Today’s Assault on the Second Amendment — CTD Dave’s $30M Solution

I am a bill cartoon

Who says Congress isn’t efficient? It has taken Congress less than 90 days to capitalize on the tragedy in Connecticut. In case you are not fully following me, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee cast the first votes on measures backed by Obama to tighten gun control laws. The Democrats control the Senate Judiciary Committee, so I do not hold out much hope for a reasonable outcome. On Thursday, the committee voted on four different bills that make up the gun-control package, so brace yourself. The next assault on our Second Amendment rights has begun.

I am a bill
The Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting on a handful on gun control measures today.

The Measures

The crux of the combined bills is to expand background checks and ban Modern Sporting Rifles, otherwise known by the incorrect and inflammatory rhetoric of the anti-gunners as assault weapons. While to some, an expanded background check is seen as a measure aimed at making our streets safer, others have delved a little deeper. Let’s take a look and see what makes sense and what does not.

Gun Trafficking

The committee’s top Republican is none other than Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa. Sen. Grassley has pledged soft support for the measure to strengthen background checks stating it would toughen statutes against “straw purchasers.” Straw purchasers are people who profit from buying guns then selling them to those prohibited from owning firearms.

It’s that last part that gets me. I would not have an issue with a stronger background check if that were the intent, however it isn’t. It is already illegal to make a straw purchase. Question 11 a. of ATF’s Form 4473 clearly states, “Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form? Warning: You are not the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm(s) on behalf of another person. If you are not the actual buyer, the dealer cannot transfer the firearm(s) to you.The penalty is 10 years in the Federal penitentiary.

So, it is already illegal to make a straw purchase, but Grassley, Feinstein and a few other shallow thinkers in the senate believes passing another law will suddenly change the actions of criminals. We are talking about criminals who obviously broke the law, with full intent because they checked the “yes” box adjacent to questions 11a of the 4473, will magically abide by a new law when they disregarded the law currently on the books. Please forgive my suspicious nature, but I do not have much faith in another law. “The practice of straw purchasing is used for one thing—to put firearms into the hands of those that are prohibited by law from having them. Many are then used to further violent crimes,” said Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy on Tuesday.

He is absolutely correct; that is the purpose of a straw purchase. It is also the reason that “straw purchases are already against the law and carry a 10-year prison sentence!”

Capitol Building
It would seem that our elected officials do not understand that passing another law outlawing a practice that is already illegal does not make us safer.

What does the purposed legislation really do? It does nothing to prevent straw purchases or reduce gun trafficking—if that was the goal they would investigate Eric Holder and the Justice Department first—it sets up a system to register firearms. No longer would the paperwork be a system to check on the individual, it could easily lead to a system where the government has a record of each firearm you own, by make, model, caliber and serial number.

Another bill focuses on strengthening school security. California’s Democratic Senator (that was redundant) Barbara Boxer has strong support for her measure to add $40 million a year for 10 years in matching federal grants to schools to strengthen security.

I am in favor of making our schools as safe as possible for our children. However, I also believe it would make more sense to save that $400 million to hire more school police and install more security cameras in favor of adopting the NRA’s solution of allowing teachers to become trained and certified to carry concealed on campus. That would cost a whole lot less and last longer than 10 years.

Oh wait! I forgot something. Barbara Boxer, an uber-liberal democrat, is spearheading this measure. In truth, the additional $40 million would not be used to add security to the schools. Instead it would be used to create another governmental bureaucracy! It would authorize the Justice Department to create a National Center for Campus Public Safety to serve as a clearinghouse for best practices and information.

Capital Police
Congress spends hundreds of millions a year to protect its members, but Barbara Boxer want to spend $40 million to protect our children by starting another “think tank.”

“Congress spends hundreds of millions a year to protect its members. It can certainly spend $40 million a year to protect our children,” said Boxer on Monday. Yes, that’s right folks. 635 members of the House and Senate are worth “hundreds of millions a year” with lots of secret service and capital police with guns, but for our children we need another governmental (emphasis on mental) organization to waste $40 million a year to come up with the “best practices and information.” Are you getting a warm and fuzzy regarding the safety of your children yet?

Dave’s Solution

Hey, Barbara Boxer! I’ll give you the answer for $20 million a year and save the taxpayers some coin. Quit trying to stop legislation that gives citizens the right to defend themselves and those around them and start supporting our Second Amendment rights. First, let our teachers carry weapons on a voluntary basis to protect our schools. Second, eliminate murder zones—better know to you as gun-free zones—because the only person safe in a gun-free zone is the lunatic who has illegally acquired a gun and traveled to your gun-free zone to cause mayhem without the fear of anyone stopping them by having the ability to fight back.

Better yet, take half of my $20 million and use it to train the teachers how to use a firearm to defend against a threat. At least that would be taxpayer money that was well spent for a change.


Currently, the Senate Judiciary Committee is controlled by the Democrats 10-8, which does not give us much hope. However, they need 60 votes to clear gun control legislation in the 100-member Senate where they have only a 55-45 majority.

