Texas Open Carry Update: Sizable Limitations Are Still in Place

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In this 2-minute video, Texas Law Shield Program Attorney Edwin Walker covers the status of current Open Carry legislation in the State Congress. Walker details aspects of the yet-to-be-passed measures that handgun owners who wish to OC in Texas must understand, but which may not be understood by gun owners because the law is not a Constitutional Carry provision like in a handful of other states.

@ 0:35 Both the state House and Senate have passed bills allowing open carry. However, neither bill has advanced to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. @ 1:00 The bills are mostly the same: A licensed individual could choose to carry open in a belt holster or shoulder holster. @ 1:15 One notable difference between the two bills is that in the House version, a police officer could not detain or ask for ID from someone they see open carrying a handgun in a holster. The police officer would have to observe some other criminal activity to detain an open-carrier and ask for ID. @ 1:45 Open carry will only be legal in the state under three conditions: The open-carrier will have to have a concealed-carry license or a handgun license from another state that Texas recognizes; the handgun will have to be carried in either a belt holster or shoulder holster; and the measures do not become effective until January 1, 2016.

Do you live in Texas? Will you open carry if the law passes? Tell us yes or no and why or why not in the comment section.

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  1. I feel like when gunslingers wore theres back in the day. People who had a problem figured it out gun vs gun, guts vs a days it’s hide your face, hide your gun..and just be ready to pounce if ya happen to be in the right place at the wrong time! I think if we all showed are guns more often, more people would show respect to those willing to lay down there lives to battle it out for the greater good??

  2. I live in Texas.Ohio is right.Everyone seems to be going
    outhouse rat crazy.I wouldn’t trust the police.They are shooting unarmed people in the back and in their car.Why give them a “reason”.Then you have the a**holes that manage to get a CCP and do stupid,dangerous, crap
    like taking it out in a bar and showing it to me.That’s 10+
    years & I think 5K.The Constitution,(that I swore to defend
    against ALL enemies,foreign and domestic 44yrs ago,and
    STILL mean it) has The Second Amendment that says in
    a nutshell that you can have guns.I didn’t read ANYTHING
    about registration.I keep records.That’s good enough. So,
    I’ll NEVER give up anything.It’s mine,legally,earned by yrs
    of hard work,& many set backs.I WILL NOT let anyone
    take what’s mine.My law says I have the right to protect
    it.So does Texas law.It’s coming guys.And it’s real.Watch
    your six. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

    one more way to track you,(as if they don’t have enough)
    another victim to gun confiscation. That’s how the Aussies
    lost theirs.Under the second amendment,you have the

  3. Even-though I do not live in Texas, but I am happy for Texans. I however, do not want to carry in public, because with the trigger happy police officers, I do not want to give them a reason for misunderstanding.

  4. I will not open carry and will continue to carry concealed unless I’m hiking out in the wilderness. I don’t not wish to cause panic to any of the public that my see my exposed gun and I do not want to advertise to any possible mass murder shooter that I carry if that type of incident were ever to happen to me. That is just my opinion and reason why I would not open carry and I respect the rights of others if that is what they may chose to do.

  5. I agree with many of the above reasons for and against open carry. The best part of it would be actually regaining one of my rights. I don’t know how I will carry going forward, but I simply like knowing that I just gained a new legal option that I didn’t have before-but should have. Rarely do we ever get our freedoms back once they have been taken…and I consider this a win!

  6. Retired LEO. Consider this–You are permitted to carry concealed by any number of laws. Could be LEOSA, could have a permit, could be from another state (recognized by Texas), etc. As you go about your business the gun you are carrying becomes visible because a garment rides up, the gun “prints” through your shirt, etc., etc.

    If you are NOT permitted to open carry (like a LEO) then some idiot calls 911 and reports a “man with a gun”. The LEO’s descend on you (this happened in Colo in a public library) and start yelling that you “show your hands”, “get on the ground”, or even misjudge something and shoot you (I worked with plenty of “Adam Henrys”).

