Top 5 Cheaper Than Dirt! Facebook Posts for March 30, 2013

Our friends on the CTD! Facebook page Liked these items this week.

Firearm community’s outcry (March 22, 867 likes, 169 comments, 211 shares) What do you think makes a good bug-out location? (March 23, 860 likes, 97 comments, 118 shares) Survival Saturday Tip (March 23, 496 likes, 38 comments, 72 shares) Bloomberg has already spent numerous millions of his own money (March 25, 485 likes, 312 comments, 132 shares) NRA News: Meet the Commentators (March 25, 350 likes, 19 comments, 59 shares)

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  1. I have read the Brietbart news story about Mark Kelly not getting approved to purchase the AR-15 he has spent so much effort spinning. The gun dealer, based on Mr. Kelly’s public statements, refused the sale because Mr. Kelly was not purchaseing the weapon for himself. Since he stated on his background check form that he was, is this not a federal felony for which Mr. Kelly should be prosecuted?

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