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Top 6 Mini Kits for your Shooter’s Christmas: The Gun Enthusiasts’ Christmas Gift Guide

Picture shows six camo Christmas gifts, a cap, tape, a flask, cooler, fishing lure, and office supplies.

Growing up at my house it was always about quantity over quality on Christmas Day. Sure, we would get one big gift such as a bike or gaming system, but mom and dad wanted to extend the surprise and fun for as long as possible. Short of wrapping each individual Lego, my brother and I loved opening present after present. Just looking at the abundance of presents under the tree gave us joy. This year, instead of splurging on one overly expensive gadget, why don’t you create mini kits for your loved ones?

I have assembled six mini kits with six items in each, that you can package in the suggested container all for under $70 per kit. For the camper, the non-prepper, the mall ninja, the girlie girl, Duck Dynasty fanatic or zombie hunter in your life—all kits include useful gear that no one will be disappointed to receive.

The Camper

Picture shows a blue steel cup, paracord bracelet, survival kit, black browning can koozie, a spork, a small flashlight and a red Christmas bow in the corner.
For campers, hikers, RV’er, hunters, explorers, adventures and for anyone else who loves the outdoors.

For campers, hikers, RVer, hunters, explorers, adventurers and for anyone else who loves the outdoors.

  1. The CRKT Eat’N Tool comes in black, stainless and even pink
  2. S&W fire starter with tiny survival kit includes flint striker, matches and fishing gear
  3. A paracord survival bracelet you make them yourselves—or take the lazy route and buy it premade
  4. A small individual light to clip on their backpack
  5. The Browning koozie keeps their beer cold
  6. Put it all in an enameled steel cup they can set right on the fire or camp stove

Get the gun: Henry U.S. Survival semi-Automatic, single-shot .22 LR rifle

Picture shows a items in a prepping kit: a WaterBOB, blanket, candles, dry box, first aid kit, and freeze-dried food.
Never again will your friend be frantic when winter storms blow through.

The Non-Prepper

Forget talking about it, just go ahead and make them a kit yourself. Never again will your friend be frantic when winter storms blow through.

  1. Three bean chili or other freeze-dried meal
  2. WaterBOB bathtub water storage in case their pipes freeze
  3. Long-burning candles and candle lantern
  4. Advanced emergency blanket
  5. Small first aid kit
  6. Pack it all in a large survivor dry box with built-in compass and signal mirror

Get the gun: Mossberg model 500 Just in Case (JIC)

The Mall Ninja

Picture shows a black shoulder bag, desert tan AR-15 accessories, a handgun laser, a bipod, black and silver pistol bayonet, and a red Christmas bow.
For the guy who must have everything taticool.

Admit it—you have one. The guy who plays SWAT team in his garage and must having everything taticool. Pimp his gun.

  1. A vertical grip that doubles as a bipod and also comes with a nifty black pouch
  2. A freakin’ laser beam
  3. Magpul iPhone cover just so everyone knows they are as cool as Chris Costa
  4. Pistol bayonet, because why not?
  5. A VTS Versatile Tactical Support for “ideal operational superiority”
  6. They can carry it around in their murse (man purse. Murse)

Get the gun: Gold-finished Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .44 Magnum

The Girlie Girl

Picture shows self-defense gear in pink for girls.
This kit is for the girls with a sweet exterior, but tough interior.

Don’t get offended by all the pink. This kit is for the girls with a sweet exterior, but tough interior.

  1. Leatherman Style multi-tool includes the essentials, knife, scissors and nail file
  2. Hogue Universal Handall pink grip for those who don’t like candy-colored firearms
  3. TAPCO AR-15 pink iPhone case because Magpul’s field case is so last year
  4. Pink ear muffs, ear plugs with carrying case and shooting glasses combo
  5. For when they can’t carry, the Brutus self defense keychain (insert wildly inappropriate comments here)
  6. Of course, pack it all up in a pink range bag

As an added bonus, wrap each item up in pink camo wrapping paper.

Get the gun: Taurus 738 TCP .380 ACP

The Duck Dynasty Fanatic

Picture shows six camo Christmas gifts, a cap, tape, a flask, cooler, fishing lure, and office supplies.
Embrace the beard with camo gifts.

Sometimes called good ole’ boy or redneck. Embrace the beard.

  1. Camo desk accessories. The Robertsons didn’t get that rich without a little work.
  2. Camo duct tape, endless uses
  3. Rivers Edge deer flask with two shot glasses and presentation box
  4. Duck Commander baseball cap
  5. A couple of fishing lures
  6. All fits in a camo bucket that also allows you to pop a squat

Get the gun: Mossberg model 500 12 gauge pump-action Flyway waterfowl shotgun

The Zombie Hunter

Picture shows a zombie-hunting kit with machete, pistol bayonet, zombie max amm, ammo can, zombie targets, and a "zombie slayer" AR-15 ejection port cover.
Everything you need to slay zombies.

For those still prepping for the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead fans, video game addicts or others who just think zombies are cool.

  1. Black Dawn “zombie slayer” ejection port cover
  2. Hornady Zombie Max ammo
  3. Zombie machete
  4. Pistol bayonet with zombie green handle
  5. Zombie targets for practice
  6. Pack the zombie killing kit in MTM’s zombie ammo can

Get the gun: Anderson Manufacturing zombie certified special edition M4 carbine


Which one of these kits are at the top of your list? Tell Santa in the comment section.


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  1. Well done Suzanne! These are some great kits and ideas for those hard to buy for people at reasonable prices. Can even mix and match to truly tailor it for those who fit in two or more of those categories or maybe even make them a kit for each side of them. Limited only by imagination. 🙂

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