Is it Time to Put Away the Pink?

This model is the top seller for Charter Arms

I see this headline all the time, “Women Fastest Growing Demographic of Gun Owners,” or something very similar. In the last few years, it has been a big deal that more women than ever are choosing firearm ownership. And now, women make up nearly half of all gun owners—making the playing field just about equal. So isn’t it about time to put away the pink and make firearm and shooting-related gear for every shooter?

Picture shows a close up of a woman with bright pink fingernails holding a pink and silver Taurus small semi-automatic handgun.
It sure does look good, but try before you buy.

To be fair, in the past, the shooting sports and protection of the family was almost exclusively a men’s only club. Women who shoot and shoot well were an anomaly, hence women such as Annie Oakley and Plinky Toepperwein were famous. It was a spectacle to see a woman shooting better and faster than most men.

That all started to change in the 1980s when firearm sales stagnated and manufacturers started to reach out to an untapped market—women. Smith & Wesson released its Lady Smith revolver and advertising campaigns focused on a Mother’s protection of her child.

As society has changed, so have the expectations of women. Young women are now delaying marriage more than ever. The average age of marrying is 28, while millennials are waiting even longer and marrying in their 30s. The 30 to 40% divorce rate with increasing single motherhood means that women are spending longer periods being self-reliant. Unlike our grandmothers and great grandmothers, these un-partnered women no longer depend on a father or spouse to protect them.

Silly Boys, Guns Are For Girls

Internet popularity and positive role models help, too. Women such as Natalie from Girl’s Guide to Guns and Olympian Kim Rhode, and Top Shot’s openly gay competitor Chris Cheng help women see themselves in this younger generation of shooting enthusiasts and realize that guns aren’t just for white, older Southern conservative men. You can shoot your AR-15 and then go for a mani/pedi. Or that you don’t have to wear baggy cargo pants and a tac vest to “fit in.”

More women-owned companies that cater to a women’s needs help shooters feel more comfortable and welcome as well. For example, Lisa Looper of Looper Law Enforcement and designer of the Flashbang bra holster has a program that allows her female dealers to host holster parties where experienced pistol instructors demonstrate the use of the women’s holsters in the comfort of someone’s home. These types of parties resonate with many women. We are so used to attending wine and cheese parties where our hostess displays and sells scented wax, romance products, skin care or jewelry.

Use of a .22LR rifle makes practice easy and enjoyable
Use of a .22LR rifle makes practice easy and enjoyable

Therefore, since we have established that we are here in significant numbers, isn’t it time we level the playing field? Let’s stop marketing and making “women’s only” products. Let’s stop labeling the smaller pocket guns or pink guns as “ladies models.” I know short male shooters who appreciate a shorter than standard length of pull on a long gun, but wouldn’t be caught dead killing a deer with a rifle or shotgun decked out in Muddy Girl camo. In addition, I know a lot of women who don’t just dislike, but loathe, the color pink. In fact, Barbara Baird recently penned an opinion piece on the Women’s Outdoor News aimed at Under Armour asking them to stop putting pink accents on its women’s hunting camo. She writes, “It’s because by adding pink accents to your otherwise all camo apparel, you cut out the ability for me to wear your camo while turkey hunting. This effectively removes a season of wear and I have to buy other camo, or alter yours. And, by the way, I don’t see any light blue on your men’s hunting camo.” She makes an excellent point.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking the firearms industry to become gender-neutral. Believe me, I love my pink range gear and smaller-sized earmuffs, but I also love black, red and blue, too. If you are going to make a small .380 ACP pistol in pink, couldn’t you just as easily make your full-sized .45 in pink, too? How tough would the Beretta 92 look with pink or Tiffany blue accents, amiright? Sig Sauer has the right idea. The company’s P238 .380 and P938 9mm semiautomatic handguns come in a variety of custom-like finishes that appeal to both men and women.

But don’t stop there! Give us the black, FDE, dark blue, zombie green, stainless, orange, violet, rainbow or whatever options, too. Because now, it’s not about drawing us ladies in, but about keeping us here.

Men, do you feel pigeonholed by the firearms industry when you are sold on FDE, OD Green or gray finishes on firearms and accessories? What do you guys and gals think about marketing pink products to women? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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  1. I completely agree with your article. I hate the fact that they use pink to denote something as being for a women. I specifically look for items that are not pink but I will certainly purchase a pink item if it fits my needs. It really just sends the message that we need someone else to identify what is best for us. Most women I know are too independent than that. If all men’s items were available in baby blue, they would understand how silly this pink thing really is.

  2. Gun owners should be a tight knit brotherhood/sisterhood that sticks together through thick and thin.
    The only thing we should complain about is a firearm getting into the hands of someone who shouldn’t have one. We shouldn’t be feeding the anti gunners anything they could use against us, or they will start limiting our freedom of things such as color choice of firearms.
    Let’s be more concerned about the people who shouldn’t have guns that are giving “US” a bad name and reputation.
    Let’s stick together and use your comments and concerns on more serious issues, rather than “color” choices of firearms.
    There is only one reported case of a gun killing someone. Back in the late 1800’s a guy hung his muzzleloader over a fireplace. The fireplace got so hot it ignited the powder and the bullet struck the guy dead. Since then every shooting has involved a person shooting someone, not the gun shooting someone. Let’s focus on keeping our firearms out of the hands of the wrong people. Our (gunowners) reputation is at stake and were even looked down at in some communities.
    Let’s Stick together and stop feeding the anti gunners. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope everyone understands what I’m trying to say.