P.S. Does anyone know where I should send the invoice for my $10 million?

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  1. Judge Hoffman,

    In case you didn’t notice, my post asked David Guy WHY, in light of what he believes, HE is still a Democrat. I didn’t attack you, or your hero (Obama). My post didn’t “name call”, question Obama’s nationality, bring up race, or mention any conspiracy theories. And what exactly is “my kind”, Mr. Name Caller?!

    Is your conscience is bothering you? Your angry rant leads me to believe so… Maybe deep down you are starting to realize the Democratic party doesn’t really help the disadvantaged, improve education, strengthen Social Security, or do anything to build people up. Maybe you’re finally starting to realize that one can’t hold a gun, or exercise any other Constitutional freedoms, unless you first have the right to life – something the Democrat party is so keen to take away from people. What I do know with total, absolute certainty, is that there are two supernatural beings at work in the world, influencing mankind. God and the Devil. Which do you think is telling people it is ok to kill their unborn children? The God of life, or the author of lies?

    I hope you don’t bring this anger into your courtroom.

    P.S. The rest of us are working our butts off in our fields also.

    P.P.S. I’m out of here. This discussion has “gone south”.

  2. Thank you Judge Hoffman (ret.). I think we are so caught up in the battle of the politics of today, we often forget that it is NOT just a Dem or Rep or Ind Tea Party fight against/for gun control.
    I consider myself an independent because I want to independently fight for what I believe. We must all follow our hearts, but above all we need to follow the constitution of the United States of America. We all need to bring ourselves to the table and fight to get BACK our constitutional rights. ALL of them. Some of us are so compliant with what those in government wants that we have forgotten what OUR rights are and how to fight for them.
    Talk is very cheap, but getting vocal and stepping out is a little more risky, dangerous even. I am all for programs that help the indigent and those who need help the most, but we have to learn to put our money where our mouth is. Stand up and do the right thing, no matter who you are.

  3. Having met and had discussions with my children’s teachers over the past 9 years, I think I am correct in my opinion that not a single one of them has the mental or emotional fortitude to even hold a firearm, let alone shoot one accurately. I like the idea of police trained veterans as guards (resource officers). It seems an obvious solution to everyone but the Political hacks that run law enforcement and education.

  4. Hey Jimbo, Why is it that that you, and so many others like you find it so hard to believe that just the fact that you are a Democrat doesn’t mean that you support EVERYTHING that threatens America today? I was elected into office on the Democratic AND the Conservative party tickets. I still support many of the basic philosophies of the Democratic party; programs designed to help the disadvantaged, education, Social Security, healthcare reform, etc…Yet I’m working my ass off doing everything I can do, speaking at rallies, making trips to Albany to meet with my representatives to demand they act against this blatantly unconstitutional and shortsighted SAFE ACT, getting interviewed for TV and newspapers speaking out, blitzing social media sites with calls to action, etc…This attack on our civil liberties is NOT about being Republican or Democratic, it’s about being an American and doing what is right to preserve our Founders dreams for our children’s children and protecting their ability to keep those dreams intact! And, if you can’t see beyond the current problem of gun control to understand that ever since the ink dried on the Patriot Act we’ve been witnessing the slow dismantling brick-by-brick of so many of our civil liberties and that it’s time overdue to shed political labels and stand together in unity as AMERICANS to fight with every means available to reverse this trend that threatens the very essence of what it means to be free men, then I feel sorry for you friend, so sorry you are. I am beyond sick of hearing so many of your kind with their childish attacks on Obama’s personality, race, all the immature name-calling and questions about his nationality, ad nauseum…I just wish everybody would get their shit together and truly organize together against the real ISSUES, drop the conspiracy theory crap and get down to business my fellow citizens. Time is of the essence, stop wasting it. I couldn’t care less who you voted for, all I care about is what are YOU going to do to stand with me in this fight? Because if you’re not standing with me, you’re standing in my way! So, get on the bus or get the hell out of the way all you Obama haters. You’re hate is getting in the way of real progress…Stick to the issues at hand, stop diluting the argument with trivialities. We’re in a real war for our liberties with no time to spare, let’s get serious and stay focused on what’s truly wrong and march together in unity….Let me remind you of a warning given to us by our countries greatest civil liberties champion, Dr. Martin Luther King. He said: “Never forget, everything Hitler did in Germany was legal…”

    1. Garry; THANK YOU. I am an independent/Centrist. As you, before anything else: I AM AN AMERICAN – A CITIZEN. I am not going to pitch my bitches based on bigoted focal points which happen to be convenient. I have found it very difficult come election time to find resolve in the choices I have to make at the polls and there are a couple that way in on the heavy side. Unfortunately they have proponents on opposing sides of the aisle, I am fortunate at the same time to live in the district of a senator who shares my views on two very key issues. Thank You, Again

  5. So tell me David…. You say you are a Democrat and don’t believe in gun control or abortion. So if it came down to a choice between a Democrat you like, who supports the other liberal causes, vs. a Republican who championed the 2nd Amendment and would work to protect unborn babies, would you vote for the Republican? I have the feeling that if you are STILL a registered Democrat in this day and age, your pro-union, anti-business, big government leanings always trump your belief in life or the right to keep and bear arms. Seriously.. I don’t recall any of the last few Democratic conventions tolerating anyone speaking about God or the murder of the unborn. To my recollection they didn’t speak out about the 2nd amendment either. In fact, at the last convention, they voted to exclude any mention of God in the platform! Yet you still call yourself a Democrat? Why?