    But if you ARE permitted to open carry and your shirt rides up when you bend over the idiot can be calmly informed by the dispatcher that the “man with a gun” is perfectly legal. He carries to protect himself from intruders, car snatchers, ISIS fanatics and maybe even be an asset to the idiot. Maybe a car while be dispatched (with one LEO in it) who walks over to the carrier and ASKS if he could talk with him someplace private.

    Then the armed citizen just has to say “sure” and make sure that the firearm on his hip is not in the path of his hand reaching for his wallet to show the LEO some ID (not a DL because he is not behind the wheel), maybe a permit, could be he might advise the officer that maybe the officer might lower his Blood Pressure if the officer TEMPORARILY removes the firearm from the holster so the taxpayer can get his wallet and ID.

    Simple, and maybe the officer is skilled enough to quietly inform the idiot of the open carry law and all the benefits. Everybody remains cool. No yelling. No forcing a citizen with bad knees on the ground and ruining a new pair of slacks. Thor

  7. The only place I’ve seen people open carrying was in Alaska and then
    only out in the Bush. O when they had just came back from hunting or Fishing. once they returned to the city or town they generally put their
    weapons away. When i left Base i would strap on my .357 and keep
    it handy at all times. when I am out in the country on my property I
    carry the same weapon strapped on my hip in case of snakes or
    other critters that are not friendly or when I am hunting and come upon a wounded animal.

  8. As a rule I prefer concealed carry for obvious reasons, but there are times when open carry is both appropriate and purposely useful. I would likely carry both concealed and open at the same time, as a back up, when possibly tempting others might be the better course
    I would like to have the option backed up by state law that codifies my right to do so without unjustified interaction with law enforcement for that reason alone.

  9. I feel that there is several areas that be missing in you open carry bill.
    1. Under title 18 USC any law enforcement retired officer’s may carry their fire arms in any state at any time. This needs to be covered in your Texas state also as a state mandated section of this bill. This would be a safety item for those duty officers who are in a conflict and or if they are wounded would allow assistance from a retired law enforcement officer from any state to assist that officer in time of danger or actual shoot outs with criminals. The requirements would be that the retired law enforcement officer should have his badge and ID in his passion or be able to prove that he has those creditals from the Law enforcement department from which he retired from. This would give a needed assistance to any officer who may be in trouble and in need of assistance during a danger siduation.

    2. With any person who has no past Felony background convictions Mental problems with any violence backgrounds or domestic violence
    convictions should be able to carry openly unless a store or restrant disply’s a posted sign stating NO GUNS ALLOWED.



  10. Open carry is an interesting discussion. Live in Texas, but would never carry’open’. Why, police harassment for one, don’t want the ‘bad guys’ know I’m armed, for two reasons, 1, want them to be totally surprised when they do something stupid that involves me. 2, could and probably accuse you of pulling you weapon on then, even though unprovoked. Had this happen while living in Oklahoma a few years back. Had a CCW, but did’t have a weapon on me at the time. Didn’t stop the goblin from trying to get me arrested.

    1. I live in Oklahoma and have Open Carried a Glock .40 cal daily for 2 1/2 years since it became legal. I’ve traveled over a good deal of the state including major metro areas. I’ve been seen by countless local police, sheriffs deputies and highway patrol officers in restaurants and stores . I’ve never once have I been asked to show my ID or permit. In fact, in the 20+ years I’ve carried concealed & in the open I’ve never had to show a LEO my permit. It is all about your demeanor & your dress. If you act responsible— like you have a modicum of common sense and don’t look like you just crawled out of a ditch on your belly…then LEO’s will leave you alone.

    2. Hey CTD, how about adding a edit option. I miss mistakes in writing a response sometime, so how about adding a edit feature that is good for say 5 minutes.

  11. I’m a native Texas I love my state. I believe strongly in a persons right to defend themselves and families.I won’t personally be carrying a weapon openly. Because I would not want to bring on any undo attention. And Im not going to give up the element of surprise which is the greatest benifit of defense. But I support the right for those who would carry open.