  3. Suzanne, I’m glad to see someone finally asking this question. I personally detest how some companies market the hardest-to-manipulate pistols out there to women by making them pink (and now lavender, etc). Women in my classes seem to have never thought about the fact that good ol’ black is generally the most concealable color. Much as I dislike pink gun stuff, I will admit it has invited some new members of the shooting community who otherwise would’ve put fashion before personal protection. And getting new people, after all, is one major purpose of marketing, so I guess that’s a success.

  4. Get a Life!!!. Great comment. I am not particularly fond of pink guns, with exception of the ‘Muddy Girl Cammo’ (is that right?). No woman I ever knew would own a pink gun, but don’t ban the because they’re one color as opposed to another. You’re right, this is music to gun grabber’s ears. It meas, perhaps, less guns out there, or perhaps not. Anyway, if my life depended on it, I would pick a pistol that was purple with pink pokadots , if it would safe my life. As for ‘Muddy Girl Cammo(?)’. Fella way back when, determined that the color pink tended to blend into the back ground when viewed from a certain distance. The cammo in question tends to do the same thing with the addition or the muddy color that breaks up the pink as to not be so shockingly ‘PINK’ and adding a touch of Macho to the whole thing.

    1. Had to Google Muddy Girl Cammo Had not seen it. Warning ! Keep the safe search on ! Nothing like that in the woods when I was a kid.

  5. I’ve noticed in my 50 years of this life when someone wants to be recognized by something as small as trying to stop a manufacturer from producing something as minute and meaningless as the color of a firearm, the “ANTIS” (Antigunners) grab it and take it to extreme measures. Just let the supply and demand either increase or decrease for the demand of something as simple as a color. It’s no different than a skin color, deal with it. Don’t purchase a pink firearm if you don’t like pink, if you like pink then purchase pink.
    Try to get your name publicized by doing something positive instead of doing something negative. It’s like the big scare when they tried to ban “Black Guns”, now a supposedly gun owner wants to ban pink guns. What’s your next food for thought to give to the Antis? THANKS a lot……

    1. No misinterpretation on what I’m quoting…What I read was Quote: “Our own, Suzanne Wiley writes a plea to the firearms industry to stop trying to lure women into the shooting sports with pink pistols and revolvers.”
      Small black guns were here long before small pink ones were. If it takes luring women with pink firearms to expand the brotherhood/sisterhood then let’s lure people in.

  6. As a guy I’m not too fawn of having a pink gun for a lot of reasons. For one, its very hard too camouflage it in the woods unles you come across a pink flower meadow. Also as a model railroader I know Lionel had a selling problem because the girls wanted the black realistic “boy” trains their brothers had. It’s the same with guns. The girls want the same guns the boys have so why we’ll the same gun in a different color to a different gender. Plus if I was married and I had to shoot my wife’s gun that is pink, lets just say I’ll feel less than tactical shooting it.

  7. In a serious vein the author has written well upon the “Pink designer marketing ploy” of both gun merchants and their closely allied clothing manufacturers, and lest one forget it was a ploy primarily directed at females.
    She skillfully avoids terms such as profiling, misogyny and misogenic, sexual objectivism, chauvanistic and sexist, for one never bites the hand that feeds it.
    IMO the author feels this “Pinkism” has become more than a little overbearing but at times offensive to her and other females intelligence.
    And yet she write from not only the inside but from the top tier of what haduntill only a few years back was a solely male dominated culture, she has paid her dues by hard work and honest effort and those works can stand on own worth.
    She is not the same as a young woman entering a gun shop for the first time and walking up to joe the clerk and asking him what gun does a lady buy.
    @Kurt this knuckle dragger understands mass marketing psychology and your male sexuality comes into play if and when you smell your foo-foo juice, hiking boots, clothing and even the design logo of arms manufacturing and theirmarketing sites. From your choice of asswipe to that big fn cannon that hurts to shoot and the biggest baddest pick up all arendesigned to tittilate your perceptionsbof what abreal man is.
    It is marketing 104. As to women on range I used to train in home defense and in groups they were fine but you let a cutie novice show up on regulated gun ranges and marshals go into pack mode. Offences that would get males tossed if not banned are quickly smiled over if done by novice to gun world women.

  8. With all due respect Roy, I have to disagree with you. Inflexible bravado and force of will are poor substitutes for good planning. If you’re not planning for all the possibilities, even the unpleasant ones you don’t want to see happen, then you’re not as prepared as you think you are. No matter how determined we are to ensure a certain outcome the Universe has away of thwarting our will.

    You’re right, this is way off topic and I will not be discussing the matter any further here. I think that what led us off on this tangent was discussing the attempt to convince someone to carry a firearm for their own personal safety. I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to believe that if that person is a woman, she just might be more receptive to the idea if the gun is more aesthetically pleasing to her eyes. Decades of anti-gun propaganda have painted what you or I would consider a “normal” looking gun as scary and uncontrollably dangerous. The pink guns seem to make guns seem less threatening to some (please see my initial comment here). I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  9. OMG! How did this forum go from Pink to guys measuring their egos on how to be body guards. You guys need to take your BS to another place…go to the gym and go pump each other.