  6. Gentlemen, just wanted to let everyone know that all Democrats are not on the same sheet of paper when it comes to gun control. Not on just this topic but many ,the so called Democratic party left me some time ago. I was raised a democrat by a wonderful father who was a 44 year law enforcement veteran. I now am a 40 year retired LE veteran. I am of the “OLD Democrat Party”, we do not believe in Gun Control nor do we believe in Abortion, and we are CHRISTIANS. I know I am not by myself with my beliefs. Would like to hear from others like me. Also I have never voter a straight ticket and never will.

  7. Are you kidding me?! Teachers and schools are pampered. They have every piece of equipment they could conceivably need, yet we are still not graduating students who can read and write. I work for a small startup manufacturing firm. For years 6 people shared a single dial up modem connection to the internet, to do all their engineering, and sales research. We were so cash strapped that we were using 10 year old computers and 30 year old DOS software to do our product development. I know, because I was the computer system administrator at the time, and we couldn’t afford better. Y et we got our work done, and we have grown. During this cash strapped time, I visited one of our local high schools, one which teachers have claimed was “underfunded”. I spied expensive color laser printers in every single classroom. Top performance computers in every classroom. And a bundle of high speed internet cables too big to stretch your arms around branching off to every PC in the building. All so the kids could do book reports and play games online.

    Teachers are whining about making $60 – $80K per year after only a couple years experience, working 9 or 10 months a year. They have job security, incredible benefits and pensions. Our people’s jobs are constantly under threat due to foreign competition. Our output is CONSTANTLY measured and evaluated, and if we don’t perform, we are out on our ears. And an experienced engineering tech, or a junior engineer only makes about $40K.

    The Constitution makes no provision for government funding of education.

  8. I believe there should be no background checks…
    just as fast and faster the gov’t will do what it wants…
    remember 9/11 when the gov’t closed gunshops in fear of a revolt..
    to an everpresent a-train on to new gun laws.
    think… Einstein didn’t need a gun.
    frank zappa a rock star fought very hard to protect our 1st amendment
    where the gov’t wanting to ban on what music folk would have to say..
    about anything.
    the heroes who can’t speak for todays rights ,but fought hard to protect them.

  9. I would like to just say this. Put more money on our schools by giving the teachers and students what they need. Our schools are falling apart in the U.S. I realy dont think that we need to make them safer. Make our kids and teachers smarter. As for gun laws. leave them alone. Our forefathers put the laws that we had there for a reason. make people more informative about guns.
    Our leaders are spending to much of our money on things that will not fix anything. i say spend the money on getting our dept down and leave everything that doesnt need fixed alone.

  10. It amazes me everyday that Obama and his cronnies are doing all of things that cost lots of money and he/they continue to divide this country at every corner. The only way that we are going to get our constitution back on track and bring ALL people back together is to vote OUT the democrats and vote IN Rebublicans/Independants. I listened to that black pediatrician who is a neurosurgeon and I would vote for him in a second if we could replace Obama today. That man knows what Obama is doing and he doesn’t like it. Our country is going down hill fast. It is unbelievable to me that food is getting more expensive, gas is again going up and the majority of this nation is still singing Obama’s praises! What the hell? When are WE as a nation going to wake up and take our country back!?

  11. We’re done. It’s over. There is only a small remnant of people with any character whatsoever left in this nation. The proof is in the last election. We were given two candidates who’s differences could not have been more stark. The incumbent was raised and mentored by communists in a chaotic family. His radical views were well documented long before his first term as President. He is from the state most associated with corrupt politicians. By any measure his first term was an abject failure, both economically as well as legislatively. Both foreign and domestic. The second candidate had a pristine reputation as a human being. He was a standout private business success with robust gubernatorial experience. His upbringing was in a well known family with solid values. With this clear choice, we chose the former. The biggest electoral states are dominated by those who support the current President. There is no coming back from this. It is better to spend your time preparing your life for eternity.

  12. The DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security)has recently bought 1.4 BILLION rounds of ammo. Gee, anybody want to make a guess as to what THEY’RE gearing up for??? Remember Obama’s infamous quote from 2008 – “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    The hammer is coming down folks.

    Read more:

  13. These same idiots who don’t trust honest, law abiding Americans to own semi-auto (or any guns) are now talking about giving automatic weapons, missles,etc. to Syrian militants, many of whom are Al Queda terrorists!