  12. I have a CHL and have had for years. I will not open carry . The reason I will not is because I live in the country 24-7 and feel disrespected by hunters who have the attitude that when they are out in the country anything goes, including open carry even without a CHL. I have never open carried in their backyard and think it rude when they do in mine. I don’t want to be compared.

    1. Why should it offend you or be considered disrespectful that hunters should open carry? Many hunters carry a pistol to put a deer out of its misery if they wound but not kill the deer. I have done so myself in my own country backyard and have never given it a thought.

  13. I carry concealed everywhere but on our ranch, for snakes I have the first two rounds of snake-shot in my .44 Bulldog and then we get more serious with the remaining rounds. But I will continue to carry concealed so that I don’t become a target for comments, scrutiny or theft. Although I do like the idea of being legal should I jump into the truck to head for the feed or hardware store without thinking about my side arm…it would keep me legal as I have forgotten to remove or conceal it on several occasions, it’s an age thing.

  14. Persona preference, in the city I prefer to keep it concealed, outside of
    the city in the country I keep it open especially when i am hunting or
    fishing. never know when you might need it. Normally it is for snakes
    and to the end my first round is a shot shell in .38 caliber. So far that
    has stood me in good stead. But once again it is a matter of personal
    preference and also as you said we have keep our weapons covered so
    long it will be a while before people get used to open carry especially
    in the cites which are bastion of Useless Left Wing Liberalism and

  15. Large frame weapons are rough to conceal especially like me if you also
    have a large frame. I must admit I personally prefer .40 or .45 auto
    as a carry weapon, but it is much easier to carry a .380 or 9mm.
    The things that bothers me is living in Texas our weather doe not make
    it comfortable to wear a jacket to keep it covered. Even wearing a long
    tail knit shirt to hide the Piece is sometimes hard. The biggest reason
    I support open carry is if by accident my piece is exposed or “printed”
    I am still on the legal side of the law. To me it is better the others do not know I have protection if needed. It make the criminal wonder before
    they act stupid.

  16. Most of the people who comment and say they wouldn’t open carry because it makes them a target, or because a criminal will go for their gun… Are the same people who have lived in Texas their entire life and have never known anything except to hide them. Go open carry in AZ ! No one calls the cops, no criminals go for the open carrier first, and not aware of any criminals taking an open carriers sidearm either. All myths that are not based in reality. Reality is when people see you with a gun, they leave you alone. They don’t dare Attack you. Criminals are cowardly. So get over your illogical unrealistic fears texas!

    1. I agree. I live in Arizona and carry both open and concealed, without a permit and I have never had a problem. We should not need a permit to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. All last week while turkey hunting I open carried my Glock 20. When in the field, open carry just make sense. Regularly, I returned to town doing things such as eating at a fast food restaurant and so forth, I continued to open carry the whole time and even saw a couple other guys open carrying at a certain restaurant in town. It amazing how good it feels to have freedom and exercise it without fear.

  17. Here in Kommiecticut (of all places!) open carry is legal because it is not prohibited by law. Oh sure, waltz into Stop & Shop with a pistol on your hip, and the soccer mom’s will freak. The cops will be called, you will be arrested (usually only for breach of peace), permit and firearms confiscated, and a date in court. In the end all charges are dropped, permit and firearms returned, and you are out a few hundred bucks in legal fees. Worth it? HELL NO! Discretion is the smart thing to do, so out in public I always carry concealed. The good thing about the way the law is now is that if someone catches a glimpse or a “print” of a gun, you are going to get out unscathed in the end. Yesterday, I was out in the woods behind my house (close to 2500 acres in total) helping a neighbor mark out a horse trail. I open carried my Ruger GP161 with 2 speed loaders on a gun belt. I immediately pointed out the fact I was carrying it, and she was OK with it. I told her I’d rather have it in the woods than not, and the best thing would be to never have to remove it from the holster except to put it away.

