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Everything Tastes Better with Bacon

Do you like bacon? We sure do. You know what tastes better with bacon? Water, shooting a .22LR SCAR Clone, and America!

Dual Ceramic Water Filter Bag

The Just Water For You High Country filtering water bag can filter up to 10 gallons of water per hour. It is perfect for camping, natural disasters, survival, or your bug-out-bag. It rolls up into a compact size and only weighs about two pounds.

The ceramic filter used in the High Country was developed to be the simplest water filter in the market and it is so easy to use; no complicated instructions involved! Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has tested the filter and found that it is very successful in filtering out bacteria from any water source. I like Just Water for You (JWT) because they donate a small portion of each purchase to humanitarian causes all over the world.

BLACKHAWK! American Flag Patch

I came across a comment the other day from a customer saying he wished we sold these American flag patches. I pointed him in the right direction to where they are on our site, “Gifts and Everything Else.” Did you know we had that category? If not, I highly suggest you browse there. We have some fun things in that category.

This particular American flag patch, made by Blackhawk Products, has a Velcro back, so it will hook onto your cap or MOLLE vest. It is black and tan and measures 2×3 inches.

ISSC MK22 Sport Semi Automatic Rifle

So you’re not a Navy Seal, but sometimes like to pretend? Instead of paying over $2,000 for a SCAR, you could get the ISSC MK22 Sport semi automatic rifle in .22 Long Rifle with a FDE finish. The basic features of the ISSC MK22 Sport are a 16” barrel, a 22-round capacity magazine, synthetic stock, and weighs 7.49 pounds. It has metal parts, and feels like a centerfire rifle, but is not as expensive to shoot.

Robert Farago from says, “If you worship at the altar of tacticool, the MK22 is all that and a bunch of bullets besides.”

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-ISSCM211003

CMMG Tactical Bacon

Here is another product listed under “Gifts and Everything Else.” Tactical bacon. Yep. That’s right. Tactical bacon. CTD Martin brought some back for us from SHOT Show 2010, so we got a sneak peak of it. We actually popped it in the microwave before eating and sure enough, tastes like bacon! I have a feeling it makes perfect zombie bait.

CMMG Tac Bac is fully cooked and ready to eat. It has a ten plus year shelf life, and comes in nine ounce cans. We sell it by the 12-can case.

Everything tastes better with bacon. Get ya some! What do you like with bacon? Tell us!

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