favor restricting them wholesale. As gun owners and city dwellers spoke up, though, he realized that limiting firearm ownership among those who have shown no propensity for violence was a bad idea and not Constitutionally tenable. Thus, months ago, he publicly offered the olive branch and came more into line with the thinking of the moderate gun crowd. Even Trump does not favor what I favor … the least possible level of infringement consistent with keeping them out of the hands of known violent criminals and the seriously insane. And I would favor a sun-setting provision in each of those cases of maybe 5-10 years without incident which would result in the automatic restoration of this right.

      Trump is a media creation / manipulator. It is Carson who said “no” to a Muslim president … and gave sound reasons why not. Among other things, sharia law calls for the killing of homosexuals and the subjugation of women. While I do not favor homosexuality (I consider it a choice and a symptom of a mental disorder), I do not think that it rises to the level of a death sentence. Beyond that, I love my wife, our sisters, our nieces and our moms and would take to arms rather than see them dealt with harshly. Sharia calls for establishing a state religion – Islam – and execution of those who hold other views. Thus Islam calls for violent opposition … which is what is happening all over the globe today.

      I could vote for Carson as president with just about any of the current pack as his running mate. The only one in that bunch that knots my knickers is “the Donald”.

      Yeah, that’s a nice manifesto … but I don’t like being played. Show me the range he shoots at.

  125. Require every anti-2A politician to place a large ” Gun Free Zone” sign on his front door and eliminate their use of armed body guards while in public office ( e.g., Michael Bloomberg).

    1. Tom, I can see that happening. YEA RIGHT! Remember Rosie O’Donnell and her tirade about too many guns and too free access to them. She didn’t get rid or her ‘armed with pistols’ body guards. Think these gun hater/grabbers will do anything to endanger themselves and families, while demanding that others not have the right to protect themselves?

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