  10. Bobby G. As a rule, CPOs work in teams of at least 2, occasionally, I have worked a solo detail but not very often, movies and television aside. Hollywood is just that Hollywood. Newbies sometimes get the idea that close protection is all lone wolf ‘shoot-em-up’, get the bad guy that is trying to get your client. Sorry, it isn’t. You one and only job is to protect your principal or on occasion, him and his family. This is where a team comes in. To ask a client to carry a weapon ‘in case’, means that you are not throughly prepared. You are asking (him) to do your job, protecting (himself). This is why people hire body guards, so they have no need to carry a weapon. On on solo detail, I was shot in the leg. Got this big gnarly scar on my leg, where the round hit some coins in my pocket,glanced of of it and ripped a gash down my leg where it exited at the knee, just short of an artery. Got my client safely to cover, then treated they wound. Took a round to my body armor, first. The shooter did try to neutralize me, or his aim was just bad. This is why they invented body armor, that I wear and insist on a client wears, even if it is uncomfortable. But no guns for a client, unless of course they insist, which thus far none have. But, again, different CPOs operate differently. My way has worked for me and would yet, but doing close protection and private military/security contracting, I finally got tired of being shot at and shot. At 68 yrs.old, and almost 40 yrs. doing it, I am out of the game and it will take a great deal of money to drag me back into it.

  11. There are but two colors that matter when it comes to guns, making money; green, and as long as the red is from a dead animal and /or belongs to the other guy who gives a damn what color gun you or a loved one shot them with.
    If a measurement of our sexuality ( amount of manhood left) is determined by how fn stark or how much bling our weapons have maybe we are already far far to close to our feminen side.
    Yet men do preen up in cammy as a fashion statement and gotta have a store brand or gun brand showing.
    HELL some guys gotta have their wifes undies and nighties in cammy, the same shades and brands their buddies wear..
    Yup fashion statements are in the mans world of guns, and being a chauvinist is out today, so we gotta accept having bimbos in shorts and halter tops or poured into jeans cut clear to the smell, distracting our point of aim, while watching our language as we then miss paper.
    When they pose in firing position with their pretty blue guns. Or as lady in flick , poured into jeans we must pretend they are just one of the guys.
    Just be careful though when letting your lady fire your favorite pea shooter cuz sure as hell if she is a novice when she can slaughter pop or beer cans and empty 30 yards down range and then turns smiling sweetly at you.
    Best get ready to either give her your weapon or buy her another and double up on reload supplies.
    I once lost a great HK 270 22 semi that was the wonder of our pack; one day the wife laid aside her old 22 , picked up the HK, walked to line,
    remained there with me re loading until out of ammo.
    For many years her old Marlin became long forgotten in back of my closet , and that HK remained on her side of gun cabinet.
    Me, I bought a brand new clunker 10/22, poured loads of bucks into it and still it barely equaled the HK for accuracy.
    My fashion statement was as Grandma told me, repair the tears in your shirts and pants, keep your clothes and behind your ears neck, face and hands, and elbows elbows always clean when not working, ,always put on clean undy’s and socks everyday. She told me to do that cuz if your as clean inside and out as your clothes no matter what you wear they will see you in best light.
    I believe my Grandma cuz she would neverof lied to me, And she could outshoot both me and Gramps with our old crackshot 22.
    Now there was a real lady, as tough as wang leather when the pull was hard and as soft as a cloud when a child was hurt.
    The Stars on her street side window was her contribution to US

  12. My wife is a very avid shooter. However, she picks out a weapon by how it looks. Pink? No. She loves the shiny and artistic look of it. Most recent being the Sig Sauer P238 Tuxedo. Gold accents, chrome slide, pearl grips. Women love jewelry, so why not a gun that looks like jewelry. That is where the manufacturers need to go with their designs, not pink.

  13. After the service I did some part time body guard work. I always told the person I was to protect to carry a weapon just in case. This way if we got separated. A small five shot 38 revolver with +P’s. I never lost anyone and protected the one’s I was assigned to. But these Hollywood stars you never know, what they will carry just for style

    1. Glock Guy, have done some Close Protection, never thought of requiring my principal to carry a weapon, ‘in case we got separated’. This is a none issue in close protection. You simply don’t get separated form those you are paid to protect, even if you must resort to physical violence to prevent it. Have required a principal to wear body armor. A shooter, from a distance may well get a shot at your principal, thus the body armor. You job then is not to go after the shooter, but to get the one you are protecting out of harms way, even if you must use your own body to shield them. Have done this a time or two. I suppose there are different practices for different CPOs, but this way is mine and I’ve never lost a client, even if I had to bust a head or two to stay in close with the client, thus the CLOSE in Close protection.

    2. I too have done personal protection work in the past and also recommended to all of my clients that they carry a hideout just in case the worst possible scenario came to pass. I felt that not preparing my client for all possible scenarios would have been doing them a disservice, a disservice that might cost them their life. Many resisted initially for a variety of reasons. I usually managed to persuade them by explaining to them that if we were attacked there is a very real possibility that those attackers will try their best to neutralize me to prevent my interference and they may get separated from me while attempting to flee from the attack. It can and does happen and to not consider the possibility is unrealistic. I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”.

    1. OK. How about diamonds?A few years ago Paris Hilton was flashing around a small gun in her purse crusted in diamonds.

    2. A lot of the high end anti gunners carry. They just don’t want us to. Or they have body guards.

    3. You said you like Naa Minis.One of the guys on there forum does diamonds. Showed a mini with LOTS of rocks. Log in and ask–They love to show pictures.

