Taurus CT G2 Carbine

Black Taurus CT G2 with barrel pointed to the right on a white background

Taurus has its first entry into the handgun caliber carbine market with the CT G2. Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, the carbine from Taurus includes a full length Picatinny rail for mounting optics or other accessories, an adjustable rear and fixed front sight and an ambidextrous magazine slide release. Black Taurus CT G2 with barrel pointed to the right on a white backgroundThe rifle has an overall length of just over 31 inches, with a 16 inch barrel. Ammunition capacity ranges from 34+1 in 9mm to 15+1 in .40 and 10+1 in .45 ACP. The weight varies from just over eight to 9.25 pounds, depending on caliber.

From the press release: “Developed in conjunction with leading military and law enforcement personnel, the all-new Taurus Carbine CT G2 takes command of any situation. Already heralded around the world for its top-end performance, reliability and workmanship— this impressive carbine is now available in the USA.

The Carbine CT G2 is built to last with hybrid aluminum polymer, reinforced steel frame, black anodized finish and high-strength polymer lower receiver reinforced with steel. Flat top aluminum upper receiver with built-in Picatinny rail allows for further customization. Additional features include a two-position safety/fire selector, adjustable rear sight, fixed front sight and ambidextrous slide catch.”

Black Taurus CT G2 with barrel pointed to the left on a white backgroundWill you be adding the Taurus CT G2 Carbine to your arsenal? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. I just got one and Taurus really out did there self on this gun its amazing and shoot incredible easy to clean. I put 250+ rounds through it and it never low recoil. My wife even loved shooting this gun.

  2. It looks nice – but 10+1 for 45??? Not really interested with that. I can see a limitation on 45 for pistols as the cartridges are much larger and you don’t want a handgun grip that is 8″ long – but this is a “carbine” We don’t care about magazine length. Get me a 30 rd 45Cal magazine or i’m not buying it.

  3. why not ‘stock’ a glock? add longer bbl, attach a forestock to the lightrail, bipod, etc; have carbine or holster gun

  4. they have these listed on ableammo’s website, price is shockingly low, but they’ve been “out of stock” ever since i found them on the site… heres a link anyway for all those interested. ( ) personally, i think everyone whining about the .45 capacity needs to grow up… there are SEVERAL reasons they WONT produce high cap mags for this rifle… as compact as it is, you’d have kids running around with them under regular jackets… the police would have a hard time suppressing someone with a 30 round mag full of .45. and just as with ANY other gun in the world… the bigger the bullet, the smaller the mag capacity… yeah i can see that the .45 clip is also about 4 inches shorter than the 9mm clip, but also consider the purpose MOST REAL PEOPLE will be buying these for…. to plink… or to show off…. if you’re plinking, 9mm makes WAY more sense, its A LOT cheaper…. and if you’re just showing it off to impress people, it doesnt matter what caliber it is because you most likely wont be firing it anyway. in my personal opinion, this is an awesome gun, nice to see a semi auto rifle in an affordable caliber, and with high cap mags in that affordable caliber… no room to complain here

    1. What if you only have a 45 acp pistol. You would have to go buy another caliber ammo. I think the round count is ridiculous, I have an XDM45 that has 13+1.

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  6. I always wanted an HK-MP5. But the price put it out of my range.
    The Taurus will make a good substitute. Gotta have it.

  7. I don’t see why so many people are whining about the .45acp more than the fact the mags look unique. My brother sold his .45 XD simply because it carries half the rounds and hits 20% harder than a 9mm with extra recoil to boot.

    The downside on this carbine though is as I said earlier the magazines. If these would accept the mags from any of the Taurus pistols then I’d consider buying a carbine/pistol pair from Taurus. If I want a carbine that uses mags my pistol can’t, I can get a Magpul enhanced AR from Del-Ton for about $750 and assemble it myself, hits 3x as hard as a .45acp and 30 round mags to boot.

  8. The 45ACP model has been dropped by Taurus from its 2012 catalog.


    Guess I’ll settle for the Masterpiece Arms 45 ACP Defender carbine with its 30 round M3 grease gun magazines.