    Having just been on the receiving end of Gov. Cuomo’s lunacy here in NY, I don’t want any national gun control. If they do pass something, I think we should all insist that it be applicable to capitol police, Congressmen, Senators, and the Secret Service. If the rest of us are not allowed to own or use AR’s or other “assault weapons”, or large capacity magazines, neither should our leaders. They are not any better than the rest of us.

  14. Think back to the birth of our great nation. The days when fathers marched with sons
    side by side against tyranny. The days when we believed the actions of the English
    were just absurd. “How dare you tell us what to do? We all decided we wanted to be free”, we said. The English disagreed. So Fathers cried with sons dying in their arms. Our forefathers, in their brilliant effort to lead our budding society, had the
    vision to see that every man, every home, should be safe from anything that threatened their existence and right to freedom from intrusion in their sphere of domestic privacy and security. Their vision was not so shortsighted to limit this as
    only an intrusion from tyrannical government but simply to protect our
    existence as free and sovereign citizen peoples. Period! The roots lie in English
    Common-law. The spirit and intent of our Second Amendment gave every man the
    right to protect that private existence with firearms sufficient to lawfully defend
    himself, his family and his country effectively. No question about that.
    There’s much print and words wasted these days by the media extreme that seem to forget that this is true. They say,”You don’t need to protect yourselves from your own government”. Tell that to the Jews. Pretty shortsighted I say. The real mission of the media is to show the country the ideas that bring about positive social change. At this very moment the Second Amendment to our Constitution is being redefined in historic ways that could span many generations to come. I think our children’s children’s children should be able to protect themselves and their families with high quality weapons equal to the ones of the threatening entity. I’m like that; my tools are lifetime guaranteed too, and I own many more that I’ll need of them. Will it be a Bushmaster, probably not? But whatever tool available to stand against any that oppose them is where my inheritance would go. It’s not about magazines and AR15’s and such. The real issue is how do we keep these weapons of defense from those that would do others harm, especially the children of us all. This is NOT a gun issue; it is a mental health issue! It’s high time for the media to be creative and find the news to report that will lead our country to effectively protect our children’s rights and safety, AND also protect our future.
    We should pave the way to a safer country, yet protect the rights of every citizen. No
    brainer, right? Well? Help that Vietnam War Veteran applying to get his gun permit
    for the first time to legally enjoy his firearm from being excluded because he honestly checked “yes” in the box that said “Were you ever treated for a mental illness?”. (“PTSD”, they whispered in the military hospital as he lie there in bed just days from shedding his blood for your country.) Perhaps if our forefathers were better armed those sons would not have died in their father’s arms. Ben Franklin might have said the media has an innate responsibility to protect this right… It’s not only about today people, our future is at stake…Have we forgotten pictures of the Civil Rights Marchers as they were being washed off the streets by high-pressure water cannons by the “Defenders of Freedom” in the South (, or the Students at Kent State university mowed down by gunfire by the Ohio National Guard ( ? I was tear-gassed in that same month in 1970 by my government peaceably assembling and exercising my First Amendment rights in unity with those same protesters.
    While the aims of our present day government seem to be driven by peaceable forces, the fact remains that our government has a history of suppression of rights by violent means. Who among us can say with any certainty that the tides of today’s peaceful existence will not turn against us leaving “We the People” to stand together to defend our freedoms? It is our duty to do all we can today to defend our future! Do not sit there and complain amongst yourselves while those tides turn without resistance. It is our time now to stand together in strong protest. You hear many say, “Write, call or email your representatives.” How many of us are doing it though? Only a small minority of us who feel so strongly that many of our rights are weakening are actually doing it! Is this what you would like to leave as your legacy for your children’s, children’s, children? Do you want them to ask why didn’t we stand and defend their rights when we still had a chance? Yes, maybe without our action our freedoms will stay intact, but is this the gamble you are willing to take for them, for the children?
    Take only a small portion of your long life to stand together in unity today and contact those with the power to change the course of history. Look for your US representatives here: Contact your state’s representatives at the state’s website. Let our collective voices come together loud and strong! Let them hear our message that we will not stand for a dwindling of our Founders dreams. Our strength is only as strong as our willingness to stand together. Our right given us to redress our government is so often ignored, assert this right today, or consider the battle lost…

  15. The lying, crooked, disingenuous, whores in Washington are preparing something unspeakably evil for the American people! I cannot urge America’s men & women of honor to join organizations that are sworn to protect the constitution of these United States of America, like Oath Keepers, Gun Owners of America, the NRA, etc! I also call on the military to re evaluate it’s relationship with the criminal conspiracy that has replaced our government.

    And would someone explain why FEMA camps (to house emergency victims) have electrified, barbed-wire/concertina-wire, dog runs and guard towers?

  16. $400 mil…$20 mil… what is the difference? Boxer has already bought off the voting half oc congress, vets for security, yes by all means. Oh, wait, didnt some congressman or person say that, vets should not have weapons, or something to that effect?

