Top 10 AR-15 Posts 2012

If you want to know more about buying, shooting, maintaining, and accessorizing the AR-15, check out our top 10 most-read articles on care and feeding of the rifle for 2012.

1. Best Selling AR-15s of 2011
2. Jesse Jackson: AR-15s are ‘for Domestic, Homegrown Terrorism’
3. Shooting Steel-Cased Ammunition In Your AR-15
4. Barrel Twist in the AR-15
5. The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47
6. AR-15 Gas System Identification Guide
7. AR-15 FAQ
8. The AR-15 Platform As A Hunting Rifle
9. The NSN: AR-15ers Take It on the Chin
10. Sunday Eye Candy: SBR AR-15 with Tan Furniture
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