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Shooting The ARX-100

Our Shooter’s Log readers have a noticeable predilection for certain companies’ products, including Beretta’s handguns, shotguns and rifles, as well as news beyond products. Here are our top-10 most-read posts about the company this year.

1 Beretta forced to move production out of anti-gun Maryland. In May 2013, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley banned over 40 “assault weapons,” solidifying Beretta’s decision to make the move. Under the new restrictions, Beretta is unable to manufacture and service many of its top-selling firearms, including the ARX 100. In July 2014, Beretta made the announcement official—the company is moving all its manufacturing to Gallatin, Tennessee. For background on the move and more details on the story, read “Beretta Flees Anti-Gun Maryland—Moves Domestic Manufacturing to TN.”

Cheaper Than Dirt! catches up with Beretta for details on the progress of the company’s move to Tennessee. The update in “Beretta Moves to Tennessee Update and New Model Review” includes manufacturing of the ARX 100 and The Pico. Find out when Beretta projects the new manufacturing plant to open in this article.

3 Has the United States Army ended the age-old 9mm versus .45 ACP debate for good? Declaring the Army-issued SIG Sauer M11 and Beretta 92 as outdated, Army officials are calling for a new firearm with better reliability and durability. Find out the process in “The End to the 9mm vs. .45 ACP Debate? U.S. Army to Replace 9mm.”
4 When suggesting a home defense gun, many either pick from a handgun, shotgun and occasionally the AR-15. Pistol caliber carbines—rifles chambered in traditional handgun calibers—are often overlooked. Author and retired police officer, Bob Campbell, believing the pistol caliber carbines are easier to learn and shoot, more affordable and accurate makes a strong case for these types of guns for home defense, such as the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 and the Beretta Storm.

CTD Suzanne was the first of the Shooter’s Log writers to review Beretta’s first striker-fired handgun the Beretta Nano. Shooting ammo required from her local gun range—Federal 115-grain FMJ, Suzanne puts the rented Nano through its paces and marks her conclusion whether or not the 9mm pocket pistol from Beretta makes a good carry gun.

6 Have you heard the story about the Beretta M92 being such a piece of junk that it killed a bunch of Navy SEALs? Well, the story isn’t true. In “In Defense of the Beretta 92,” the author dispels this myth and many others while making a good case why the Beretta 92 9mm is an American legend.
7 Hesitant to jump on the .380 ACP bandwagon, CTD Suzanne finds one she can get behind in the Beretta 84. After comparing the SIG Sauer P238 and the S&W Bodyguard with the not-as-compact Beretta 84, Suzanne finds the Beretta extremely accurate and comfortable to shoot. Read, “My New Love, the Beretta 84,” to find out why this model makes not only a good target gun, but also one worthy of packing.
8 After shooting the Beretta ARX-100 at Media Day at the Range 2014, The Shooter’s Log representatives found it to be one of their favorite new guns from SHOT Show 2014. In this short, first-impression range report, we detail all the features we love about the Beretta ARX-100, concluding it makes a true battle rifle.
 9 Shortly after releasing the 5.56 ARX 100 modern sporting rifle, Beretta announced the release of the .22 Long Rifle-chambered ARX-160. Designed for training purposes, the ARX 160 shares many of the same features as the ARX 100, including ambidextrous controls. Read, “Beretta’s ARX 160” for more details on this tactical-style semiautomatic rimfire rifle.
10 The Beretta 92 has been the side arm of most military service members since 1985. Not to mention it is one of the most popular handguns in Hollywood—appearing in almost every movie that has a gun in it! Describing the 92 as “like a fine Italian suit,” in this Art of the Gun you will find an image gallery of eight different pictures highlighting the exceptional details of this iconic pistol.

Which article is your favorite? Which Beretta gun do you want to know more about? Tell us in the comment section!

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