The Travel Size .50 BMG

Leader 50 BMG

Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of bullpups. It is more than just the way they look. Much of the bullpup market relegates itself to badly fitting aftermarket conversions that take a fair amount of dremeling and hammering to make a proper fit. Even after you pick the polymer bits out of your teeth, the result usually looks less than stellar. However, just like most situations in the gun world, there are exceptions. Some of the bullpup-style rifles that were born bullpups, have proven themselves in combat for the last three decades. The Steyr AUG, the FAMAS, and even that annoying SA80 in the L85-A2 variant have a decent reputation as rugged and superb firearms. If time and combat has proven the bullpup as a viable option, what can we expect to see from manufacturers? I figured it was just a matter of time until someone came up with something unique, and Micor Defense did exactly that.

We all know the .50 BMG is an insanely destructive round. Now imagine having to lug around a king-size 31-pound rifle and its ammunition while roping out of a helicopter and moving through the streets of Afghanistan. Just the thought of hauling around all that hardware makes me sweat into my boots. Actually using a .50 caliber in an urban setting seems cumbersome, but what if that big anti-material rifle only weighed 17 pounds, had less recoil than an M-1 Garand, and measured in at a squatty 39 inches long. Micor Defense made all this happen—and with semi-automatic efficiency.

The Leader 50 is a gas-operated short-stroke piston bullpup-style .50 BMG. Effective to a range exceeding 2,000 yards, it has high strength maraging steel in the breech mechanism, and a proprietary 10-round detachable box magazine. It is one of the few .50s shooters can operate when not in the prone position, and the short length allows for easy transitioning out of vehicles. The Picatinny style rail rests across the top of the receiver, so you can mount all kinds of goodies. Micor first introduced this gun at the 2011 Shot Show, and they are now taking pre-orders. It will be available for the law enforcement, military, and civilian markets for around $10,000. I guess I had better start saving my pennies! [youtube nolink]

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  1. I’m not too keen on having that big .50 go off so close to the face and the blast must definitely be augmented.

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