The Top 10 AK Posts (Sept 8, 2012)

The Top 10 all-time AK-themed items in the Shooter’s Log.

So, You’re Thinking of Buying an AK-47? A Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles

The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47

AK-12: Russia Unveils Newest Incarnation of the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Converting Your AK-47 to be 922(r) Exempt

AK-47 Receiver Identification: Milled vs. Stamped

2012 SHOT Show Special Report: AK-47 with Under-barrel Chainsaw

TAPCO G2 Double Hook AK-47 Trigger


I Brought an AK-47 to the Carbine Class…

Modernizing and Accessorizing the AK-47

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  1. If any AK 47 enthusiasts are interested, I have several photos I took in the Kalashnikov Museum in Russia. I was there about 4 or 5 years ago. Actually saw Mr. Kalashnikov in a parade that week. A week before he died.
    They even have a shooting range in the basement that you can shoot them, for a fee. They did not let me take photos of that part.

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