Top 10 Cheaper Than Dirt! Facebook Posts for Nov 17, 2012

Our friends on the CTD! Facebook page “Liked” these items this week. What is the longest shot you’ve taken? (Nov 10, 13824 likes, 544 comments, 5532 shares) What Is Longest Shot                 Cheaper Than Dirt break room. Jealous? (Nov 11, 7300 likes, 226 comments, 2788 shares) Breakroom                     You almost can’t go wrong! (Nov 10, 5958 likes, 258 comments, 1436 shares) You almost can't go wrong Rev                     To all the veterans (Nov 11, 4620 likes, 41 comments, 583 shares) Veterans                     Glock Cake (Nov 12, 4608 likes, 186 comments, 723 shares) Glock Cake                     You want my gun? (Nov 11, 3224 likes, 57 comments, 682 shares) You Want My Gun               Off Grid Survival discusses the biggest lies and myths about preppers (Nov 13, 3080 likes, 113 comments, 1307 shares)               Ladies, how do you carry? (Nov 14, 2234 likes, 106 comments, 298 shares)                 Thanks to Palmetto State Armory for posting this (Nov 13, 2069 likes, 1022 comments, 333 shares)                   Any questions class? (Nov 14, 1641 likes, 97 comments, 360 shares)  

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