  14. I welcome the pink guns. I was buying a gun one day and my wife was with me. She saw a pink 9mm and said she wanted it. I bought it for her and as of now she has 4 pink guns. She likes them and if it helped get her interested in shooting, I am happy for it. That being said I agree that maybe there could be more color options but then again it all has to start somewhere. As it is found that color variations do well, I am sure more will be offered. You don’t have to buy a pink gun and I can’t think of any that only come in pink. You aren’t being forced to buy pink so who cares. In the end if it attracts some women to the shooting sports that otherwise may have never picked up a gun, I say bring them on!

  15. Simple supply and demand…if people (either sex) buy them, gun makers will build them. After all, they are in the business to make money. Those who don’t like pink guns should simply choose another color. I, personally am a bit partial to my blued 1911 with wood grip panels and my black Glocks.

  16. Pimping (primping) of both the owners and their guns is not just the purview of a man with a string of pu**y’s for sale and clear back to demise of chasity belts and inventions of pistols men have been giving their honey pots guns to protect that honey pot.
    The better the honey pot the more elaborate the gun, still the same today; but as was back then as it is today the honey pot is still more likely to lay or run away with Jody than shoot him.

  17. My wife just bought her first pistol. (told her to get her own)
    She went to 5 different stores and handled 25 different handguns,
    then went to a shooting range that offered MANY rentals.
    Armed with her list of those that fit her hand and she could work
    the slide. (tried ONE revolver . . . passed on all other revolvers)
    She shot eight different models.
    She ended up with a Sig P238, night sights and a laser, dark blue finish, and is more happy with her pick. Nice choice dear!
    Her comment about the pink guns . . . . “Rather silly”

  18. Why don’t all you guys stop your silly bickering about spelling, sentences etc. and start talking firearms.We all know what someone means, so lets get back to the firearms discussions and stop the silly
    grade school banter.
    Stay Safe

    1. Kurt , you should know by now, that when you comment on an open forum, you leave yourself wide open for slanderous remarks and even bullying from those that have nothing better to do than mock others for their grammatical and spelling mistakes. I have, once or twice been attacked on various firearm sights for misspelling. I have even had my skills in weaponry questioned because of my mistakes, which absolutely makes no sense. My reply was rather scathing. I suggested that the person(s) question my ability because of spelling mistakes, should get his head out of his a##. And if he wanted perfect spelling and perfect grammar, he should become an English teacher where he could correct grammar and spelling all of the time, thus, leaving firearms and the discussion thereof to people that knew what they were saying, even if sometimes, their spelling and grammar wasn’t always correct.

  19. Well after a week of reading every ones comment, I think if this is just another way to get women to handle a fire arm being Pink, that’s fine with me, if they can use it to protect them self ‘s and others. The color does not matter, as long as the person can do the job color does not matter. That’s the COLOR of the gun and not the person.

  20. I just don’t think firearms are a good platform to make a fashion statement, but that’s just me. I have no problem with someone else having a pink gun as long as they know how to use it properly. If pink guns peak more interest and sales increases, I’m all for them…just not for me.

  21. Both my daughter and my wife asked specifically for pink guns. One of the guys I work with and the only one who’s wife carries bought a pink framed revolver. My brother in law’s girlfriend asked that her xdm be cerecoted in pink. I think it is funny that so many of the woman around me still love them.

  22. There are many ways to change the look of one’s firearm to their own personal preference. We’ve been doing this for years. How many of you have put new grips on your 1911? How many have had custom grips made for that same 1911? Is there anyone out there that has not modified their AR platform? Nowadays, one can cerakote their firearm to a truly personal look. So why get your feathers ruffled over a pink gun? *shrugs*

    I live in Pittsburgh and I’ve seen firearms cerakoted to represent the black and gold. Will this gun now shoot differently? No. Neither will the pink gun.

    Quite frankly, if I was a bad guy and got shot by a pink gun, I think I might feel even more dejected than I would a black gun.

  23. That’s ok I got some great pink furniture sets for $10. a little gel removed followed by a good wash and soda blast left me with a paintable set I have seen as high as $129.

  24. Clever to preface the topic of female gender intended and marketed pink guns with the plight of oppressed beaten down women in a male dominated world. Well no not really clever. Surprised Suzanne forgot to bring up suffrage, voting rights for women. It is a bit tiresome to bring the topic of single mothers who have NO choices in her male dominated life into this discussion. Whining about the gun industry being male oriented. Cheering on women who courageously challenge that, but what are they challenging? Suzanne and her heros are trying to start a fight but with who ? If a female wants a purple zebra striped . 454 casul pistol she can get that done. So .380s are for females and little guys Only ? Really ? My partner on the job is retired military, 21 Yrs LAPD, 6’4″ , 220 pounds. When I see Monday morning in the squad room I better tell him that his backup .380 is for little guys and women only according to Suzanne. Not sure how he will take that but it might be ugly. At least he won’t whine and cry in his macho brown digital camo mug of beer. Well he better not.

    1. @Tony

      That was great! And sarcasm aside, well put.

      When I let my wife read the blog, she just rolled her eyes and muttered something about feminists. As I’ve mentioned before (sorry, my wonderful wife is pretty much my favorite subject along with guns), she hates pink guns but doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. She thinks most of the supposed belittlement of women is something cooked up by the media.