  17. Nobody seems to read the text completely; $40 million in MATCHING FUNDS! That means the states have to come up with $40 million of their own cash to get another $40 million! Good luck, California.

    Having armed teachers should be the last line of defense for our children. To keep costs down, we should use retired LEOs and veterans who volunteer to protect our schools, trained and vetted by the local Sheriff’s departments. What do we do with returning vets? Any that want to should be trained as border patrol, TSA and related jobs.
    They already took the oath and know how to fight and work in a desert.

  18. All law abiding Americans must stand up, march in the streets ,call, e mail elected officials and let it be known your not taking away my rights and I’ll defend that right at all cost.

  19. I agree with much of the article and also that having an armed deterrent in schools is a good thing. However, I am not convinced that teachers with weapons won’t create more harm than good. Anyone that is armed in that situation needs to be extremely well trained and practiced, and must ensure 100% that the firearm is secured. I don’t see the culture of teachers in the US, on the whole, to be amenable to that level of commitment. I could be wrong. Certainly there are some teachers that would be fine. I am afraid that they are the exception rather than the rule. All it would take would be a single instance of a teacher losing control of his/her firearm to a gang member or nutcase and the resulting feathers flying would make the current debate seem like a slice of heaven.

    Last year in CA a bill was introduced that required confiscation of black rifles. At least one other state is entertaining similar legislation. The CA bill was defeated, but the Dems in CA recently re-established their super-majority in the State Legislature, so who knows what they will do. We have had registration in CA for a long time now, so they have the records they need to effectively confiscate. We all have to make it clear to our politicians at the State and local level that we will vote them out if they insist on de-nutting our Constitutional rights.

  20. You’re right Bob, tick..tock..tick..tock. stand up for your rights law abiding America! This country is full of great people with horrible leadership, time for some real change…

  21. While I’m for keeping our children safe I feel we have to think about the means a little more. Banks are built to be secure. They have one way in, high teller counters and vaults. Some even have armed guards, but they still get robbed. The FBI building had a truck pull up with diesel fuel and fertilizer and was detonated. Schools build before Columbine were not built with protection in mind and frankly due to layout and design are just about impossible to secure since most of them you walk right into the school and not the office when entering. Cameras are good but only report what has already happened and does nothing to stop it while it is taking place. Arming teachers is also a bad idea. While at first it sounds like a good solution, let’s think about it. In a panic mode teachers may be trained to aim and fire but never having been in the predicament do not have the mental training to not panic. Trust me when I say it would be different if a cop shoots a kid while trying to stop a gunman than it would be if a teacher did. The only way I see you might be able to deter instances of such nature is to:
    1. Put a fence around the school sealing all entrances except for one. Delivery entrances would need a call box and camera so that the gate could be opened, then closed behind them.
    2. The front of the school would need a staging area built where people would enter and be helped /checked before proceeding through a locked door into the school.
    3. The parking lots need to be moved further away from the school so a blast would not affect the integrity of the building.
    4. The front of the school “where the fence does not cover” would need bullet proof glass to prevent people from shooting their way in.
    5. A panic button installed in the office.

    The downside…the cost. Everyone says cost does not matter until it comes time to spend it, then all of a sudden our kids are not worth it.
    People do not want the schools to look like jails. If you want to be safe then you have to give and take a little.
    Some schools in the city just do not have the room to do the above.
    While congress is saying they are trying to come with a way to protect our schools, it seems like they are only putting lipstick on a pig and using a tragedy to waste money and take more of our rights. The only thing they are doing is giving them plausible deniability. I can hear it now after the next tragedy. We spent billions of dollars to safe guard our schools and it fails due to relaxed gun laws, therefore they feel they need to pass more. When in reality they never fixed the issue which is the building and layout itself.

  22. Many people say they are afraid that gun registration is what the politicians really want. The sad truth is that we already have a national gun registration.

    The 4473 you fill out to purchase a firearm from an FFL is a gun registration. As the system currently works, specific gun information is not part of the NICS call that gets the background check done. But, very specific gun info, including serial number, does get recorded on that form when the sale is made and those forms are required to be retained by the FFL for at least 20 years.

    So now we have a form that associates your name with every single gun you buy from any FFL. This is registration. The only thing that has to happen is for the government to collect these forms.

    And they already do that on a limited basis. If an FFL goes out of business, guess where all of the 4473s for guns sold by that FFL go? You got it, the government collects them.

    The universal background checks being proposed will expand this registration to all guns sold, whether by an FFL or an individual. And in a few years, a huge percentage of all the guns in this country will be registered. And that includes that old Winchester 1894 that’s been in the family for decades when you want to give it to your son.

    The level of intrusiveness of the government into our daily lives is just too high. They no longer govern, they rule.