  18. Interesting to see the number of people who SAY they support TKBA, but don’t support Open, or Constitutional Carry. [shaking head]

    1. Yes, I have noticed this fact as I read through the posts on this topic. I am including myself in this: Because we have been conditioned by fascist propaganda about guns and citizens carrying guns either openly or concealed being bad we are like the hostage that starts to sympathize with the hostage taker. Whenever a State (capital S) moves toward more open support for armed citizens, the fascists always start running around in circles yelling about blood running in the streets. Even though, the places where blood really does run in the streets (Chicago, etc.) there exist the toughest gun restrictions. I live in Texas and have a regular need to drive to Nevada traversing New Mexico and Arizona. I have open carried on these trips once outside of Texas and “it feels weird” to me and I have noticed that I get one of three types of reaction: (a) look at gun, no big deal, but definitely take notice, (b) look at gun and look nervous and (c) look at gun and quickly turn around a leave the area. I have never had a problem open carrying. I support constitutional carry in all of the States (capital S) and, if we do get permission from our political overlords in Austin TX, I will experiment with it. Hopefully I won’t be too mousy.

  19. I would not open carry. Thats inviting the criminals to target me first. Best defense against the thugs is surprise

  20. This is an incredibly bad idea. I carry concealed, and I expect that if this law is signed there will be an explosion of 30.06 signs. So many that I expect that my firearms will be left at home.

  21. If something needs said I will say it. I won’t blatantly say things that could make people uncomfortable, simply because I can.

  22. trying to conceal a full frame 40 s&w in Texas summer is not easy.the open carry to me will help with the signature that the weapon produce s so the alarmed soccer mom’s do t go screaming into the streets

    1. A gentleman would care. My goal is to protect my family, my property, and myself, not scare women.

  23. While being licensed (CHL) seven years, wife five years, we both got licenses for our self protection and others if obvious, and have carried many times to many events! If for no other reason, while we are responsible, reasonable folk, today, many folks seemingly want to abscond with any behavior they deem necessary for their selves! Which in many cases do not correspond to civil behavior, and I need a means to support my correction statements to them, if need dictates! Just seeing a weapon on my belt, probably should suffice!

  24. I am a TEXAN born and raised, I have always had firearms around me
    from the time I was born until present. I will always have firearms around
    to use for recreational shooting, hunting and self defense if and when
    needed. I taught my wife and daughter how to use and safely handle
    firearms for fun and, if needed, self defense in the home or when
    traveling. I taught my grand children and when time comes will take my
    great grand children to the firing range to enjoy shooting also. i will
    personally teach them firearm safety. As a Ret USAF Vet I had
    firearms hands when I was on my job in the military and keep my
    other firearms safely stored and secured to prevent unauthorized
    usage of them. I will not now nor never surrender my firearms
    to any fool from Washington or the State that might try to remove
    them regardless of their excuses or demands. There is enough
    ammo handy for my firearms to make that a very unsafe condition
    for those involved. No to mention my bow and arrows that are
    also handy if needed. G0D bless TEXAS and the Republican
    leaders who guide our state.

    1. The problem we currently face in Texas for a lot of laws that both
      the Governor and the Lt Governor ran on are being blocked by
      the Speaker of the House who was elected by the Socialist
      Democrats and a few Republicans. He is not a Republican
      but at bets a Moderate Socialist Democrat. Until the GOP
      members get off their azzes and throw Joe Strauss out an d
      elect a real Conservation Republican we will continue to fact
      these problems. They think it gives the cover for when they run
      for reelection but that trick has gone the way of the Dodo and
      does not fly with the voters today. They are finally waking up
      after 7 plus years of the POS in the White House and a
      useless GOP controlled Senate and House in Washington.

  25. If “…a police officer could not detain or ask for ID from someone they see open carrying a handgun in a holster..” can they ‘detain’ someone if they see a gun that’s not in a holster?