  25. Yes it is a slow day hence I’m commenting on the article. Why is this a issue? Maybe Suzanne is having a slow day. Gunmakers sell pink guns because they sell so a profit is made. If there were no demand and Suzanne and her liberated friends weren’t buying pink guns, gun makers would NOT be making pink guns. Next they will market a unique camo pattern just for women. Oh wait they already have. Women are special don’t you know. That is why they have to have ” their own stuff” just for them only. Men already got ” their own stuff” due to “male privilege “.

  26. Mikial Is right. This is fun but don’t get too worked up about it. The only thing that might be a concern is kids thinking they are toys or making it harder to hide. If pink gear causes “shrinkage” You have other problems.

  27. The photo above has a female wearing pink ear protection. Should manufacturer’s stop marketing these devices to women as well?

    A corporation is going to developer, market and sell what makes a profit. If women don’t want a pretty pink weapon, then they will stop buying them.

  28. I don’t really understand why so many guys have such an extreme reaction to the pink gun thing. A pink gun will shoot just as well as any other color, but that isn’t the point.

    People like what they like,. If a woman wants a black gun, they’re easy to find, as are stainless, blued, earth tone, OD, and camo. Pink handguns tend to be the smaller frame guns that the manufacturers create to target the female market. ARs are another story, since you can get lots of nice ARs in pink camo.

    I wouldn’t own one and neither would my wife, but it’s nonsense to say that a bad guy won’t be intimidated looking down the bore of a pink gun any less than he would any other color gun. And if he isn’t backed off by it, a simple squeeze of the trigger should remove all doubt.

    So, guys, get off the macho ‘I wouldn’t touch a pink gun’ BS. Yes, a gun is a thing of beauty, and around my house that means it’s back or blued, and occasionally earth tone, but just like buying a car, there’s as much emotion that goes into a person’s taste in guns as there is logical thought. The color of the paint on the car has no relation to it’s performance. How is a gun any different?

    1. Mikial,
      I agree wholeheartedly. I have fired several colored guns, including pink, purple, blue, red, and green. The one thing I’ve noticed that they all have in common is that the color of the gun has zero negative effect on the efficacy of the gun. They all went “Bang!” when the trigger was pulled and the rounds always went downrange as intended.

      As for those who are concerned about the possibility that a child may mistake a brightly colored gun for a toy, it is your responsibility as a gun owner and adult to make sure that no child ever gets the opportunity to confuse your gun with a toy. It will never happen if you don’t let it happen. That is not a valid excuse to avoid such guns.

  29. If you don’t want a pink pistol, don’t buy a pink pistol. My wife likes pink stuff and has not chosen to be offended or feel condescended upon by the marketing of girlie pink firearms and goodies. And likewise, if you want a pink 1911, get it refinished in pink if you want, or you can buy one of those rail chassis I’ve seen for 1911s.

    Your article reminds me of the joke where a man’s wife offers him breakfast in bed, he asks for 2 eggs; one poached and one fried. When she brings him his eggs he complains “You fried the wrong one.” This should be a non-issue and you are above this Suzanne.

    1. Agreed, Mike.

      I’m just happy more women are carrying. I hope it either makes a lot of dirt balls think twice before going after a women, or if not, it reduces the population of dirt balls in the world.

  30. I always wondered if the pink guns were a big seller. My wife shoots my firearms and that all she really knows or cares to know about. So she is not the best person to get a reference for.
    I believe a small subset of women may like these, but I was always unsure if these had broad appeal. A friend’s wife has a pink grips on her AR. It’s kind of silly looking. I constantly give her a hard time about it. The question that always comes to my mind is the deterrent effect. I do believe you don’t pull a firearm unless you are willing to shoot, but you do have to recognize it may have a deterrent effect in some situations. If that works, all the better. I see pink guns, and alike as looking more like toys and possibly loosing that affect.

  31. I think you meant to say more “than” just “aesthetics” like color, I believe comfort should be the primary driver. Rather than ( more “that” just “aesthetics”), likewise you probably meant to place a comma between think about, more than….. and could you possibly have meant “my hands are (on the) small to medium side” or maybe you just meant “small to medium (size) rather than small to medium (side)? I don’t know, I’m just sayin’ You seem pretty much of a stickler for correctness, just thought I’d help you out. I know, maybe you could apply for that proof reader position that doesn’t exist here.. Don’t mind me, I’m just an old man whom, at the age of 65 years and 11 months (has or have?) too much time on my hands. Did I use too many commas in there and was (whom) correctly used or should I have stuck with good old way over incorrectly used (who) in that sentence? Sometimes the old brain just draws a blank…

    1. OOOOPPPS…. Don’t know what’s up, this was supposed to be an exercise for my stand-up while replying to CYF, but it has also presented its self as a stand alone comment to the article… sorry about that, I might take issue with the basic premise of the article, but I had no intention to critique Ms. Wileys grammer, spelling or punctuation. It is just not that important…

    2. @Stvenkng

      It’s not your fault, the same thing happens to lots of people.

      I have asked CTD at least a half a dozen times to fix their reply function because when you click “Reply” in the email it does not take you to the comment you want to reply to, it takes you to a general comment. Other blogs/forums I’m on have a reply function that works, so i don’t think it’s too complex an issue to correct.

      So far, they have completely ignored me.

  32. I think you meant to use the word “resonate” in this sentence: “These types of parties resignate with many women.”

    I like articles that give people something to think about. More that just “aesthetics” like color, I believe comfort should be the primary driver.

