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Taurus Settlement Details Released

Taurus PT-140PRO pistol that discharged when dropped

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has authorized the release of details about a proposed class action settlement about alleged safety defects in certain Taurus-branded pistols. See previous reporting about the suit in the Shooter’s Log here. Further details are available on the settlement website here.

The proposed class-action settlement is about alleged safety defects in certain Taurus-branded pistols. The settlement doesn’t include Taurus G2 model pistols. This lawsuit alleges that Class Pistols (defined below) may unintentionally fire with the safety in the “on” or “safe” position, and may unintentionally fire when dropped or bumped. The Taurus Companies1 (“Taurus”) stand by the Class Pistols and deny all allegations of wrongdoing and liability.

You may be a Settlement Class Member and have rights under this settlement if you are a resident or entity of the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Guam and own one or more of the following Taurus-branded firearms on July 30, 2015:

  • PT-111 Millennium
  • PT-132 Millennium
  • PT-138 Millennium
  • PT-140 Millennium
  • PT-145 Millennium
  • PT-745 Millennium
  • PT-609
  • PT-640
  • PT-24/7

Settlement Class Members may return their affected pistol to Taurus (with shipping paid by Taurus) and receive up to $200 per pistol, depending on the total number returned, not to exceed $30 million. The exact payment amount will be determined after the return deadline has passed and the exact number of returned Class Pistols is known. If you return your Class Pistol for a payment, it will not be returned to you even if the payment is less than you want.

Also, Taurus will provide a free, transferrable lifetime enhanced warranty that will allow owners to submit warranty claims at any time. Taurus will pay shipping and inspection costs, and will repair or replace the pistol as necessary. Taurus will also provide safety training to all Settlement Class Members.

To ask for a payment, you must submit a claim form and return your Class Pistol to receive a payment. Shipping is prepaid by Taurus. You can only submit a claim form after the settlement is finally approved and any appeals are concluded. This date is not yet known. You may register now through the website to get information about when you can submit a claim form. Visit the website to determine when you can submit a claim. If the Court approves the settlement and there are no appeals, the claims period will run from approximately February 24, 2016 until June 23, 2016.

If you don’t want to be bound by the settlement, you must exclude yourself by December 14, 2015, or you won’t be able to sue, or continue to sue, Taurus about the legal claims in this case. If you exclude yourself, you can’t get money from this settlement. You may object to this settlement by sending an objection by December 14, 2015 and you may have to give a deposition. Objections and opt-outs will be public record, even if they contain the identity of Settlement Class Members. If you do nothing, you will still receive the lifetime enhanced warranty and safety training but will not receive a payment, and you will still be bound by the settlement.

Before money is paid, the Court will hold a Final Approval hearing on January 20, 2016, to consider whether to approve the settlement. You may attend the hearing, but you don’t have to.

For detailed information, you may also call toll-free 1-(844) 528-0180, or write to Carter v. Forjas Taurus, c/o Heffler Claims Group, P.O. Box 230, Philadelphia, PA 19107-0230.

Click the links below to see other information related to the settlement:

If you have one of the affected pistols and attempt to register for the settlement, please come back to the Shooter’s Log and tell us about your experience.

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Comments (38)

  1. I thought I’d chip in my 2 cents here. Taurus STILL has my PT140 Pro .40 caliber pistol, and I got in touch with them to find out what was going on. They told me the fix agreed to by the court was to replace everything with a BROWN G2 PT111 in 9mm. Specifically, a 1-111031G2-12B- PT111 MILLENNIUM G2 9mm BK/BRWN that isn’t even listed on the Taurus website. How they can justify replacing my BLACK .40 caliber with a brown 9mm is beyond me.

    1. They must have run out of the brown PT111 because their options for my PT-145 are either a black G2C in 9 mm or a Curve in .380. The Curve is discontinued; guess they are trying to get rid of excess inventory. I don’t think either of those comes close to the power the .45 has.