  26. I have a Texas CC permit and don’t plan to open carry if this law passed. I do not believe the open carry is a big deal either way. We have a lot of visitors to the state and it will scare them. That is a given! Yes it is our constitutional right but open carry may turn the masses against our movent to restore the constitutional rights chipped away over the years. I guess what I am saying is that open carry might harm us more than help us. I support it but with caution.

  27. No, I don’t think I will, at least, not right away. For the most part, nobody knows when I am carrying, because I have a CCW license, and I like it that way. We have a few Liberals in Texas, and even a few idiots of other classes, all of whom might really freak out and cause a scene, if they observe someone not in a police uniform carrying a gun. Be that as it may, that would not further our cause, even though it may be legal. Also, as we have seen with Open Carry of long guns, not all police know what the laws say, and some of them have been really stupid when it comes to Constitutional Carry. Also, every day more people from California move to Texas, as well as a certain percentage of Damn Yankees from places like Chicago and New York, most of whom are already talking about how they can change Texas into the same place where they just left, even though that is the reason they have left their former homes, ie. high taxes, and Liberal theology. Best to just leave that dog sleep, in MHO… So, what do you think?

  28. The RKBA seems to be a paid permit privilege. …so much for freedom

    Texans should be ashamed

    1. Sorry Bubba,
      Anyone who’s been following these two Bills on various Forums this year KNOWS that these only apply to people with CHLs. We pretty much also know that a full blown ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill wouldn’t fly (yet). In fact, there ARE a couple Constitutional Carry Bills drafted, that didn’t even make it to committee, let alone debate, yet.

      We’ve proven that CHL holders are responsible citizens and that the streets haven’t run red with blood. Rather than fight for something they KNOW won’t pass, we’ve chosen to pursue Open Carry for licensed individuals and see it as the next ‘Baby Step’ needed towards Constitutional Carry.

  29. I carry concealed ALL the time. To church. To work. To Kroger. To Sunday School picnics….and even to your house if you invited me over for dinner…..
    And I used to carry concealed while on duty as an airline pilot.
    But….carrying OPEN makes you a target. YOU will be the first one the bad guys take out – if they’re planning bad stuff. Keep your junk covered up. Don’t be a target!

    1. So… BillyBob,
      Any firm statistics to back up this Urban Legend myth?
      In dozens of debates, nobody’s shown proof positive that this is true, other than the news article about the guy who got his brand new gun (openly carried in a store box… NOT open carrying) getting it taken from him?

  30. I have my conceal and carry license and will not open carry. Open carry alarms the soccer Mom’s of this world and and makes them uneasy; especially, when some one has a “hogleg” hanging off their butt in McDonalds while her kids are eating a “happy meal.” No need in giving the anti-gun crew an issue when we have conceal and carry anyway..

  31. I open carried as an AP and as a deputy sheriff in uniform. But I think it is a bad idea for civilian carry. If one in fifty are carrying concealed, the bad guys don’t know who is armed, or whose gun to try to grab, or who to shoot first in a robbery. Weapon retention now becomes a major concern, and there is even consideration for a new law, PC# 30.07 to ban open carry. However the penalty for “displaying handgun” class A misd is like having same penalty for parking violation and DWI manslaughter.

  32. The crime rate is on the rise. More home invasions. More car jacking in Texas, more strong arm robberies, just going to the ATM is getting dangerous today. I believe if thieves so you carrying, your less likely to be a victim of a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation.

  33. I support “unlimited” open carry but I’ll take what I can get here for now. Better a piece of cake then no cake at all. If open carry fails now it will be dead for a long time. Texas is notorious for the idea “let’s see how it goes and we’ll broaden it later” concealed carry has loosened since its advent. At the moment I’m concerned over the time left to pass anything.

    1. I support open carry. it should be legal to carry concealed or openly if you have a concealed carry license from any State. the only concern I have is that without proper training people may carryand cause damage to others or themselves if not properly trained in the use of a firearm.