    I’m a guy with an average frame, and my hands are probably medium to small side so I can commiserate with many women gun owners about the selection coming down to that aspect.

    1. I think you meant to say more “than” just “aesthetics” like color, I believe comfort should be the primary driver. Rather than ( more “that” just “aesthetics”), likewise you probably meant to place a comma between think about, more than….. and could you possibly have meant “my hands are (on the) small to medium side” or maybe you just meant “small to medium (size) rather than small to medium (side)? I don’t know, I’m just sayin’ You seem pretty much of a stickler for correctness, just thought I’d help you out. I know, maybe you could apply for that proof reader position that doesn’t exist here.. Don’t mind me, I’m just an old man whom, at the age of 65 years and 11 months (has or have?) too much time on my hands. Did I use too many commas in there and was (whom) correctly used or should I have stuck with good old way over incorrectly used (who) in that sentence? Sometimes the old brain just draws a blank…

  33. Yeah some young kid will find it and pick it up thinking it’s not real and shoot one of their friends thinking it a toy, or even when you come home and they want to surprise you! “BANG” Leave the pink word on the back side of women’s pants. They make all kinds of warning signs every where! Making a pink color gun is a sign for kid’s it’s a toy! Someone should do a test Pink Gun and a plastic looking real gun and see which will a kid pick up? Buying a Pink color gun could get you killed vs regular Blue or Stainless. Do you want to bet your life on it?

  34. I spent too much time 0n this to just dump it and start over but really this is much ado about nothing. After re-reading your article I just have more questions. Do you honestly believe that just because some firearms manufacturer presented a pink gun and suggested that it was intended for women only that they are being deferential to men? That discontinuing the manufacture of pink guns will “level the playing field? Dear lady, if the color pink offends you in any way, exercise your God given (and Constitutionally confirmed) right to purchase whatever blows your skirt up, you do not have to buy that pink thing and as far as that bra holster thing coinciding with your complaint about companies marketing small frame handguns to women, can you tuck a full size 1911, a 6 inch barrel 357 or even a double stack 9mm into one of those things. All major manufacturers are in a fierce competition to see who can get the biggest caliber into the smallest frame as concealed carry continues to grow in popularity and the marketing is crazy. Am I offended when I get advertising for a 45 with a three and a half inch barrel? No, because my primary concealed carry piece is a little SCCY 9mm that packs ten rounds in a single stack mag and with one in the chamber I have eleven opportunities to change the bad guys (or girls, don’t want to hurt anyones feelings) mind about proceeding to do whatever it was that made me pull the gun in the first place. Sorry, but you really have not presented any facts that convince me that women are being discriminated against in the wonderful world of firearms and shooting ranges, in fact if anything I feel a bit overlooked, no one has ever made a particular colored gun especially for men
    I would probably find a majority of men and I would imagine more than a few women in disagreement with the opening statement that women own half the guns in the U. S. (unless you are considering those pesky community property laws). That being said, I must take offense with the basic premise of this article. I am a “white, older, Southern Conservative man and quite honestly I have never felt that I was a member of any kind of boys club just because I own a few guns, in fact it never crossed my mind that women were being discriminated against in the shooting sports, but why not? White, older men have been accused of discriminating against women, people of color, hispanics, gay & lesbians, orientals and every other minority group at every level of society in every sport, business or education opportunity, politics and every other aspect of life in which people must compete for opportunity and position. My wife carries concealed it is a stainless S&W 38 Special, my Sister has a concealed permit and she also prefers the 38 Special but blued. My Sister would think nothing of picking up a 12 gauge to defend her home and Grand Children, my wife would rather use her hand gun, neither of them have ever expressed an over whelming desire to go hang out at a hot, dusty, noisy gun range all day while they pound their shoulder with the recoil of a big caliber rifle, nor has my wife ever suggested that she get up at four in morning to go hang out in the woods in the cold hoping to catch a glimpse of a deer. Maybe I should ask her. When choosing a concealed carry piece they both asked my opinion (I am a Marine Veteran with a couple of years of combat experience in Vietnam and have a very nice collection of firearms from several eras of development). for concealed carry I prefer a semi-auto I carry a small frame 9mm for day to day use but keep a Ruger P90 45 in the car, truck or hard bag on the Harley. I carry two extra mags of 9mm on my person and several mags travel with the 45. I suggested a small frame 9mm or 380 to both of them (mostly because of capacity, 10 rounds plus one versus 5 or six in the revolver and ease of reloading) they fired some of my guns and some of my Brother-in-laws guns and they both preferred his 38 special. Did I get angry and throw a fit because they didn’t listen to me? Man you bet I did, I threw a fit, cursing and yelling (no wait a minute, that was the night the azzh-ole tried to park his Toyota 4X4 pick-up that was jacked up so high he could not see out of it, in the same spot occupied by my new Electra Glide) however cooler heads prevailed and there were no fatalities.. I do not believe that there are very many men that have any concerns one way or the other about women owning guns or engaging in shooting sports. Just because someone offers a gun in pink hoping to attract a woman to their brand does not mean that a woman can’t buy a different gun it’s called marketing and in reality it was most likely put together at an Ad Agency in Manhattan by a bunch of 30 something Liberals that had never been near the Mason Dixon line, let alone been South of it.. If there ain’t no smoke there ain’t no fire, so don’t try to start something where presently nothing exists, your call for the leveling of the playing field, no woman has ever been denied the purchase of any legal firearm in any color just because she is a woman and to my knowledge no woman has ever been denied entrance to and use of any range no matter what color her gun was that I have ever used (she would be required to display to an RSO her competency with a firearm, just as any man does myself included. There might be a men only private club/range, but I am not aware of one, there might even be a women only gun club which does not disturb me in the least, so to all you ladies who are just discovering the fine art of the proper use and care of a firearm for whatever purpose I say welcome, enjoy the fresh air with that light aroma of burnt gun powder wafting in the breeze and most importantly be safe..

