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Our friends on the CTD! Facebook page Liked these items this week.   PTR Industries Leaves Connecticut (April 9, 1983 likes, 687 comments, 832 shares) M&P Shield Review (April 6, 653 likes, 46 comments, 67 shares) Maryland Gun-Control Bill Heads to the Governor (April 8, 351 likes, 131 comments, 71 shares) No one is going to take your guns! Not! (April 10, 493 likes, 108 comments, 442 shares) Rep. Diana DeGette (April 5, 720 likes, 276 comments, 401 shares)

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  1. I’m headed South, Gulf coast of Florida…If I’m Going to be taxed till I’m poor & Broke, May as well enjoy the weather at least! Plus it rains for free…

  2. It’s not the “The People’s Socialist Republic of Maryland”. That would imply looking out for the little guy. Not so here, with the gas tax and the rain tax and getting rid of the death penalty. And they are so stupid that they don’t realize that we know all the new fees are just another name for taxes. If the government says “pay or lose a privilege, it’s a tax. Old Massa O’Malley is trying to keep everybody in the middle class in the ranks of slave and servant. I, too am looking for property in Va or Pa, no point in letting my tax dollars support him and his legislature. I’m not helping him run for President and this session of the legislature should kill his hopes for good.

  3. As a current resident of “The People’s Socialist Republic of Maryland” all I can say is that I am selling the multiple properties I own, and moving my small business which employs 16-18 people to a state that is not usurous in its taxation and that will respect my constitutional rights, the second amendment among them. O’Malley has to go, Leggit has to go. It is ridiculous. Maryland’s gun rights intrusion coupled with the brilliant upcoming “Rain Tax” make this state unbearable. The legislature here is just money spending addicts. Sooooo sad.

  4. Roget is dead on but with Obama buying votes as fast as he can with give aways of tax payer money, and congress and the courts afraid to buck him how can we stop this downward spiral we are in?

  5. Agreed. If anyone believes DHS isn’t in the game for their own benefit and afraid of the general public
    they are dreaming. The entire reason they are hoarding is out of fear, not out of a sense of duty.

    Our federal government is loaded with knee jerk reactionaries that try to either
    grow their “department” or expand their share of revenue to justify their positions. They fear common
    sense, ethical values and the truth. Corruption, nepotism and cronyism
    is rampant because nobody is accountable in that place.

    Public service is NOT a six figure salary and a private office. It’s about selflessness, doing the job the right
    way the first time. We don’t have leadership, we have divisiveness; where we require
    strong values and accointability we get rhetoric. the answer is as plain as the nose
    on Lincoln’s face. When Congress holds both themselves and the Executive branch
    accountable while they FIX problems. Until that happens the status quo will continue.

    DC is a shoe factory. The place is LOADED with loafers because they aren’t accountable.

    Lead, follow or leave. If you aren’t a part of the solution, you ARE
    the problem.

  6. who has ammo for sale with out getting ripped off on the price . somebody somewhere has to have it besides DHS . all of the ammo companys needs to stop selling to them . its Un-American

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