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Today, I thought I would let you, dear customers, decide our featured picks of the day. I chose some of our latest reviews. Do you agree with what they have to say? Tell us about it! So in their own words… here goes:

TAPCO T6 Collapsible 6 Position Stock and Pistol Grip for Saigas

Submitted by Rey: I was a little skeptical about this one, but I wasn’t ready to do a full conversion just yet. I wanted to see how this works. It is amazingly solid. I am not a big Tapco guy. Being an AR guy I know a good kit from the rest, but some Tapco stuff is good and some is not. This falls into the good. The pistol grip is every bit as comfortable as my MIAD on my AR, and it’s ergonomic. The stock locks up SOLID. You do have to drill the pilot holes, but they give you the bit and it’s easy. You will see some excess plastic flashing on where the stock goes into the receiver (top part) that prevents it from being perfectly flush. I just dremeled the excess and it mated PERFECTLY. The adjustable stock is very good, but the great thing was that the buffer tube used to house the stock is what would be commercial size for an AR, so I was able to use my VLTOR EMOD stock. You can use any commercial size stock (as opposed to milspec for AR) in place of the Tapco one once you mount this! AWESOME product and a good one from Tapco.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Red Dot Sight

Submitted by laney50w: I was originally looking for an Eotech, but really didn’t want to shell out $400 for it. My friend told me about his SightMark QD Sight, and was bragging about it, so, I figured I should check it out myself. What’s the worst that can happen? Send it back? Upon first inspection, I was pleasantly surprised with this sight. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed is that it’s very well built. (Was kinda shocked, considering I only paid $99 bucks for it!) It features multi-coated optics, it’s made of metal, it’s got some “beef” to it, very sturdy, adjustable brightness control, the QD system (quick detach system) works very well, it’s easy to use, it has 4 different reticle options, and it looks really nice. (Which is a factor, as well.) I also find it to be bright enough for daytime use.

So, I quickly mounted it on my Stag AR, and went shooting! About the ONLY problem I found, is the battery cover. (Which another reviewer had mentioned.) It does have a tendency to come loose after some rounds, it was loose right out of the box, and this will turn off the sight. BUT, IT’S NO BIG DEAL… Honestly, with a very tiny dab of blue thread lock on the battery cover threads, problem fixed! It took all of 30 seconds to turn this sight from a “B+” to an “A+”… Hell, if that’s the only fault I can find, that’s not bad! Don’t let the price fool you. This sight really rocks! It’s not some “cheapie” piece of junk…This little gem was a great find, and I highly recommend it. Kudos to Sight Mark for making such a darn good product!

P.S. Products Concealed Carry Belt Slide Holster

Submitted by Floyd Smith: I had been shopping for a conceal carry holster for my Bersa Thunder 380. I wanted something to wear outside the pants that would hold the weapon close to my body. This is the best holster I have found so far. The weapon rides high on the body, but is tucked in close. The removable clip helps strengthen the holster. Perfect balance. I can wear it all day and forget I have it on. I wear mine on my right side with jeans and a T-shirt, and it is completely concealed. Great product at a great price.

.22 Long Rifle CCI Velocitor Copper Plated Hollow Point

Submitted by: Cos I purchased half a case and have used only 50. I tried some on my Savage MK II FVT and my Ruger 10/22; both experienced perfect responses. No FTFs, FT’s or FTLs. I only used 50 so far, but I am very happy with their precision. I was attempting to sight in my Ruger’s scope (new purchase also) using the Federal 32 grains ammo. After 20 minutes (or 40 rounds) I decided to give up and try it with these rounds. Glad I did; after five shots with the CCIs, I was dead on target. I’ve not used them on Varmints as local law prevents discharging within town limits. However, I expect that if you can hit it, you can kill it! I would say that this is a true statement at easily up to 75 yards, based on my results at the range. I would encourage anyone considering purchasing these to do so… I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

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