    1. Nice rant. I approve.

      But I think Suzanne actually wrote this piece just to give us all something to enjoy and talk about. Personally, my wife prefers her Beretta over anything else, it’s plain blued and she is very . . . very good with it. We’re going to the range tomorrow to shoot it, my XD .45 and our two Desert Eagles (.357 and .44). All of which are basic blued except for my XD which is one of the two color blue and OD frame.

      Women and men can own whatever they want. I met a vet in DC one day wearing a T-shirt that said “I don’t have to be straight to shoot straight.” He’d done his 2 tours in Iraq, paid his dues, and fought like a warrior. Having spent 2 1/2 years there, plus multiple trips into Afghanistan, Pakistan and the West bank, etc., next to Americans, South Africans of both colors and Kurds, I don’t really care what color gun the person next to me uses . . as long as they can shoot straight.

    2. Your approval pleases me as does your choices in handguns and cannons, have 44, but my 357 is a Taurus Tracker 627 7 rounds, 6 1/2 inch vented barrel, shoots just as sweet as my Brother-in-Laws S&W at half the price

    3. Sweet!

      You know, so many people get into these endless arguments about which gun or caliber is best, but in the end it all boils down to what you enjoy.

      So, enjoy, my friend.

  35. Pretty much every gun I’ve seen offered in pink/purple is also available in a gender neutral color, with only cosmetic differences between the two. Given that, the existence of pink/purple guns aimed at women seems like a non-issue. The bigger concern would be salesmen (or the men in their lives) automatically steering them in that direction when offering advice.

    And while we’re on the subject of poor but well-intended advice, even worse than pushing women towards pink/purple guns is trying to push them towards tiny pocket pistols and snubby revolvers as their first gun. Those guns almost universally have smaller grips and higher felt recoil for the caliber, which makes them harder to control and sometimes even painful to shoot.

    A gun that shoots comfortably encourages regular practice.

  36. May not be %50 registered owners but could be %50 of shooters with access to family guns.This is good. Where I shoot the pistol line has lots of girls. The rifle line is mostly the boys. Black powder shooters are mostly guys BUT the smoke and smell draws ladies better than any after shave. I shoot a NAA Super companion. That is a .22 cap and ball revolver (from CTD). It is very small and guys laugh at it. But when it barks and belches smoke I have had a number of women work there way from the other end of the line to see it. The .357 never did THAT! Don’t need a pick up line, they come to me. Won’t bother with the May West jokes.

  37. A few months ago a purple handgun arrived at my transfer dealer’s shop. He incorrectly assumed I had ordered it for my sweet young wife, who loves guns and goes shooting with me every time I go. When he contacted me, I burst out laughing and told him if I ever bought my wife a gun that looked like that, she’d probably hit me upside the head with it. She likes her guns in basic black or blued, although she doesn’t mind camo. It’s funny that he made that assumption without even checking the shipping label.

    Pink guns aren’t an issue since anyone can buy any color of gun they like, and some women do like girly guns. But I I don’t think they should limit women’s gear to pink, they should make it in the full range of shades. My wife loves guns, the bigger and badder, the better. Last Christmas I got her a tricked out WASR because she wanted an AK, and the Christmas before that a nice tactical 12 gauge. She loves to shoot our ,357 and .44 Desert Eagles.

    To be honest, I’m glad she doesn’t like pink guns . . . it just kind of hurts my eyes to look at them.

  38. Although I’m gay and would describe myself as the ultimate soldier and a “Jason Bourne” like CIA field operative, I would have to say pink firearm and accessories are ridiculous. I love the color and wear it often while spying on Putin but it’s got to go when it comes to firearms.

  39. I think the opening statement is incorrect. There are not 50% of the gun owners being women. We do know that about 5 million women have conceal and carry permits but I think making the assumption that 50 million plus women have guns in inaccurate. I personally wish all women would carry or own a firearm but I think that number is overstated.

    1. dprato,
      The last article I read with the headline about women gun owners stated that women count for a little over 30% of gun owners, which would make nearly half the gun owners in America women. There is no way of truly knowing the exact number of gun owners in America, but the article I read could have been completely off base. “Research” from 2014 revealed that 12 percent of women own a gun, as found on The Blaze, while in March of 2015, many news sources reported that gun ownership was down to a historical low of 32% of households owning a gun. Hard to find a website or news source without an agenda—question everything you read!
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your input!

    2. Those figures always make me chuckle. I did a lot of statistics in my graduate studies, and the one theme that ran through it all was that the way you design your research instruments and choose your sample determine your results. Poor research design = skewed results.

      The Liberal media says gun ownership is down, yet other articles say guns sales are still climbing and one said June 2015 tied the all time high for NICS checks. Survey results also show that more people now favor gun ownership than gun control, which is just the opposite of what it was some years ago. I personally believe the Liberal media lies through tier teeth, and if they aren’t outright lying, they are very selective about what they report.