  9. Come on Taurus! 10 round 45 mags! You’ve gotta be kidding! And that stock is UGLY. If you had atleast made it possible to mount some extra mags on it i would’ nt mind so much. If you sell it with hicaps maybe i’ll figure that out for myself.

  10. I like it and might buy one when the come out with aftermarket stock options and hi-capacity 45 mags. until then its pointless to me. 10 and 15 round mags ill keep my pistol

  11. Screw Kommiefornia, New Jerky, New Yuck, Ill&Dead, and Hawaiian wussy states.
    Give us Hi-cap mags, and the bunghole states with stupid gun laws can SUCK IT!
    You want fun guns, vote out all those dang hippie liberal Democraps!!

    That being said, the Calico Carbine in 9mm eats this for lunch…100-rounds per mag…totally annihilates home-invaders.
    the only downside to the Calico’s is that they’ve not come out with the .40 or .45 carbine yet.

  12. High Point is the way to go for a great inexspensive carbine,I ve had a 9mm for 6 yrs and have`nt had a single problem out of it,I would not trade it for any of the bigger guns out there,plus they are MADE IN THE USA and has a lifetime gurantee,I promise you can`t go wrong with the High Point,If Taurus even wants to compete they have a big job on their hands

  13. This thing looks super badass and I really want one. But for the price you need hi-cap mags and a threaded barrel for a suppressor. Add those and I will pay the high price for it.

  14. In it’s current form i wouldn’t spend the money on something like this unless the magazines were compatible with my 24/7 model handgun, OR came with high cap magazines. I’m also thinking it’s awful long for a carbine. I think i’m going to save my money and wait a little longer, or go buy a hi-point.

  15. I’d personally would like to see a folding stock at the least and maybe a flashhider would be nice. Otherwise, this thing looks pretty cool. If a side folding stock becomes available it will be my next home defense weapon.

  16. Another plastic Taurus with proprietary magazines. Couldnt get extra mags for the last Taurus pistol bought new, when they finally were available try 40 bucks each, and of course they dont fit in this carbine or any other Taurus. Typical Taurus “gotcha.” Taurus needs to quit cranking out new models and concentrate on improving QC on the ones they are shipping imho.

  17. I would be interested in the Taurus CTG2 Carbine in .45 acp.
    When will this carbine be available to purchase?
    Any Idea of cost?
    How does it compare with the Beretta CX4 Storm .45 acp?

  18. I really like the looks of it.If it meets the reviews with good marks I will get me one.It looks like a nice tactical firearm too.I love Taurus pistols but just to think they are now competing in carbines just tickles me.And I hope it is accurate compared to some models.And I’m just curious on the cost of one too.

  19. For those who liked the new Taurus carbine, google it about ” Taurus CT40 G2L “.
    That`s a new release in Brasil during a LAAD 2011 (april 2011).

  20. I misread the article. The sites are adjustable… my bad. For the money though, Mini 14 or even better, Mini 30.

  21. Finally! A rifle that nobody needs in a configuration that nobody wants! Way to go Taurus! Just goes to show you that a good company who builds good guns can screw up too… Ten rounds? Really? Is that to offset the prohibitive 12lbs this thing weighs? (note: weight of this thing is in debate as of this writing.) No adjustable stock, no muzzle brake, no adjustable sites. I can almost put as many 45 rounds into the PT1911 (which I own and love) as I can into this possible 12 pound rifle? The neutered 10 round mag in the HK USC is the very thing that kept me from buying that thing, I can’t wait to pass on this ridiculous turd as well.. Come on Taurus, you can do better. You have proven that in the past.

  22. well its a great idea but if the 45 acp dosnt have high cap mags for it, it’s a waste. dont get me wrong the 9mm version might end up in my gun safe any way. i am sick of seeing ar’s every were so something new will be nice

  23. Taurus usa; if you can’t manufacture high capacity mags for 40sw and 45acp, at least make your carbine compatible with glock mags (glock have high cap mags in those calibers)

  24. Taurus new carbine looks great, but only 15rounds in 40sw and 10rounds in 45acp. not good enough for a company like Taurus. They need to increase the mag capacity on those calibers; that’s what the customers want.

