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TruGlo Launches TRU-BRITE 30 Series — Compact, Illuminated-Reticle Tactical Riflescopes

TruGlo Series 30 Tactical Illuminated Riflescope

When it comes to selecting an optic for your boomstick, there are so many quality options that many simply throw a dart at a list, ask a friend, or buy whatever is cheapest. TruGlo would instead challenge you look at the details and make an educated selection. Of course, with TruGlo you still save enough for some extra ammo. However, rather than listening to a friend’s two cents, here is the straight scoop from TruGlo.

TruGlo Series 30 Tactical Illuminated Riflescope
TruGlo Series 30 Tactical Illuminated Riflescopes

TRU-BRITE 30 Series scopes offer the perfect combination of clarity, precision and speed. Featuring a 30mm tube (for increased brightness and a larger range of adjustment) and choice of 1-4x24mm or 1-6x24mm variable zoom magnification. Multi-coated lenses provide outstanding clarity and contrast for any style of shooting. Quick and accurate shots are easier than ever with the true one-power magnification that provides shooters with an extremely wide field of view and even allows users to keep both eyes open. The 1-6x24mm model includes a quick zoom lever to make magnification adjustments fast and smooth. TruGlo ‘s TRU-BRITE 30 Series scopes also boast a large 3.75″ eye relief, shock resistance to 1000g, and durable leaf spring click adjustments for windage and elevation. This waterproof, fogproof, and nitrogen gas filled scope also includes a reversible, monolithic 30mm tactical scope mount to serve as a rigid platform uniting the scope with any shooter’s favorite tactical rifle.

Product Audience TRU-BRITE 30 scopes are designed for tactical and competitive shooters, and are a perfect pairing with AR-15/AR-10 platform rifles. With their unique magnification range, TRU-BRITE 30 series scopes are a great choice for users considering external magnifiers on red dot optics or users torn between unmagnified red dots and traditional scopes.

Pricing and Availability Both models come in matte black and include the one-piece aluminum mount. MSRP for the 1-4x model (TG8514BT) is $184 and MSRP for the 1-6x model (TG8516TL) is $270.

Product Features

  • 1-4x or 1-6x magnification for fast target acquisition
  • 30mm tube for increased brightness and click adjustment
  • Shock resistant to 1000g
  • 3.75″ eye relief
  • Fully-coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast
  • Durable leaf-spring click adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Waterproof/fogproof/nitrogen gas-filled
  • Extremely wide field of view
  • ½-MOA Windage/Elevation adjustments
  • Bright 24mm Objective lens
  • Quick Zoom Lever included with TG8516TL
  • Scope includes reversible, offset, monolithic 30MM scope mount
  • CNC-machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Scope includes two pre-calibrated BDC turrets in calibers .223 (55-grain) and .308 (168-grain) to engage targets up to 800 yards away
  • MSRP: $184-$270

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Comments (3)

  1. To the previous question about the reticule:

    There are 3 different models, each has a different reticule design, all based on the speed and familiarity of the traditional duplex.

    The two tactical models (TG8514BT and TG8516TL) feature duplex Mil-dot design (.25 mil dots, spaced 1 mil apart) The illuminated model includes an additional illumination ring. Only the center dot and ring light up, not the whole pattern—to prevent being too bright in low light.

    The following link is an image of this design:

    The hunter model uses a duplex reticule with an added large circle, ideal for quick shots on turkey, deer, or hogs at close to medium range.

  2. Excellent and informative, brief article. But one area is not covered — what is the reticule? Given the picture, it looks like 3 knobs, which often indicates an illuminated reticule.
    Being of an age (now 74) when my eyes have “gone through the change”, I discovered some 35 years or so ago that I had a problem with conventional scopes. For the first time in my life I began missing the shots on running game which had not been a problem before — a skill I used to brag about. It was a source of some ridicule among my best friends.
    A good friend (we crashed a Piper Cherokee 6-300 together and survived) was a gun smith into building full race guns for IPSC shooters and suggested I try a red dot sight with no magnification. His pistol competitors were experimenting with it and having spectacular results.
    He mounted an early Tasco red dot unmagnified sight on my favorite Browning BAR 30-06 and I was back in the deer killing business big time. Old eyes no longer mattered and running game was a snap again. Been with illuminated reticules ever since.
    I know that magnification can sell scopes and is popular with gun scribes but I was trained on the old M-1 and shot with the Navy team. We routinely shot 600 yards with open sights and no magnification. I question the need for magnification for most hunting, excepting only very long range shooting at game like antelope.
    I much prefer no magnification and both eyes open to shoot running game. I cannot seem to adapt to one eye magnification and while trying to sort it out, the game escaped or I missed. Not so with both eyes open and a small, lighted dot, regardless of the range out to at least 400 yards. I never shoot any further anyway and that has not stopped my putting meat in the freezer most every year. I have found it is usually better to be able to shoot faster with both eyes open than to be able to count the individual hairs on the target animal at 500 yards.
    I have taken deer out to 400 yards with no magnification and so have several of my friends who converted to the method. The human brain is a magnificent calculator, among other things. With no magnification and an illuminated dot reticule, both eyes open and following the moving game, the shots come quickly and just seem to connect automatically.
    I became a true believer and worked to make the Oregon Fresh Water Fish and Game Commission, along with an Oregon legislator who was a closet shooter (probably did not dare disclose he was a shooter in ultra liberal Oregon, being from a western Oregon district) to make lighted sights legal to hunt game. Later, the regs were changed to allow lighted sights as long as they did not project beyond the sight. I had already hunted several years without even realizing what I was doing was illegal.
    In any event, information about the reticule would be interesting and I might have to try one on my pet AR-15. Thanks for the article bringing it to my attention.

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