  34. I sure hope Texas passes OC. I’m a very big supporter of open carry… and open carry every day. I live in Oklahoma where we have a ‘Carry Permit’ system for handguns similar to what Texas is proposing. We can carry concealed, carry fully open or anywhere in between with a permit.

    I’m a large guy [350 lbs].. with a considerable belly due to a serious lower back & hip injury that prevents exercise and from years of related steroid treatments that have caused me to put on a lot of extra weight. I’m on Social Security Disability, walk with a cane, use supplemental oxygen at times, have arthritis in my joints , and if some hoodlum ever got me down on the ground it would be very very difficult for me to get back on my feet.

    Being large around the middle, it is very difficult for me to conceal a compact or sub compact pistol IWB. I don’t like IWB to begin with because it means buying over-sized pants / jeans. I prefer OWB, but that means if I conceal carry I would either have to wear my shirt tail out or wear a extra cover shirt or vest. Not a viable option here where the summer time temperatures can easily top 110+. I prefer to have my shirt tails tucked-in for a more well dressed look.

    I open carry a Glock 27 .40 cal every day in a Blackhawk Serpa II holster. I’ve been doing so for the 2 1/2 years that OC has been legal here. I’ve never had a issue with a LEO, a business or the public. I’ve been to large box stores during major sales like Black Friday sales [Sam’s Club, Academy Sports, Walmart Super Centers] without a problem. I’ve eaten in large crowded restaurants. I’ve been to outdoor events like a music festival & a rattlesnake derby. I’ve walked in public in large metro areas and walked into small gas stations to pay for gas… never had a problem. I conceal carried for 18 years & have been open carrying for 2 1/2 yrs and never once had to show a LEO my permit. It is all in your demeanor. If you don’t act like Barney Fife and dress neatly, you won’t have any problems. Now if you look like you just crawled out of ditch on your belly, and keep fiddling with your gun grip.. sure someone will call the cops on you.

    The benefits of OC are many. It is sooo much more comfortable than CC. You can buy clothes that fit. And having a OC weapon doesn’t necessarily make you a target of a bad guy. Just the opposite. Having a OC weapon lets prospective hoodlums who might otherwise give a physically handicapped person a hard time know that I’m a old very dangerous rattlesnake and you had better leave me the hell alone because I’m not gonna try to run, fight or wrestle you if you attack me.. I’m gonna go straight to Defcon 1 and shoot them. So they better be darn sure that it will be worth their efforts. Or else go pick on someone else.

    I think in most cases, with the kind of punks running the streets these days, a little intimidation factor is a good thing. If store owners in Ferguson, MO and in Baltimore, MD had been openly armed during the rioting.. their business might not have been destroyed / burned like they were. You sure don’t see that kind of crap happening in Oklahoma [and other states] where we have very liberal gun laws and protections under our Castle Law and Stand your Ground Law.

    Here, people can openly carry loaded handguns, rifles or shotguns on any property they own, lease or control without a permit. Which includes the front & back yards of their homes and in or around any business they operate. And in a time of declared emergency.. like during a riot or after a tornado, we can carry a handgun, rifle or shotgun with us without a permit and the police cannot disarm us. We have the absolute right to defend ourselves and others against serious injury or possible death causing attacks… with absolute immunity criminally and civilly if the shooting is found to be justifiable.

  35. They openly say it’s not constitutional carry. Hence it’s known to be unconstitutional… WHEN are we going to rise up as a nation and put and end to politicians that make laws that void our rights?

  36. The upside to open carry now, is that I won’t have to worry about having my handgun peaking out from underneath my shirt thus committing an offense

    1. I agree Fernando. Fortunately, from what I know, accidental display of your concealed handgun is not against the law. However, it would be better if there wasn’t any gray area.

  37. I agree with open carry
    Because in South TX. , things could get,
    out of hand, pretty quick..also you really don’t know who to begin to trust anymore. People from other countries come with different ideas, and expect from things to go their way, well not here. This is The United States of America.
    God bless America!!!!!
    And if you don’t like it, than leave.