  23. Regarding the comment about the people voting on every law and tax, it’s a nice thought. “We” are a Republic not a pure Democracy. There is a signifigant difference. Historically, pure democracies falter and fall and the founding fathers took this into consideration when creating our system of government. In our republic, the people vote to elect those officials to represent us. They become “our” voice, the voice of the majority.

    Unfortunately, this system no longer works as it was intended to. It’s become too complex, filled with legalities and loop holes that have opened the door to corruption and fraud. There is NO transparency and too much power afforded to our representatives who are purely agenda driven. Filled with POLITICS.

    The attack on the 2nd ammendment is driven by the philisophical and political agenda of the current administration as well as the majority of the liberal politicians at the federal, state and even local levels. The main stream media is also, quite obviously, a major player in driving this agenda. They are puppets to the puppet masters. What the citizens who dont have a dog in the fight (so to speak) fail to realize is that this all goes well beyond guns. It opens the door for desecration of all of the Consititution, not just the 2nd ammendment. It is dangerous and intentional. It is about getting the guns from every law abiding citizen, one step at a time if necessary. It is not ultimately about making anyone safer aside from, ultimately, the government itself. Those few politicians who really do believe that it is about safety of our children and citizens are naive or just plain stupid. The liberal, progressive “movement” is ultimately about dependency and control. I know that sounds conspiratorial, but it really isnt. It’s a political and philisopical shift. I’ll leave it at that.

    We can be heard, it’s not necessarily too late. There are approx. 313 million Americans and almost as many guns. Estimates are from 90 – 100 million actual, legal gun owners. Unfortunately, this does not equate to the majority of American citizens owning guns but rather around 30% (many folks own more than one gun). However, the census does not take into account children who are not of legal age to own a gun (nor can they vote for that matter). I’ve gone a long way to get to my point which is that WE have the power to have our voices heard loud an clear. Yes we, the 30%, have the power. It’s up to us to use it. President Obama received, depending on the source, just under 4 million more votes than Gov. Romney (yes, I know it’s an electorate system). Depending on the source, approx. 125 million voters came out to vote. There are pretty close to as many legal gun owners as there were voters that voted. Where were all of us? Yes, some of us voted democrat … how many will do that again? Not if they wish their constitutional right to remain secure. But many of us did not vote at all. Those second ammendment supporters / gun owners who voted democrat … you made a mistake. Those who didnt show up … you made a mistake. Please, do not make the same mistake again. If we can get through the gun grab and surgical dissection of the second ammendment contained within this current bill; And get through the mid term elections with the House remaining in Republican control; Then we can send a message loud and clear in 2016 that WE THE PROPLE will not allow those who WE elect to represent us to trifle with the constitution as if it’s nothing more than the paper it was written on. This isnt a rallying call, it’s an appeal to all of us to never forget what is happening now. Dont forget it, EVER. Remember it well whenever you have a chance to have your voice heard. Please, VOTE. Vote smart … local, state and federal. It’s up to us as to how much more damage they can do.

  24. I think is is about time that we all come to the realization that the liberals think they can make inroads on gun control with using the unfortunate events of Sandy Hook school as their spear of justice. Why are there not federal laws making it mandatory jail sentances for criminals caught with guns? How about the 77,000 people that were caught illegally trying to buy a firearms and only 4 were prosecuted? Where the is that dirt bag Eric Holder then? I propose that everyone write their worthless Senators and conressman and demand a bill passed making it a 10 year mandatory jail sentance for using a gun in a crime, tryiing to illegally purchase a firearm, or attemplting to purchase a firearm for someone else. The only way the 2nd ammendment can keep intact is if we stand untited and say no to expanded, background checks, and demand that the federal government start enforcing the laws currently on the books!

  25. Isn’t it amazing, these pathetic morons in the congress couldn’t in almost 5 years…count’em FIVE years…come up with a budget, but the bas-ards in 90 days can come up with a violation of the 2nd amendment……the communist scum!

  26. Guns may well be the fuel for the fire for civil unrest.It now seems like just a matter of timeTck Tck Tck…..Are you prepared?

  27. Colorado’s 15 rd magazine limit bill that just passed outlaws 15rd magazines. It contained HIDDEN LANGUAGE that not even the bill’s sponsor saw or understood the ramifications… it bans magazines that hold less that 15 rds but that can be converted to hold more than 15 with aftermarket conversion kits. all this legislation is garbage written by special interest groups. Lawmakers who sponsor it arent even reading or comprehending it. I hope magpul leaves Colorado deserves to pay dearly for this….

  28. I don’t believe that it was emphasized that there is a push to have all of the background checks collected into a central data base. As it stands now, once completed the background checks that are done are supposed to be destroyed by the government agency doing the checks (we all know that the government obeys the law). If passed, now only will the government have an account of every gun purchased, but if you would like to pass a firearm to son that has been in the family for years, you will have to have a background check done.

