On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My True Love Made Sure I Could Keep Shopping…

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 10 Millennium energy bars… to keep up my stamina for more shopping. S.O.S. Food Lab, Inc. specifically designs their food and water supply products for rescue operations and emergencies:

  • Aviation: Life rafts
  • Marine: Lifeboats and life rafts
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquake, hurricane, flood, tornado, famine relief, and others
  • Recreational: Hiking, biking, camping, caving, mountaineering, and wilderness exploration

The U.S. Coast Guard approves them. The Millennium energy bars contain 409 calories per bar and are made of wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, coconut, cornstarch, corn syrup, and natural flavors. They also include multivitamin supplements and additives, like lecithin and calcium propionate as an antimycotic. Lecithin is good for your heart, breaks up fat and cholesterol, cleanses the liver and kidneys, and helps the body absorb nutrients. An antimycotic is an anti-fungal agent.

Millennium Energy Bar 10 Pack
Millennium Energy Bar 10 Pack
The bars are low in sodium, in order to control your thirst and conserve your water supply. Like the powder mix you find in an MRE, they can be mashed up and added to water. The bars have a five-year shelf life and amazingly can be stored safely in any conditions.

I haven’t had the guts to try one yet (I’m a super picky eater), but most people who have report that they are surprisingly not so bad. My buddy, Art, says they are like “if a fruit roll-up and a granola bar had a baby.” Calories 409 kcal, Protein 8 g, Carbohydrates 53 g, Fat 19 g, Sodium 0.50 mg, Cholesterol 0.

 Ten Millennium Energy Bars FOOD-900 $11.97 E-Price $8 per 10 Pack, Limit Two 10 Packs

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