      And even though it’s purely anecdotal, I see a lot more women at the range than I did years ago. And if anyone invaded our home, it would be a real contest to see which of us dropped him first, my wife or myself.

  40. A group of veterans waiting for St. Peter to tell them were they will be going. While waiting one asked the others how did they get here, the first said I was killed in combat, the second said I stepped on a land mine, the third said he ate at the mess tent and the fourth said his wife shot him with a PINK color gun, sad the others let him move to the front of the line.

  41. If I was forced to make a choice between a pink gun and no gun I’ll take the pink gun any day. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a pink gun, especially if it helps to spark the interest of a person who would otherwise not pay attention to guns or 2A issues.

    1. @Bobby G

      Well said.

      Different strokes for different folks. Some women like pick, “girly” things . . even guns. Others, like my wife, don’t. It’s no big deal.

  42. The only way I have to be caught with a “pink” firearm, is if by no choice, dead! I prefer a defense weapon that doesn’t attract attention by it’s color.

  43. I pick up pink hulls at the range. They help me color code my reloads.

    Have fired pink shells and never suffered any “shrinkage”.

  44. Unfortunately there are some guys out there that also want pink. Can assure you I’m not one of them and all this transgender crap makes me sick. Now, do I feel pigeonholed? No and neither should women, not unless they start to add bedazzles and aromatics when the gun fires.

  45. Warning, if they still have it and it being that old it may not be able to handle today’s ammo. I would bring to a gun smith to have it looked over.

    1. Glock Guy, if you reply was to me about the Lady Smith in .32 S&W Long, like .45 Long Colt that you buy off of the self, these round are loaded at the old ‘black powder’ pressures. Because; there are a great deal of very old guns in these calibers still being used everyday by proud owners. The .32 S&W Long was the progenitor to today’s .32 Special, but it, the S&W Long is still available, in the ‘down-loaded’ version. Hell, if you have one and know where to look, you can still find .38/40, or even .32 Remington Center Fire, which was the granddaddy to the 30-30.

    1. Different from what? Outside of the obviously physical traits, how do you measure “different?”

    2. There are observable differences in how men’s and women’s brains are wired, and also in the levels of various hormones in their bodies. This influences (but does not determine) various aspects of behavior and life choices that can be seen in larger social trends.

      Of course, socialization also plays a major role in an individual’s development. Just how much is nature versus how much is nurture is a question that is still being explored.

      What’s essential to keep in mind is that just because men and women are biologically different does not make one gender superior to the other, nor does it determine what they are capable of accomplishing in life.

    3. @Adam.

      Ya’ think?!?

      BTW, when I read my young wife your comment (I’m 61 and she’s 22) she put on Crying Like a Bitch by Godsmack. JK

      All kidding aside, you’re right, there are differences in biology, but in the end, people are people and women or men can enjoy the same things.

  46. During WW2, Lord Louis Mountbatten headed up a department in the use of current colors as a Natural Camouflage. And Discovered that “PINK” can Appear Invisible to the Human Eye, when viewed from a Certain Distance and Angle. SAS Pink and Plymouth (aka Mountbatten Pink) were Notorious Pink’s for doing just that. SAS Pink worked Extremely Well on Land and Plymouth Pink on Water. You drop a Pink Color Item on the Ground around Fall, walk 10 to 15-feet away. And it’s Scavenger Hunt Time. I wonder how many of your Fellow Lady Shooter, Suzanne have experienced Similar Mishaps. Do you think any will actually come out and ADMIT TO IT? Just Curious…

    1. Lord Louis Mountbatten was a stud. Too bad the IRA murdered him in his later years. He had certainly earned the right to some peace and enjoyment in life.

  47. Ms. Wiley, great article.
    I have wondered for years at gun makers and others making pink anything for women. The women that have been in my life, felt, if not degraded by, at least that gun makers and others that put pink in their products to attract women buyers were being condescending. Oh, as for Lady Smith revolvers, I owned one at one time, an old one made in the late 50 s or early 60 s. It had mother-of-pearl grips and was finished in Smith’s early ‘black-chrome’ finish and was in .32 S&W Long . Sweetest little pistol that I ever carried. Friend’s mother needed a pistol for protection. Sold it to her at my cost. I still miss the pistol.

  48. I said it before kid’s might think PINK guns are toy’s and it’s an accident waiting to happen. The only way I would shoot a weapon that is color Pink would have to be the only weapon around. Women want to be equal in using weapons fine let’s all stick to real colors Blue or Stainless Steel.

    1. Well, hopefully a loaded pink gun isn’t lying around where a kid could pick it up and try to use it as a toy. If you teach kids what a gun is, how to respect it, and show them to them then let them shoot them under controlled conditions so they appreciate what they are . . . no matter what color they are.

  49. Kahr seems to have broken the ‘pink’ mould with its special edition ‘Tiffany’ or ‘Robin’s Egg’ blue 9Cerakoted) frames…in my own experience many women DO buy firearms because they’re ‘cute’ – my wife is a prime example among many…I agree that ‘pink’ may be somewhat overdone, but to many women (especially those who don;t purchase firearms with any ‘regularity’ and first time buyers) pink guns still a selling point. I have fun refinishing my Glocks & ARs in FDE or OD in preference to the standard makes them unique to the owner ((me).

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