  38. It appears the Representatives of the people of Texas

    have not read the US Constitution or they would not be


    1. Yes, you are completely correct. As I stated below, many Americans think Texas is this wide open, guns everywhere culture. In any city of more than 5000 this is simply not true. It’s legal to open carry a rifle, but it’s simply not common to see one – and it does cause a stir as most Texans don’t realize it’s completely legal. The big problem here in Texas is that most law enforcement are against open carry. In the upper ranks of all big cities the police brass don’t like concealed carry either. The Constitution of the united States (with a capital S) is routinely ignored by our federal masters and bureaucrats in Mordor on the Potomac. 95% of what the Washington clepto-class does is plainly not Constitutional. Here in Austin, we have a police chief that comes from that sewer, California. Fortunately for me I escaped California over 15 years ago and even though I have to travel regularly for my job and have to go there occasionally, I have regretted moving for even one second. I’m looking at moving to Wyoming now though.

  39. We can open carry in Indiana without a permit. I do not open carry, for the same reasons mentioned already below. I realize that open carry makes a lot of people uncomfortable, not just the “antis”. People see a gun and they worry. They don’t know if you’re a good guy or a bad guy. I can understand that.

    1. Will you be silent too so your freedom of speech will not hurt their PC sensibilities as well?

    2. Those of us who don’t feel the need to constantly show dominance over others do consider the feelings of others, both in speech and action. It’s called having manners. Something your mom should have taught you somewhere along the way.

  40. I have a CHL here in Texas. For those of you not from Texas, CHL is the same as CCW, CWP or other acronyms in various States (with a capital S). I will not be open carrying because I would much rather that a miscreant not know I have a weapon if, God forbid, I am close enough to a dangerous incident to need to deploy my handgun. I practice drawing from concealment twice a week for 25 pulls ending in a dry fire. Drawing from concealment is more of a pain than from a open holster, but can be nearly as fast; less than a second difference. I also would be quite paranoid, if I open carried, that someone around me would attempt to take the gun. I try to live in condition yellow and am constantly scanning my surroundings; if I open carried I would be looking behind me much more often. I haven’t looked at the language recently on the two bills, but at one time, one or both of them also had the requirement that when open carrying you would need a level 2 retention holster. This would necessitate a purchase for me and also, more importantly, quite a bit of retraining to incorporate a new movement in my draw.

    1. One small correction, Sean – our TX CHL is NOT the same as other state’s acronyms. Ours is a “Concealed Handgun License” – meaning concealed carry of handguns only. Now, for instance, where I came from (FL), you got a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) enabling one to carry any weapon they chose – Mace, nunchucks, brass knucks, knives, in addition to a handgun. Other than that, I’m right with you on your other thughts – just don’t see myself open-carrying for the reasons mentioned.

    2. Hi whatacrock! Nice handle.
      Yes, you are correct. We in this wide open, wild west, pro-self defense State of Texas, are constricted to concealed handguns only. I stand corrected, and this continues to make one of my points; Texas is NOT a true bastion of free will and Constitutionallly based freedoms. Now, don’t get me wrong, because I came from California quite awhile ago now, I am grateful on a daily basis, as I step outside my door with my chosen handgun in my IWB, for what our benevolent State overlords have allowed us compared to the absolute dogs breakfast of fascist, politically correct, progressive, oppressive state of affairs in that steadily declining State. Pretty soon California will be a complete vassal state and not a State.

  41. I rarely open carry when off my own property, preferring to both gain the tactical advantage of not having the bad guys know I’m armed, and avoid the idiocy of the antis in their reactions to my being armed, but I am happy that Texans may soon get a reinstatement of their right to open carry. Frankly, however, the law as written is kind of dumb and doesn’t really do anything to further the ability of citizens to be armed.

    I live in a state where you need a permit to carry concealed, but anyone who can legally own a gun can open carry. This allows persons who do not have a concealed weapon permit to openly carry in places where they feel the need to be armed to protect themselves or their families. To be honest, the Texas law doesn’t really do much of anything since anyone who will be able to legally carry openly can also legally carry concealed.