  2. I was instructed by Taurus to send an original receipt, written by the FFL, to them, which I followed. After, about 2 weeks I received Taurus’ check for the amount of the actual transfer fee.

  3. Thomas Gray, Can you tell me how you got your transfer fees reimbursed. I received my replacement pistol today and of course have no idea how to go about the process of getting back the transfer fees. I am hoping to get some answers here instead of waiting on hold for another hour to ge the answer.


  4. I tried to register twice for the enhanced warranty portion of the settlement on 28 November 2017. It failed miserably because I got to the point of receiving the prepaid shipping label and no label appeared!! I sent emails to the attorney’s office listed under contact us and they ignored me and did not answer. The same thing happened with Taurus.

  5. I sent my PT140 Pro on 10-4-2016, and have still do not have a PT140 Pro.
    On 3-9-2017 I checked the Taurus Warranty Repair Status website, which indicated the PT140 Pro had been repaird. I have not heard anything from Taurus since I shipped the firearm to Taurus. I own three (3) Taurus pistols, but one is still in the hands of Taurus.
    The was my favorite carry, but now carry my 738 TCP 380.
    Miss my PT140 Pro.

    1. Did you ever get your gun or a replacement back? They are now replacing with a brown 9mm regardless of what you sent in.

  6. Taurus fully honored their commitment to repair or replace their Millennium Series pistol. In my experience they replaced the original purchased pistol with a current configuration weapon. The whole process took over 6 months. Taurus paid for all the shipping charges and the FFL transfer Fee (since the replacement firearm carried a “new” serial number). I’m all together pleased that Taurus fulfilled their commitment.

  7. I know it’s been some time since these last posts, but was hoping someone could do some follow up. Have the guns submitted for repair been returned? How long was the wait? Did the repair or replace?

  8. Having 2 of the listed pistols (PT-145 & 24/7 OSS .45) in the group, I sent them to Taurus in late July (on their dime thru FedEx.) Weekly calls (“chats”) for status were vague (‘…still in for inspection and due to high response, no time frame.) I was notified that I was eligible to two G2 with 2 mags each and may be after Jan. 2016 before sent (but would not swap out 1:1 for spare mags that do not fit new replacements.) I asked for my pistols to be returned to me and after a week or so, they agreed, but said they would be accompanied by an ‘unsafe’ letter to me and ATF. I asked how they can declare them unsafe if they have not been inspected! Estimate 1-4 weeks for return (now 2 weeks into wait!)

  9. I have three of the pistols on the list.

    PT145 PRO

    I wanted to test them to see if I could make them fire with the safety on because I have never had a problem with any of the three listed above.

    My findings were yes, I could pull the trigger if the weapon was not handled correctly.

    After racking the slide and putting my finger on the trigger and pulling it not quite half way, or to the point just before engaging the striker, and then applying the safety the trigger could be released and pulled again to make the striker engage and release. This is because the safety is at that point engaged in front of the trigger and will not block the trigger from moving back to engage the striker. When releasing the safety in that state with the trigger behind the safety you will see the trigger return to it’s forward position.

    This worked with all three weapons weather they were DAO, PT111, or the DA/SA PT145 PRO PT24/7.

    It the weapon is handled correctly with you FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER EXCEPT WHEN YOU WANT THE WEAPON TO DISCHARGE then you will not have any problem with the pistols that are listed in the law suit.

    If you feel that you can’t keep you finger off the trigger when engaging the safety than by all means you should defiantly send your weapon in and get what ever they will give you for it,

    1. If you can not keep your finger off the safety until you are ready to fire, I recommend getting into long bows or the like. Loaded, unloaded safety, no safety, you should practice not touching the trigger until you are ready to destroy whatever the gun is pointing at.

  10. One of the two noted problems is the failure of the drop test. The other is more problematic in my opinion. Many firearms will fire when dropped, even if active safeties are in place to prevent this – this is because things BREAK when you drop them, including drop safeties and sears!