  29. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    – George Washington

  30. The only question gun owners now need to ask themselves.Are you mentally and physically prepared to do your worst to your fellow human kind in order to be free an keep and bear your arms?If you can honestly answer that question in your own mind and feel that you can.Then you know what you must do to protect your freedoms.Our fore fathers had to ask themselves the same question when they formed this country.And then they wrote some of the answers to that question in our Consitution.They wanted you to be able to freely think and come to your own answers.And do what you must do if and when the time comes.Freedom does not come free.

  31. @Mdockins: One of the things that escapes notice in this argument, even by 2nd Amendment supporters, is that: THE TEACHERS DON’T NEED TO BE ARMED — BUT, THEY DO NEED THE RIGHT TO BE ARMED. Mdockins has correctly pointed out that many teachers would not want to be armed, and some might not be effective. My point is that, if the bad guy knows that SOMEONE MAY BE ARMED, he will likely go somewhere else. As has been pointed out elsewhere numerous times, the “gun-free zone” is, as Dolbee calls it, a “murder zone.” Please, everyone, remember: for a deterrence to be credible, it must be real. But, the *possibility* of instant retaliation against a threat is just as important for deterrence.

    For those schoolmasters who understand this logic, they can start by taking down their “gun-free zone” signs. It will not cost anything, and they do not have to wait for a law to be passed. And, best of all, any local dissent against taking down the signs will focus LOCAL debate on the foolishness of the gun-free zone concept.

  32. The majority are non gun owners and for years now gov programs have given the do nothings a living by writing making studies and bondings between all those groupies who are drooling at thoughts of 10 years of nice fat salaries and contracts to supply the new bureaucracy..
    The Democratic party is a master of spread federal wealth to your upper middle class by giving them make work jobs.

  33. You might want to lay off the cough medicine dude before you post. The words are spelled Jerks and Background; oh and stop yelling with your all caps.

  34. To this day I am still blown away by how stubbornly stupid the Liberal Democrats, and the media that supports them can be. It is so painfully obvious what measures need to be taken(basically all the recommendations made by the NRA) in order to provide a safer and more secure environment for our school children. This being accomplished without having to spend the BILLIONS that Obama and the liberal democrats propose. This is of course billions our strapped nation can ill afford. As well where is the common sense in creating more laws that only the law abiding follow when everyone knows that criminals dont follow laws, they prey on those that do. Yet these tyrannical democrats insist in disarming us and leaving us as victims to the muggers, thieves and rapists that are salivating over a government imposed ban. How stupid can they be?!?

  35. Straw Buyers? What about fast & Furious? Why are they being allowed to get away with this?

    One more thing. I would like to see a survellience video of Adam Lanza wielding an AR-15. JUST ONE AUTHENTIC PHOTO WILL BE FINE.


  36. I’m all for better security in schools.
    However I wouldn’t be comfortable with some teacher packing in my
    5 year olds kindergarten class.

    A security guard at every entrance that is concealed?
    Sure, awesome, great.

    The teacher? No thanks.

  37. if people think this will be the end of it ,their kidding themselves.they’ll start with assault looking weapons first .then it will be shotguns,pistols etc.I look at the eyes of these crazed killers and they seem to all have the same stare like thy been brainwashed to do those haenus acts.Manchurian canidate.

  38. Unfortunately James Holmes would have passed a backround check. But having said that I think that its not entirely a bad idea. My only concern is that the bureaucracy conducting checks can abuse this function by requiring impossible parameters.

    Another issue that really gets my goat is how the liberal media and even Fox never bring up Switzerland and how they have the second highest gun ownership per capita after the USA with a fraction of a fraction of homicides. Clearly this is a social issue not a gun issue.


    Blog | Josh Voorhees
    Everyone’s Still Waiting on James Holmes’ Insanity Plea

    Blog | Josh Voorhees
    Everyone’s Still Waiting on James Holmes’ Insanity Plea

  40. We need to recall all the ones who vote against the second ammendment. They are suppose to be working for us and not against us.

  41. I would like to see a new law passed, that makes any taxes, new law or old law changing impossible, without the peoples vote to be even considered. This is our country, and we are just sitting back letting the politions do what they want, why are we as a people not standing up, as we once did. Where is our leader, for the people by the people, certanly not in the oval office. Go back in history, what did we do about this kind of thing? It is time to stand up legally as a people of the UNITED STATES and let the polititions know, that this is not what the people want. At one time in this country UNITED really did mean something GREAT.

  42. Im retired military and at this time not working. There are so many trained soldiers out there with out jobs. Make them deputy sheriffs in the counties they are from and asign them to these schools in that county. Take the federal money and repay those department for thier salaries. Why through sheriffs offices you might ask. Becuse the Sheriff controls the county and all schools in the county and would be able to move them around bet when more threats arise. There is no one including S.W.A.T. TEAMS MORE TRAINED THAN A COMBAT VETS. If anyone thinks different you have that right but these soldiers have been fighting two wars with usually more than one deployment. Give them a three or four week training course in law enforcement and put them in the schools. Yes and give them a secure room with in the school and give them the weapons for the job. I would want them to walk around with AR-15’S, but have a safe with shot guns and mp-5 or ar’s. Pistols on thier sides duing the normal day. Combat soldiers already know how to fight and when school is out during the summer the can help beef up patrols on the streets during the summer months when B and E,s pick up. This is a win win for everyone. Sorry for the spelling errors and others but I get a LITTLE upset when it comes to this subject as do most of you and my hands cant keep up with my fingers or thoughts. I can tell you this and I’ll leave it alone. Soldiers are a special kind of people who would give thier lives in a heart beat to protect our children and Im speaking as a soldier so I know this. I would work as a officer at a school and give my life for the children with out a second thought and would do it for free.

