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Mikhail Kalashnikov

Certain types of stories move Shooter’s Log readers to commentary. Possible gun confiscations get the pot boiling for most of us.

Here are our top 10 most-commented posts in the past two years.

1 Are You Buying Guns? Tell Us Why
2 Will You Turn Over Your Guns?
3 Jesse Jackson: AR-15s are ‘for Domestic, Homegrown Terrorism’
4 Gun Companies Under Fire: What’s Their Next Move?
5 New Legislation Proposes Gun Confiscation
6 PTR Industries to Leave Connecticut by Year End
7 Court Upholding Ban on Militia-Suitable Firearms Ignores Key Second Amendment Purpose
8 Handgun Capacity: Quality or Quantity?
9 Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s
10 Why Does the USDA Need Submachine Guns?

Tell us which article you are mostly to comment on in the comment section!

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