    Mine is currently at Taurus for “inspection” – we’ll see what they do with it. It exhibits the OTHER problem. It WILL go off with the safety on. However, this is not “quite” as bad as it sounds. You have to pull the trigger about 1/4 of the way (take up the slack) and THEN apply the safety. It seems to click on, but the trigger is not locked and the firearm will still fire when the trigger is pulled!

    Interestingly, my wife dislikes the grip texture on my PT140 (G1) but thought the G2 might be more comfortable under recoil. So I found one in a local gun shop, and did the test. (pull trigger partially, then apply safety, then release and re-pull the trigger – WITH AN EMPTY gun – and ….CLICK – it dry fired, right there in the store.

    Good gun shop, though. They immediately pulled it and took it to the back room – stating THEY would be sending it back to Taurus.

    Buyer beware – the G2 (and possibly others of similar design) exhibit the same flaw!!!

  11. I’ve had my PT-111 Millennium 9mm for awhile and I’ve never had any issue with the weapon at all. I’ve shot all kinds of ammo through it and the only ammo it doesn’t care for is Tul Ammo it’s dirty ammo but if I clean my gun every 200 rounds no problems.

  12. I have 3 taurus pistols, pt 145, pt140 millennium and 608 in 357.
    All work great, never had a problem and i did drop the pt 140 loaded and had no discharge.
    Am I the only one? I know people that had problems with theirs but Taurus always made good on the repairs.
    It’s funny that i had failures on my walther p 22 and kimber cdp. Go figure.

  13. I have 4 Taurus products, 2 revolvers a 1911 and another 9mm full size. All but one had to be returned because the couldn’t cycle properly.
    The worst was a med frame .357 that I was letting a friend try out at the range while I sat in the lounge watching.
    When I went back in 3 rounds had the hammer dent in the rim outside of the primer, which meant if any had fired the bullet would have smashed into the frame.
    They fixed that one the quickest because I’m sure the realized how potentially catastrophic that defect was.
    So for me Tauruses are junk guns.

    1. I purchased new, PT-111, Millennium, 9mm, 2000, in Vermont for $425 +tax.. Usage, household protection. Weapon has had a total of ten (10) rounds fired thru it. Never dropped or damaged, still in showroom condition and TAURUS wants to give me between $150 & 200. for their error.I don’t think so !!! When it was new I loaded it, with the safety on attempted to fire by pulling trigger as hard as I could. To the point of almost bending the trigger. No discharge. I then released safety and proceeded to fire. No problems. I await. instructions to have it returned for inspection and/or repair only. If I ever did have to use it, police would hold it as evidence for up to a year or more. I would only be out a cheap pistol, that did what it was intended. It is worth more than $200 to me, in that respect.

      Remarks: Never dropped any weapon and keep your dam finger off the trigger until you must fire. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

  14. I do not own any of the Taurus Pistols on the recall list. I do have two metal framed 92 models and one 357 revolver. They all function well for me. Taurus has settled the law suit but has not admitted the products are defective. It seems they are trying to “fix” the problem within the lawsuit limits, but I bet they are a little over worked keeping up with the guns that keep coming in. 6 months is a long time to wait for a gun repair, but having a good, safe and dependable gun is probably worth it.

  15. I have had an experience with a Taurus firearm I had in the past .I had a Taurus 24/7 auto pistol that I had sent back to Taurus at least three times for the same problems they sent it back worse than it was before I sent it they like to brag about their lifetime warranty but if your firearm spends more time in their possession then yours its not worth the paper its written on !!!! I have two other Taurus firearms a tracker revolver 357 cal and a PT 100 Barreta style auto pistol .the revolver is an older version and works very well.the PT 100 Lot of trigger slack but at least it works I will keeo these until they work no more because no one will give me anything for them when they stop working they will go in my garbage can I will no longer buy Taurus firearms nor would I ever recommend them for anyone looking for a firearm

  16. I sent my Taurus 24/7 back and after 8 weeks of “inspection” I said forget it just send me back my pistol. They told me they have to fill out a legal notice that goes through there attorney and the ATF before they can return it haven’t heard anything back about it since I will be calling them this week.