    Big deal.

    1. Yes, you are correct, the current legislation is actually a rather cowardly cop-out from what we would really like: constitutional carry. No registration/permit for either open or concealed carry. People from other States (with a capital S) and many of my fellow Texans think Texas is this big, wide open gun culture. That may have been true twenty years ago, but with time, liberal indoctrination in our schools and the influx of progressive communist types Texas is not what it once was. I live in Austin and it’s a very liberal/fascist place. Also, Texas at a State-wide level passes all kinds of nanny-State laws. Now, where is my horse? Oh, I forgot I live on a 1/8th acre home in suburbia!

    2. Well, baby steps are better than no steps at all, or going in the wrong direction like so many other states are. My line of work allows me to move around a lot, and I will never live in a gun-unfriendly state, but it’s sure hard to find my kind of work in places like Wyoming or Idaho where they have gun friendly cultures.

      Hang in there, Brother, and never surrender. And BTW, I live on a one acre lot with a next door neighbor. . for now. 😉

    3. Sean, I’d differ on your characterization of present-day Texas, and I’d encourage all of us to resist “nostalgia” that doesn’t necessarily hold true. For instance, in the “good old days” of 20+ years ago we couldn’t even ccw in TX, and Texas voters were electing Ann Richards as Governor. Yes, the state’s population has continued to climb, but Republicans continue to win the state by 20%, so don’t assume that Texas is becoming more liberal with its population increase. Myself, and a number of people I know, relocated to Texas to escape blue states. We are adding to freedom’s cause, not subtracting from it. Finally, yes the urban cities are liberal but all cities with large populations are, because they attract scum. The suburbs are the strength of Texas, and will continue to be so. Stay proud and positive.

    4. Hi TXfree,

      Yes, thank you for your correction. Seems I make a lot of errors in my enthusiasm for spreading the word that we need to push to get back to the level of freedom encoded in the U.S. Constitution. I definitely stay proud, but I have a lot of trouble staying positive considering how awful our so called conservative leadership is in Mordor on the Potomac. Thanks for your calm and reasoned comment. Obviously I am not calm.

    5. Sean

      My wife and I love your descriptive “Mordor on the Potomic” and will start using it ourselves. Very accurate.

      And just to make Texans feel a little better, here in Virginia we also have a CHP (Concealed Handgun Permit) that limits your choice of concealed weapons to a handgun. Fortunately, we also have a open carry law that allows anyone who can legally own a gun to carry it opening.

      The South’s gonna rise again!

    6. I have always stated that my carry permit was a “CCW”, but during my reading of this conversation, I actually pulled out my document and it is a HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT. I live in Tennessee. I can carry either concealed or open. I prefer concealed for the same reasons already stated prior, as to get the advantage during aggression from a perp, and not to incite the warped Liberals who think they are dangerous or scary. I have never had any problems from LEO, with the exception of a few times, while riding my Harley, it just doesn’t quite fit under my leather jacket, so, when an officer sees me fly past( usually if speeding) they pull me over, and check for a permit. I think it, under the circumstances, is acceptable considering that I never get the “speeding ticket”, just a slow down remark, and let go. We here in TN had some proposed legislation for a Constitutional Carry bill, but it got shelved, I think because it would have let ANYONE walk around with a gun, without any type of check and balances, meaning, a lot of criminals would also be carting, trying to blend in with NON FELONS, and those who would be responsible to carry whom would train and practice with that to be responsible. I feel that anyone who is not prevented from possession and is 18( not 21) should be able to carry and purchase ammo. The criminal types will do it anyways, as the law abiding will be vulnerable to limits set by LAW.

  42. I live in Texas and prefer to go armed under the radar screen, avoiding any attention from potential criminals or the gun-fearing sheep. That said, I want the right to open carry. If it’s summer and 100 degrees, and I’m out doing physical work or recreation, open carry would give me another option.

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