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Gizmos and Gadgets: No Trespassing Sign for Modern Times and Technology

Trespassing is no joke and much more than just a harmless crime. Growing up in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I can remember people believing they had a right to hunt someone else’s private property. For the most part, at the time, the law would have agreed. In many areas, private property can legally be hunted without permission unless properly posted. Even then, some will disregard the average sign believing they will never get caught. Technology now allows you to be everywhere at once and an innovative manufacturer has the best way to let would-be trespassers know you are watching.

A new spin on an old concept, Extreme Hunting Solutions takes your no trespassing message to a modern era.
A new spin on an old concept, Extreme Hunting Solutions takes your no trespassing message to a modern era.

Landowners put a lot of time and money into the hunt before the season ever starts. Landowners and leaseholders plant food plots, scout intensely, and hang stands in premium spots just to have everything ruined by a trespasser that “didn’t know” they were on the wrong ground. Extreme Hunting Solutions has produced and copyrighted a NO TRESPASSING sign to help keep people on the “right side of the fence.” This new sign incorporates an image of a trail camera with an antenna along with verbiage that tells people the property has cellular camera surveillance in place and violators will be prosecuted.

“I have hunted all over the United States and everywhere I go, hunters talk about trespassers screwing up their hunt,” stated Extreme Hunting Solutions CEO, Randy Ferman. “While cellular trail cameras were introduced for low impact scouting, I thought they would be a great tool to catch trespassers. Then it hit me, make a sign that notifies everyone that cellular cameras are being used on this property and they better stay on the right side of the fence. Regardless if cellular cameras are on the property or not, put the doubt in their mind and protect your property from trespassers.”

Stealth Cam
Modern technology allows you to monitor your property remotely 24/7×365.

The NO TRESPASSING signs come in three materials: DuPont Tyvek material, 0.15 gauge high-density polyethylene and 0.12 gauge aluminum. The DuPont Tyvek signs are 12”x12” and come on a roll of 100 individually perforated sheets with an MSRP of $99.00 per roll. The 0.15 gauge high-density polyethylene sign is 11 ¼”x11 ¼” with an MSRP of $1.89. The 0.12 gauge aluminum sign is 11 ¼”x11 ¼” with an MSRP of $2.99. All three variations of signs are printed with UV-resistant ink for extended life.

How do you keep trespassers from wandering through your favorite hunting grounds? Share your tips in the comment section.


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  1. Tx Penal Code 30.05 Criminal Trespass. Trees marked with purple stripes at eye level. New law by Greg sign years ago (rustler law) authorizes deadly force to protect property and live stock. (living animals) Poacher in Texas my end up as dead as the deer that they are hunting

  2. I recall once when I was a kid, some “big city” hunter parked his car at the gate to one of the pastures where our neighbor would spread manure blocking the gate so he couldn’t get in to his property. He had a power take off driven side delivery spreader, so he just lined it up with the car and engaged the PTO. That car was completely covered.

    I hope that guy’s inconsiderate hunt was worth the effort to get all that honey off his car. 😉

    1. Mikial, talk about ,not so sweet, revenge. Like you, I hope the hunt was worth a very nasty ride to the nearest car wash.

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