  25. Johnny come lately–check out the High-Point 40SW carbine. All the buttons and bells available at about $300.00. Made in America and guaranteed for LIFE!!!!!!. I own one and lve it. Looks better than the Taurus in my eyes.

  26. This is EXACTLY what I was looking to purchase! Unfortunately, Taurus did NOT make a HIGH CAPACITY .45 ACP MAGAZINE! Soooo, I wait…

    Got it Taurus? You listening to your customer base better than the other firearms manufacturers? Those that want this in .45 ACP want HIGH CAP MAGS! Make this happen.

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  28. I think I read the MSRP to be around $700. Taurus street prices are pretty aggressive so, figure on at least $100 less?

  29. I handled these at SHOT. The weight listed here is not correct, unloaded they are about 6-7 lbs. The magazine capacity differences have to do with the fact that this is a semi-auto version of the 9mm SMG Taurus already builds for the Brazilian military/LE. Those hi-cap mags already exist. .40 and .45 mags for that SMG don’t exist in 40 and 45, so Taurus designed it to take their pistol mags. FYI when handling the carbine you can’t tell that it’s a thumbhole stock, the bottom piece doesn’t hit your hand at all.

  30. A 31″ carbine? I’ve got rifles shorter than that.

    I’d have to go with 9mm. IIRC, 230gr .45 starts losing muzzle velocity after about 10-12 inches. Not sure about the +P or lighter bullets.

  31. I love this thing. 34+1 rounds of 9mm? All I can say is hell yeah! I’ve been planning to buy a Baretta storm, but I’m getting one of these instead… maybe two of them. Maybe one of each? Who knows? I have to say that I truely believe in “carbine love at first sight now”! lol OK, maybe a bit overboard. But I will definitely be buying one of these littl beauties.

  32. @Rick – Thumbhole stocks are banned in Kalifornia regardless of magazine capacity. Only if it requires a tool to disassemble the magazine can a rifle in Kalifornia have a pistol grip or thumbhole stock.

    I assume these have to be made in the USA since it is illegal to import a firearm from a foreign country that can take high capacity magazines unless it qualifies as USA made (922 (r)) compliant. Must be some of the parts or all of the gun are made at Taurus’s import location.

  33. I could get a Tommy Gun and be able to carry a stick of 30 or drum of 50 rounds of 45. Why have this gun when it only carries 10+1 of 45.

  34. I do get a kick out of the people complaining about the weight.
    Like any of them will be carrying it any further than from their trunk to the shooting position. It is a blowback weapon people, you want a little mass for that type of weapon, on top of that, it is only 9.5 lbs

    The gun looks like fun. I’d be anxious to see higher capacity magazines for the .45 though.

  35. Won’t be buying this.

    If I specifically want a carbine that’s going to shoot a handgun caliber round, I want it light and portable ie. not something that’s heavier than a Garand – and that will take extended mags. This thing’s a joke in its current iteration and looks like a mall-ninja’s wet-dream to boot.

    Sticking with my AR, thanks.

  36. Why only 10+1 for .45 and 34+1 for 9? I know .45’s wider but not THAT MUCH wider. That can’t both be double stack. That sounds like a long double stack 9mm mag and a slightly-longer-than-1911 length single stack .45 magazine.

  37. the Spectre was pretty heavy at almost 7 pounds but half the size of this, all metal, this looks like it has a lot of both metal and plastic. why they hell are they skimping on the .45 must be the weight of the gun unloaded. unless it can take hk or m3 mags.

  38. Weight 11 to 12.25 POUNDS? That weighs more than TWO of my AR-15’s in .223 put together, (granted they both have 10.5″ light weight barrels and no rails) but a CARBINE that weighs as much as an M-14 is crazy. Please tell me this was a typo!

    Edit: Correction: Weight varies from just over 8 lbs to 9 1/4 lbs, depending on caliber.

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