The Top 10 Kel-Tec Posts

If you want to know more about buying, shooting, maintaining, and accessorizing Kel-Tec firearms, check out our top-10 most-read articles on care and feeding of the company’s products.

  1. Kel-Tec Announces New .22 WMR Handgun, the PMR-30
  2. Kel-Tec Unveils The New KSG Dual-Tube Pump Shotgun
  3. First Photos of Kel-Tec’s RMR-30 Prototype
  4. Kel-Tec Sheds Light on the Shortage of PMR-30 Pistols
  5. PMR-30 vs FN5-7
  6. Quick & Dirty Video: The Kel-Tec KSG 12-Gauge Pump in Action
  7. Lovin’ the PMR-30
  8. 2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Kel-Tec KSG Short-barreled NFA Shotguns
  9. Kel-Tec to Expand Production
  10. Becoming an American Icon: Kel-Tec Leads the Pack
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  1. Kel-Tec needs to acknowledge to themselves and the world that they simply don’t have production capacity to supply demand on their products and act accordingly. I actually received a KSG shotgun through “my gun shop” but it took 6 months. Paid list where gunbroker has a few offered at double-list. The thing is AWESOME. I ordered 2 more to spread across my bug-out sites. Was told that the wait would be about a year (after I convinced them that I hadn’t just sold my first one at double-price on GB.) Kel-Tec: If you can’t (or don’t want to invest in) ramping up production, you need to contract with a company that can produce and then split the profits (i.e. the Bushmaster ACR, designed by Magpul but built by Bushmaster and Remington to higher-than-normal-Bushmaster quality.) As it stands, you are PO’ing customers… never a good business model.

  2. Frank, check with CDNN Sports before you order. I followed your suggestion and found the Kel-Tec Sub2000 in their catalog. Unfortunately, it exists ONLY in their catalog. They do not have the actual firearm available for us to purchase at this time (and no indication as to when one might become available).
    The election is getting closer, everyone be sure to vote for a change – a pro-2nd Amendment president instead of the anti-constitutional president currently occupying the white house. Maybe Kel-Tec will boost production once a change occurs.

  3. Steve, CDNN Sports (sorry CTD) lists the Kel-Tec carbine in their catalog. Call 800-588-9500 and check it out. I want one as well, but my local FFL has been on vacation the past two weeks.

  4. Great reply by Mike. has several sub-2000 currently bidding with prices in the $500-600 range. I have never bought a firearm through an online store, but will consider it if the supply problem persists.
    The local gunshops I visit all laugh when I ask about the kel-tec sub 2000 or the pmr-30. One shopowner said he had seen a pmr-30 once. If kel-tec ever gets their production to match demand, they will become one of the top sellers in the country. Hopefully, they will bump up production after the next election if there is a change.

  5. Hi Steve I just read your comment. Yes you are right you can not find one and no one can get them. I have a Kel-tec 2000 9mm that uses glock 17 mags. I almost traded it on another firearm, but when they only offered me $200.00 on a trade I had to walk away. I just bought this this summer July 2012 for over $500.00 now the same store wants to give me only $200.00 for it. I purchased several accessories for this and they are all from Kel-tec. I bought the Kel-tec zip case that stores it and 2 mags, I purcased two extra magizines, I purchased a stock extension, a buffer that lowers recoil by 30%, a rubber sleeve that goes over metal tube that butt stock is connected to and I purchased a rubber sleeve that goes over knob to chamber round. I have only fired 36 rounds thru this and if I was to sell it , I would have to get $600.00 for it. It is awful funny that the gun store I purchased it thru said it took them two years to get the one I have and now they want to give me only $200.00 for it. and turn around and sell it for $500.00 or more. I never planned on purchasing this carbine. I was just browsing when I saw this carbine and knew I just had to have it. You can go to, I have seen them for sale there. But there are not there for long and I have seen bids for $500.00 and more for just the carbine and the one mag that comes with it. Good luck!

  6. why do you put this on??? I have been trying to find a Kel-tec 9 mm carbine for a year now noone has any or noone can get one do you have to be underground???

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