Top 5 Cheaper Than Dirt YouTube Videos

Since 2009, Cheaper Than Dirt! has maintained a YouTube channel. With over 7,000,000 views and 338 videos uploaded and counting, you will find how tos, product reviews, Jerry Miculek Shoot Fast and many more! Become a member of our 8,942 growing subscribers here. If you have not checked out our YouTube channel, here is a taste of what you are missing. Listed are our top five YouTube videos. 

1. Ruger 22/45 Mark III Firearm Outline

The Ruger 22/45 Mark III shares many of same features as the 1911, including the grips. In just over a minute, we highlight these similar features and demonstrate why the Ruger 22/45 Mark III pistol makes a good trainer. Watch our gun tester fire the Ruger 22/45 Mark III and see the threaded barrel close up.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Firearm Outline

Showing the S&W M&P 22 pistol next to Smith & Wesson’s centerfire M&P models, we show how similar the models are. We share our thoughts on the pistol’s reliability, as well as take you step-by-step in disassembly and reassembly of the Smith & Wesson M&P 22.

3. Surefire Ryder 22-A—Silencers are Legal Shoot

We made this video at the 2012 Silencers are Legal Shoot in Dallas, Texas. Representatives from Surefire take you through the details and features of its Surefire Ryder 22-A rimfire suppressor.

4. Texas Sword Day

Cheaper Than Dirt! teamed up with Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, to explain how the Sept. 1, 2017 knife laws in Texas changed. The results were quite humorous.

5. The AR-15 in .22 LR

Contemplating purchasing either a .22 LR conversion kit or a dedicated .22 AR-style rifle, but not sure what the pros and cons are of each? In this video, we describe our experiences with both and show you how to swap the bolt from your .223 AR-15 to a bolt that comes with a .22 LR conversion kit.

What would you like to see on our YouTube channel? Share your suggestions with us in the comment section.

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  1. LOL, it’s interesting that the top 5 are all concerning some form of 22 caliber, when I don’t respect or care for anything in 22 caliber, including .223.

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