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Whether you shoot rifles, shotguns, or handguns the most, the biggest lifetime expense — even considering the initial purchase cost of the firearm — is almost always ammo.
So, stories like these focusing on ammunition choice, tuning and suitability are favorites of the Cheaper Than Dirt! community.

Which post is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. I’m new to the hand gun world. Recently purchasing my first gun, a Beretta Neos 22, and just wondering what is the real issue purchasing 22lr rounds? I hear that the manufacturers are finding it too costly to make rimfire bullets and others are saying that its because of the probability of stiffer gun control laws? Whats really going on??

  2. In this day and age any mans weapons can be confiscated under tons of legal pretext, writing of burying ammunitoon would incriminate or at mimimum place you under mental observations during a stop gor even the slightest misdemeanor.
    I know , do not talk to cops, but you all will.
    I have knowledge o tens of thousands of 5.56 rounds stored and hidden but not a single roundthrown by hand is better than a weapon firing its bullet.
    place alternative rounds and bury a.cheapie weapon along with them as added security.
    Sorry folks but never never never let anyone know of your “personal stash”, never; never;
    A group stash is fine just keep a backup in place just in case one good bud is not so good.
    Even today snitches can and do pull in thousands by pure untruthfull bull crap and entrapment by only a mans words…
    Who knows, just maybe it is youthey need to roll on.
    Our police and military do not mind

    1. Thank for your concerns. They are certainly well founded. As I said only a select few know of a few locations (10%)….people I have known all my life and trust with my life. If they wish to put something away for a rainy day, good. I have everything I need to sustain myself indefinitely and have the knowledge, skills and experience to aid anyone in need.

  3. That is very good and reassuring to here. I certainly mentioned no disrespect with my comment. There are a select few in my area that are aware of some of the locations and have contributed to the cause as well.
    Be Safe and always aware.

  4. FAR BETTER TO HAVE AND NOT NEED THAN NEED AND NOT HAVE. I personally have more little friends stashed with in a five mile radius of my home than you and ten of your buddies. A five gallon bucket with a rubber sealed lid will last centuries buried. I live in the backcountry of the western U.S. and know exactly where each stash is. But ammo is only part of the equation.

    1. Larry , We think alike and live in the same part of the country . I have a lot of ammo but many in my neighborhood do not . My ammo is their ammo if needed and they know where to get it .
      We have also traded phone numbers and maps of stash’s . Everyone contributes as they can with different items for all .

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