  17. I have a PT 111 PRO. I have not had any problems, but I’ve never dropped it either. I think I’ll just keep it, and treat it with the same respect that I have for all firearms.

  18. Taurus provides a “no questions asked” warranty. “Where’s my firearm I sent in for repair?” Sorry…That’s a question they won’t answer. WE assumed it meant they wouldn’t question it, not WE are not allowed to ask questions. I’m just glad my only experience with Taurus was a piece of crap PT-22 that cost me around $60 on clearance. My experience with Taurus Customer Service taught me 2 absolutes: NEVER buy another Taurus ANYTHING, and if you send something to Taurus, GET A SIGNATURE UPON RECEIPT, or they will try to tell you it “never arrived”. Even after proving otherwise, they treat you like a thief, trying to “screw them over” instead of treating you like a paying customer. Pay heed to the warnings all over the boards across the Internet-DON’T BUY TAURUS!

    1. I had a friend warn me about Taurus a few years ago when I first started buying pistols. He had one of their revolvers come apart on him while shooting. He was lucky he wasn’t killed. Their customer service would do nothing for him either. So their problem goes back a lot further than they are admitting.

  19. Yessireee!!! that did happen tome. I was lucky I didn’t get killed. I had a loaded PT145 and I had the safety on, but the gun went off. All this happen last year at the gun range. I tried selling it, but couldn’t. Now I will be happy if I get anything.

    1. Are you sure you didn’t blow on the trigger or something? Because in my experience, no gun just “goes off” on it’s own, safety or not.

      Not trying to make light of a manufacturing issue, but safety always comes down to the person holding the gun, not the gun itself. Otherwise, the Brady Bunch would be justified in calling out how evil those black rifles are, etc. Whether the safety is engaged or not, safe handling dictates that you keep your finger off the trigger until you wish the gun to go bang.

    2. To pigpen: Strictly speaking you are likely correct. However, guns have been known to discharge when being handled properly. My XDs was recalled by Springfield Armory because it fell within a range of units whereby some would, 1) discharge when the slide was returned to battery after inserting a loaded magazine, and 2) some would double tap when the trigger was pulled……….meaning, the firearm for two rounds fired fully auto. That’s not a problem with the shooter.

    3. <>

      OK, let me make sure I’m understanding you properly: You tired to sell a firearm to someone else that you KNEW or had STRONG REASON TO BELIEVE was a safety hazard? Am I interpreting you correctly?

  20. What’s interesting is that the video states that models subject to this notice are only potentially “unsafe” if mishandled by user not following “safety” instructions within the manual…I think the only point agreed upon by all is that the guns in question “may” malfunction if dropped on concrete pavement as was the case with the Deputy that prompted this procedure. Myself, I don’t care what the vendor says about any gun, if I drop said gun, in particular, on concrete to boot I assume it will go bang (hammer or striker fired but that’s me).

  21. Taurus has had my recalled pistol tor 9 weeks and is stonewalling; has done nothing toward inspection or repair.

    1. Taurus has had my PT145 Millennium Pro for about the same time, since sometime in late July. Taurus told me in late August that my gun was being replaced.

      When I question Taurus, and I do about once each week, as to when I might receive my replacement, I’m told no ETA is available because the gun is still going through the “Replacement Process.” It won’t surprise me if it never gets replaced.

    2. This Shooter called Taurus on October 15, 2015. The Customer Service person said: Taurus will replace the pistol with a reconfigured “new” weapon (of the same model) through a FFL holder, of my choice, and I’ll be compensated for the transfer fee. Estimate 4 to 6 months.

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