Competitive Shooting

The Ruger SR9c in action

Yesterday, we had a post up about the Ruger SR9c, which is in my opinion one of the “best buys” on the market for someone looking for a compact defensive firearm.

It’s so good that it can be used as a competition firearm quite readily.

Here are some match videos of the Ruger SR9c in action.

The video to the right is the Ruger SR9c shooting Limited-10 division at the 2010 USPSA Indiana State Championship.

Despite scoring minor, the little Ruger helped me finish 12th overall in a division dominated by double stack 1911s in .40 S&W and Glock 35s hotted up to be race guns.

This second video really lets the SR9c shine – in an IDPA match, using the Ruger I finished 3rd overall in Stock Service Pistol, out of 40+ other shooters.

It’s a great gun, and even better – you can easily remove the magazine disconnect safety to make it an even better gun!

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  1. I’ve been thinking of getting this for some time, as a back up gun for the IDPA BUG division and as my carry for summer weather. Question, I don’t think you can remove the magazine safety and still use it in IDPA. Stock Service Pistols must have all factory safeties intact or the pistol won’t pass the inspection before the match. I saw this happen to a competitor who had removed the mag safety on his Browning Hi-Power.

    I’ve seen some posts and youtube videos by people who have had trigger reset problems, light primer strikes and other types of feed and ejection malfunctions. Have you experienced any of that? What is the depth of accessories available at this time? Would hate to have a problem finding a nice variety of holsters.

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