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Consolidations in any industry are a way of life and this is one I really hated to see. I do not in any way mean that as a slight against Taurus! Taurus makes great guns and has a few models that are on my short list to purchase this year. I just loved the management and creative guys over at Diamondback. Fortunately, there is a bright side. The deal looks to be a change in bank accounts than creative talents. In addition to the popular compacts Diamondback has become known for in the past, the acquisition will provide the necessary funds to really rock the industry with projects now in the pipeline. Taurus Firearms Logo That being said, Taurus Holdings, announce the finalization of its exclusive global distribution agreement with Diamondback Firearms LLC. As part of the recent relationship, Taurus will assume all sales and marketing efforts of the Diamondback branded products from its Miami, Florida office.

“I am extremely excited about the development of this new partnership,” states Taurus President and CEO Mark Kresser. Diamondback Firearms is a well-respected and recognized brand within the shooting industry. Along with its quality line of firearms, several other innovative projects are in the pipeline that make for a very optimistic future.” Diamondback Firearms is a Florida-based manufacturing facility that employs highly skilled American craftsmen producing quality personal defense firearms for responsible gun owners. “Having the opportunity to become partners with a fiscally secure company that has parallel philosophies in sound business practices, innovative design and manufacturing that complements our brand, is a winning proposition for all parties,” says Bobby Fleckinger, Diamondback Firearms owner. “Finding a global partner in Taurus will ensure a great future for our brand and one that I am proud to be associated!” For Diamondback Customer Service, please call 888-380-2767.

About Diamondback Firearms LLC:

Diamondback Firearms LLC is an American made firearms manufacturer based in Cocoa, Florida employing American Craftsmen to engineer and produce the highest quality firearms for responsible gun owners. For additional information about Diamondback Firearms, visit

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  1. I don’t see anything bad with the merger. Taurus has come a long way with quality and bang for your buck. I’ve sold over two dozen Taurus PT738s in 18 months. I’ve also sold a few Mil Pro Taurus guns too. Diamondback appears to make decent guns and filled a gap with a gun similar to a Glock in 380acp. I’ve only handled two Diamondbacks and the lack of the trigger safety compared to the Glock is obvious. Diamondback has moved in to the 9mm realm too. I like what I’ve seen with the Diamondbacks, so far. (I have an FFL, my part-time expensive hobby.)

    Time will tell if the merger works. It gives Taurus another 380 pocket pistol Made in the USA. The PT738 and 732 line are made in Florida. It also gives Taurus a 9mm subcompact that is Made in the USA. Diamondback makes the DB9. Taurus sure knows where their bread and butter is.

    Here’s a vid of Hickok45 reviewing the DB9.

  2. Went to DB’s web site and wasn’t impressed with the execution. Why put page 4 if there is no page 4? No next button either. If you have a link for barrels, shouldn’t you have barrels?

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