Top 10 Video Posts as of June 22, 2013

Video in The Shooter’s Log is a love-hate relationship. Viewers who have access to high-speed internet seem to enjoy our blog items that include video links.

Viewers who don’t, don’t like videos. That said, there are some things that can be shown in video that words and still pictures can’t match, so video-linked items tend to draw pretty high readership numbers. Here are the most popular video-embedded items in The Shooter’s Log:

AR-15 vs. AK-74 Video Comparisons with Jerry Miculek

Always Prepared: Takedown 308 Paratus Battle Rifle

High-Capacity Shotguns Compared

AR-15 Speed Shooting: How to Execute the ‘V-Drill’

Building Your AR Lower Receiver

New Video Crushes Myth About ‘Large-Capacity’ Magazines

Wicked Quick: AR-15 Shoot Fast! With Jerry Miculek

M1 Garand — Shoot Fast! With Jerry Miculek

Quick & Dirty Video: The Kel-Tec KSG 12-Gauge Pump in Action

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  1. AR-15 vs. AK-74 Video Comparisons with Jerry Miculek… closing line, “I kinda favor the AR” … yep, you pretty much repeated that 700 different ways over the course of those two comparison vids! 😉

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