  43. I’m not a fan of relying on teachers to be allowed to carry on school campus over additional law enforcement. It relies too heavily on too often improperly inexperienced and hesitant volunteer force to secure the schools (and what if none of them decide to carry?) We need additional law enforcement, and we need to make get rid of those ignorant “gun free zones”.

    We also need to realize that the 80% of us who have guns, ultimately, are being bullied by the 20% who DO NOT have guns. Why are we allowing this to happen again?

  44. A lot of excellent commentary here and all of it on the mark. Our best hope is that, if the bill should get enough support from Republicans in the Senate (a possibility), it does not stand nearly as good a chance of getting the votes it needs for passage by The House. So it will likely not become law as it stands, but rest assured that once that becomes clear King Hussein (you know who I’m referring to) will issue executive orders (royal proclamations) to enact all the prohibitions he thinks he can get away with. After all, he believes the Constitution is a hurdle to him accomplishing his “fundamental change” of America. He has no intention of upholding The Constiution and especially the 2nd Amendment. Have any of you wondered about the timing of the AG’s announcement recently that they feel its legal to use the drone against Americans in the USA, or have you wondered what prompted the statement? The nation was caught up in gun control news when out of the blue that statement hits the airways! Go figure…
    In any case when the King enacts his bans and demands you turn over you “assault weapons”. What then???

  45. Everyone needs to be contacting their Senators and “Representatives”. Every time they mention “the majority of Americans support this”, it needs to be reminded that we have a majority in the House because the “Majority of Americans”, voted to put them there, in hopes of protecting our rights and stopping the hemorrhage of spending.

    The NRA has started publicizing their roots as a Civil Rights Organization. We need to reach out to the Black Community and let them know the NRA was instrumental in getting them the 2nd A right to defend themselves from the KKK. Of all people, they should recognize the meaning of Civil Rights.

    This is the moment Feinstein has been living for. It is a time for diligence on the part of all Civil Rights supporters. This diligence needs to remain peaceful. Voice, vote, legal action.

  46. Dave, we all know that the geniuses in California and Washington, D.C. vote on bills that they feel will make them heroes in the eyes of the voting public, regardless how unworthy and detrimental those bills are. Boxer, Feinstein, et. al., have been doing this for years, and not always in the realm of “gun control,” which has become nothing other than a misnomer for “gun confiscation,” thanks to the liberal media and low-knowledge average (or should I say “below average”) voter whose minds have been bent by the MSNBC-type liberal spreaders of trash “news” by hosts and commentators who have the IQs of gerbils.

    Notice how few (if any) articles appear in the printed media, on TV or on the radio about success stories that have to do with law-abiding citizen gun owners successfully defending their lives with legally-owned firearms. The NRA publishes a sample of these stories each month in their American Rifleman magazine, but sadly, the NRA’s printed articles are limited mainly to NRA members, their families and possibly their law-abiding friends. The NRA TV shows also are not available in all areas.

    Last evening, I watched the 1984 movie, “Red Dawn.” Even though it was purely fictional, it painted a picture of what could happen if a foreign country happened to invade a weak America. The invading force took over most of America, including the mid-western town that was the focus of the movie, killing dozens of people and imprisoning the remaining residents who had failed to escape. Those who did escape were teenagers who fought back with their own firearms, eventually driving out the invaders.

    The first thing the invaders wanted? A list from the police department of all gun owners. This demand rang a bell in that we don’t have to wait for foreign invaders to demand that we turn over our firearms. We have a misguided group of state and federal politicians who just can’t wait to assume that job. We all know that home defense and hunting bambi are not the main reasons our founders had in mind re gun ownership. It was to defend against a tyrannical government. God Bless America!

  47. Yes, members of congress – Senators, Representatives. Please feel free to reread the last sentence of the 9th paragraph… (California’s Democratic Senator (that was redundant) Barbara Boxer has strong support for her measure to add $40 million a year for 10 years in matching federal grants to schools to strengthen security.) $40 million per year for 10 years equals the $400 million total for the program. Both numbers are correct depending on whether referring to the yearly amount or the amount of the total package over the 10-year period.

    Thanks for reading and keeping us on our toes. ~ Dave Dolbee

  48. Your articale, while true, is replete with errors. Might want to proof a little better next time. Members of Congress?? $40 mIllion or $400 million….thanks…

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