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Top Shot All-Stars — Familiar Foes, or are They?

Jamie’s elimination last week kind of kicked things wide open for this week’s episode. The remaining nine shooters are all great shots, and the momentum of this competition may be shifting.

The challenge last night was a series of three trick shots, which I personally love! Trick shots are always entertaining to watch, and usually require great skill. The first two consisted of shooting three bottle openers (one point each) at 75 feet to open soda bottles, and shooting three Q-tips (one point each) at 25 feet. In both of these, the competitors used the Volquartsen TSS5 (Top Shot Season 5) .22 caliber scoped rifle. It looked like a pretty sweet little gun, and several shooters commented on the nice trigger. The third trick shot was to use a Schofield revolver to shoot soda cans which the shooter had to throw below the level of a rope strung up between 5 and 6 feet high. This allows for very little time to acquire the target; they had to shoot within about a half second of releasing the soda can.

They broke the shooters into squads for this challenge, and here’s how the teams ended up:

Target Grey Squad Red Squad Blue Squad
Bottles Kelly – 1 Brian – 1 William – 1
Q-Tips Chris – 1 Gary – 2 Phil – 1
Soda Cans Adam – 4 Joe – 4 Peter – 6

Grey Squad went to the proving ground, which was Chris’ first trip there this season. Colby revealed the weapon, the Sig Sauer P229, which Chris said was his gun of choice. He proved it by hitting closest to the bull sixty feet away. That is a long short for such a short-barreled pistol! His victory pitted Kelly and Adam against each other in the elimination challenge.

World-reknown cannon expert Rick Polars guided them through practice. Kelly looked great, nailing bullseyes. Adam did alright, but had a much wider shot group. The stage was set, and given Kelly’s previous successes, it seemed the outcome was tilted in his favor.

Their targets were stacks of beer kegs set at 180, 200, and 220 yards, the winner being the first to hit all three targets. It was exciting, no doubt about it, both shooters hitting their first targets simultaneously. Adam hit the second shot first, and Kelly made a mistake in his loading procedure that put him way behind. That gave Adam the opportunity to take his time and set up a perfect shot, and the win! Congrats to Adam, who showed the skills that got him into the All-Star cast. It was no easy task to defeat a true marksman like Kelly, who has been dominating in this season. With two of my top four eliminated, this is anyone’s game now.

Are you following the Top Shot All-Stars? Who do you think will go home next?


About the Author:

Daryl Parker

Daryl Parker is a combat veteran and retired U.S. Marine. He is also a 2002 Rifle Gold Medalist, Texas Peace Officer, firearms and law enforcement instructor, and standout marksman from History Channel's Top Shot (Season 2). Parker is the author of Sacrifice of the Season, The Death of More and Journey of Fear.
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